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This planet is a blank slate. Nothing but a white expanse. When people come to this planet the landscape responds to their will. They may create and destroy. The planet responding to every whim of its inhabitants.

Create whatever you like its your playground.
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Could I just inch across the planet like an inch worm? I'm stressed from projects so I need a way to procrastinate. (and relieve my childish desires of being an absolute fool)
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Is this still open? i'd love to join in on this It sounds really fun
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This entire sub forum is pretty much dead, and has been for some time, there's not been much activity here for a while. You could PM sowmoeme etc and maybe try and use the idea outside expending horizons though.

Its currently slated for a replacement at some point. But to all intents your better off looking in other parts of the Guild for your RP fix until I think the star wars idea launches.
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Hey! Is this an NBA RP?
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