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Current Character Roster

Black Knights Squadron

Commander Diane Trenton; Squadron Leader

Lieutenant Imir Kelsea

Lieutenant Ryan Winters

Lieutenant Thomas Akelsen

Ships' Personnel

Captain Isolde Tamberley - Ship's captain

Commander Maxwell Conway - First Officer

Doctor Johannur Veldsdottir - Ships' chief medical officer
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Name: Diane Trenton

Callsign: Trench

Age: 35

Species: Bovine


(plz ignore name and text. All credit to artist on FurAffinity. Warning for no clothes, but nothing shown)

Has a faded, crescent-shaped scar running from just above her left hip in an arc down to below her navel.
When not in uniform, wears practical yet stylish clothing; jeans, sneakers or boots, checked shirts, T-shirts and such.

She is 6' 8" tall, and surprisingly strong for her build.

Diane - or Di, to her friends - is a lively, outgoing and friendly sort. She cares greatly for others, and is an honorable, trusting, and loyal person. She has a strong set of morals and rules she follows both in and out of combat, and strives to do well by others and expects the same in return. She gives other the benefit of the doubt and trust, but will be relentless and devastating if crossed, and to those she sees abusing their own positions of power and responsibility, or preying on the helpless and innocent.

Despite this caring and compassionate nature, she is not naive nor ignorant; she is firmly aware that hard choices have to be made, and something circumstances and life do not allow the best outcomes every time, and the best must be made of a situation - even if you have to do awful things to help others.
Knowing these choices come up, and the hardships that she and her pilots must face (especially with her own personal life and history as part of the equation), she tries to do the best to care for and look after her people, lending somewhat to her reputation as 'team mom'.

Despite her large size and build, she is nonetheless physically fit, strong, and more than able to do her job to the exceptional degree she does.
She has a confident, and occasionally cocky, forward approach with most people and can be quite flirty on occasion. She has an outgoing, cheerful and even occasionally brash personality, and loves to socialize, especially drinking, and eating out with her friends and comrades. She can be the life and soul of a party, and loves to throw a party as much as going to one. However, this outgoing and boisterous personality hides her doubts, worries and fears and some of the painful memories of her past. She is a good listener and loves to support others, but will often be somewhat reluctant and hesitant with revealing details about her own past and background.

She keeps in regular contact with her parents, who are very proactive, supportive and encouraging of her career, and like to stay involved in her life... for better or worse. She loves them, but sometimes feels they are a bit... much.

Service Record:
Diane enlisted into DefCom out of college. She graduated with high marks, and entered the GEAR pilots' program immediately. She struggled with some aspects, and chafed against discipline. Struggling, she eventually found her place and role, and proved herself to be a model pilot.
She received recognition and was awarded medals for valour and conspicuous gallantry for putting herself into the line of fire to save civilians trapped in a hostile area during a border skirmish, and rescuing fallen comrades.

Following this, she was promoted and worked extensively with an air assault unit, and as a forward combat controller, and served with DefCom's Special Forces for a four-year period.
Opting for further flight training and moving more into the area of testing and evaluation, she was transferred to the classified 'Nightwerx' R&D Facility in the Nightshade Mountains, where she assisted in the development of the V-GEAR's combat tactics, and the organization of the SOCT units, as well as several exchange duties with front-line fighter units. She also underwent additional training in aerospace operations.
As the first VG-0 and SOCT units came into service, she applied for a lead position in a combat unit, and received the post as head of the Black Knights, a role she is proud to have, but harbors some anxiety about.

V-GEAR assignment: VG-0S

V-GEAR Distinguishing features: Two-tone dark/light grey colour scheme with black vertical tails. Helmet has a checkered red-and-black pattern on the peak.

Personal Theme: Infinity
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Name: Imir Kelsea

Callsign/Nickname: Ray

Age: 28

Species: Hare

Appearance: 5’6”, ears not included. His fur is deep brown and becomes off-white toward the extremities, minus his ears, which have black tips. His overall build is that of a thin, longlegged athlete, with a perpetual scowl on his face. He grooms himself to the best of his ability and wears baggy clothing to make himself look bigger, but makes no attempt to stand out otherwise.

Bio: Imir is the eldest son of Amir Kelsea—one of the most accomplished living pilots in Arvara’s air racing circuit—and lived in a world of personal aviation as a result. Flying dominated his younger years, and he took up the yoke at every opportunity, but growing up brought along the realization that he’d struggle to escape his father’s shadow, driving him to more frivolous, grounded pursuits.

He’s a firm believer of strength in numbers and equates a large social circle with success, and his enlistment did nothing to change his desire for the good graces of all around him.

Service Record: Imir became a GEAR pilot and, like the many he joined, immediately blended in. He was proven exceptional on paper and in simulations. He performed well in the field and brought his GEAR back in good shape, and his posting provided few, if any, opportunities to distinguish himself.

When it came to finding pilots for the new V-GEAR squads, Imir’s high test marks and civilian pilot’s license made him an attractive recruit, despite his otherwise plain history.

V-GEAR assignment: VG-0A

V-GEAR Distinguishing features: His GEAR itself has no distinguishing features, but he does wear a pale pink flight helmet.

Personal Theme: Starset - Antigravity
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WIP subject to major change
Name: Ryan Andrew Winters

Callsign/Nickname: Callsign:Ronin
Nicknames: Andy,Winters,Drew. Pops


Species: wolf

Bio: Ryan is a quite and hard working individual. He takes being a soldier very seriously and prides himself on maintaining his best at all times. Two years married Ryan is a devoted husband to his wifeAmber. Every leave he gets he goes to see her and their daughter Isabella. In his free time Ryan has many hobbies including reading,writing letters home, weight lifting, watching news and a number of other things. When on duty Ryan shows his experience and training. He is often the one people come to for advice and to vent about military life.

Service Record: Enlisting on the day of his 18th birthday Ryan went right out of High school. Ryan was stationed with the 23rd Infantry division, after three years of active duty with the 23rd Ryan qualified for testing to be in this new unit. After a rigorous number of tests Ryan would be assigned to the Black Knights where he would spend the remainder of his deployment up until this point.

V-GEAR assignment: VG-0 model; A

V-GEAR Distinguishing features: Ryan's V gear has three prominent Dark blue paint jobs along its head mimicking the paint job he has on his helmet on the chest he has a kill tallies etched into the plate.

Personal Theme: m.youtube.com/watch?v=_pMdQmZdPVw

All characters will receive a rank once I have approved them.
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Name: Thomas Akelsen

Callsign/Nickname: Snowflake

Aleksi got the nickname "Snowflake" during his highschool years due to his love for weird, obscure psychedelic music.

Age: 21 years old

Species: Snow Leopard


Background: Thomas was born as the only son of Gudmund Akelsen, CEO of the countries largest law firm Akelsen & CO. Comming from a family of lawyers Thomas's father raised his son with strickt discipline and the message that one day he would take over the family firm. High grades at school where expected of the young man and Thomas was forced to spend long hours studying in order to earn a spot on the prestigious univeristy of Talloria. Not once the young snow leopard was asked what he wanted. After finishing his first year of law school with excellent grades, Thomas dropped out of university and decided to follow his hearth and signed up with DefCom.

Personality: Thomas is a friendly and highly intelligent young man. For most of his live Thomas was dominated by his father who dicided singlehandedly what the young snow leopard's future would be. However during the fist year of university Thomas decided that it was time to stand up to his father and follow his own path. This has made his relationship with his parents rather complicated. For Thomas it remains a subject he prefers not to talk about.

However there are some traits that the young man got from the strict upbringing. Thomas has a strong drive to succeed in his military carreer and has the discipline to see it through. He wants to show his father that he can succeed on his own. But success is not the same to the snow leopard as blindly following orders. For 18 years he did not speak up his mind but now Thomas is leading a different, new life. A life where he can make his own choices and face the challenges on this new path.

Hobbies and interests: Thomas loves music. He does have a perculiar taste for mostly old, obscure psychedelic rock from many decades ago. Many of his favorite artists and bands ceased to exist prior to his birth. The snow leopard can often been seen walking around with headphones on enjoying the soundscapes of long forgotten times, spacing out in the distance. Sometimes when the occasion is right, Thomas grabs his own accoustic guitar to play and sing a few songs himself.

Another remarkable hobby of the young snow Leopard is his interest in science-fiction. From movies to books, from games to comics. Thomas simply digest the genre on a remarkable pace. Prior to joining DefCom, the young man would search the net for hours looking for long lost gems and new releases. His PADD is filled with more movies, series books and comics Thomas could hope to ever consume now that he's employed with the 4th SOCT.

Service Record: Thomas started basic training at the age of 19. After finishing the 6 months basic training course with good grades, the new recruit was selected to participate in the V-GEAR program. After another 1,5 years of intensive training, many hours of simulation and real-life V-GEAR piloting, the instructors deemed the young man ready for deployment. Thomas got recently assigned to the 4th SOCT "Black Knights" squadron.

V-GEAR assignment: VG-0 model A

V-GEAR Distinguishing features: Thomas wears a pitch black flight helmet. From the left a single beam of white light hits a prisma on top of the helmet. From the prisma, the beam of light is fractured into six colors that end on the other side.

Personal Theme: Pink Floyd - Learning to fly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mKDvp7MavQ

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