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Knull stared into the seemingly endless hallway. The was hardly any natural light so there was plenty cover of darkness to use, and to the eyes of the living it may have been hard to tell whether or not something was actually hiding, however Knull was undead, and not just any undead. All undead shared the ability to sense the living, so no matter how dark the environment was Knull could see the creature as clear as day. There was more one soul hiding in the darkness.
They were reptilian in nature, not large enough to be lizard folk ah they were kobolds. Come I think of it there was a den near here wasn't there? These creatures come from there... What was one of them holding? Was that a scroll from the archives? HIS ARCHIVES?!
"Thieves...Fear." Knull casted his spell to every soul in the passageway he was their worst fear incarnate. He often wondered what others saw when used this magic. Perhaps he a new experiment is in order.
Yes me and darked13's characters are undead which have a natural ability to sense life. At the end of my post my character sensed life at the end of our interaction. I had waited to see if anyone wanted to be the so-called life that we sensed but no take her so far. Unless you want to?
I'm gonna post later but I'll npc the life we both sense at the end of the hall. Any particular race you want it to be?
Also I put at the end that I sensed the life if anyone else wants to hop in there and be the life that I sensed go right ahead. If not I'll just npc it lol
Nooo rush
Knull could not find anything of worth on the rest of his "stroll", alive or dead. Due to his presence life was beginning to dwindle around the Tombed Archives that he had made his lair. The archives were once where bandits and thieves of all kinds made camps to ambush anyone who was interested in the treasures the archives held, now he had barely even managed to find a goblin.

Perhaps he should he should begin his searches further from the archives, whatever choice for the future aside he had more important matters to attend to. There was a drow in his possession and although he would have preferred to keep it and study it live, dead was more than enough. It was rare for him to feel excitement, if he had skin he may have even been smiling.

The giant skeleton lumbered towards the archives making his way through a hallway that led directly to the archives inside a lone skeleton in rusted armor marched back and forth, almost like a loyal sentry guarding it's post. This undead intrigued Knull and he took a moment to watch it, and as he did he turned his head to the end of the hallway where he had sensed life.
@Dark Cloud

Well that all depends, what do you feel more comfortable with? Or what do you feel would work best with the setting
@Dark Cloud
Than you! And Noted so far I have 2 skeletons and 6 nameless undead under my control
@Dark Cloud
Yeah looking real forward to playing as Knull. I don't get the opportunity to play an undead often so it's gonna be fun lol
@Dark Cloud
Ah that was a mistake. Been trying to delete it
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