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This seems extremely interesting. I'd like to throw my name into the lot.
Here's my rough draft. Not entirely sure of how well it came out, so I'm completely open to any edits.

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No problem. If you want to take over the LT spot in the second squad, I can bump the Duros down and remove a Human. I might pull different race members over into Besk's piece of it to make room for whatever you want to do. I definitely want to hang onto the Hutt-space races, the Weequay, Rodian and Nikto, since those are often fringer types, and I want to hang onto the Mon Cal, Aqualish and Nautolan, as they are aquatic races and that gives them a degree of flexibility in terms of inherent capabilities the Empire just wouldn't have.

We could also use a Wookiee, but I held off on that.

No, it's fine. My character is a new recruit into the Alliance, so he's just a corporal. And that's funny that you mention a Wookie, because I was thinking the same thing.
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No problem. Just tell me what slot you want to grab and I'll shift things around for your character. Basically, I'm keeping a certain species balance in there where humans are not the majority of beings in there, though they are three or four members of the squad.

Yeah that's perfect for me. I'm working on a human character but I like the assortment of species.

In that case, I think I'll have my character be a member of the second SpecForce's squad. I was imagining the squad being a jack of all trades sort, so this will work better, not to mention the fact that it creates an interesting dynamic.
So I was thinking of doing a sniper-type character in a scout/forward advance kind of squad. Should I not, since it would be a little to much like HeySuess's squad?
I am extremely interested!!
I'm definitely interested!
Here is the rough draft for my first character. Let me know if it needs any work.

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Sish loves brothers!

That does not seem to bode well. However, I have a question. I was thinking for the reason my padawan was captured was because he battled the Sith that had slain his master in a previous battle and was overpowered. Would you be willing to be that Sith?
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