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<Snipped quote by Darked13>

God of steel and son of Shirila

Sounds like the right guy for weapons.
@Darked13 could I interest you in a membership to the church of Gatoven?

We got some dope weapons over here.

I don't know who you are or what weapons you offer, but if the weapons help me help Shirila and myself, I shall accept the offer!!

(Who is Gatoven?)

I am not complaining! >.< It is a fair requirement. I was just reminding myself that I gotta go kill things! Though, certainly bigger things... once I am fighting with something better than a random twig.
Then sorry not enough. You didn't think it would always only take 100 to evolve did you? I need to update the main page about this but all hobgoblins listen well: the requirement for evolution is now 150. Each evolution requirement will grow from 50 so their is time for you to get the necessary requirements to evolve into your preferred forms.

Noooooooo, I should go kill things eventually after this super-holy quest of Arch xD Or at least, find some food, my poor goblin hasn't even eaten. He shall no longer quest before eating.
Hᴏʙɢᴏʙʟɪɴ Aʀᴄʜ

Dᴀʏ 5

"My Goddess..." The short hobgoblin said briefly as he looked at the thorns. He took in a deep breath, reminding himself that the Goddess, as always, had a plan so the least he could do was to trust her and enact it as requested. With all the trust in the goddess, that lovely thing called faith, he started walking towards the flower. After all, any hesitation here could mean the death of the Goddess' child.

I should be making a post later today.
@Wildman13 I just like the hooded spirits tree. xD I feel no need to attempt to make something when there is already something great!

Though I did think of how nice a final form which remained a hooded spirit, but got higher focus on healing, medicine and life would be nice, rather than said part of the tree ending up as one with ents(?) before becoming one hell of a hooded tree person. Then again, it really IS the final form. xD
Announcement jangel would be gone for a while sorry for the wait everyone.

Thanks for letting us know~
Hᴏʙɢᴏʙʟɪɴ Aʀᴄʜ

Dᴀʏ 5

While the voice of the child of Shirila spok disheartening words, his resolve to help was strengthened as he heard Shirila's voice. She even explained what he needed to find and where to try to find it. All he needed to do was get it fast...

And being fast was what Arch knew how to do best. Quickly, Arch spoke to the creature, "They might usually not help, but Shirila is guiding me. I am sure I'll be of help in the end. I be back quickly." With that he turned around, picking up the skull and the stick before bolting off to the south, even draining some energy from the skull to increase his speed as he headed southwards. His eyes scanning the surroundings for the said purpe and white plant.


I like to be friends with orcs so D.

Friends? I want a credible source of XP and equipment. <.<
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