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"If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs, obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud. Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues, my friend, you would not tell with such high zest to children ardent for some desperate glory, the old Lie; Dulce et Decorum est Pro patria mori." -Wilfred Owen

Winter of 1800

2nd of November

The Eternal Hadeen of Dashkatar continues to fortify it's position in the province of Osnic. Tens of thousands of soldiers, fiercely loyal to the Eternal Hadeen, stand ready to give their lives to hold back the Europeans who have sworn to drive back the 'heathens'. Despite the forces aligning against them, the coming conflict will be far from easy, Dashkatar having dug it's claws deeply into the province.

4th of November

Already making full use of it's new-found influence in the region, The Empire of Attolia opens an extensive market in the colony of Fort Tian. The intention is clear, to make use of their closeness to the mainland of The Shuren Dynasty to make a fortune for the Empire through the selling of various narcotics, chief among them opium. Smugglers from the Dynasty readily take the opportunity, and the sickness begins to spread through the veins of Shuren.

5th of November

The great religious festival of the Hijeen faith occurs, the celebrations centered around the city of Akteme. Hundreds of thousands of worshipers travel to the city, The Republic of Oflua allowing them to flood freely over the border from The Akkadian Empire. From the festival, rumors begin to spread. The name Majdi al-Selim spreads like wildfire, first whispered, then shouted. A new prophet has arrived, or at least so the rumors claim, and he is the promised leaders that will unite the Hijeen nations once more.

8th of November

The "Lady Alexandria's Finishing School For Fine Young Men And Women" opens it's doors in The Empire of Rubrus. The School is intended for the education of young nobles from all across the Empire, and it initially proves popular. The dynastic noble families of Rubrus unsurprisingly take kindly to the idea of their offspring rubbing shoulders with other blue-bloods.

13th of November

Not wasting time, The Kingdom of Ubren replenishes its losses from it's brief war with The Kingdom of Aontas. Following it's resounding victory, the men of Ubren are all too happy to sign up, filling the armies ranks once more. But perhaps more importantly, the main army is redeployed to the province of Obertal. The intent is clear, and as if on cue, murmurs of dissent begin to echo through the province of Belgae. It appears as if war between Ubren and The Empire of Attolia is fast becoming a reality.

17th of November

In The Republic of Toubres, 'The Academy of Naval Firepower' is officially created. The focus is upon the development of new cannons, potentially even further strengthening the already highly formidable navy of the Toubres. With an impressive budget, the Academy quickly begins work, becoming a center of study into improving the weapons available to the Republic's fleets.

19th of November

Still attempting to stem the tide of the rebels raiding their colony of Linia, as well as hopefully staving off similar attacks across their other territories, The Three City's Republic of Ianian orders the raising of garrisons in all of the Republic's provinces and colonies, bankrolled by the powerful economy of Ianian. Intended to remain dormant until called upon, only the colony of Linia is called into action, further bolstering the defence of the colony.

24th of November

The Three City's Republic of Ianian passes another colonial law, selling the unclaimed land of it's colonies to the workers of the land. However, perhaps wary of causing further native dissent, the Republic is careful to protect land religiously or culturally significant to the native population, ensuring they are only sold if it agreed with by the cultural leaders.

27th of November

The influence of Majdi al-Selim grows at an inconceivable rate. Before long, his followers outnumber the loyalists in The Akkadian Empire. Although his teachings all revolve around peace and unity, the leaders of Akkadia become increasingly wary of this new perceived threat. Although they apologize to The Three City's Republic of Ianian, they are forced to withdraw their forces from the colony of Linia. For now, few know how this crisis will resolve itself.

30th of November

A meeting is called for the members of the European Trading League. Representatives from The Three City's Republic of Ianian, The Republic of Toubres, The Echyan Empire, The Akkadian Empire and The Republic of Oflua all attend. Although it still stands to be seen why Ianian has called for the meeting.
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Letter to his Holiness:

"Hail thee who have been blessed by God,

It is with pride that I announce that the Crusaders of Attolia have landed upon Echya and joined with the army of the new Sescosi King. The armies of Dashkatar flee in fear of our combined might and holy righteousness that God bestows upon us. I wish that I could then announce that our crusaders now stand ready to charge the positions of the Dashkatar invaders. However, that has become an untenable dream. The blood thirsty Kingdom of Ubren, after invading the lands of the pious King of Aontas, now mobilize to invade Attolia as Ubren soldiers are rallying on the other side of the border as I write. I ask of thee, how can us, the Children of God protect and help our own people from the Hijeen invaders when those such as the King of Ubren wantonly invade the lands of the pious and commit grave sins against his fellow children of God? If his holiness has issues with sending men to fight in the Crusade, then would your Holiness then at least condemn the actions of the Kingdom of Ubren and demand that he cease his crimes against the faithful? I ask, as a follower of the Shepard, for his holiness to take action to de-escalate the situation. I welcome the opportunity to talk peacefully as your holiness had masterfully accomplished for the Sescosi-Ofluan War.

The Shield of the Viponist Faith,
Emperor Lothair II"
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"If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs, obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud. Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues, my friend, you would not tell with such high zest to children ardent for some desperate glory, the old Lie; Dulce et Decorum est Pro patria mori." -Wilfred Owen

Winter of 1800

1st of December

Under the pretense of 'supporting the war effort', The Empire of Rubrus raises it's tax rates. This is met with almost immediate outcry. Although the people of the Empire are keen to show their support for defending their allies, The Kingdom of Claidor, they did not envision that this support would extend to their own pockets. The vagueness of the instructions almost lead to total disaster, and it is only the bureaucracy of Rubrus that is able to stave off total chaos, and make their own decision for the increase in tax, doubling the current rate.

5th of December

Calling on their ancient, and ingrained cultural bond, The Kingdom of Ubren and The Redcliff Empire once again re-enforce their close links. Despite Ubren pushing for a full alliance, Redcliff is perhaps a touch tentative, at least for now. Perhaps concerned by Ubren's increasingly war-like behavior, Redcliff instead agrees only to a defensive alliance, both nations swearing to come to each others aid in the case of military actions against them, although there are rumors that there are more aggressive plans coming into play between the two nations.

8th of December

For now at least, the rebels actions against Linia, the colony of The Three City's Republic of Ianian, have slowed. The increased garrison appears to have served it's purpose as a deterrent, but the priests of The Akkadian Empire report that something seems to have shifted in the actions of the tribes of The Shuren Dynasty, and even here, far to the west from Akteme, the name of Majdi al-Selim is whispered in hushed tones.

13th of December

The Kingdom of Aontas calls on The Empire of Attolia, looking to gain entry into the increasingly powerful ranks of The Continental Alliance. Although it forces itself into an alliance with it's historic rivals, The Empire of Rubrus, Aontas clearly recognizes the need for allies, no doubt still reeling from it's heavy defeat at the hands of The Kingdom of Ubren.

15th of December

The fleet of The Echyan Empire continues it's actions against The Eternal Hadeen of Dashkatar. Growing ever more ambitious, Admiral Darko Zauhar leads a string of raids and attacks all along the Dashkatar coastline. Using the marines at their disposal, under the command of General Duje Popović. The expedition is temporarily delayed, as General Popović has to relinquish his command over Echya's colony of New Echya, and make the long journey back to the homeland before they can disembark. The seven hundred Marines that serve on the ships do what they can, but they quickly have to abandon their targets of port cities, as they cannot possibly hope to scale the formidable defences in such small numbers. They do succeed however in attacking villages along the coast, and generally harassing the Eternal Hadeen.

18th of December

Almost overnight, a string of diplomatic masterstrokes all across The Akkadian Empire, Majdi al-Selim, still little more than a name to those observing the situation, becomes the effective ruler of the Empire. His influence is overwhelming, and it is already spilling over into the lands of The Eternal Hadeen of Dashkatar. The man himself is still an enigma, but he clearly possesses a titanic force of will.

19th of December

The Echyan Empire makes full use of the newly arrived advisors from The Empire of Attolia, pouring almost obscene amounts of money into attempting to improve their army. It will be no easy process, and despite the help from Attolia, initial progress is slow. Unsurprisingly, this suddenly increased rigour of training does not go down well with the existing soldiers of Echya, and there is grumbling among the ranks.

23rd of December

Continuing it's attempted reformation of it's army, The Echyan Empire begins a recruitment campaign with the intention of raising seventy thousand men. Considering that this will be effectively doubling the size of the current army, it is a herculean task. Echya has never been a military nation, instead enjoying good trade and a serviceable navy to protect their interests. Even with the highly religiously-charged rhetoric of the recruiters, recruitment is slow. The presence of the forces of The Empire of Attolia does not improve recruitment, instead it serves the opposite purpose. If other soldiers will so readily come to their aid, why do they need their own?

27th of December

The strength of the followers of Majdi al-Selim in The Eternal Hadeen of Dashkatar continues to swell at an unforeseeable rate. The message of unity, and the strength of unity and faith, that the man seems to preach, is a popular one. Dashkatar are all too aware of the danger, having seen the control that the man now wields in The Akkadian Empire, but in truth, the rulers of the Eternal Hadeen are helpless to prevent the wave that is sweeping their nation. This is no enemy that they can send their armies against, it is an idea, a belief, and it is overwhelmingly powerful.

29th of December

The Echyan Empire continues its colonial expansions, sending a colonial expedition south from New Navasy. A formidable fleet accompanies the colonists, and those who join the expedition are given a promise of great opportunities. Many do, no doubt keen to escape the increasingly militaristic homeland of the Empire, and hoping that they will be at least be able to avoid being drafted into the army if they sail to the other side of the world. The colony of Orlovic is founded.

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"If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs, obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud. Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues, my friend, you would not tell with such high zest to children ardent for some desperate glory, the old Lie; Dulce et Decorum est Pro patria mori." -Wilfred Owen

Spring of 1801

2nd of January

The results of the elections that have been sweeping across The Three City's Republic of Ianian are finalized. The two major power blocks of the Republic, the currently in power New Power coalition, and the Old Freedom Coalition, have been locking horns for months. Despite the problems in the colony of Linia, and the increasing tension with the newly formed Continental Alliance, Ianian has enjoyed a period of great power and influence, and the Old Freedom's push for neutrality and non-intervention is struggling to hold strength in the face of the boiling conflicts threatening to erupt across Europe. Of the 118 seats available, New Power wins 77 of them, including most of the newly appointed seats for the colonies.

5th of January

The Three City's Republic of Ianian sends a diplomatic party to The Naziim Caliphate. Although few have high hopes following the reported failure of the similar expedition by The Empire of Attolia, the diplomats of the Republic find a slightly different Caliphate awaiting them. Using their relations with The Akkadian Empire, they can at least make some headway with the language barrier, and are also granted audience with Caliph Aarif al-Naziim. Some uniting force has been bringing the scattered tribes together, the name Majdi al-Selim being whispered. The Caliph reveals that he has felt his power slipping through his fingers, and that he is not the man to talk to about relations with the Caliphate any longer. But he cannot grant audience with al-Selim, and he admits that in truth, he doesn't even know if the man really exists.

9th of January

With one army bloodied by defeat at the Siege of Batko, another force of The Kingdom of Vendsyssel pushes across the border into the province of Animara. With The Kingdom of Claidor having committed a sizable portion of it's forces under the leadership of The Empire of Rubrus, they are poorly equipped to defend against this move. The garrisons of the cities of Animara dig in.

11th of January

The Kingdom of Aontas continues it's dogged recruitment of Marines, swelling their ranks even further. It is clear that whatever war they intend to wage, it will not be one of clashing great armies.

14th of January

No doubt in direct response to the increasingly aggressive actions of The Kingdom of Ubren, The Empire of Attolia begins an extensive recruitment drive, the rhetoric calling upon the people of Attolia to rise up and defend their lands. Despite the formidable strength of Ubren's army, people do sign up, and the Empire's army grows, war quickly becoming almost inevitable.

16th of January

Further re-enforcing it's greatest defence, The Republic of Toubres begins constructing impressive naval defences along it's coastline. It's island nature has long afforded it sanctuary from the wars that spread through Europe in the centuries past, but with these new fortifications, coupled with the Republic's exceedingly powerful navy, and reformed army, any hopes of invading Toubres and not facing obscene bloodshed, is quickly becoming a pipe dream.

17th of January

The Three City's Republic of Ianian passes the 'University Act'. The goal is to create new, public universities across the Three City's. The move is welcomed, and the universities will no doubt be well attended once they are constructed, although it will still only be the rich that can afford to abandon their jobs and walk through the doors.

21st of January

Facing dissension in the face of war, The Empire of Attolia attempts to raise morale through the announcement of a string of festivals and military parades, all across Attolia. The celebrations are intended to focus around the founding of the Empire, and it's prestige, and will be attended by none other than the Emperor himself. The festivities quickly prove to be a popular, if expensive, distraction.

23rd of January

Although few fully grasp how it has happened, The Eternal Hadeen of Dashkatar too has fallen under the influence of Majdi al-Selim, or at least of the promise of the man. Although the rulers of the Eternal Hadeen still hold their power, they are under no illusions that if they go against the wishes of the by now mythical figure, they will be dragged from their beds and slaughtered on the streets by the fanatically devout followers. With reports coming from the west that The Naziim Caliphate is also now effectively under al'Selim's control, it is clear that the man, or at least the idea of him, has managed to unite a single Hijeen state under his control in a matter of months.

24th of January

The fleets of The Kingdom of Aontas maneuver so that they create a stranglehold around the newly conquered coastline of The Kingdom of Ubren. Intended to cut off trade, in truth, Ubren has had a coastline for such a short time that they are yet to develop any significant trade routes, but the fleets do serve to quickly cripple the burgeoning fishing industry. This is a clear sign of intent that Aontas intends to weigh in on the approaching conflict between Ubren and The Empire of Attolia. It appears Aontas has not learnt it's lesson.

26th of January

The northern gunsmith of The Kingdom of Aontas, a man by the name of Georg Aaberg, receives extensive funding from the Kingdom itself, and the new design, nicknamed the 'Aaberg Musket', is quickly mass-produced, and distributed to the waiting hands of the Aontas military. By far the most advanced weapon of it's kind, it may well prove to be a very useful tool in the coming conflicts.

29th of January

The meeting of The European Trading League draws to a close. Faced with troubling times, the nations of The Three City's Republic of Ianian, The Republic of Toubres, The Echyan Empire, and The Republic of Oflua all enter into a Defensive Alliance, vowing to come to each others aid in times of war. The Akkadian Empire, that had quickly been becoming one of Ianian's closest allies, abstains from signing the new treaty, the influence of Majdi al-Selim coming into force for the first time.

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"If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs, obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud. Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues, my friend, you would not tell with such high zest to children ardent for some desperate glory, the old Lie; Dulce et Decorum est Pro patria mori." -Wilfred Owen

Spring of 1801

1st of February

In The Three City's Republic of Ianian, a sweeping bureaucratic project begins, a task-force assembled to crack down on government corruption and embezzlement across the Republic. It is an extreme and brutally effective strategy, rigorously rooting out the corrupt, from every position of authority. In what is a controversial, and shocking move, this task-force descends upon the leadership of the Old Freedom Coalition. In only a matter of days, several of the most prominent members of the coalition are seized, including a handful of the senators themselves. Their position and reputation in ruins, a simmering of discontent begin among the staunch supporters of the Old Freedom, believing these reforms to be specifically targeted to weaken the Coalition.

3rd of February

The army of The Kingdom of Vendsyssel, unchallenged by The Kingdom of Claidor and The Empire of Rubrus forces, pushes further into the province of Animara. The city of Ziva is the first to bear the brunt of this invading force, and they are found wanting. Presumably over-buoyed by the success of their comrades at the Siege of Batko, the garrison sallies out to meet the oncoming army. The elite cavalry of Vendsyssel cut them to shreds, and the city falls.

7th of February

The Western Territories of Toubres continue to go from strength to strength. Their economy booming, and their people more than content, The Republic of Toubres sends orders to expand to the north. As instructed, a colonist party makes the short journey across the frozen lakes of the north, and begin creating the colony of Leviz. Having already traded with the natives for years, this is an easy, and untroubled, move, and only further strengthens Toubres' global influence.

12th of February

The Kingdom of Vendsyssel does not rest on it's laurels. With it's brutal victory over The Kingdom of Claidor during the short-lived Siege of Ziva, they are confident. Pressing on, unphased by the cold weather that still clings to the land, they march on the city of Brasna. Here at least, the garrison has learnt from the mistakes of their countrymen, and they remain behind the relative safety of the cities walls. But it will not save them for long, as the guns of Vendsyssel begin their relentless roar.

15th of February

As expected, Brasna falls. The walls were breached during the night, and the garrison fell away in the face of the ferocious advance from The Kingdom of Vendsyssel forces. Only the capital of the province, the city of Animara itself, still remains in The Kingdom of CLaidor hands. But for how long?

17th of February

Despite the failure of it's previous diplomatic mission, The Three City's Republic of Ianian sends another. This time, their target is better known to them, as they travel to The Holy Territories of Edoniras, attempting to mend the fractured relationship between the two nations. As they make their journey, they move beneath the forts, build months past in preparation for a potential invasion from the Holy Territories, that line the border between the two nations. Time, as they say, heals all wounds, and the Pope welcomes them. An understanding between the two, that neither desires war to consume Europe, forms the beginnings of a bond, and the diplomats return to the republic, content with their work.

18th of February

Continuing it's seemingly relentless push into the territory of The Kingdom of Claidor, the army of The Kingdom of Vendsyssel reaches the outer defences of the city of Animara. The province capital is more heavily defended than either of the cities that have already fallen, and has a larger garrison, but they are cut off from support, and facing a formidable force.

21st of February

Perhaps concerned by The Echyan Empire recently expanding their influence in the region, The Republic of Toubres strengthens it's own hold in the area, sending a colonial party south from Toubrian Bravas and settling the colony of Trienz. The race to populate the remaining habitable lands of the region appears to be coming to life.

23rd of February

Many had been watching the armies of The Eternal Hadeen of Dashkatar that still held their foothold in Europe, hoping perhaps that the influence of Majdi al-Selim could lead to peace. For now at least, a certain stalemate has descended over the region. The forces of Dashkatar are not pushing on, but neither are they retreating. They are waiting, strong in number, and secure behind formidable defences, waiting for whatever the European powers decide to do.

24th of February

In a pivotal operation, conducted by the elusive 'Sentinels' of The Empire of Attolia, spies are unrooted throughout the province of Belgae. They will not, of course, reveal their instructions, or even their origin. Work begins to drag this information from their lips, although few know how long it will take to break them.

26th of February

The Three City's Republic of Ianian calls a National Conference of inventors, offering an impressive prize to whichever inventor is able to create the design that most greatly improves production. The Conference is popular, and the greatest minds from all across the Republic gather, some even travelling from the far flung corners of the Republic's colonial empire. Time will tell what the Conference will produce.

28th of February

The province of Animara has fallen into the hands of The Kingdom of Vendsyssel. Although they fought doggedly, The Kingdom of Claidor garrison was outnumbered, outmatched, and outmaneuvered. With no aid in sight, and as the walls began to crumble beneath the bombardment of the Vendsyssel guns, the garrison surrendered in droves. Those that didn't were cut down without mercy. With the last shred of resistance eradicated, the Kingdom of Vendsyssel controls the province, and with it, a route into the heartland of the Kingdom of Claidor.

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"If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs, obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud. Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues, my friend, you would not tell with such high zest to children ardent for some desperate glory, the old Lie; Dulce et Decorum est Pro patria mori." -Wilfred Owen

Spring of 1801

3rd of March

In The Kingdom of Ubren, the fires of patriotism continue to be stoked, and the men of Ubren continue to be drafted into the army, swelling it's ranks ever further. The military strength of Ubren is almost insurmountable, and there are only a handful of nations across Europe that could hope to even stand against them alone, let alone have any hope for victory. Sentiment against The Empire of Attolia also continues to grow, carefully planned rhetoric whipping the people into a frenzy.

8th of March

Whispers of 'War-Plan Attolia' begin to seep out from The Kingdom of Ubren, allegedly the name of a full scale strategy being compiled against The Empire of Attolia, comparing the two nation's strengths, and highlighting key strategic points and maneuvers. In truth, war between the two nations now seems all but inevitable, and people begin to flee from the shared border, desperate to avoid the coming conflict.

13th of March

With The Kingdom of Vendsyssel already having claimed vast tracts of land from The Kingdom of Claidor, the war seems to be quickly swinging in their favour. With the combined army of Claidor and The Empire of Rubrus still sitting idle, the heartland of Claidor lies before the armies of Vendsyssel. As is often the case, this sudden power shift has attracted hungry eyes, and long dormant dissent between Rubrus and The Kingdom of Ilastiri begin to burst to life once again. As the Ilastiri army, largely returned from it's conflict in the south, begins to move into position, Vendsyssel appears to have gained an ally, and a powerful one.

17th of March

Perhaps encouraged by The Kingdom of Ilastiri seeming to be preparing to aid them, or perhaps simply following their own orders, the force of The Kingdom of Vendsyssel prepares to push further into the territory of The Kingdom of Claidor. Not looking to repeat the mistakes of their foe, they leave sizable garrisons in the cities they now hold, re-enforcement's moving unchallenged from their homeland, and prepare to march onwards.

19th of March

The Echyan Empire has been raiding The Eternal Hadeen of Dashkatar for too long. Even though the influence of Majdi al-Selim has so far proven itself to not be thirsty for war, it cannot abide this raiding. A newly constructed fleet of Dashkatar, built using the substantial manpower that the nation possesses, sails out to meet the fleet of Echya. The fighting is brutal, and the Echyan Admiral Darko Zauhar finds his force heavily outnumbered. Only a handful of the Echyan ships are able to escape, and limp back to safe harbors.

23rd of March

Finally, The Kingdom of Claidor responds. With the force of The Empire of Rubrus not moving, due to receiving no orders, the army of Claidor acts on it's own initiative. Moving it's main force south, trusting that the idle Rubrus army can at least defend the province they are stationed in, they reach the city of Ziva, and the second siege of the city in as many months begins.

27th of March

The Second Siege of Ziva is already proving that it will be a bloody affair. The garrison of The Kingdom of Vendsyssel has dug in, and, learning from their past mistakes in the Siege of Batko, ensure that the defensive weaknesses of the city are not left to be exploited. The defenders are braced, well-stocked, and confident of receiving support, and The Kingdom of Claidor prepares for a long siege.

30th of March

Sabotage operations continue across The Empire of Attolia province of Belgae. While the 'Sentinels' work at a feverish rate, rooting out infiltrators and spies wherever they appear, they are fighting a difficult battle. With war imminent, pro-Ubren sentiment begins to swell, although whether this is due to direct influence from The Kingdom of Ubren, or simply due to the overwhelming strength of Attolia's neighbor, few truly know.
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The Republic of Toubres

The Palácio do Conselho was in uproar. Once again, Líder do Conselho Leonardo Serra simply allowed the arguing of the other men gathered in the chamber to wash over him. He almost found himself reminiscing of the days when only seven men gathered to discuss the Republic's future. Now there were nine. As he thought of it, Leonardo glanced at the two new Conselho members.

Raul Matos was the representative of the Western Territories of Toubres, and in truth, Leonardo couldn't help but like the man. He was larger than life, with a great booming laugh and voice. The Western Territories was almost exceedingly wealthy, raking in huge profits from it's commerce of spices and other exotic luxuries, and Raul was their favorite son. He dressed well, wearing only the finest fashions and fabrics, gold rings adorning his fingers, and the few times that Leonardo had dined with him, it had been on the richest dishes. Now, Raul leant forward in his chair, hotly debating with another member of the Conselho.

The second member to recently join the Conselho was not only the newest, but also the youngest. Rafael Garcia was a quiet man, bronzed by his years in the lands he now represented, the Southern Territories of Toubres. Even in his short tenure as a member of the Conselho, the young man had proven himself to be sensible, logical almost to a fault, and so had already clashed several times with the more passion-driven members of the Conselho. For now at least, Leonardo could rely on Rafael to be a voice of reason, no matter what the issue.

Growing weary of the bickering, Leonardo brought his hand down on the table, the thud lulling the roar, and allowing the Líder do Conselho to speak.

"Brothers, this arguing achieves nothing. We have all seen the reports. We all know that war between The Kingdom of Ubren and The Empire of Attolia are on the brink of war. And we all know what that means."

He heard several voices spring into life, but he held up his hand for silence until they all fell silent again and he continued.

"The war will escalate. The Hastel Dominions will march to the aid of The Kingdom of Ubren, and The Empire of Attolia can count on the support of The Empire of Rubrus, the Kingdom of Aontas, and The Echyan Empire."

A single, hard-edged voice broke the silence of the pause, and it took all of Leonardo's willpower to suppress a wince, as he turned to face Luiz Duarte.

"Like you said, 'Lidor', we all know this. So stop wasting your breath, and cut to the chase."

Leonardo forced a smile. The increasingly advanced age of the Avezdo representative had done nothing to improve his temperament. Luiz had fallen ill the year past, and although it did shame Leonardo to admit, he had truly hoped that the man would die, if nothing else but to free the Conselho of the bitter old man. But alas, he had made a remarkable recovery, clearly he was as stubborn in clinging to life as he was in the rest of his business. Leonardo realized that the silence had dragged on slightly, and he hurried to reply.

"Thank you, Luiz. The Redcliff Empire could find itself dragged into this war, and if they are, then our oath will leave us forced to join by their side, or to dishonor ourselves and go back on our word."

He allowed his words to sink in before he spoke again.

"I know there are some among your number who protested at our alliance with The Redcliff Empire and The Holy Territories of Edoniras. But we cannot undo it, and we must live with the consequences. It is time to vote gentleman."
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To His Holiness,

These are tense times indeed with the Hijeen fanatics mobilizing to the east and our own bastions of the Viponist faith being divided in secular issues. The Empire of Attolia is dedicated to fighting this crusade that your holiness has called for, however, recent events in Ubren-Attolian relations threatens to boil into full blown war at a time when Europe should unite to fight against this false messiah figure called Majdi al-Selim. In fact, it is clear that Attolia is currently the target of hostile and antagonistic espionage. For this reason, the Empire of Attolia would like to formally request for a second summit to help preserve peace in the west. As a sign of good faith and dedication to peace in Europe, the Empire of Attolia will take steps to de-escalate the situation and de-mobilize some of its army. It is my hope that the leaders of Europe can come together in these trying times. Else, the alternative appears to be a great war that will consume most of the known world, a fate that we all should fear with Viponist brothers at war with each other and the Hijeen invaders continuing to encroach upon Europe like a rising tide.

Emperor Lothair II
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A letter to Edoniras
To the most esteemed Sovereign of his people, his Holiness Invictus XI,

I am happy to see that our peoples can finally stand side by side with each other. While Ianian may be a secular government, some of our founding ethical principles have been based off of Viponist philosophy, and it would be a tragedy to ignore the cultural values that our Viponist population share with your people. Both of our governments have also been committed to peace in Europe. That is why I send this letter today, I would like to formally extend an offer to the Territories to join the European Trading League.

With the close proximity of our nations, having a defensive pact as well as the expanded trade access would be invaluable to not only Ianian but your people as well. Your people would also be exempt from the Straight Tax, would would be a large boon for Southern Trading ports. The Trading League was created not just to expand trade, but to use said trade to ensure peace across Europe, so I hope you see the value that Edoniras joining the organization and accepting the defensive pact would bring to ensuring that goal.

From the Office of the Most Serene Doge.
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"If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs, obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud. Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues, my friend, you would not tell with such high zest to children ardent for some desperate glory, the old Lie; Dulce et Decorum est Pro patria mori." -Wilfred Owen

Summer of 1801

1st of April

War is only an increasingly likely reality. Now, it is The Kingdom of Aontas that is escalating the crisis. Sending scouts, and clearly having forgotten the catastrophic defeat they suffered just months before, Aontas begins to assess the northern coast of The Kingdom of Ubren, hunting for any weak points, with the apparent intention to make a landing. It appears that Aontas at least will honour it's alliance with The Empire of Attolia, already seeming to prepare for the war to come.

4th of April

The Republic of Toubres is not lying idle. Wary that the sudden colonial expansion of The Echyan Empire may have caught them unaware, the Republic is keen to restore the balance. And sure enough, a colonial fleet embarks from Toubrian Trienz, itself only recently established, and the colony of Toubrian Rintes is born. Although the new territories, and the riches of the land, are clearly appreciated, there are many who think that it is the next move that will decide the victor of the colonization race.

8th of April

The Second Siege of Ziva drags on, and there is no end in sight. The attempts by The Kingdom of Claidor to support their forces are constantly harassed and impeded by raiding parties of The Kingdom of Vendsyssel. While The Empire of Rubrus remains still, Claidor is outnumbered and outmaneuvered.

10th of April

The day will be notorious for years to come. On what comes to be known as the 'Market Day Massacre', hundreds of The Empire of Attolia citizens are massacred, chiefly the traders that have been dealing illicit items into the markets of The Shuren Dynasty. These traders, as well as the Shuren smugglers that have been spreading their dark merchandise, are dragged from their beds and slaughtered in the streets like dogs. The attacks are organised, and brutally efficient. The black market of Fort Tian is effectively wiped out in one fell swoop. Now, it is up to Attolia to respond to this catastrophic event, as news slowly filters back to the Empire's homeland.

13th of April

A Court of Audit is formed in The Empire of Attolia, born from the increasingly concerning drain that government, and public, spending has been on the national budget. It will take some time for the Court to be able to prove it's worth, but they take to their work industriously, and some attempt at least is being made to tackle the burden of wasteful and questionable spending.

18th of April

Keen to continue their preparations for war, The Kingdom of Aontas turns their factories and industry to the task of mass-producing the 'Aaberg Musket'. As soon as they are created, the weapons are distributed, thrust into the hands of the Aontas Marines, who's ranks have been steadily swelling over the last months. It is clear how Aontas plans to bring its forces to bear, but it stands to be seen just how effective their strategy will be.

20th of April

Perhaps concerned by the growing threat of war in Europe, or perhaps simply looking to extend their own power, The Three City's Republic of Ianian extends an invitation to join the European Trading League to The Holy Territories of Edoniras. The Pope, no doubt his decision helped due to his close relationship with The Republic of Toubres, already a European Trading League member, agrees to this invitation. However, on the same day, word reaches Ianian that The Akkadian Empire has withdrawn itself from the Trading League, no doubt decided by the dominant influence of Majdi al-Selim.

23rd of April

The increasingly serious civil disturbances across The Empire of Attolia province of Belgae continue. Support for The Kingdom of Ubren continues to grow, escalating as the Emperor himself tours the province. As the Emperors procession moves through the city of Aviyonne, a figure breaks from the crowd, a flintlock pistol in their hand as they charge towards the Emperor himself. By sheer chance, the weapon misfires, and the would-be assassin is gunned down as the Emperor is rushed ot safety. The province is a tinder box, primed to erupt into flames at the first spark, and this attempted killing causes riots all across the province that rage for days.

27th of April

Continuing to expand it's dominance in the region, while The Kingdom of Aontas has it's attention turned away from colonial expansion, The Republic of Toubres expands north from it's new colony of Toubrian Leviz. The already extensive Western Territories of Toubres grows yet again, as the colony of Budel is formed. Although the frozen north does not boast the same natural riches that other colonies possess, it is essential strategic territory, and it only further strengthens the Republic's position.

29th of April

Not content with allowing The Republic of Toubres to be the only nation colonizing the far-flung corners of the world, The Three City's Republic of Ianian sends a colonial party from Tilandia, successfully strengthening their hold in the Far East. Renaming the colony formerly known as Tilandia to become North Tilandia, the new colony is dubbed South Tilandia. With the increasingly bold actions of The Shuren Dynasty, these colonies may soon find themselves tested.

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"If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs, obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud. Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues, my friend, you would not tell with such high zest to children ardent for some desperate glory, the old Lie; Dulce et Decorum est Pro patria mori." -Wilfred Owen

Summer of 1801

2nd of May

While the Siege of Ziva continues, a meeting is held between The Kingdom of Vendsyssel and The Kingdom of Ilastiri. The meeting drags on long into the night, and when it is finally resolved, the forces of both nations march for war. Whatever agreement was struck between the two, it has united the two armies against The Kingdom of Claidor. It is the province of Holbeck that weathers the worst of the assault, attacked from two front. The cities of both Sloboci and Kosice find themselves besieged, the garrisons far outnumbered by the armies they defend against. If The Empire of Rubrus continues not to act, then Claidor is surely lost.

6th of May

Frantic rumours begin reaching the survivors of The Empire of Attolia colony of Fort Tian. Rumours of Frigates, and Ships of the Line, sailing to the north, and flying the flag of The Shuren Dynasty. It is clear that the Shuren Dynasty has not been idle, and that it has learnt from it's heavy defeats in the past. Using the remains of the initial Attolian fleet that reached them, putting their greatest minds, and their phenomenally large manpower to work, the Shuren Dynasty now commands a navy to rival the European powers.

9th of May

Seemingly in preparation of invasion from The Kingdom of Aontas, The Kingdom of Ubren moves forces to garrison the newly conquered province of Torrik. War only continues to become an increasingly certain possibility, and the ripples of it have reached every corner of Europe. In The Holy Territories of Edoniras, the Pope feels that ensuring war doesn't consume Europe is once again his burden. He begins planning a summit, for all the powers of Europe, to ensure peace reigns.

13th of May

Desperate to maintain their control over Belgae, The Empire of Attolia pours more money into Sentinels. With tensions driven to a fever pitch by the attempted assassination of the Emperor himself, it is no easy task to maintain order. But with a small fortune in backing, the Sentinels take to their task with a ferocious tenacity. Rooting out a revolutionary element nearly every day, Attolia manages to maintain control over the province, but it is only by their fingernails.

15th of May

The Empire of Attolia opens a string of government funded, and government owned, factories all across their territories. Clearly keen to make use of their substantial labour base, this is an effective, but expensive strategy. The industrialization of the nation continues, families leaving the fields that their family has worked for generations to travel to rapidly expanding cities.

18th of May

The Kingdom of Claidor city of Kosice is the first to fall, it's walls shattered and the garrison quickly surrendering. Only a few hours later, as news reaches the beleaguered defenders of the city of Sloboci, that city falls as well. Only the provincial capital of Holbeck itself still stands, and it stands seemingly along against the combined forces of The Kingdom of Vendsyssel and The Kingdom of Ilastiri.

22nd of May

Majdi al-Selim, the man, or perhaps simply the idea, now entirely controls the nations of The Eternal Hadeen of Dashkatar, The Akkadian Empire and The Hijeen Caliphate. He possesses an almost limitless supply of manpower, vast tracts of land, and a nation of people united behind one single ideology. While the European powers bicker among themselves, Majidi is given the liberty of simply watching, and waiting.

24th of May

Surprisingly, perhaps to the people of The Kingdom of Ubren most of all, Ubren sends diplomats to The Empire of Attolia with a proposition. The deal is simple. Ubren will not go to war, so long as Attolia hands over the province of Belgae to the Kingdom of Ubren. They also agree to signing a peace treaty that will last twenty years, even offering to pay Attolia for the land. It is now up to Attolia to make their decision.

27th of May

The dissension that has been running rife across the territories of The Three City's Republic of Ianian continues. Over the last months, the steadfast supporters of the Old Freedom coalition have steadily been growing more confident in their defiance, riots becoming a fairly regular occurrence across the Three City's. Keen to suppress these embers before they burst into flames of revolution, members of the New Power coalition give speeches across the Republic. This seems to sate the more moderate complaints at least, leaving only the die-hard supported of the Old Freedom coalition to grumble.

30th of May

The combined forces of The Kingdom of Vendsyssel and The Kingdom of Ilastiri reach the walls of the city of Holbeck. The siege promises ot be bloody, the garrison of The Kingdom of Claidor controlling a formidable defensive position. But they are outnumbered, and the soldiers they face are veterans of sieges. The guns begin to roar.
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Fort Ingarrson, Near Kienne

Captain Invernius stood with his shoulder propped against the flat muzzle of a musket, looking out over the training yard seeing the soldiers practicing with the weight of their new muskets in mock melee combat. Wordlessly, he chewed on a bit of mint and spat leaves out onto the dirt. His commanding officer, a colonel with blazing red hair and uncomfortably long jowls strode up beside him and crossed his arms. "Well, Ubren knows the score once more, I wager. Word just came in from the capital that they've reinforced Torrik. But there's good news, the Attolians may have an out in the war which means we'll have an out. Similarly, His Holiness is calling another summit. Perhaps this is the chance to avoid bloodshed altogether."

Invernius simply shrugged. "They're planning to use Marines as line infantry. It's been done before, and our Marine forces are certainly up to the task, but fighting on open ground in central Ubren will be impossible. No heavy artillery, no regiments of horse, it would be suicide."

"The hope, I believe, is to return a bit to our roots, Soren. You know, the old stories they still tell in Toubres about the Aontan raiders in longships coming to take away the women, wine, and gold. Only I don't know what we would do with Ubren women," he chuckled, "we've just got to keep them on their toes. Besides, our services might be needed soon in the east as well, what with Rubrus being a part of the Treaty."

"I still don't like that," Soren complained, folding his arms and playing the melancholic.
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"If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs, obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud. Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues, my friend, you would not tell with such high zest to children ardent for some desperate glory, the old Lie; Dulce et Decorum est Pro patria mori." -Wilfred Owen

Summer of 1801

1st of June

The Hastel Dominions makes a clear display of power. Assembling it's entire army in the central province of Bruchval, a colossal military parade is held. This is a sign of intent, the Hastel Dominions no doubt keen to show that it has the power to stand by it's long-time allies The Kingdom of Ubren. Once the parade is complete, and the people of the nation suitably whipped into a patriotic fervour, the soldiers of the Dominions are deployed to their posts once more.

4th of June

Perhaps looking to further strengthen their foothold in the region, or perhaps simply gripped for a longing to explore the unknown, colonists from The Three City's Republic of Ianian sail into uncharted waters. Embarking from South Tilandia, and clinging to the coast of the colossal island to the south, the colonists eventually find a suitable landing point, and claim the land as the colony of Lombast. They encounter the locals before long, and they begin a tentative trade, exchanging trinkets for food, and rudimentary guidance. The land is inhospitable, but they persevere.

8th of June

The king of The Kingdom of Aontas himself calls upon the Kingdom's greatest composers to compose a suitably patriotic piece, intended to spread all across the nation, and to inspire belief. War may yet be averted, but the Kingdom of Aontas is still a nation trying to find it's place on the international stage, and for the nation to prevail, it's people must believe that it can.

13th of June

In another show of strength, The Hastel Dominions orders the construction of three new Second-Rate Ships of the Line. It is clear that the Dominions will not be bowed by the strength of it's northern neighbour's fleets, and the dockyards of the province of Weidingen are quickly put to work. The nation's finest shipwrights are gathered, and they estimate that they will have the ships ready to sail within seven years.

17th of June

The Three City's Republic of Ianian continues to look to spread it's influence over the other nations of Europe. Aware of The Redcliff Empire yearning to industrialize, still struggling to grow it's struggling economy, the Republic offers to sell it's once enemies excess industrial equipment, for a reduced fee of course. The Redcliff Empire takes to this offer with vigour, and once again, Ianian improves it's influence through trade.

23rd of June

The walls of the city of Holbeck are shattered. The garrison of The Kingdom of Claidor fights bravely, almost to the end, but they are outnumbered, and their morale is in tatters. They surrender in their droves, and the entire province of Holbeck is now out of Claidor's control. In what is no doubt a clause from the agreement between the two nations, The Kingdom of Vendsyssel cedes it's claim to the land, allowing The Kingdom of Ilastiri to claim it. Now, the combined army waits, the Kingdom of Claidor still reeling from the rapid string of defeats it has suffered. If The Empire of Rubrus continues to sit by idly as it's ally is divided up by it's enemies, Claidor is surely lost.

26th of June

Severely bloodied by it's failed attempts, the soldiers of The Kingdom of Claidor are forced to abandon the Siege of Ziva. Their own capital is at risk, and they have been beating themselves against the immovable anvil of The Kingdom of Vendsyssel defenders for too long, thousands of men lying dead at the cities walls. Claidor is digging in, calling all the soldiers they can to man the defences.

30th of June

Buoyed with confidence by the lack of response from The Empire of Attolia, The Shuren Dynasty grow more bold. Ships of the line, clearly influenced by those from Europe, but still bearing the distinct style of the Oriental warships, descend upon Fort Tian. The assembled Attolian fleet, the entirety of the nations Ships of the Line, is a formidable challenge, but the Shuren ships are not daunted. Making use of a string of reefs and swells that surround the island, the Dynasty's fleets appear from seemingly nowhere, and then are gone before their bombardment has even struck. The Attolian fleet is powerful, but they are cut off, and the island boasts little in the way of natural provisions. Unless they can punch their way free, or help arrives, it will be thirst and hunger that kills the sailors.

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With the perfidious actions of the Shuren Dynasty, the Empire of Attolia calls upon its allies to honor the alliance and join the Empire of Attolia in this return of hostilities with the Shuren Dynasty. In particular, the Empire of Attolia calls upon the Kingdom of Jinje, and the Echyan forces available in the New World. Such cowardly actions will not be forgiven, the Empire of Attolia will seek justice and proper restitution for the treachery of the Shuren without any mercy.
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"If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs, obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud. Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues, my friend, you would not tell with such high zest to children ardent for some desperate glory, the old Lie; Dulce et Decorum est Pro patria mori." -Wilfred Owen

Autumn of 1801

2nd of July

Keen to suppress the aggression of The Shuren Dynasty, or to at least challenge it, The Empire of Attolia officially grants Letters of Marquis to any Attolian sailors who wish to take up arms against the Shuren, allowing them to raid and pillage with no reprimand from the Empire. It is the Attolian East India Company that most readily takes to this opportunity, always looking for chances to further expand their power. Preparations are quickly made.

5th of July

For too long have the people of Suveren been forced to sit and watch while their neighbors, the Western Territories of The Republic of Toubres, have grown rich. Feeling that they are being sorely neglected by The Kingdom of Aontas, who seem far more concerned with wars on the continent than sparing any thought for their colonies, protests begin across the small province. Although it is the citizens of Aontas that light the torch, it is the natives, the Suvereni, that fan the flames. While their cultural brothers, just across the sea, have gone from strength to strength, the Suvereni have been given nothing. The meagre garrison of the island are almost obscenely outnumbered, and it is in panic that the first shot is fired. Protests turn to open riots, and rebellion.

9th of July

Wary of the espionage that is quickly becoming rampant across Europe, The Three City's Republic of Ianian creates a new Investigative Bureau, with it's sole purpose being the rooting out of spies attempting to infiltrate the Republic. This is no doubt a reactive move, and it symbolises that the dread of espionage is spreading beyond the borders of those already affected by it. A new age of spying is dawning across the continent.

13th of July

The European Trading League continues to grow in strength. Much like The Holy Territories of Edoniras, the joining of The Redcliff Empire is largely thanks to the Empire's already strong relations with a current member, The Republic of Toubres. Regardless, it is The Three City's Republic of Ianian that extends the invitation, and Redcliff readily accepts. While the Continental Alliance burst into life, the steady growing of strength by the European Trading League now challenges their strength, perhaps even trumping it. As the Ubren-Attolia War Summit continues, many are starting to consider the possible outcomes of a potential war in Europe.

17th of July

The Three City's Republic of Ianian continues it's active month. Now, their attention is turned to the excess spending that is threatening to dig at the Republic's wealth. Sweeping reports are made, reaching every corner of the Three City's, and their overseas colonies, rooting out any opportunity to cut down unnecessary spending, or where spending can be made more efficient. Despite it's sprawling trade routes steadily pouring gold into the Republic's coffers, a string of projects have begun to seep away that money, and the Republic seems determined to not stand for it.

21st of July

Finally, The Empire of Rubrus rouses itself. It's ally, The Kingdom of Claidor has been bloodied while the Empire has sat idle, but no longer. Some force seems to grip them, and they leap into action. They issue a proclamation to The Kingdom of Ilastiri, demanding that the Kingdom retracts it's forces from the conflict, and returns to their own territories. If the proclamation is ignored, they claim, they will call upon the Continental Alliance. For now though, they focus on The Kingdom of Vendsyssel. Soldiers march through the ever snowy reaches of the far north to heavily re-enforce the territories of Claidor's remaining lands, while the army group under General Klavdiy Levin, still encamped in the Claidor province of Lohoya march west, crosses into the Vendsyssel province of Rogosz. The war escalates yet further.

24th of July

Realizing that they are effectively out of options, the massed fleet of The Empire of Attolia launches it's counterattack against the besieging fleet of The Shuren Dynasty. Attempting to wrong-foot the Dynasty, instead of heading towards the relatively safe ports to the South, the Attolian fleet sails north. What follows is a frantic and brutal conflict, cannon-fire merging into a single roar as the two fleets collide. However, the Attolians were right. The Shuren fleet expected them to move south, so the bulk of their fleet is there. Although it is hard-fought, the majority of the Attolia fleet manages to break through the line. Fort Tian falls less than an hour after they depart, the remaining citizens left there slaughtered. For now, the Attolian fleet sails along the coast of the Shuren Dynasty, raiding and pillaging, hounded by the Shuren fleet.

26th of July

Attempting to improve the fracturing relations across the nation, stemming from the catastrophic situation in the province of Belgae, The Empire of Attolia calls upon the ruling councils of the Empire to gather in the capital, Attolia. The intentions of the meeting are simple, to receive the opinions of those on the ground, in order to better understand how the various regions of the Empire can be most helped. The meeting in itself, as is anything in bureaucracy, is clunky and slow, easily side-tracked and highly opinionated. However, slowly, progress is made.

29th of July

The army of The Empire of Rubrus reaches the port city of Norzeg, deep in The Kingdom of Vendsyssel province of Rogosz. The Vendsyssel navy is far from it's greatest strength, but it is substantially more than The Empire of Rubrus or The Kingdom of Claidor can bring to bear, and it begins exacting a bloody toll on the besieging Rubrus army. The Empire is quick to call on it's ally The Kingdom of Aontas, imploring for the Kingdom to send their own fleet to aid them. If their call will be answered, still stands to be seen.

31st of July

Civil unrest continues to become more and more of a common theme. In the province of Suveren, the garrison of The Kingdom of Aontas finds itself severely stretched attempting to contain the increasingly aggressive natives. Firefights break out, and riots spread like wildfire. In Belgae, the same almost open rebellion continues, as the Sentinels of The Empire of Attolia continue to fight their vicious battle against the insurgents that have infested the province. Even in The Kingdom of Ubren, dissent rises. In events eerily similar to the initial events in Belgae and Torrik, the murmurings of rebellion begin to spread. Although they are faint, they are growing louder, something, or someone, is amplifying them.

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"If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs, obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud. Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues, my friend, you would not tell with such high zest to children ardent for some desperate glory, the old Lie; Dulce et Decorum est Pro patria mori." -Wilfred Owen

Autumn of 1801

3rd of August

Undisturbed by the raging dissent still rife just across the water in The Kingdom of Aontas colony of Suveren, the Western Territories of The Republic of Toubres continues to go from strength to strength. A colonist group embarks for the land to the west of the already established colony of Toubrian Budel. Unsurprisingly, due to the close bonds that Toubres already shares with the areas natives, the settling is pain-free, and the colony of Toubrian Lamao is formed. This only serves to further inflame the fires of rebellion in Suveren, as the natives continue to see their cultural brethren flourishing under Toubrian rule, rather than Aontas 'oppression'.

5th of August

The Hastel Dominions clearly does not want to be forgotten. All along the nation's border with The Kingdom of Vendsyssel, the army groups of the Dominions begin military exercises. The military exercises are foreboding, as the soldiers are drilled in invasion tactics, attempting to raise the armies morale, and prepare for apparently inevitable action. News unsurprisingly reaches the Kingdom of Vendsyssel, and it is not received well. Much of the Kingdom's forces are to the east, engaged in the war against The Kingdom of Claidor and The Empire of Rubrus. They are poorly prepared for a war to the west, let alone a war on two fronts. And yet there are murmurings starting to reach across Europe, rumours that what many thought was an illicit agreement between Vendsyssel and The Kingdom of Ilastiri was in fact simply the strengthening of an alliance, and that it was an alliance of three, not simply of two.

9th of August

For now at least, the seemingly relentless march of the combined army of The Kingdom of Vendsyssel and The Kingdom of Ilastiri grinds to a halt. With The Empire of Rubrus finally having roused itself, the overwhelming advantage that the invaders possessed is slipping. Instead of pushing on, they dig in, deploying garrisons in the cities they have captured, and beginning the process of bringing the people into the fold. Both nations have gained a vital province, and the clearly intend to not lose it.

14th of August

Again, The Hastel Dominions seems to prepare itself for war. Increasing their military spending, the army looks to ensure that all of it's forces are well-supplied for what may well be a long and drawn out war. However, as is often the case, the money allocated is never quite enough, and bureaucracy, as always, stands in the way. New ammunition and provisions are created, and some units are equipped, but it is ultimately a drop in the ocean, as the bulk of the army remains not re-supplied.

17th of August

A ship embarks from The Republic of Toubres. A Frigate, built for speed, and a dwarf next to the formidable Ships of the Line that the Toubres fleet commands, it sails south. Cutting through the strait and entering the Mediterranean. From there, the Frigate is lost for some time, but rumours echo back to the European powers. Echoes of a ship sailing into a port of The Republic of Oflua, and of a party setting out with guides hired to lead them to the Holy City of Akteme. Other rumours follow, but they vary drastically between the absurd and mundane. Very few know what truly transpired in the Holy City.

19th of August

Still preparing for a war with The Kingdom of Ubren, in The Empire of Attolia, great strides are taken to prepare the economy for the inevitable drain that war will become. The intent is to motivate those who traditionally don't work to contribute to the war effort, chiefly the elderly, children, and women. This is no insignificant feat, and is met with mixed reactions. Those that have had the fires of patriotism lit by the nationalistic rhetoric being used in the last months are quick to join up and do their part, but the effort is ultimately crippled by the fact that war has not yet broken out. Not only that, but with the summit doing what it can to stave off war, many see that as a waste of time, expecting the soldiers to return to work in the coming months.

23rd of August

Seizing on the opportunity, the colonising thirst of The Echyan Empire seemingly satisfied, The Republic of Toubres sends colonists south from the colony of Toubrian Rintes, settling the land that they dub Toubrian Coviria. Not only does this effectively cur off the Echyan's southern expansion, it also provides Toubres with crucial ports on the eastern coast of the great continent. The colonial holdings of the Republic are vast, stretching to every corner of the explored earth, and almost comically outmatching any other nation. As well as bringing in huge amounts of wealth, the colonies also provide the Republic with a friendly harbour , no matter where they sail. As the most pessimistic Europeans begin to speculate that the next great war will be a global one, Toubres finds itself a global power.

25th of August

The Empire of Attolia fleet, still pursued by a formidable fleet of The Shuren Dynasty, continue their flight to the north, attacking ports and merchant ships as they go, attempting to cripple the naval capabilities of the Dynasty. Yet every-time they hesitate, the hounding fleet of the Dynasty draws closer, and it does not take a brilliant strategist that eventually, the Attolian fleet is going to run out of north to run to.

26th of August

Keen to suppress their own rebellion, before it escalates to the chaos of The Empire of Attolia province of Belgae, The Kingdom of Ubren begins promoting patriotism all across it's territories. While this proves to be unsurprisingly popular across most of the Kingdom, in the province of Obertal, it does not silent the murmuring of dissent. Something is fanning the flames, something that has taken root in the province, and refuses to be flushed out.

28th of August

As Majdi al-Selim continues to silently watch Europe squabble internally, at least one nation seems dedicated to being proactive. Attempting to use their connections with the Hijeen people, through their colonies, The Three City's Republic of Ianian strives to seek an audience with the almost mythical man himself. Dark deals are done in the shadows, but somehow, the message appears to reach al-Selim. The Ianian representatives are told to wait, that their request for audience has been heard, and that it will be answered in time.

30th of August

In their capital province of Altubren, The Kingdom of Ubren begins preparing for a major infrastructure project. The province is in stark contrast with it's neighbour to the west, the province of Belgae. By now, Belgae is effectively under martial law, the Sentinels of The Empire of Attolia forced to fight desperate battles against a rebellious population that is armed and motivated, and showing no signs of backing down.

31st of August

In what may prove to be a decisive move in the Ubren-Attolian conflict, spies seized by the Sentinels of The Empire of Attolia during the early days of dissent in the province of Belgae are transported to The Holy Territories of Edoniras. The journey itself is thankfully uneventful, and the Pope himself takes custody of the prisoners, preparing them for the coming tribunal. It is only The Kingdom of Ubren that voted against the tribunal, and now, many are beginning to whisper the same thing about what the tribunal will prove.
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Letter Addressed to the Dashkatar Commander:

Hail General,

The recent lull in this war is hopefully a sign that peace can be achieved in the near future without too much bloodshed. Yet, it is our duties to fight and die for our people, King, and God. A responsibility that we both dutifully bare and generals and leaders of our brave soldiers and warriors. It is for this reason, that I wish to extend this olive branch to you. While we have a temporary ceasefire, will you allow the fallen soldiers of the Sescosi to be returned to the Sescosi and in exchange we will do our part and return the remains of your brave warriors? These men have completed their duties and have made the ultimate sacrifice. It is now up to us who remain alive to fulfill our duty and bring our fallen soldiers back home to their families.

General Rehn, Commander of the Attolian Forces in Sescos
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The Republic of Toubres

Leonardo Serra took a long drag from his tobacco pipe, pulling the collar of his jacket tight against the inescapable chill of the air. He grimaced slightly, stamping his feet to try and get some feeling back into them. He thought nostalgically of the long summer evenings that he could be enjoying to the south, but duty had called him to the north, and the weather of Covintes was far less temperate than the capital. Ever since he had been first declared Líder do Conselho, he had taken it upon himself to travel across the four corners of the Republic.

In theory, the role of Lider do Conselho was not a lifetime one. Every year, the Conselho members voted for who would take the role, but in practice, none wanted the responsibility. When Leonardo stepped down, another would step up to take his place of course, but none wanted to challenge for the leadership. Still, it gave Leonardo an excuse to travel, and at the very least, there were some among the Conselho members that he would consider friends. The man he was in Covintes to visit however, was not one of those.

Silvio Vila was very much a man moulded by his environment. Cold eyes looked out from a weathered and wrinkled face. Although not quite as headstrong and stubborn as Dario or Luiz, Silvio was impossible to read, and impossible to predict. If Leonardo ever thought he was actually making progress in getting through to the man, the next moment, that hope would be dashed. Silvio was like the rest of the people that called the cold north their home, practical to a fault. His lodgings were a reflection of that. The castle, if that was what it could be called, crouched on the cliff edge like a toad, dark and squat. All worn stone and narrow windows, Leonardo had been regaled with the extensive history of the place at least three times since he had arrived in the morning. Quite frankly, he couldn't care less. Everywhere he went, he was cold and wet.

Hearing footsteps in the passage behind him, Leonardo turned, his eyebrow raising as he saw the beaming face of Raul Matos stepping out into the narrow courtyard. Some fur that Leonardo didn't recognise, but didn't doubt was exceedingly rare, trimmed the heavy cloak that Raul had wrapped around his significant shoulders, and his cheeks were still tinted red, despite the biting chill. Leonardo opened his mouth to speak, but Raul held up his hand, the numerous gold rings glittering in the moonlight. His voice was as booming as ever, his voice echoing off the close walls of the courtyard.

"The old devil told me that I'd find you out here. Something about enjoying the night air?"

Leonardo smiled slightly. Raul and Silvio were an unlikely pair, but they truly seemed to get on. What the two men had in common was beyond him, but it was only Raul that he had ever seen cause Silvio to break a smile. Regarding Raul for a moment, Leonardo cut to the chase.

"Why are you here, Raul? It's not like you to travel so far north."

Raul's face was a picture of mock hurt, a hand going to his chest.

"Can't a man simply want to visit his friend? Especially when the Lider do Conselho is also going to be staying at the time."

Leonardo's face was an impassive mask, and Raul dropped the act, the smile crossing his face again.

"You've seen through me, Leonardo. I needed to talk to you."

"Well here I am."

"It's about Suveren."

Leonardo sighed, taking another drag from his pipe as he shook his head slightly. He opened his mouth to object, but Raul spoke first.

"I know what you're thinking, Leonardo. But this is different. The people are tearing themselves apart! Just give me the order, and I can have men ready to restore order, ships too. You know I can."

The Lider do Conselho was silent for a moment. Tensions between the Republic and the Kingdom of Aontas were frosty at best, and he doubted they would be open to Toubres landing troops in their colony, even if it was to offer support. And yet, he didn't see a better option for the Kingdom, if the reports seeping out of the colony were to be believed at least. He sighed again, before finally replying.

"I'll offer, Raul. But no promises"
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Tangir, Southpoint
Tangir was the one of the metaphorical “crown jewels” of the Ianian’s colonial empire. It served as one of the main hubs of trade in and out of the Mediterranean as well as being an invaluable naval base for the formidable Ianian Armada. Today, however, it was where the Ianians were conducting an important clandestine meeting – one that could decide not just the future of the Ianian’s continued efforts in North Africa, but the future of the Hijeen people as well.

A government office had been procured for the meeting. Doge Stefani along with a few other notable Ianian diplomats sat across from a supposed “acolyte” of the al-Selim. It had taken connections, bribes, and a little bit of force from the Doge, but they had finally gotten the meeting that the Serene Doge had sat out for them.

“While it is not unusual for people to seek out the al-Selim – the efforts that you – a non-HIjeen – have gone through to seek him out are unusual. I have heard your message however, and something can be arranged – but before I would be willing to do so I need something from you. Why do you seek out our prophet?” spoke the acolyte.

“Simple really – the Serene Doge and the Senate are interested in cooperation. We have always endeavored to protect the Hijeen people from unfair discrimination and have safe guarded the Hijeen under are rule from attacks by Viponists. We were hoping that we could discover the al-Selim goals and cooperate if those are peaceful.” Responded

“Oh really Doge? You desire to protect the Hijeen people? Does that include giving them the weapons to escalate a conflict with a European power and throw more of their lives away?” questioned the acolyte.

The Doge flinched for a moment – the secret dealings with the tribes in the Sahara had been only known to a few within the government in the military.

“How did you…!?” the Doge looked at the acolyte for a minute, before he spoke again.

“You will discover my dear Doge, that the eyes and hears of the al-Selim are everywhere – it might have been a slight mistake of yours to let Linia and Southpoint elect senators who are Hijeens – and thus loyal to the al-Selim.” said the Acolyte.

The Doge gathered his calm and spoke again.
“Yes, we did infact give weapons to them, but only because we believed their freedom should be a goal of Ianian, considering the Redcliff oppression they suffered under.” said the Doge.

The Acolyte laughed a little, before speaking again. “We both know that isn’t true Doge, that your government only desired to use them as pawns in the game of chess that you European powers like to play. Never the less, I think I know what I need to. Wait for another messenger, you shall have your meeting with the al-Selim.”

With that, the Acolyte departed, as the Doge began to prepare for his trip to meet the Al-Selim.
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"If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs, obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud. Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues, my friend, you would not tell with such high zest to children ardent for some desperate glory, the old Lie; Dulce et Decorum est Pro patria mori." -Wilfred Owen

Autumn of 1801

1st of September

In another move clearly intended to hopefully stimulate it's economy, The Three City's Republic of Ianian puts into action a string of tariffs. The idea is that the tariffs will be unobtrusive, so as to ensure that they do not become a burden on the poor and the needy, but effective enough that they will bring a welcome boost to the coffers of the Republic. Remarkably, the scheme works exactly as planned, seamlessly implementing itself amongst the other economic measures already in place. Ianian is quickly rebuilding it's status as an economic titan, if nothing else.

5th of September

The Hastel Dominions again look to increase the spending in their budget, this time in the government spending. Increasing the budget, the Dominions strive to increase efficiency, and to decrease corruption. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, pouring more money into the government does the opposite of decreasing corruption, instead allowing those already corrupt to run rife with more freedom than ever before. Although it does not have the desired effect, the move is still a clear sign of intent. The Hastel Dominions has aspirations of being one of the major powers of Europe, and it is willing to ruffle feathers to get there.

7th of September

Despite the tribunal of The Holy Territories of Edoniras imminent, the Sentinels of The Empire of Attolia continue their vigorous 'peace-keeping' actions in the province of Belgae. It is this vigour that may prove to be their downfall. A citizen of The Kingdom of Ubren, by the name of Josua Hasselmann, is seized by the Sentinel's. Dragged into a cell on suspicion of spying he is given the full assortment of rough 'persuading', almost bordering on torture, that the Sentinel's bring to bear. A few days later, he is cast out blinking into the sun, allowed to return home with his name cleared. This could have been the end of it, if Josua Hasselmann's cousin wasn't Kevin Holthusen, the man synonymous with newspapers in the Kingdom of Ubren. By the end of the day, the story is on the front cover of every newspaper in the Kingdom, spilling across into the neighbouring countries as well. It evokes total outrage, and the calls for vengeance for this injustice grow to a cacophony.

11th of September

The diplomatic party of The Three City's Republic of Ianian need wait no longer. Soldiers, wearing a uniform that none of them recognise, and riding jet black steeds, emerge from the stands. They are whisked away, and although they are not blindfolded, they soon lose all sense of direction in the rolling dunes and the seemingly endless plains. After seemingly an eternity, they arrive at the sun-bleached ruins of an ancient city. There, they are led before a hooded figure. The figure explains that he is not Majdi al-Selim, he is instead one of al-Selim's 'prophets', one of the chosen few to preach the great man's words. The prophet gives the Ianian representatives a message. al-Selim has a vision, a dream, an idea, and he will see that vision realized, no matter the cost, and no matter who attempts to stand in his way. They are given an ominous warning, that the days of Hijeens being oppressed are over, and they will not be seen again. The prophet thanks Ianian for it's gifts, and promises that if al-Selim has more to say, then he will deliver the message himself, but for now, the diplomatic party is whisked away, back to Tangir.

13th of September

With the rebellions across Suveren continuing, the King of The Kingdom of Aontas himself invites the self-elected leaders of the rebellion to come to the capital for a "redress of grievances". This is a difficult request, because in truth, the rebellions are truly movements without leaders. However, some representatives are chosen from amongst the masses, and they begin the long journey to the Aontas capital, keen to hear what the King plans to propose.

16th of September

The Tribunal of The Holy Territories of Edoniras begins. The spies are submitted to hours upon hours of rigorous questioning by representatives of nearly every European nation. They prove to be hardened characters, refusing to give up their employers, or even their mission. The handful of spies brought before the tribunal, four men and one woman, originate from all across Europe, so no clues can be drawn from there. They are difficult to break, but the tribunal is confident that they can be broken, and they continue their work.

18th of September

The Siege of Norzeg has been a long and bloody affair. The two armies, The Empire of Rubrus and The Kingdom of Vendsyssel are both made up of hardened warriors, who refuse to take even a single step backwards. The shelling from the navy of Vendsyssel has been relentless, and moored in the relative safety of the cities harbour, they have been beyond the retribution of the Rubrus forces. That, however, is soon to change. The cries of Rubrus for aid have not fallen on deaf ears, and the fleet of The Kingdom of Aontas sails to war. Catching the Vendsyssel fleet off guard, what follows is a frantic, brutal, but ultimately one-sided naval conflict. The Vendsyssel fleet is left in tatters, and with their greatest strength in ruins, the courage of the Vendsyssel garrison begins to run out. As the Marines of Aontas land, and begin aiding in the attacks on the city, the spirit of the defenders breaks. The city is stormed, and Rubrus wins their first victory in the war. Unsurprisingly, the Kingdom of Vendsyssel is quick to declare war on the Kingdom of Aontas.

21st of September

All too aware that they are being doggedly pursued, the fleet of The Empire of Attolia changes their route, cutting east and making for the friendly ports of The Echyan Empire. This is no small feat, the journey ahead of them standing at more than eight thousand nautical miles, and the most generous estimations by the navigators put their journey at taking more than a month, assuming there are no weather problems, or other complications. With nothing but open water between them and their destination, the supplies of the ships will be unbearably stretched. The Shuren Dynasty abandons their chase, although they watch carefully for the Attolian's return. If any of the fleet ever reach friendly waters, still stands to be seen.

23rd of September

Concerned that they are losing control in Suveren, The Kingdom of Aontas looks to bring in outside 'assistance'. That assistance comes in the form of mercenaries that Aontas hires, sailing them to the colony and putting them to work. This proves to be a lapse of judgement. The mercenaries are hired to keep the peace, and they do that with ruthless efficiency. Rebels are dragged into the streets and shot, their remains displayed as grisly reminders of what happens to those who disturb the peace. This all but entirely crushes the moderate rebels, but for the radicals, it fuels the fires within their souls, and drives them to committing to all but open warfare in the colony. The news of these atrocities cannot arrive at Aontas at a worse time, the stories being announced just as the King prepares for his meeting with the elected representatives of the rebels. The news is only made worse due to the well-known knowledge that The Republic of Toubres offered it's aid in restoring peace, an offer that Aontas seems to have ignored in favour of hiring savage thugs. Unsurprisingly, all of the rebel leaders refuse to attend the meeting, and the Aontas hopes of resolving the issue lie in tatters.

26th of September

At least in some corners of the world, peace seems to be shining through. Although an informal ceasefire has existed between The Kingdom of Sescos and The Eternal Hadeen of Dashkatar for some time, with the aid of The Empire of Attolia, this ceasefire is made official. Not only that, but an exchange of remains is arranged, a shred of goodwill in an otherwise foreboding world. How long this goodwill will last in such a bitter war, few can say. But it is a beginning, and it is hope.

29th of September

It is not only The Three City's Republic of Ianian that has been looking to be granted audience with Majdi al-Selim. In the Holy City of Akteme, representatives of The Republic of Toubres await their own meeting. They are eventually greeted by a similar figure, a hooded man that introduces himself as a prophet of al-Selim, and they are given a similar message. The vision will be realised, and the Hijeens will no longer be oppressed. But the warning does not end there. It is not only the Hijeens that will no longer be oppressed. The power of al-Selim reach every corner of the world, and too long have natives been ground under foot by the European powers. No longer.

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