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@ReusableSword Then I'm gonna probably work on getting the favor of the gods of fire and steel before anything else (since they're kinda minor Deities and will most likely be fine sharing me)

There is prolly a god of specifically forging. xD

And if god of fire is a god, I doubt it is a minor one. Might be unknown to the goblins, but if there are gods of elements, I doubt that they are weak at all. xD I mean, elemental mages~ likely love them.
@Guy0fV4lor not sure really but that woukd be cool

Given that personal faith feels like a limited thing. And getting the favor of one feels like the rewards for giving them lots of faith...

I think that if possible, it'd be done by someone pretty pretty devout towards gods desperate enough to share a believer (who also happens to follow all of their generic and at times likely conflicting directives) :|
@Jangel13 Really liking it, the pacing isn't overwhelming and at the same time, it doesn't feel slow at all. It is very open and all. It feels fun.
@Darked13 My one issue is that I REALLY don't wanna metagame, and if I immediately look for the church, It'll feel like cheating

Don't have to look for the church. You can really just wander around and happen to go towards it, after all you know nothing about the area, so nothing wrong with that. \o/
@Wildman13 I don't know if I'll get there in time to help with the skeleton

Run guy, RUN!

I mean, that's how my goblin got to places. Wake up before anyone, run off before anyone, come back after everyone. *sagenods*

It works! (Though I have the feeling he'll die ;-; I blame the skeletons and foresight.)
<Snipped quote by Guy0fV4lor>

You could join us really goblin arch was able to stumble his way onto the church grounds by mistake.

I almost forgot I did, Wildman is right. xD @Guy0fV4lor
@Wildman13 so are you guys not coming back to the cave?

By the looks of it, we are fighting undead :| Arch, at least, will be certainly be going back to the cave to let Goblin grandpa know that they've found a place to stay by the end of the day. Unless he dies horribly. If he dies horribly he won't go back.
Gᴏʙʟɪɴ Aʀᴄʜ & Goblin Gina & GOBLIN ZAT

Arch, not seeming to mind the enmity of the rabbit on top of Gina's head, just keep pulling limbs out of the dead rabbit as he followed Gina along. He moves towards some of the book, taking one at random to have a look at them and what their contents might be.

He briefly glances back at Gina saying, "If you can find me a very good stick and properly tie a stone to its end, should do the best for breaking bones I think. A shield wouldn't do me too good, I work better when I can move more easily." Archene hmms thoughtfully as his eyes go back to the book. Trying to figure its contents out.

<Snipped quote by Darked13>

lol, I also just realized my goblin is the only one without a loincloth XD

(Shhh, I never said I had any either.)
<Snipped quote by Darked13>

I like it! I mean my guy'll still be kind of a nerd too, but he'll mostly just build stuff like weapons, traps, machines, etc.

Meanwhile, I shall read books and be the things that goes bump a night.
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