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In Zorthria 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Currently fleshing out a character. Should be up and ready tomorrow.
I haven't done anything furry based in quite awhile. I'd definitely be interested in this.
@Buddha Sometimes, depending on the radio. Most of the time, it's either the PTT or handset that you see on the shoulder.
I may or may not have a gearwhoring problem.

Glad to be accepted. Can't wait to get started once the next OP comes in.
Name: Kirby "Horseman" Robinson

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Nationality/Special Forces Unit: United States, Combat Control Team (CCT)


Rank: E-5 Staff Sergeant

Role: Grenadier/JTAC

Weapon(s): MK18 MOD 1
-Surefire SOCOM556 Suppressor
-PMAGs (6+1 Standard Load)
-Tritium Night Sights
-Surefire X300
-Standard Magazines with +2 baseplates (2+1 Standard Load)

Brief Background: Kirby is a Kansas City native, born two an Army Combat Medic and Infantryman. From a young age, he knew exactly what he wanted be be in life: just like Mom and Dad. Unfortunately, his father went on tour during the early years of the Iraqi Freedom, and never returned home. Life went on, and his mother did the best to raise her son. Keeping him involved in school and sports, and keeping the boy as far away from the streets as she could. While a few of his friends were involved in gangs, he stayed out of that side of life, signing up for the Army as soon as he graduated at 17. He shipped out for basic the day after his graduation, leaving the first chapter of his life behind.

Basic training, like childhood, was rough at first, but he soon adjusted. For awhile it seemed like he was going to get through with little difficulty. Then while at the range, a negligent discharge from another private hit Kirby in his leg, missing his femoral artery by milimeters. The injury, while nonfatal, did cut his career with the Army drastically short. Sent home devestated, while still recovering, he decided this wasn't going to be the end of his military career. As soon as he turned 19, nearly two years after the incident, he sucessfully managed to enlist in the US Air Force.

Different enviroment, same routine, Kirby used his prior experience to excell in BMT both academically and physically. Upon completion of training, he went through Indoc at Lackland AFB to begin the nearly two years of training to become a Combat Controller. His training further continued with JTAC School at Nellis AFB, allowing him to not only control air assets, but also be utilize aircraft in a CAS capacity. His first tour utilized the latter when deployed in Afghanistan with the ODAs, and later when deployed with SEALs and other Speical Operations in Iraq and Syria.

Equipment:LBT 6094A, High Ground Gear Smoke Grenade pouch X2, ATS horizontal utility, Mayflower Assaulter Back Panel, PRC-152 with TCI MAST x2, LBT 100 round GP, LBT NVG pouch, LBT double pistol, Eagle Signal pouch, Tactical tailor Enhanced Admin

Blackhawk Riggers Belt, Safariland 6378 with 1.25" UBL loop, Eagle Frag x2, Emdom IAP, EAGLE SOF IFAK

Eagle Yote, PRC-117G with Harris antenna, VS-17 signal panel, M18 Smoke grenades, additional PMAGs
I hadn't realized it was still going at the time, then I started school at a campus that didn't have wifi or a signal decent enough to try from a mobile device either. It was quite hell honestly. I'll take an interview, I can always use some metaphorical "trigger time".
Searched "SF" and found this RP. Is there room for one more? Another question to follow that would be is this specific to ODA and SOCOM, or is this international?
Got room for one more?
Hopefully I didn't forget anything. Simplified the kitlist, since I decided that naming every single individual pouch was a good idea.

Name: Michael Harrison
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Rank: Staff Sergeant
Specialty: CAS Air Traffic Controller, Grenadier/AT
Original Special Forces: USAF Combat Control Team, individuals are usually referred to as combat contollers (CCTs)
M4A1 with M203, Elcan Spectre Dr, AN/PEQ-15, and Surefire M951
Glock 23
Mission dependent AT-4 rocket launcher
Gerber MKII
Equipment: LBT-6094A, SDS Engage, 2x PR- 148 w/ Comtac II (Dualcomm), PRC-117 w/ H-250, MICH 2000 w/ PVS-15 (NVG is stowed away, readily accessible), 40mm Belt, 2x M67, 7x M18 (1 white, 2 yellow, 3 red, 1 purple), and Garmin Foretrex 401 (Like the loadout, this may change too.
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