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Murska Airbase, situated in the south of Alundvari, the southernmost country of UTFS territory was a remote place. In the middle of wide open plains, which in turn were surrounded by rolling hills on one side, and the choppy, steel-grey waves of the ocean on the other. The airbase and the small village after which it was named were the only outposts of civilization that were anything more than an isolated house or utility building for miles in any direction.
This made the base perfect for the basing of DefCom's more secretive projects, and the testing and evaluation of any number of weapon systems and equipment. As such, it was the main base for the multinational alliances' new fleet of VG-0 Variable GEARs. Individual squadrons were dispersed elsewhere, but as each new one was stood up, they did so at Murska.

The same was no less true of the Black Knights squadron, the newest unit to be formed for service with the VG-0. For its' commanding officer, the base was a familiar sight. She had spent time there as part of the test and evaluation team for the VG-0, and had graduated to a position in command of one of its' field units. It was her first time in command, and while she had read all of the files and dossiers on her new squadron, and observed them in flight or even seen them around the base, she had yet to meet them in person or spend any length of time with them. Today would be the first day they'd begin operations together as an official unit.
Diane stood inside one of the bases' bombproof hangars, the autumn wind gusting across the plains and rolling through the airbase stirring her fur and hair, and chasing steel-grey clouds across the sky above. Behind her, the squadrons' VG-0's were arrayed around the hangar, gleaming and pristine as they waited for their new pilots.
Pacing back and forth, the bovine fiddled with the cuffs of her uniform nervously, muttering to herself as she glanced up at the sky, toward the airfield apron, and back into the hangar in turn.
"No big deal," she muttered, squinting out into the blustery mid-morning. "Meeting your new squadron for the first time properly, being a commanding officer, taking them on a first training mission; should be a piece of cake. What problems could there be? All you've got to do is remember all of the training you've had, right now, be strict, but not too strict, get them to listen to you, and hopefully like you, and still respect you. Not at all like juggling a hundred different concepts or ideas or anything like an impossible task..."
She palmed her face and gave a groan, before sighing and setting her jaw.
"It's fine," she said with a firmer tone and a nod of her head, smoothing one hand over her long hair. "You can do this!"
Returning to the center of the semicircle of parked VG-0's, she forced herself into a more relaxed posture, forcing her hooves to stay still on the cement floor of the hangar, and waited, the breeze stirring her hair lightly and ruffling her uniform.
Her PADD pinged a notification; 11am - time for the briefing; her pilots ought to start arriving right now...
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With all the purpose in the world, Imir made his way across the base, eyes forward, hands at his side. He’d received the call, and he knew exactly where to go. Or, at the very least, he gave the impression of knowing where he was going. Every once in awhile, he’d glance around to make sure he was on the right path, before referring to the map he’d tucked into his sleeve—and then turn around once he realized he was heading the wrong way. Every time, he began to walk a little faster, and eventually, he’d broken into a half-jog, determined to be on time to his briefing. It was a great relief, both to his conscience and his legs, when he finally found his hangar, not a minute too late.

He squinted as he stepped from the overcast brightness of outside, to the dim light of the hangar. The GEARs were all arranged in a semi-circle in their jet forms. Close enough to be in easy reach of one another, but not so close that they’d collide. In the center, he spotted a very tall woman in uniform, standing almost unnaturally still. He couldn’t help but laugh a little—he knew the look. The fight to appear anything but nervous. And now, it was time to break the ice. “Commander Trenton?” He called out to her as he approached, straightening up and performing a crisp salute in her direction. “Lieutenant Kelsea, reporting for duty.”
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The wind was blowing through Thomas's fur as he walked through the door of the barracks he’d received quarter in. It was a windy day, just like every other day in the desolate place of Murska. The young Lieutenant had received orders to report to his new commanding officer, Diane Trenton in hanger 7-B. With a quick look on the map of the base on his PADD, the snow leopard realized that it was still a 15-minute walk, more than enough time to enjoy a good song and he quickly put on his earphones.

As the sound of Camel’s freefall entered Thomas’s ear, he quickly started his journey towards the meeting spot, slowly wagging his tail to the rhythm of the music. It would probably get him some weird looks but lieutenant Akelsen could not care less about it. With a big smile the young lieutenant proceeded towards his destination. For Thomas this was a special day as it would mark his first day assigned to a more or less combat ready unit. Starting today the young snow leopard was no longer a cadet at flight school but a commissioned officer in Special Operations Combat Team “Black Knights”. An accomplishment Thomas is proud of.

Thomas entered the hangar and quickly spotted a large bovine and a hare standing in front of a number of VG-0 in flight mode. As the snow leopard was only a few meters away from the group he suddenly realized he had still his earphones on. Quickly the young lieutenant them away before standing straight and saluting “Lieutenant Akelsen reporting for duty”
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Ryan walked quickly to the squadron briefing, all the while thinking how almost all of the bases he has been stationed at had the same basic layout. The thought amused him slightly seen one base seem em all he thought as he turned a corner. Quickly Ryan tried to mentally prepare himselfDiane Trenton... My new commanding officer...golden girl...seems to have a good head on her shoulders Ryan thought as he ran through the mental check list of what he knew about his new CO. He has served in the infantry where Ryan knew a bad leader could cost a platoon lives. Ryan knew she wasn't inexperienced or incompetent, but he was hesitant to accept her at face value.
As Ryan neared his destination his mind couldn't help but think back to a say his father had told him. The day Ryan left for basic his father had taken him aside and told him "Pup, you may need hot sauce while your there...but go easy since you don't want fire hole in the field" Ryan had no idea why that popped into his head, but he couldn't help but chuckle. Ryan's father had always known what to say when he was troubled with something. After a few more minutes of walking Ryan found himself looking at his commanding officer and a handful of VGs "Lieutenant Winters reporting for duty." He said after his CO noticed his arrival. Ryan made a crisp salute to his CO and the rest of his squadron mates.
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