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Is the area bellow acceptable for my 'starting area'? Honestly, it is more of the area my skelly tends to be going around back and forth, usually without bothering other denizens.

@Dark Cloud I would also have fun playing a skeleton warrior. I just thought of asking in case it was fine. xD Will be making a skelly app.
@Darked13 Hmm...First of all what kind of role would it have?

I would either have it on scout and just be a stealthy slime in the dark to prey on the weak, hurt or unaware in that particular part of the dungeon.

Or adept to eventually find a proper way to communicate, and just be some elemental slime that has learned to use a particular elemental magic, likely water or fire.
@Dark Cloud Would a slime with intelligence be acceptable.
I'm alive.
Going to post tomorrow
Jangel is having a writer's block right now, but should be writing something soon~
Hᴏʙɢᴏʙʟɪɴ Aʀᴄʜ

Dᴀʏ 6

"Thank you!!" Arch said as he accepted the fruit, holding it well with a hand, "I will be sure to give it to one, but for now I must go hunt. Hope you stay alive and well. May the Goddess watch over you!" And with that, he ran off. He was truly hungry and he knew that things this far would like not be of the nicest kind. So he ran south closer to the caves, eyes and ears open to anything that could become prey, he was really hoping for something, "Something bigger than a rabbit if possible though... or just a big rabbit. I just need some food..." He muttered as he kept going south. Soon he would find something... hopefully.

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