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Chapter One: Twin Capes

The journey of the Black Crown Pirates started on the South Blue Sea. It began with Alveara Jones golden haired with a crown of obsidian. Her aspirations to do good and to get even had just set in motion. The first course of action she took was to gather a crew, crew first, army later she thought.

First she needed a shipwright, and Port Drydock was where the best shipwright and ship were built. It was once home to the best shipyards in on the seas, but it’s current state has left it bitter. There she would find a suitably small ship and shipwright who built it, Dowell.

Next came the Doctor she decided. The two women landed themselves in a small island of no great importance where they met Brinsley, a medical officer in the marines. It took some convincing and beating up marines and soon enough Brinsley was on board. No one was harmed except maybe the local Captain whose pride may have been hurt.

The Chef was next. She knew she needed the best food and luckily there was renowned local in their next island. A fight, some drinks, and a handshake later soon enough they had Seijin on board. She could smell the trouble on him, but she didn’t care he was a good chef and a good fighter.

They were to just stop at a Lougetown and resupply before entering the Grand Line, but then came the Swordsman. Miyamoto Ryu was a rather infamous swordsman who’s actions have gained him a bounty. His strenght was too good to pass up. With a promise to fight strong enemies and a vow to make him stronger the Swordsman came aboard.

They were a crew of a five, Captain, Shipwright, Doctor, Chef, and a Swordsman, six if one counted the ship. They were ready for the Grand Line and one could say they were almost heading peacefully for it, but alas the world had other plans. Every action has a consequence and theirs caught up with them. The Captain whom Brinsley was employed with was hot on their tail, and an even hotter head. The man needed to settle a score and what better way to do it than ensuring that the crew would not make it to the Grand Line.

On the Evening at Reverse Mountain The Cradle Princess was on its last metaphorical leg. It had done well in taking the crew of five this far, it survived the battle with the marines just moments before, but more importantly it had brought them where their journey would really start. The crew has done all that it could to keep it alive, but it will break soon enough there was nothing left to do but hold course. All that the crew could ask for is for one more push.

It had just flown past the half point of the reverse mountain. The speed of four waters rushing together shot the Cradle Princess high into the sky. For a mere moment it slowly glided into the night sky. Looking down the could see the vast open sea of the Grand Line stretching out before the, and the lights of Twin Capes warmly inviting the new pirates.

Landing in the cold unrelenting water the ship’s hull cracked with a thundering noise. Water splashed onto the deck showering everyone in freezing water. The audible sounds of the ship breaking could be heard all over. The more sentimental people would have taken their time to shed tears, but no one had such luxury. In mere minutes their ship would crash into the water of the Grand Line and with it the ship will break apart.

“BRACE YOURSELVES!!!” Alveara shouted as a command rather than a statement. Their belongings would be lost and the Cradle Princess would meet it's end here, but in spite of of it all she was excited. Here is where their journey would begin.

The force of the ship with all of its weight and strength broke the surface of the water, and with it an absurd amount of water exploded above. The force of the water broke the ship apart sending debris and the crew in the skies at the mercy of their own landing strategies.

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Flame Tyrant Elli

Twin Capes

Amidst a bustling road at the port of Twin Capes was a makeshift stand marketed with standard equipment. All matter of common weaponry and tools hung on racks around the large wooden stand. Within this little shop was a man in a bronze coat and brown trousers, sitting over an anvil as he firmly struck a hot blade with a hammer. Beside him was an even larger hammer, too big for his own hands to wield from what could be seen of it, composed of solid iron. A red mask of a demon, a somewhat infamous symbol from north blue of the Flame Tyrant himself, was worn over the blacksmith’s face.

While he had worked on crafting a short sword, a small crew of pirates approached the stand. Elliot didn't even turn to face them at first. The presumed captain of the crew spoke first. “You shouldn't leave your gear out in the open like this, makes it all the more easier to steal.” There was a confident grin smirked across his face as he and his crew began snatching equipment off the racks. Elliot dropped his hammer with a sigh as he turned his masked face towards the thieves, but they had already broken off in a sprint.

The captain of the thieving pirates turned to say some snarky comment, but his draw dropped when he saw that the averaged size masked male didn't leave the stand, instead a hulking scale mass of blue scales emerged and leaped out of the open roof of his workshop. Before he had time to recover his surprise, the captain and his crew’s path were cut off by a fireball; which exploded into an array of heat and smoke. The terrified crew all looked to the trail of fire that blocked them off and then behind them to the 10 foot high monster that slowly stopped forward.

After a minute or two of that ordeal, Elliot placed the unconscious rookie pirates in a pile in front of his shop, they're battered and broken bodies was a reminder to any other daring pirate or thief to keep off from making away with his goods without paying. Once he had finished neatly stacking the stolen weapons back on their racks, he continued to work on new gear over his anvil.
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