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Hey @HeySeuss, just wondering if there was any specific section you wanted to go to the different objectives? Just figured I'd ask to coordinate, rather than like both Shabuir and Chain-Breaker both going to the bridge.
Would it be possible to have a character that's a historian that was sent on the mission to log the events that occur on Aenas, so that the colony would have a clear historical record, as well as one to send back to Earth? Or does this too similar to the "poet-laureate"? I think it would create an interesting conflict for the character, since he's not particularly needed for the survival of the colony.
The screams of the wounded and the dying seemed to be all around him. They all seemed to call out at him, screaming his name, pleading desperately for help. Yet he couldn’t do anything. He stood where he was, his feet feeling as if they were a part of the ground that they stood on. He couldn’t make a move. He couldn’t help. And the voices begged for him to help him from every direction.

Corpses stretched as far as the eye could see. There was a vast variety of the bodies, not one exactly the same as its neighbor. There were Mon Cals and Zabraks, Bothans and of course humans, all dressed in the dark greens and greys of the Rebel Alliance. Even the uniform white armor of the Imperial Stormtroopers that were littered between the Rebel dead had variations, as some were covered in black scars from where blaster fire had burned in them, while others were missing limbs from where a thermal detonator had exploded. It was a scene of gruesome destruction, a hellish nightmare of death and pain and suffering.

Then the bodies began to move. They began to slowly stumble to their feet, their limbs stiff from the rictus mortem that had already set in. They shuffled and they limped, moving in agonizingly slow strides. As one, they rose to their feet approaching him, their arms outstretched, their eyes vacant and lifeless, their mouths open as they pleaded for him, begged for him to help them, to help, help, help, help…

Orren Yar awoke with a start. Gasping for breath, he bolted into an upright sitting position and bumped his head into the ceiling that was only a few feet above his bunk. His cot was the third one, a makeshift addition to the original two in order to squeeze as many soldiers into as little a space as possible. Swearing to himself and rubbing where he had hit his head, Orren swung his feet over the side of the bed and felt himself drop to the ground, landing neatly, if a bit painfully, on the ground below. The nightmare that had been plaguing Orren’s sleep just a few moments before was already beginning to fade, only a faint feeling of disgust and helplessness remaining.

Those dreams had been finding its way into Orren’s sleep ever since Anaxes. That had been his first real battle and it had been haunting him ever since. Sure, he had fought in a number of skirmishes and engagements on Corellia, but that was mere child's play compared to what he had seen in his first engagement with the Rebel Alliance. He had never seen so much death and carnage in one spot before. Obviously, it had left its mark on him.

He had performed surprisingly well, though, despite it being his first operation and the horrifying experience that it had been. Orren had been able to gather himself even despite the overwhelming feeling of fear and disgust that had been filling through him and had been able to play his own role in the battle. He had picked off a number of bucketheads with his E-17d sniper rifle, keeping enough of them at bay to help allow the forces of Rancor company to escape. He could tell that he had earned at least a little bit of respect from his squad-mates, including his CO, Lieutenant Ves. Now, even the members of his squad that completely hated him at least knew that he had what it took to fight.

“Well, look heresssss. The little princesssss isssss finally awake.” Ssasamin Stigg, a Trandoshan and the weapons specialist of Shabuir Section, said. Unfortunately, she was one of the members of Shabuir that still hated Orren. There were very few humans in the entire Chakaar Detachment, and even less in Shabuir. Sergeant Shestu Yankem was the only other human in the section, and for some reason Ssasamin Stigg, along with the second-in-command, a Rodian by the name of Stog Bra and the demoltions expert, Sabra Toqot, a Zabrak, hated humans. Yankem at least had the luck of being with Shabuir long enough for the three to not hate him that much. Orren was not that lucky.

“Oh shut up, Ssasamin. You just woke up a minute ago.” Ta’Lani, a Twilek, said, coming to Orren’s rescue. Orren smiled to her, grateful for the support, though somewhat embarrased. Since joining Rancor Company, Ta’Lani had taken to mothering Orren almost as a child. Orren certaintly didn’t want her fighting his battles against bullies like Ssasmin. Before Orren could say anything, though, Ves, the Durese leader of Shabuir Section began to speak.

“Alright Shabuir, let’s get moving. It’s time for deployment. We got some bucketheads that need bashing in.”


Orren stood in the bed of the LAAT, hanging on tight to the handgrip provided from the ceiling above. The hangar crew had reassured them that the old Clone War-era ships were still in peak condition and capable of flying, yet that didn’t make Orren feel any more comfortable when the ship randomly shook violently or let out a mysterious groaning sound.

An A280 blaster rifle hung slung over his right shoulder. He was slightly upset that he had to leave his E-17d back aboard the Keep, as it would be far too close quarters aboard the Majestic for the sniper rifle to do much good. However, the comfortable feeling of his DH-17 at his hip and the knife in its sheath made Orren feel at least a little bit better.

As Orren and the rest of Chakaar Detachment flew towards their target inside of the LAAT’s, he couldn’t help but stare at the figure ahead of him. She was older than Orren by a number of years, but still not old and quite pretty. She was tall, as tall as Orren himself, and lean as well. However, it wasn’t her appearance that was the reason for him staring. It was the object that hung from her belt. It was barely visible in the dark light of the LAAT bed, yet he still knew that it was there. It seemed to have an aura to it, a presence more powerful than any simple object he had ever known. It emanated power and danger, promising that it was more than just lethal, yet it also had a symbolic presence to it, one that was reminiscent of a past, forgotten time of peace and tranquility, when the object was as much a symbol as it was a weapon.

Orren couldn’t take his eyes off of the woman. He couldn’t believe that he was actually about to fight alongside a Jedi. His father had long ago told him stories of the Jedi, recounting the tales of those he had served alongside during the Clone Wars. He had told Orren that they were good people, dedicated to saving lives as much as taking them. He had once told Orren that they were “warriors out of necessity, not out of choice. They fought because they had to, not because they wanted to. And that, my son, is what makes a true warrior.”

Yet all his life, the Jedi had only been stories to him, mere tales of a time that had long since been lost. To not only see one with his very own eyes, but to fight alongside one? Orren simply couldn’t believe it. It represented the very reason why he was fighting. He was fighting to restore what had been lost, what had been ripped away by so many people. He was fighting to give back the lives that had been lost throughout the entire galaxy.

Orren’s silent reminiscing was suddenly brought to an end when he felt the LAAT gently set down against the hangar floor of the Majestic. The ship’s engine died, leaving the Rebels in an utter silence that seemed to consume them and stretch on forever. That silence was sudden broken by a knock along the side of the LAAT and someone outside yelling into them, their voice muffled and barely distinguishable through the heavy plating of the LAAT’s side. Orren swung the A280 over his shoulder and into his hands, priming the weapon. It was showtime.
Ok awesome. I just wanted to make sure before I made any posts mentioning her.
Hey guys, I just wanted to apologize for my absence. I was on vacation and being the dope that I am, I had forgotten my laptop at home and so was unable to post. I should hopefully have a post up by tomorrow. I'm gonna try to combine a little bit of pre-op to see Orren's thoughts and feelings with the start of the mission. Just a quick question, do the members of Chakaar know that they have a Jedi with them now? I know she's not officially a Jedi but she looks like one and has a Lightsaber, so that pretty much makes her one to the people who have never seen one before.

Hey, sorry I apologize for my late response. I got caught up in the holidays and haven't had the chance to respond. As for the military strength, I wasn't entirely sure and was hoping for an outside opinion. The Clans aren't nearly as populated as other nations, however they have a larger amount of trained warriors as opposed to levies of civilians due to their warlike nature. For the number of clans, I was thinking of eight major clans and a dozen smaller ones.
@Sep Seriously impressed by the amount of effort you put into the datapad file. *Rounds and Rounds of Applause*

I second that. There's been so much effort and consideration already put into putting this together, yet it's not nearly as complex or as unruly as some other rps. Great job, I'm really looking forward to where this is going.
Anyone RPing in the Infantry Company, we are swapping out the T-21 Light Repeating Blaster for a heavier squad machine gun that puts out more firepower. Turn in your LMGs for these big pigs: DLT-19 Heavy Blaster Rifle. Call them Light Machine Guns (LMGs) or Automatic Rifles (AR). I don't care. We called them ARs in the 1980s and then when the SAWs were issued in the 1990s, we called them SAWs. Meanwhile, our European counterparts referred to the same gun as the LMG.


Any takers for a 34-man Sapper platoon?

Yeah that makes a lot more sense, since I know that the DLT's were used as heavy weapons in the Extended Universe comics a lot. Also, going off Star Wars Battlefront (which I'm not sure if we've established as a solid reference), T-21's have a heavy fire power but a pretty slow rate of fire, so it doesn't really fit the role of SAW's. LET's have a much greater rate of fire.
Character Name:Orren Yar
Species:Human (Corellian)
Role:Marksman/Forward Reconnaissance
Unit: Shabuir Squad, Detachment Chakaar, Resistance SpecForces
-Marksmanship: Orren is a skilled marksman, capable of hitting a target from great distances with a variety of different weapons. He is extremely accurate and only occasionally misses.
-Skilled Rifleman: While Orren prefers to use a marksman rifle capable of firing at further distances, he is skilled in a variety of different rifles, from an E-11 to a T21-b.
-Stealth: Orren is quite skilled in using stealth to his advantage, well practiced in years of helping the Corellian Resistance. He is capable of blending himself in with a crowd or using his surroundings to allow himself to become little more than a shadow.
-Faith: Orren believes in the Rebel Alliance and follows it with an unwavering loyalty. He truly sees himself as the good guy and that the Alliance is doing the right thing. Because of his faith, he is willing to do whatever it takes to serve the rebel cause.
-Greenie: Orren is a new recruit to Rancor Company and even the Rebel Alliance itself. While Orren has been fighting against the Empire as a member of the Corellian Resistance, he has only now joined the true rank and file of the Rebel Alliance. As a result, he has little experience in the true horrors of war, which he has only gotten a glimpse of at the Battle of Araxes.
-Pitiful Starpilot: Orren can’t pilot a ship to save his life. The assortment of displays, switches and controls completely boggles him. If he is lucky, he can possibly manage to maneuver a landspeeder, yet he is hopeless in anything more advanced than that.
-Blind Faith: Orren is completely dedicated to the rebel cause and the fight against the Empire. He sees it as a simple fact that the Empire is evil and the Rebel Alliance is good. He has not yet realized that war is not usually that cut and dry. He still must learn that never every Stormtrooper is a monster and not every Rebel is a saint.
-E-17d Sniper Rifle, usually slung over his shoulder while on the march.
-A280 Blaster Rifle, the weapon that he usually uses, unless he has set up for long ranged attakcs.
-DH-17 Blaster Pistol, strapped to the side of his leg, used only for emergencies.
-Binoculars, attached to his belt.
-Combat Knife, attached to his left chest.
-Communicator, attached to his belt.
Orren was born on Corellia 20BBY to Kerek and Dala Yar. Kerek was a member of the Republic Army during the Clone Wars. He had fought numerous battles alongside the Jedi Generals and the Clone Legions. He retired from the military shortly after Order 66, disgusted at how the galaxy had turned on those that had once been their protectors. Orren’s father would tell him stories of the Jedi, of the awe-inspiring powers that they wielded and their prowess upon their battlefield. Most of all, Kerek would tell Orren of the honor and gentleness that the Jedi carried themselves with and that no matter what the Empire said, the Jedi did not betray the Republic.

The beginning of Orren’s life was relatively peaceful. His father had distinguished himself enough during the war that he had been able to afford a sizable plot of land in the Corellian countryside. Orren grew up there, where his father taught him how to shoot a blaster rifle by the age of nine. As he grew older, Orren learnt more and more about how to fight from his father.

By the time he was twelve, Orren learnt the truth behind his father. It had been a regular day, with Orren helping with chores around the land belonging to his family. Nothing had seemed out of the ordinary. That is, until an Imperial convoy could be seen approaching. Orren had run inside of the house to warn his father. Showing no signs of surprise, Karek told his son to run into the forest bordering their land and to hide there. Orren did as he was told.

He waited in the woods for hours, waiting and waiting. Finally, after sunset, Orren made his way back to his house. Or at least, what was left of it. He found it in smoldering ruins, completely burnt to the ground. In the yard in front of the house, Orren found the corpses of his parents, blaster wounds in the back of their heads. Despite his young age, Orren knew that they had been executed by the Empire. He had seen enough similar executions during his excursions into the city.

Orren did not know how long he waited there, crying over the corpses of his parents. Yet suddenly, he realized that someone stood before him. He began to run, thinking that it was Stormtrooper who had come to finish him off. However, the person grabbed his arm before he could get away and pulled him close. The man told Orren that his name was Ursten Pau and that he was a friend of his father’s.

Not knowing what else to do, Orren went with Pau, who took back to remote camp in the mountains. Pau explained to Orren that his father had been one of the founders and leading members of the Corellian Resistance, a group of people who had banded together out of loyalty to the Republic and hatred towards the Empire. Ursten Pau gave Orren a choice: he could either return to one of the major cities on Corellia, living with a remote connection with the Resistance and live a relatively normal life, or he could stay at the Resistance headquarters and learn how to fight back against the Empire. Orren chose to fight.

For the next eight years, Orren fought with the Corellian Resistance. At first he simply stayed at the headquarters and learnt the numerous different ways how to fight. He learnt hand-to-hand combat, guerilla warfare, and marksmanship. He quickly distinguished himself as an sharpshooter with a deadly accuracy. However, as Orren grew older, he began to go out on raids and operations with the Resistance. He played a largely minimal role, as the other soldiers wanted to keep him as far away from the fighting as they could. As a result, he often served as a scout, sent into the site of the attack beforehand to recon the area, learning the geography, number of enemy forces and their equipment, etcetera.

It wasn’t until Corren was seventeen that he was truly a part of a firefight. He was ordered to take position in a tower in one of the major cities as the Resistance attacked an Imperial convoy. From his position, Corren sniped into the Stormtrooper ranks, killing anyone who posed a threat to the rebels. It was the first time Corren had ever killed someone.

After that, Corren was a regular operative in Resitance attacks. While he did not see many, he was relied on for his marksman skills. For a while, things were going well, as the Corellian Resistance were able to be a constant thorn in the Empire’s side, even if they weren’t a serious threat. However, things eventually took a turn for the worse. Somehow, the Imperials had tracked down the headquarters of the Corellian Resistance and attacked. The rebels were caught completely unaware and were slaughtered. Corren was one of the very few who had been able to fight their way out, fleeing through one of the escape tunnels that had been built underneath the headquarters.

After that attack, the Corellian Resistance was never the same. Their leadership had all been killed in the attack and those that remained often bickered and fought amongst each other for control. For more than two years, the Resistance made small, insignificant attacks, only a shadow of its former self, unable to pose nearly as much of a threat to the occupying forces of Corellia. Orren began to grow furious, angered by the fact that the Resistance was fighting itself more than the Empire. So, he, along with a number of likeminded Resistance members, found a way off-world and contacted the Rebel Alliance, as one of the Resistance defectors had a brother who was fighting for the Alliance.

Orren was successfully accepted into the Alliance and was sent to Yavin 4 for basic training. There, he quickly proved himself as a capable fighter, one that would be wasted within the ordinary infantry regiments of the Alliance. So, he was assigned to fill the ranks of the SpecForce Detachment of Rancor Company, on board The Keep. Orren was initially excited, influenced by the idea that he could finally make a difference by fighting on the frontlines of the war. He even dreamed of glory, spurred on by being assigned to such a skilled fighting force as SpecForce. However, these dreams were quickly crushed at the Battle of Araxes.

It was Orren’s first battle within the Alliance and his first true battle ever. While he had fought on Corellia with the Resistance, those were simple hit-and-run attacks or small ambushes. They were never the bloody and chaotic engagements that Araxes was. He had never experienced total war until then. Now, Orren is beginning to realize that was isn’t as glamorous as it once seemed and that he has a whole lot more learning that he has to do.

Supporting Cast:
-LT Zanur Ves (M, Durese): Squad Leader
-SGT Stog Bra (M, Rodian): Second-in-Command
-SGT Shestu Yankem (M, Human): Communications
-CPL Ssasamin Stigg (F, Trandoshan): Weapons Specialist
-CPL Orren Yar (M, Human): Marksman, Forward Reconnaissance
-CPL Ta’Lani (F, Twi’lek): Forward Reconnaissance
-CPL Sabra Toqot (F, ZabraK): Demolitions

As a special forces unit, I'd imagine that they were either the first wave of the assault or acted as a diversionary attack, in order too draw the main force of Imperials away from the true objective.
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