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It is alright. xD I'll be posting later today.
Hᴏʙɢᴏʙʟɪɴ Aʀᴄʜ

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Arch spent the rest of his time there resting his body, sitting not-too-close to the child. When the temperature started going up and the chill ran down his spine. His first reflex was to pray to Shirila quietly, "May your blessings keep us alive today. But if I were to die, please, keep Gina and Zats safe wherever they may go." With a look of resolution, he picked the stick back up... already knowing it was likely to not be of much use. He quickly snuck off to behind the closest tree that would not get him in between whatever was coming and the Child.

It was not like he had any real weapon to use or like he'd just leave the Child there. But it wasn't like he was used to fighting things head-on. 'Whatever is coming certainly injuried the Child and likely expects it injured, it will already be surprised by it remaining alive, so if I wait for the right opportunity, I might properly hit it.' With that, Arch doubled his efforts to calm his breathing, to focus at whatever was to come and remain hidden until the right time came.

I will be surely posting friday night/saturday morning.

Right now, work+college is taking my time from 8AM to 11PM x.x And not veeeeeery good at writing posts on mobile. But I am still alive! :D

"And now with, some extra magic, fire and magical fire!"


It was good to see that the elemental worked pretty well. At least, it seemed that he could give commands with more detail than in the game. Since those were summoned beings rather than custom made NPCs and couldn't get lines and lines of detail back in the game. Archene was also quite happy it actually... move far more swiftly than in the game, then again he never tried to use those for something this mundane. He mostly used it as something to stay in between himself and weak NPCs that may disrupt any of his longer casting spells.

As the path got cleared up and servants started coming out, Archene sighed softly. Whenever one of them prostrated, he waved a hand before speaking with a warm smile, "No, no. You don't have to do that. Just join the others. Lady Tea and Lena will heal you if you need it, otherwise just rest as we finish this."

Soon enough though, there was a horde of undead... there being all lovely savage acceptable targets whom he didn't have to think twice about killing! They didn't even look those nice undead he met every once in a while at the game!

"Alright, alright. Let me see now..." He pointed a hand at the Earth Elemental dramatically, "Earth elemental, attack them!" With a flourish, he pointed at the horde! It was just a level 50 earth elemental though. It'd jut crash into them and be a very big moving rock for now.

He then muttered to himself, "Hmm... let me see... [Arcane Barrier]!" He did a gesture with his hand as he felt his mana bleeding out of him until there was an spheric purplish barrier around his body.

"And now for some attack..." He pointed his staff towards towards the horde as he spoke, "[Exploding Flame Lance]!" One of the higher end fire elementalist spells, it worked as the name said! It was a lance of fire, that exploded! The explosion wasn't very wide, but it was still a rather strong fire spell. One difference he noticed casting this one, is that the mana spent was almost as bad as the one to summon the earth elemental. At least, he was still rather full.

"But now, with an extra pinch of Earth."


Seeing someone cast Gate just inside the hall was more than enough proof for him that his magic should still work, and given how it was done, it didn't seem like he'd need much more than calling the spell by its name. And the wolf ended up going through it. He quietly thought to himself, 'Well, that truly could have ended badly... but I doubt that anyone here would be able to get seriously hurt from just tripping around.'

"Well, at least, it seems that magic is working pretty well. And not as hard as it could be."

Hearing the Guildmaster asking him, Lady Tea and her... caretaker to go have a look at the servant quarters, he nodded before addressing Lady Tea, "Wouldn't be too good for you outside anyways, it is cold, snowy and windy." He turned over to Overzealous, "I don't mind checking everything down there."

And then Alena looked at him and said, "Come on then, fancy robes lets get this show on the road." He just smiled at her, replying rather happily, "Alright, alright. Though if you think they look fancy now, just wait until I have all the nice buffs up. I wonder how the effects look like around here." He chuckled a bit as he went along with her and Alena towards the servant wing.

At least, he heard a voice behind them, "Hey! Hey guys! Wait up!" There was a pause in his walking, "You are here too? Thought you wouldn't stay till the end or just be off having fun somewhere without us." He chuckled a bit before saying, "Good to have you around. We are just planning on, seeing what happened around here, first step should be clearing around the rubble then taking a look beyond it. I'm sure the, others can pretty much take good care of themselves."

By the time they arrived at the servant quarters, he glanced from the rubble to the now-sentient NPCs... and sighed. Just as he was able to begin properly think more on it, he heard Alena speaking with him, "Ahem, Lord Archene. If you don't have need of me for the moment," He furrowed his brow for a bit, "You can also just call me Arch, Archie, Arche or Archene, it is fine. And do your best, I'd help in the healing if I could, sadly, I'm more of... a damage dealer than anything." He scratched the back of his head with a half smile before turning towards the rubble.

While Xavier might be able tojust go use his raw strength onto the rubble, Archene was a mage through and through. He thought a few moments about the 'most proper spell that was end up collapsing even more things' to use before choosing... something appropriate.

He took a deep breath in put a hand forward looking a bit head of himself between him a some of the rubble, "[Greater Summon Elemental: Earth]!" Then it happened, a faint green light slowly expanded from the spot he focused on and slowly a pile of rocks floated out of it before forming a vaguely humanoid figure.

The figure was almost 2 meters tall with thick limbs and torso. It's body was made of countless rocks of varying sizes magically stuck to each other, with a greenish glow coming from in between every rock of its body. On its head vaguely forming a pair of eyes and a jagged mouth emitting the same green glow with some more intensity.

"Ohhh, it looks even better than it did before!" He looked at the Elemental that was just there standing in front of him, poking its torso a few times before sighing rather happily and asking it, "Alright, hmm... Earth Elemental, carefully remove the debris without hurting anyone or destroying this place." He then gave it a thumbs up, and with some delay, it began moving towards the debris not too far from where Xavier was to move debris along the wondrous man.
Will be waiting on @Spriggs27 to @Crusader Lord before posting, since Merius may or may not spawn besides Archene due to that gate. xD
Ill be posting monday night. Been a little too hot the last few days to get any work done

Hope it gets a bit cooler for you.
And now I have he feeling I might truly be the first one to die. xD

Regardless, I'll let Arch do his best.
My classes are starting next week, and (with luck) I might also start on my intership, in 2 weeks. So my free time will be going from 12 free hours a day to 'ugh, at least, I might be able to sleep a full hour tonight, damn it, there is still that book I have to read for tomorrow' kind of schedule. I'll still try to post on time, I'm not that verbose usually so there shouldn't be all that much of a change on my posting speed, unless it is for collab stuff.
Due to RL (and the fact that I'm already in 2 RPs too many), I don't think I'll have the time to participate in this RP. So am freeing my slot as Berserker.
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