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Sorry for not posting guys, i was waiting for Arch to post before having Wan respond to everyone.

You can prepare a post assuming arch is going to suggest a return to the church. Sorry for the absense.
I feel like we are missing to many people replies. I know crusader is busy but what about everyone else?

In my case, going slovv because vvork is busier than planned vvhile personal life is as busy as planned (very busy), so taking vvay longer than expected to find time to sit dovvn and post.
@Darked13 Good luck, hope to see you again soon.

But, I'm already back xD
Hᴏʙɢᴏʙʟɪɴ Aʀᴄʜ

"You can say vvhatever you vvish, but I'd be careful vvith vvhat you say. By a blessing of the Goddess," He takes in a deep breath, "I mean, that she literally made it grovv out of a tree before I attached it to my vvrist. It is, rather unlikely that you vvill find something of the kind lying around just anyvvhere." That said, despite starting out more annoyed than angry, Arch turned to Zats.

"Yes, yes." Arch nods in agreement vvith Zats, "And I also plan on scouting nearby just to be sure no one got stabbed by a rabbit in the leg and is having a hard time getting back here. I just need to get a proper stick since my previous one got destroyed. Let's get going quickly though. I do vvant to find VVan something to eat today at least."

And vvith that he quietly vvalked out of the Church. He glanced around to be sure there vvere no predators before starting to vvalk to the nearest berry bushes so that VVan could get something, and to check if there vvere any signs of dead or dying goblins, since those are more likely to attract predators to near the Church than anything.

Sorry for going MIA, moving alone vvhile helping my grandma move at the same time vvas more than just avvfully tiring as expected. I'll resume posting.
I've tried to be consistent in posting once a week

And I deeply thank you for that. xD I was just amazed at my own delay this time because I went to sleep without posting think, hey, I can finiah this in the morning. And work up to a post from you. ;~; It was a good poat though as I was about to ask how late it was getting.

@Darked13 Why do you use two v's for a 'w'

My computer keyboard has the 2, w and d keya shortcircuited. I can't type w, W, 2, @ or D. Though currently the d still works at times but when it does I get multiple ones.

And other than the times I conviniently have the w on copy/paste already, unless it is for serious business... or IC posts, I just go with vv because it is easier xD

Ps. Can't fix they keyboard as it is on a notebook with leds... the price is too high. ;~;
Since most everyone is conversing im going to make this post a bit different. This one will just have everyone see that its getting dark out. I will inform you all of everything you have done but this big point is that it will start to get dark so finish up whatever your doing or if you need to do something do it quick

I curse myself for alvvays being this slovv just before you post xD
I hope my posts are not too short or lack characterization. Please let me know if need to add or change anything for my posts.

Completely fine for me! And very characterized, don't worry.

Meanwhile, I read the summary first and I was like 'So VVan wants to get help hunting... in exchange for getting help finding resources for his inventions. Hmmmm, sounds like a good deal. xD

Edit: I'll post a reply later today.
Hᴏʙɢᴏʙʟɪɴ Aʀᴄʜ

Arch grins as he holds the stone in his hand, precisely as the Goddess willed! That is perfect. Once, he was done with the little test he looked over at Goblin Grandpa, "Sorry for that Grandpa... I'll bring you some rabbit meat for the trouble, and maybe ask you to teach me some more about medicines in case there are any goblins that get hurt in their first hunt, but don't die. I'll take good care of him, if he is willing I'll even teach him the basics of proper hunting." He grinne widely... but before he could even turn to the goblin he was already up close and very touchy. Good thing he had no killy reflexes beyond lightly stepping away from the goblin once he was done, "You really shouldn't... just go and touch others like that. At least, not outside, or without consent. Someone might break your arm. If that does happen though, I can fix it, don't worry." He grinned at the young goblin, "But don't worry about my flower it is a gift by the Goddess Shirila herself, therefore I can only thank her for this blessing. The bracelet is a gift I have obtained from Her, and now it even allows me to do things like I just did."

He put the hand on VVan's shoulder once he turned to goblin Grandpa, "I can bring you out now if you want, I'm Arch." He turned to Zats, "I can also teach you my stalking techniques for hunting while I am out. Just don't plan on going too far beyond the rabbits so that I can be sure that as many of us survive." Looking again at the young goblin, "From what you are saying... you need materials. Things to make other things. There is nothing left in here, but you have to learn how to get your own food regardless of anything else you want to get. I can teach you how to get it, and how to not die while trying to get it." The hand didn't leave his shoulder... unless he attempted to brush the hobgoblin off, in which case, the hand wouldn't be on VVan's shoulder anymore.

@Duthguy@Eviledd1984 Will be posting later today so that we can decide something before Jangel next post.
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