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The Rebellion doesn’t look so glamorous from the mud-side…

TL;DR Summary

  • Discord Chat for the RP. - to plot, collaborate and otherwise make things interesting.
  • Star Wars Universe, but I decided to go with a Starship Troopers feel to this RP.
  • Shockingly, this RP was written before Rogue One came out. See previous attempt.
  • 0BBY (Before Battle of Yavin, or that is to say -- Episode IV)
  • Rebellion Era - Far from Yavin, far from Scarif. Closer to Nar Shaddaa. Downside? Fringers. Upside? Far from Alderaan and open mic night at the co-op.
  • 1st Platoon, Charlie Company, 2nd Uslam “Liberators” Regiment, is a unit without a home planet, as the Uslam Liberators were forced off-planet during a vicious crackdown by the Empire. The unit has since become part of the fleet, as a strike force. Not all the new faces brought in to replace Uslam natives are from there; the new guys come from all sorts of places.
  • The platoon is currently billeted aboard the Corellian Corvette Intruder attached to whichever Roving Line or Sector Force requires its services; the platoon specializes in a number of different operations that require a quick reaction force of specialist infantry. It primarily operates in the Outer Rim and near Hutt Space.
  • The characters are members of this outfit, from a variety of backgrounds and formed as an ad hoc fire brigade intended to be able to provide an extra punch; a lot of its recruits are former bounty hunters, smugglers, pirates and assorted other fringe and Outer Rim native types, with a diverse skillset and hardy but also a degree of discipline problems. These are not Imperial Stormtroopers. They aren’t big on parade marches, but at least they can shoot straight.
  • This is an RP about a military unit in Star Wars. So that means your badass bounty hunter is probably not a fit -- that kind of person would go to Alliance Intelligence. A Jedi survivor of Order 66 wouldn't be slogging around with a platoon of infantry -- he'd be giving them orders. After all, in the last war the Jedi fought, they were called "General." Every character will have gone through basic training with the rebellion; a Mando would find that training to be a joke and an insult, and there's no way they're taking orders from some amateur aruetii Alderaanian officer that was a kriffing pacifist in college last year while they were disintegrating bounties in Hutt Space. There will be NPC's that are not in the unit, but they're just that -- NPC's.
  • Specifically, no Jedi/Sith, no Mandalorians, no Human Replicant Droids.
  • The characters' decisions will affect the outcome.
  • Collaborative GMing; I have final say, but I want to encourage people to have ideas on side quests and so forth.
  • Multiple characters allowed

In Character Info

The Republic has fallen and the Empire has risen in its place, having undermined and manipulated its way into power -- what seemed rational and logical turned out to be a manipulation. The Jedi are gone, the law no longer protects and the military no longer defends. The Empire has turned everything into an instrument of oppression under the New Order.

Still, there has always been resistance, even through the dark times. The young take up the fight against the tyranny, filling the ranks of the opposition to the Empire with a generation that does not justify the Empire by claiming that the Republic was more corrupt, worse and so forth. Some are idealists, others have their backs to the wall. The Empire creates its enemies -- the harder it squeezes, the more people consider banding together against the Empire. And now the Empire's enemy has a name.

The nascent Rebel Alliance is generally unable to mount more than harassing attacks against the much larger Galactic Empire, but it has the advantage of surprise -- the Empire has to defend the entire Empire, whereas the Rebels can disperse their forces and often can strike where they care to, though if they are caught in one place too long, they are crushed. It has to, by necessity, wage a grim and dangerous guerrilla war in the shadow of the Empire's might, wagering their lives and freedom for small victories in a long, long war that has anything but a certain outcome.

All the same, when sector forces and fleet assets get in trouble, and need a hard target cracked, they need a little something extra, a strike force with the skills, training and specialized equipment to handle something that takes more than a moisture farmer militia. That's where 1st Platoon, Charlie Company, 2nd Uslam "Liberators" Regiment gets called in. The natives of Uslam, a mining planet in the Outer Rim decided to rise up in support of the Rebellion, but were crushed. The survivors of its military units that got off-world in an evacuation were put into ships as security crews and boarding forces, to make landings. They became part of the disparate fighting forces of the Rebel Alliance. Replacements from other planets filter in, and yet the Liberator ethos prevails -- hard-nosed, cynical and ready to do whatever it takes to fight the Empire, stormtrooper by stormtrooper, ship by ship, planet by planet.

They have one of the crappiest jobs in the Rebel Alliance and it sometimes feels like 1st Platoon is the only platoon in the whole damn Rebel Alliance and everyone else is in Supply, Intelligence and Starfighters. They don't get the glory like the Starfighter boys do, but without them, there is no alliance.

Out of Character Info

This RP will center around a specific unit within the Rebel Alliance, but it involves a lot of small sub adventures for a group. For the sake of convenience, I have decided to set it up so that the characters are assigned to the same group and on the same ship, supporting their leader. I have certain ideas on how to start off the RP and for various nemesis character types, but I am open to other people's ideas -- in fact, I'd like to provide enemies that people want to fight, and find interesting. I'd like to keep the whole thing going, and I've tried to craft a scenario where smaller operations feed into the overall large-picture; moral decisions -- who to recruit, and what actions to take that may bring some groups closer while alienating others, akin to the relationship system in a lot of RPG's; praising one character pisses off another.

So what kind of characters do I have in mind for this? These are the infantry of the Rebel Alliance, the guys that carry a rifle and do the fighting in the mud, with blood on their boots. They aren’t as clean-cut as Stormtroopers, and there are plenty of aliens in the ranks, but they can shoot straight even if they aren’t as easy to lead. The veteran characters of the unit are from Uslam, a planet that just got beaten down by the Empire. The survivors were in what was a baptism by fire for most of them, and got their teeth kicked in by the Empire. Uslam’s rebel uprising was put down and the regiment was forced off planet, broken up and put into small ships all over the Fleet, platoon by platoon. The replacements are coming in, but Rebel training isn’t the best and they’re learning on the job. Still, the fight won’t wait and you go to war with what you have, not what you want. That, ironically, is what Supply likes to say along with ‘figure it out.’

Pacing-wise, let's aim for a couple paragraphs a go, keep it moving. Also, this RP will start fairly quickly, so there will not be a weeks long screening process once in OOC.

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I am extremely interested!!
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Interested! sent you a PM @HeySeuss
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Actually, owing to the similar RP in advanced, I'm gonna just chill on this. Sep's already got something very similar and I didn't check that thoroughly when I posted.
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