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Admiral Valtonen determinedly stared at the port of Tian that sat in the distance. The Shuren fleet in the region had been destroyed. The province was largely defenseless to the Fleet. With this in mind, the Admiral sent word to his translators. Talking with the Shuren was a difficult task. Fortunately, they had managed to find a native in Jinje who spoke some of the native language of the Caledonians. They then had to find an Attolian merchant who spoke Caledonian to translate Attolian to Caledonian, then the native of Jinje translated from Caledonian to Jinje. Then they had captured a Shuren sailor who was stranded in the sea from the recent battle who could speak Jinje who then translated from Jinje to Shuren. It took three translators to get a message from Attolian to Shuren, but they managed to accomplish it.

Thus, with the help of his translators, the Admiral began to draft a message to the local leaders of the Shuren in the province of Tian.


"We came under the flag of friendship and peace as bearers of our Emperor's and our people's goodwill. You welcomed us into your homes, but had hearts filled with deceit and lies. With my very eyes, I saw thousands of my men slaughtered, tortured, and enslaved the moment that we landed in the ports of our so called hosts. You not only ignited our ships on fire, but sank all our kindness and goodwill as well into the bottom of the sea. Now, we have come with fire and sword to take reparations for all the lives, ships, and time that you had foolishly taken from us. However, unlike you, I have some empathy and compassion for those who may not be involved in this matter. I, in the name of the Empire of Attolia, demand the following for peace and a return to goodwill between our peoples:

1. Financial Reparations for the loss of lives, ships, suffering incurred and the associated costs and inconveniences for this naval expedition in gold. ($3,000,000 in a lump sum, or $500,000 in 10 payments, each payment being made every three months, considering that I'm going to consider the Ianian fleet as very, very well paid mercenaries)

2. An embassy and territorial concession within the city of Tian for Attolian traders, diplomats and other government officials to permanently operate within. All Attolians and friends of the Empire of the Attolia will be subject to the laws of the Empire of Attolia when in the province of Tian and its associated territories instead of local laws.

3. Recognition of the Attolian claim to and cession of the island off the city of Tian as the rightful territory of Attolia to facilitate future trade, safety, and harmony within the region.

4. The right for ALL traders to enter the province of Tian in order to trade and participate in commercial activities.

5. Most Favored Nation status for the Empire of Attolia

6. The release of any Attolians still held captive by the Shuren Dynasty. The Empire of Attolia will release any Shuren captives as well in good faith.

While there is some room for negotiation, do not take my offer of peace as a sign of weakness. If I do not receive a prompt response, then our fleet will continue its punitive expedition... the effects of which you have seen on your own coasts. If you have any concern for your own people, then I advise that your civilians evacuate the city of Tian if you will not concede to the Empire of Attolia's demands. Consider this a warning, which I have the decency to give to your people.

Admiral Topi Valtonen, Commander of the Far Eastern Fleet of the Empire of Attolia"


With that, the fleet ominously continued to sit in the distance of the port of Tian. If the Shuren did not agree, then the Admiral would order the fleet to shell the city itself or so he had planned.
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"If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs, obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud. Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues, my friend, you would not tell with such high zest to children ardent for some desperate glory, the old Lie; Dulce et Decorum est Pro patria mori." -Wilfred Owen

Summer of 1800

3rd of June

Colonists of The Republic of Toubres, by now well used to the rigours and trials of settling new lands, sail north from Toubrian Getares. They form a new colony, Toubrian Cabral. By now, the region is well traveled by the people of Toubres, merchants freely trading with the natives even beyond the borders of their colonies. It is only a matter of time before Toubres spreads further, although it will not be long before they begin to venture into unexplored regions.

4th of June

In truth, the soldiers of The Kingdom of Aontas cannot hope to stand against the overwhelming force of The Kingdom of Ubren. They are outmatched, outnumbered and outgunned. But Aontas possesses two great advantages over their neighbors to the south. The first is their fleet. While it is not as formidable as some of the others that stalk the waters of Europe, it is still an impressive force. But their second advantage is perhaps their greatest of all, and it is provided by nature itself. Between Ubren and Aontas, a deep, cold sea flows. For the Ubren army to reach Aontas unaided, they face a long march.

8th of June

With news of The Empire of Rubrus on the march, The Kingdom of Vendsyssel stops wasting time. With relative ease, they breach the defences of Batko, breaking the spirit of The Kingdom of Claidor garrison and taking the city. More soldiers of Vendsyssel begin to prepare for the coming war, and the conflict continues to escalate.

9th of June

In a move that unsurprisingly raises morale, The Kingdom of Ubren lowers taxes for trade across it's nation, as well as investing more of it's funds into the construction of roads across the nation. The war to the north is going strongly in their favour, and despite the growing threat of a new war on their western border, the people of Ubren are content.

11th of June

It is the army of The Eternal Hadeen of Dashkatar that acts first, quickly marching back to the city of Larymnas. As soon as they arrive, they force The Kingdom of Sescos population to begin rebuilding the defences. In response to this, the combined force of The Kingdom of Ilastiri and The Republic of Oflua prepares to make their own move.

14th of June

It appears that others intend to come to the aid of The Kingdom of Sescos. An army of The Empire of Attolia is raised, nearly fifty thousand men strong. Under the leadership of General Ilppo Rehn, the army is dubbed "The Bastion of the Faithful", and they assemble in the province of Centrix. They request access from The Empire of Redcliff, but the answer they receive is not the one they desire. King Marino apologies, but their people are too bloodied to take a side in the war for now, not least by the loss of their provinces to the west and south. Access is denied, the Attolians must find another way.

15th of June

The fleets of The Empire of Attolia and The Three City's Republic of Ianian easily capture the island just off the coast of The Shuren Dynasty province of Tian with no resistance. At the same time, an ultimatum is delivered to the Dynasty. The Dynasty promptly agrees to the demands, perhaps even almost anticlimactically. For the Attolian diplomats, it quickly becomes clear that the Shuren Dynasty is not a meagre power. The province of Tian is far from the only territory that they possess, but for now, the European powers have won the first round.

17th of June

The people of The Kingdom of Sescos continue to fight their oppressors however they can, and in the northern territories, those that are still in Sescos hands, albeit only defended by a meagre army, a new king is crowned. The newly crowned King Ciro Malas possesses none of the charisma, strength of character or natural leadership of the Mátyás line, only being a distant cousin of the former King, Pieter. Ciro is hardly more than a boy, untested in battle, and unaccustomed to ruling, but he is all that the Kingdom has for now. Sescos does not possess the strength to free itself, instead forced to watch, and pray, that the European powers will triumph.

18th of June

It becomes apparent that The Holy Territories of Edoniras is not yet ready to sheathe its flaming sword. The ships of the Holy Territories navy docked in the province of Medbia are fitted for the transport of troops, and then sail the short distance to the province of Salid, joining the ships already there and amassing a formidable fleet. It appear's the Pope's gaze has fallen on further afield battlegrounds.

20th of June

Rallying to their ally, the forces of The Kingdom of Claidor march to join up with the army of The Empire of Rubrus. By the time he reaches the province of Lahoya, the Rubrusi General Vadim Rogozin commands a sizable force. How he wishes to use it is still yet to be seen.

21st of June

In a surprising move, The Republic of Toubres offers the province of Resdian back to The Redcliff Empire. There are only two conditions. The first, is that the two nations will look to build greater relations with each other, encouraging trade, and building towards working with each other to ensure 'peace' around the Mediterranean. The second, is that the Republic will retain control of Mussara, one of the port cities of Resdian, so that Toubres can maintain an influence over the region. King Marino readily accepts the agreement, seeing an opportunity to both build bridges with a potentially powerful ally, and regain some of the Empire's lost land.

22nd of June

The Three City's Republic of Ianian announce the formation of a Stock Exchange in Rodesia. Following in the footsteps of The Empire of Attolia, the Ianian Stock Exchange is successfully born. But they go one step further, granting access to all nations within the European Trading League. Due to the Republic's formidable economy, the Stock Exchange quickly proves popular.

24th of June

Obviously concerned that The Kingdom of Aontas will act against them, The Empire of Rubrus maneuvers it's forces so as to re-enforce the border it shares with Aontas. On the same day, a wide-scale commission of propaganda comes into effect. Works that promote patriotism, and national pride, are welcomed, and rigorously distributed to every corner of the Empire. Their intention is to raise morale in the face of the war that Rubrus has found itself dragged into, and this is largely successful. In truth, the marriage between Prince Pashkov Sadoski and Empress Alina Romanovna was a popular one, and the Rubrus population are only too happy for their armies to march to the defence of The Kingdom of Claidor.

25th of June

The Holy Territories of Edoniras offers the province of Salid the 'possibility' of joining the Holy Territories. In truth, it is hardly a choice. The larger army of Edoniras, still dug in to defend Salid, is showing no intent of leaving, and the population of the province fear that any refusal to join would be simply ignored, so they agree, although thousands flock back to Redcliff-held lands. Those that do remain are offered citizen rights, and they accept, seeing little other choice.

26th of June

In the province of Altubren, The Kingdom of Ubren continues to pour money into the construction of a colossal arsenal. Already months into construction, the project promises to drastically boost the supply for the Kingdom's armies, providing a ready collection of firearms, ammunition and artillery. While this is being built, the Ubren Academy of Ballistic Sciences has it's first major breakthrough, researchers experimenting with iron-cased gunpowder rockets. It will still take some months to perfect the formula, but the Academy is quickly proving its worth.

28th of June

In The Republic of Toubres, the Military Academy of Amzores is founded. The Academy will accommodate the officers and commanders of Toubres' army, both new and old, and push to improve the armies tactics, readiness, and effectiveness on the field of war. This is just another step in the radical and drastic military reforms that Toubres has been undergoing, in response to the wars all across Europe. The old guard of noble sons looking for adventure and being handed high-ranking positions in the army with little to no experience are gone. What is born, is a class of highly-trained, and well-experienced officers, who quickly prove popular with the men under their command, as they tear down the old divides.

29th of June

Desperate to avoid being dragged into a war by their allies, The Akkadian Empire, The Three City's Republic of Ianian hurries to call a conference between Akkadia and The Republic of Oflua, offering them both incentives to attend. Both nations agree to, and the conference is scheduled to begin in the coming month. The Three City's are keen to avoid war, no doubt due to the ever-shifting political powers across Europe, and how Akkadia and Oflua going to war could quickly put Ianian on the wrong side of the line.

30th of June

The combined army of The Republic of Oflua and The Kingdom of Ilastiri makes it's move. They decide to break the army of The Eternal Hadeen of Dashkatar once and for all, and they march for Larymnas. It quickly becomes clear that The Third Siege of Larymnas is imminent, and the streets will no doubt run red with blood once more.

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The Treat of Attolian Amity and Jinje Friendship

The Empire of Attolia wishes to formally thank the Kingdom of Jinje for their aid rendered in the recent events and conflict with the Shuren Dynasty. Thus, the Empire of Attolia presents the following treaty to the Kingdom of Jinje.

1. The Empire of Attolia and the Kingdom of Jinje will enter a formal alliance, coming to the aid of each other in times of conflict and strife.

2. The Empire of Attolia and the Kingdom of Jinje will cooperate to economically support and develop each other's economic interests.

3. The Empire of Attolia gifts it's 5th Third Rate Ship of the Line based in Fort Tian to its new friends to allow the Kingdom of Jinje to learn from western naval design, theory and technology. May it serve as a proud start to a new modernized Jinje Navy.

4. The two parties will establish permanent embassies in each other's lands.

5. The Kingdom of Jinje will also introduce and provide diplomatic assistance in meeting the Kingdom's neighbors and other known nations in Asia.

May this treaty serve as the foundation of generations of friendship for our peoples.

Admiral Topi Valtonen, Representative to his Imperial Majesty Lothair II of Attolia
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A mist heavy dawn reigns over the fields of northern Claidor. The damp earth is slowly being trampled into a barren mess of mud as thousands of men and hundreds of horses make their way across the country and forage the fields clean. General Vadim Rogozin watches over the procession from horseback as blue and orange uniforms pass him by in an orderly fashion. As the highest ranking officer on hand he commands the respect of his Claidor counterparts, especially since their forces were put on the back foot before Rubrus entering the war. These fellows looked like they knew the business and there were enough of them to put on a mighty display for the Vendsyssels.

The general is a cavalry man, as all true sons of fine Rubrusi breeding are. He does not care for his coming task of liberating the city of Batko and the siege that awaits them. He would much rather face his foe in the open field but he cannot allow the enemy to gain a foothold in an allied nation, such are the orders from on high.

Rumors abound that The Empress is still in a rage over her brother in law allowing this conflict to happen, especially when their are talks of her attending new peace talks in Attolia and signing fresh agreements of alliance with other European powers. Provided that was successful he could go on a true offensive from there, earning himself some glory and - as his empress commanded - win them something that would make this war worth the effort.

But before Rogozin and his hussars could have their day they would have to unleash their muskets and cannons on whoever was willing to die in the name of keeping Batko from its rightful owners.
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Several dignitaries were invited to Attolia to discuss a certain matter. There was chaos and strife throughout the continent, but a few leaders had proven to be upholders of peace. Emperor Lothair II hoped to bring these leaders together to ensure peace within the continent. Among the first dignitaries to arrive was Her Imperial Majesty Alina Romanovna of the Empire of Rubrus. Lothair II welcomed her with open arms and gave a small, respectful bow to the lady as she entered the palace halls. "It is a pleasure to have your presence here, Empress. I must congratulate you on your wedding, and I must beg your forgiveness for not being able to attend. As you know... things have not been stable in the continent as of late. Regardless, I wish to present to you, my belated gift."

With that, Lothair presented the Empress with a fine scroll, covered in velvet to protect the precious contents of the document.

"Let us have peace!" Lothair yelled loudly for all in the hall to hear. There was a loud cheer from the attending nobles, administrators and diplomats. Lothair turned to the herald and nodded for him to begin his speech. The Herald cleared his throat and unraveled a scroll that he held.

"On this glorious day, the Empire of Attolia and the Empire of Rubrus have signed the Treaty of Attolia. His Holiness, the Father of the Papacy in the Holy Territories, has also received a copy of the treaty and is expected to sign and join the treaty at a future date once the Crusade is concluded. The contents of the treaty are as follows:

'In response to the chaos and death spawned by recent times, we have come together on this day to join together in alliance to bring peace and prosperity to the continent and the peoples of Europe. The signing parties agree to the following terms of this treaty and subsequent formation of the Continental Alliance:

All parties will come to the aid of any member of the Continental Alliance in the event of aggression conducted against any member or it’s overseas’ interests.

In pursuit of this clause, all parties will also agree to yearly joint military exercises to maintain the readiness of our armies and navies. This requirement may be suspended in the event of emergency.

All parties will form a common market to encourage and facilitate trade and economic efficiency among member nations.
(en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Single_market for those not sure what that means)

Any nation may request to join the Treaty of Attolia, but on the condition that all current members must agree for the nation to join. All amendments must also be unanimously agreed upon by current members.'

Long live the the Continental Alliance and to our new allies and dearest friends!"

With that the Continental Alliance was born between the Empire of Attolia and the Empire of Rubrus with the Holy Territories soon following suit in this grand military and economic alliance.


While most administrators and diplomats were busy in Attolia, a boat set sail that day for the coasts of the newly founded Caliphate. The diplomat had simple orders. He was to establish initial and friendly relations with the new government and to investigate the current situation of Viponists and non-natives in the region to ensure their safety. After all, the guerilla war that was waged was... vicious and many civilians were targeted in the religious uprising. This would also hopefully provide a foundation for future Attolian interests in the region.

Finally, on the other side of the world, the Empire of Attolia instituted something they would never consider doing in Europe. As a show of sovereignty over the region, a new tariff and tax was introduced for all foreign ships and merchants passing through the Strait of Caledonia. The Strait was the busiest strait in the world with most of the Western and Eastern trade passing through the region. Thus, with the Attolian fleet now based nearby at Fort Tian, the Empire of Attolia would begin to exert their control over the waters of this crucial region.
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The Coronation of Kristian IX

In Kienne the mood was somber even as the summer sweltered and warm rains washed over the fjords and deep vales. The distant and reverberate tone of iron bells summoned villager and townsman from their dwellings as the funeral procession of King Matthias wound down country roads and through villages and towns on its way from the King's place of death at his summer palace in Kahsrue to the crypts of St. Margreth in the heart of the capital. A monk bearing a crucifix led the procession, followed by a company of lifeguards, then a group of monks who intoned the death chant.

"Dies iræ, dies illa
Solvet sæclum in favilla,
Teste David cum Sibylla.

Quantus tremor est futurus,
Quando Judex est venturus,
Cuncta stricte discussurus!

Next the hearse, and last of all the carriage bearing Prince Kristian, who would be the ninth to bear that name, and his mother who was careworn and face was streaked with bitter tears. For his part, the Aontan prince just stared out the window of the coach, watching the dull villagers stroll up to the roadside, some holding posies and other wild flowers to throw in front of the hearse. His jaw tightened and then relaxed. His was a youthful face, left unscarred by the carnage of battle which had wounded his younger brothers. A bitter irony it was father to die first, and more to the point - peaceably in his sleep. Kristian heard the whispers in the palace, watched the officers come and go by night, and knew that he was inheriting a troubled kingdom.

Funerals gave way to wakes gave way to summer nights, especially one summer night when he was summoned before the Archbishop at Kienne. Dressed in finery that the forty-two-year-old heir found particularly silly, he appeared before his first audience - a crowd of aristocrats, military officers, clergy, and foreign diplomatic officials. There, with few words, the crown was placed upon his head, and its weight fell like a crushing blow on his head from the gnarled fingers of the old Archbishop.

Kristian IX, King of Aontas

Diplomatic Action

An envoy is sent to the Ubrans to hammer out the terms of a peace treaty. The Kingdom of Aontas agrees to cede all of mainland Torrik to The Kingdom of Ubren in exchange for (1 the safe release of all Aontan prisoners of war and 2) an agreement to allow all Aontan nationals both military and civilian to freely emigrate from Torrik to Kienne unmolested.

Military Action

The fleets stationed in Torrik and the surrounding provinces are used to transport displaced troops, released prisoners, and refugees to Fjall in the Torrikan islands or to Kienne. Local authorities are authorized to petition the national government for funding to provide housing and relief for those displaced by the war.

National Action

Government loans of up to 3,000 Aontan Crowns are apportioned for master gunsmiths to develop new weapons for the Army, whose firearms are in need of modernization. The program, run by the Aontan Army, is instructed to invest in new designs and patterns that show promise in being mass-produced.
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The Kingdom of Ubren

The diplomatic envoy from Aontas reached the capital of Ubren at the right time in the right season and at the right moment, just as the bells of the grand festival that was the birth of a new son for his majesty, thus his news seemed to energize more the King that finally Aontas would give in to his conquest, however, there was a small affair that had to be still taken care of and that was the emigration. Free emigration was somewhat problematic, as it would hurt the productivity of the province thus he decided to change the conditions a little bit, establishing a period of ten years for the free emigration of those who would be previous citizens of Aontas, but after those ten years emigration would be subject to Ubren's law.
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"If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs, obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud. Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues, my friend, you would not tell with such high zest to children ardent for some desperate glory, the old Lie; Dulce et Decorum est Pro patria mori." -Wilfred Owen

Autumn of 1800

1st of July

The Hastel Dominions continues to show it's support for their allies, The Kingdom of Ubren. The Dominions begin a large-scale recruitment campaign, looking to strengthen their army, so that they can better lend their strength to Ubren. In truth, Ubren already commands one of the most formidable armies of Europe, and with Hastel at their side, they are an increasingly powerful force.

2nd of July

As one of their armies fortifies it's position in Larymnas, another army of The Eternal Hadeen of Dashkatar is raised. With the remains of their fleet still holding back the ships of The Echyan Empire, the crossing is relatively untroubled, and the strength of Dashkatar in Europe swells. However even as they do, the forces stood against them grow in size, as more nations begin to mobilize, rallying to the defence of The Kingdom of Sescos, and of Europe as a whole.

4th of July

In an impressive diplomatic move, The Three City's Republic of Ianian is quick to interject in the growing conflict between The Akkadian Empire and The Republic of Oflua. All three of the issues that were fanning the flames of war are tackled. Akkadia and Oflua sign a pact of non-aggression, they allow foreign places of worship, swear to protect each other's citizens within their borders, and Oflua allows Akkadia to continue to build their fledgling naval force. Only one issue is yet to be resolved, surrounding the holy city of Akteme, in which Ianian is planning to hold a referendum to decide it's future. Save from anything catastrophic, war has been averted.

6th of July

The combined army of The Empire of Rubrus and The Empire of Claidor reach the city of Batko, still in the hands of The Kingdom of Vendsyssel. General Klavdiy Levin is given one simple instruction, to retake the city, by any means necessary. The Second Siege of Batko begins, and even with the strength of Rubrus and Claidor lined against them, the garrison of Vendsyssel is far from weak, and the siege may prove to be a long, and difficult one.

9th of July

The Kingdom of Ubren is quick to take interest in the latest discovery of the Ubren Academy of Ballistic Sciences, the gunpowder rockets. They begin to invest more time into the project, turning the main focus of the Academy towards this new technology. Unsurprisingly, this new interest stokes the flames of invention, and many expect that there could be a practical prototype for the rockets before the end of the season.

11th of July

Proving true to their word The Three City's Republic of Ianian sends aid to both The Akkadian Empire and The Republic of Oflua, rewarding their attendance at the diplomatic peace conference. For Akkadia, this comes in the giving of further industrial support, continuing to stoke the fires of the change in the advancing nation. And for Oflua, Ianian lends its impressive economic strength. Preparations for the referendum in Akteme also begin, representatives of Ianian travelling to ensure there is no foul play from either side.

12th of July

Despite moving towards peace with one rival, the army of The Republic of Oflua does not stop it's march at the side of The Kingdom of Ilastiri against another enemy. The combined army reaches the walls of Larymnas, hastily repaired by The Eternal Hadeen of Dashkatar, and dig in. The landscape around the city is broken, and the city itself is next to deserted, as the third siege of Larymnas begins.

15th of July

The Redcliff Empire continues its task of attempting to stabilize itself. Centuries past, the Empire possessed a formidable navy, controlling the seas around the nation, but as the generations passed, the generals of Redcliff carefully maneuvered their power so that the King slowly fed more and more power to the army, stripping it from the navy. Now, the fleet that Redcliff commands is feeble and outdated, having been forced to simply watch as The Echyan Empire ravaged their coastline. And so, King Marino turns his attention towards rebuilding this fleet. As well as constructing new ships, Redcliff sends a messenger to The Republic of Toubres, recalling their new connection, and calling for Toubres to impart some of their extensive naval prowess.

18th of July

In The Empire of Rubrus, the "Zaibka Express" is born. Continuing the proud tradition that the Empire has for its horsemen, this new creation will allow for quicker communication across the vast stretches of Rubrus, allowing for message and packages to be transported by intrepid riders, their steeds well suited to the endurance, and evolved to survive the chill that seems to cling to the lands of the Empire.

20th of July

To the far south, The Republic of Toubres continues to grow its colonies. Toubrian Moniz is formed, and with it, Toubres cements it's position on the southern tip of Africa. Following in the same path as their colonies to the west, The Southern Territories of Toubres is created. Self-governed, much like the Western Territories, the capital of the Territories is announced as Toubrian Getares, the oldest of the colonies in the region. Toubres controls vast swathes of the globe, and few can challenge their empire.

23rd of July

Clearly concerned by the threat of war just over their western border, The Echyan Empire begins the construction of defences, further fortifying their cities, and constructing imposing forts along the major roads leading into the Empire, and at other strategic points. The workers of the Empire are put to work, and money is poured into the project, but the fortifications quickly begin to take shape.

26th of July

The war between The Kingdom of Aontas and The Kingdom of Ubren draws to an abrupt close. After the death of King Matthias, and the coronation of Aontas' new ruler, King Kristian IX, is quickly followed a treaty, ceding the mainland portion of the province of Torrik to Ubren, while retaining the Torrikan Islands. In truth, the war can only be seen as a resounding success for Ubren, having ensured their naval access, and the treaty is a masterstroke for Aontas, potentially ending a war that could cripple them.

28th of July

Attempting to cement their control in the Far East, The Empire of Attolia implements a tax on the Malacca Strait, demanding a tariff from all foreign merchants and trade ships. This proves to be an interesting move, as there is only, in truth, one other nation that will likely be travelling through the strait. It appears that relations between Attolia and The Three City's Republic of Ianian are beginning to sour.

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An Open Letter to the People of Europe

Most beloved brethren: Urged by necessity, I, Lothair II, Emperor of the Attolians, have sent this missive as an ambassador with a divine admonition to you, the servants of God. I hoped to find you as faithful and as zealous in the service of God as I had supposed you to be. But if there is in you any deformity or crookedness contrary to God's law, with divine help I will do my best to remove it. For God has put you as stewards over his family to minister to it. Happy indeed will you be if he finds you faithful in your stewardship. You are called shepherds; see that you do not act as hirelings. But be true shepherds, with your crooks always in your hands. Do not go to sleep, but guard on all sides the flock committed to you. For if through your carelessness or negligence a wolf carries away one of your sheep, you will surely lose the reward laid up for you with God. And after you have been bitterly scourged with remorse for your faults, you will be fiercely overwhelmed in hell, the abode of death. For according to the gospel you are the salt of the earth.

But if you fall short in your duty, how, it may be asked, can it be salted? Oh how great the need of salting! It is indeed necessary for you to correct with the salt of wisdom this foolish people which is so devoted to the pleasures of this world, lest the Lord, when He may wish to speak to them, find them putrefied by their sins unsalted and stinking. For if He, shall find worms, that is, sins, In them, because you have been negligent in your duty, He will command them as worthless to be thrown into the abyss of unclean things. And because you cannot restore to Him His great loss, He will surely condemn you and drive you from His loving presence. But the man who applies this salt should be prudent, provident, modest, learned, peaceable, watchful, pious, just, equitable, and pure. For how can the ignorant teach others? How can the licentious make others modest? And how can the impure make others pure? If anyone hates peace, how can he make others peaceable ? Or if anyone has soiled his hands with baseness, how can he cleanse the impurities of another? We read also that if the blind lead the blind, both will fall into the ditch.

But first correct yourselves, in order that, free from blame , you may be able to correct those who are subject to you. If you wish to be the friends of God, gladly do the things which you know will please Him. You must especially let all matters that pertain to the church be controlled by the law of the church. And be careful that simony does not take root among you, lest both those who buy and those who sell be beaten with the scourges of the Lord through narrow streets and driven into the place of destruction and confusion. See that the tithes that belong to God are faithfully paid from all the produce of the land; let them not be sold or withheld. If anyone seizes a bishop let him be treated as an outlaw. If anyone seizes or robs monks, or clergymen, or nuns, or their servants, or pilgrims, or merchants, let him be anathema. Let robbers and incendiaries and all their accomplices be expelled from the church and anathematized. If a man who does not give a part of his goods as alms is punished with the damnation of hell, how should he be punished who robs another of his goods? For thus it happened to the rich man in the gospel; he was not punished because he had stolen the goods of another, but because he had not used well the things which were his.

You have seen for a long time the great disorder in the world caused by these crimes. It is so bad in some of your provinces, I am told, and you are so weak in the administration of justice, that one can hardly go along the road by day or night without being attacked by robbers; and whether at home or abroad one is in danger of being despoiled either by force or fraud. Therefore it is necessary to reenact the truce, as it is commonly called, which was proclaimed a long time ago by our holy fathers. I exhort and demand that you, each, try hard to have the truce kept in your diocese. And if anyone shall be led by his cupidity or arrogance to break this truce, by the authority of God and with the sanction of this council he shall be anathematized.

Although, Oh sons of God, you have promised more firmly than ever to keep the peace among yourselves and to preserve the rights of the church, there remains still an important work for you to do. Freshly quickened by the divine correction, you must apply the strength of your righteousness to another matter which concerns you as well as God. For your brethren who live in the east are in urgent need of your help, and you must hasten to give them the aid which has often been promised them. For, as the most of you have heard, the Dashkatar and the Hijeen have attacked them and have conquered the territory of Osnic. They have occupied more and more of the lands of those Viponists, and have overcome them in seven battles. They have killed and captured many, and have destroyed the churches and devastated the Kingdom. If you permit them to continue thus for awhile with impurity, the faithful of God will be much more widely attacked by them. On this account I, or rather the Lord, beseech you as the Lord's heralds to publish this everywhere and to persuade all people of whatever rank, foot-soldiers and knights, poor and rich, to carry aid promptly to those Viponists and to destroy that vile race from the lands of our friends.

Oh what a disgrace if such a despised and base race should conquer a people which has the faith of omnipotent God and is made glorious with the name of the Lord! With what reproaches will the Lord overwhelm us if you do not aid those who, with us, profess the Viponist religion! Let those who have been accustomed unjustly to wage private warfare against the faithful now go against the invaders and end with victory this war. Let those who for a long time, have been robbers, now become knights. Let those who have been fighting against their brothers and relatives now fight in a proper way against the barbarians. Let those who have been serving as mercenaries for small pay now obtain the eternal reward. Let those who have been wearing themselves out in both body and soul now work for a double honor. Behold! On this side will be the sorrowful and poor, on that, the rich; on this side, the enemies of the Lord, on that, his friends. Let those who go not put off the journey, but rent their lands and collect money for their expenses; and as soon as winter is over and spring comes, let them eagerly set out on the way with God as their guide.

Deus Vult

Lothair Attolis Wolff II, Emperor of Attolia
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The Flight of the Torrikans

Columns of defending troops, depleted and dejected, quickly buried their dead on land now held by the enemy and moved on towards the coast. Off the rocky beaches of northern Torrik, Aontan frigates and lineships flew the royal colours that now laid tattered on every battlefield of the region and swallowed up load after load of soldiers and townsmen till they were full to the gunwales with men wearing the long face of defeat, stern women, and crying babes. The people of Torrik, long friends and considered a familial race to their northern neighbors, sat looking at their Letters of Transit in stunned disbelief. The choice remained to them whether they would stay in their native land under the Ubren jackboot or whether they would depart for friendlier shores where, no doubt, much hardship was to be had. In the end, many chose to remain.

Captain Soren Invernius looked on from the uncomfortable height of his saddled warhorse as he trotted alongside a column of fusiliers making their way to the gravel beach of Emlas south of Hjorth. The men, some without boots, bandaged and bloodied, uniforms tattered from the fray, marched bent forward with their bodies pointed towards the beach as if the whole of their being yearned for the rescue of the waiting ships, like plants to sunlight. The Captain, being much faster on his mount than his crawling battalion, reached the beach first and exchanged salutes with a naval lieutenant who was commanding the shoreboats.

"We have passage for half the battalion, sir," was the curt reply. Invernius nodded, putting his ungloved left hand into his coat to protect it from an unseasonably chill ocean breeze. "How many trips have you made so far?"

"Two this past half week," said the lieutenant. Soren turned and looked back down the road where his soldiers were approaching slowly but surely. He resigned himself to the fact that he might never see his verdant country town in Southern Torrik again, or if he did it would be draped in enemy banners. He blotted the thought from his mind and thought instead of the task at hand. The healthiest soldiers would have to camp the night on the beach. He turned his horse and approached his sergeants, "Organize the men by respect to their accoutrements and general fitness for duty. The wounded, sick, and those without proper footwear or clothing shall embark tonight. The rest will remain till morning."

"Yes, Captain," snapped the sergeants who immediately sprang to their tasks. Following his troops was a large column of civilians, who had been instructed to bring only what could comfortably be carried but to his chagrin he could see several wagons behind the main column. He turned his thoughts from that for the moment, and turned his eyes across to the empty space on the horizon where the shores of Kienne were just over the curve of the globe, and therein a monarch with a letter.

The Missive

"When did this come in?"

"Just arrived, marked for the king's eyes."

King Kristian rubbed his stubbled chin with his hand and pondered what it could mean. Seizing a letter opener from his desk, he parted the wax seal and unfolded the parchment. Then, glancing up at the butler who had delivered the message, he made motion for the door of his study to be closed. The servant left, dutifully shutting the large wooden door behind him. Sunlight, filtering in through the paned windows of the palace study, served as light enough to illuminate Lothair's missive.

Kristian found the tone of the letter incredibly off-putting. Never enjoying being preached to, he nevertheless read between the lines and realized how desperate the situation in southeastern Europe was indeed. The Hijeen were, much like they had been doing for centuries, raping and pillaging across large swaths of the continent. He felt sympathy, if only for humanitarian reasons and not particularly reasons of piety, but more immediate concerns kept him always thinking of the very threatening neighbors which Aontas seemed to have on all sides and launching an expedition in southern Europe would consume time, resources, and men that the young king felt simply could not be afforded.

Immediately, he began penning his reply:

Most valiant Emperor, Defender of the Faith, and philosopher-king,

I fear to inform you that the situation in Aontas is, as you might have noticed, rapidly deteriorating. Our loss of mainland Torrik to the aspiring Ubrens has left us severely hamstrung in terms of military assistance. Additionally, we are increasingly wary of our neighbors both to the east and the west who might seek to take advantage of our weakened position. Our lords and retinues are, although fiercely faithful to the One Religion, more concerned with enemies of a nearer and more immediate kind, albeit less bloodthirsty. Furthermore, my father's death has put a great strain on the family here such that I cannot leave to participate, which should befit my rank as king of the god-fearing Aontan people in such a holy endeavor.

Therefore I must decline your request for aid, given the political situation here in the north, until such provisions can be made that our brave crusaders will not be needed to defend the farms and towns of our own people. The concerns I am sure you fully understand and can appreciate the gravity of my situation. I remain dutifully at your call, as my father was, in the bonds of noble friendship between two powerful kingdoms and fellow believers.

Signed simply: "K"

After placing the quill back into the ink, Kristian summoned the butler back into the study to hand the letter off, and by the normal course of exchanging diplomatic communiques it would fall into the Attolian emperor's hands eventually.
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"If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs, obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud. Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues, my friend, you would not tell with such high zest to children ardent for some desperate glory, the old Lie; Dulce et Decorum est Pro patria mori." -Wilfred Owen

Autumn of 1800

1st of August

In the port-city of Mussara, the city that The Republic of Toubres still controls in The Redcliff Empire province of Resdian, preparations are underway. Ships regularly travel between the city and the Republic's mainland, ferry portions of Toubres' army to the Mediterranean port. Few outside of the Republic yet know how this gathering army will be used, or where Toubres' formidable naval strength will next be brought to bear.

4th of August

"The Bastion of the Faithful" army of The Empire of Attolia marches. Having been barred from access by The Redcliff Empire, they look for an alternate route. Moving south, the army crosses the border into the lands of The Holy Territories of Edoniras. Unsurprisingly, this is not an offensive move, and the army makes the short journey to the coastline of the province. There, they are met by a surprising ally. Ships of The Echyan Empire arrive, and the process of ferrying the army back to the Echyan homeland begins. Relief for Sescos is on its way.

6th of August

Continuing to follow it's allies to the south, The Kingdom of Ilastiri also joins in swearing a pact of non-aggression to The Akkadian Empire. Considering their long shared border, and historic rivalry, this goes a long way in ensuring at least the promise of peace in the region. The alliance between Ilastiri and The Republic of Oflua only continues to grow in strength, and it quickly becomes clear that the bond forged in the fires of war is a strong one.

9th of August

The Kingdom of Aontas continues to awake from its apparent slumber. Ships, flying the flag of the new King, lower their cannons for now, and moving to aid in the transport of displaced troops and refugees in the province of Torrik, ensuring that those who wish to remain Aontas citizens are moved to Aontas territory. Considering the resounding strength that Ubren possesses, and has shown in its seizing of the province, a fair number decide to remain.

12th of August

The rebels of northern Africa, still reveling in their victory over The Redcliff Empire, ensure that Europe does not forget them. The Naziim Caliphate controls vast swathes of land, but it is a loose control, and few know for sure if the rebels act under the authority of the Caliphate, or according to their own desires. Regardless of who controls them, what is striking, is who they strike. The colony of Linia, of The Three City's Republic of Ianian, finds itself bloodied by a string of attacks, and the natives of the province may begin to question their own situation.

14th of August

The Kingdom of Ubren begins the long and arduous challenge of raising an entirely new army, the orders demanding at least fifty thousand men. This will likely take years, but is a clear sign of intent. The Ubren army is incredibly powerful, and it is only growing more so with time. In truth, few nations could hope to stand against them alone.

19th of August

Continuing their growing tradition of diplomacy, The Three City's Republic of Ianian sends representatives to The Redcliff Empire. The diplomats carry a message of good will, which King Marino welcomes, and an offer to exempt the Empire from the Strait Tax for a period of five years, which the new King quickly accepts. Again, King Marino shows that he rejects the principles of his predecessor, forgiving Ianian for their actions against Redcliff, and shaking the hand of future friendship.

22nd of August

Due to their growing bond, the courts and nobles of The Kingdom of Claidor and The Empire of Rubrus continue to mingle. Perhaps of particular note is the nobleman Valentin Rykov, a long time close-friend of the Empress, who now makes the journey to the court of Claidor. He is welcomed there, and his natural charm quickly allows him to become a confidante of King Jakub Sadoski.

25th of August

The Second Siege of Batko drags on, both sides refusing to lose an inch. The combined army of The Empire of Rubrus and The Kingdom of Claidor continues to throw its forces against the defences of the city, the cannons roaring a relentless barrage against the walls. But Claidor's cities are as resolute as it's people, and the walls refuse to break.

28th of August

Continuing to build their colonial empire, ships of The Three City's Republic of Ianian sail south from the newly established colony of Venito. They find no real resistance, the natives welcoming of the new colonists, and the colony of Casata is born. Now sharing a border with The Echyan Empire, albeit a colonial one, it will be no doubt interesting to see how the two nation interact further.

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The Holy Empire of Echyan

These were trying times for the Empire. On her borders, an army of Barbarians swelled, ravaging her neighbors and threatening at any moment to pour over the borders and bring death and destruction to the nation. Though fortifications were under construction, most had little faith the Echyan army could hold against such a threat, superior in both quality and quantity. The Echyan army consisted of little more than unorganized militias; poorly trained and equipped with muskets from antiquity. Efforts were being made to modernize their forces, but it was little too late after decades of neglect. The Echyan navy, the pride of the nation, both large and strong, would help little to hold back the barbarians from sweeping through their lands. The arrival of other European powers would provide the only hope Echyan could have in defending its land.

In was in these uncertain times that the old Basileus, John VIII Palaiologos, chose to take his final breath, leaving the nation alone in these trying times. It was therefore paramount that a new Basileus was decreed with due haste. The deceased's eldest son, Dragases Constantine Palaiologos, was quickly crowned after a rushed and uninspiring funeral. It was not the romantic event the young king had hoped he crowning would be, the grim weight of reality resting on his shoulders and the death of his father tearing at his heartstrings. But there was little time for mourning, he had a nation to lead.

In his crowning address to his Lords and his people, he swore to drive back the barbarian hordes from European lands. Their army, disrespected and forgotten, would be revitalized and whipped into a proper defensive force. A powerful navy alone would not protect their people or their interests from those who would seek to hinder and harm them. The loss by Aontas was a grim warning of what could come if another power developed an eye for Echyan land. He vowed to continue the economic and industrial pursuits of his father, spurring forward as a continued leader in the embracement of the new industrial age. Promised was also the expansion of the Echyan colonies, well developed and on good terms with the natives, they would in time be integrated in their society as equals, purified through God and Blood (this refers to mixing of their bloodlines through marriages rather than slaughter). Echya would of course, maintain he neutrality- but never again to the point that other nations could brush them asside.

The first action of newly crowned Basileus Dragases would be to extend a much needed olive branch to the nation of Attolia. The Redcliff bastards had denied their army transit through their lands, giving the Barbarian hordes free-reign to rape and pillage and leaving Echya without help. The Attollian army needed transport- and Echya would provide. The nations SLoops and a large fleet of Third_Rates were sent out to pick up the Attollian army and deliver it to Echya herself. Hopefully they would arrive in time to fend off the Barbarian hordes...

With relations rising with Atollia, who had historically not been much of a friend, the Basileus quickly moved on to alliance building. The people of Echya were highly devout. Though they had not always seen eye to eye with the Viponists and the pope, they held much respect for their brothers in faith. Their assistance in the crusade was already pledged.

Further more, Echya found herself with few allies. The Basileus would see to it that this would not remain. Aggressors were about Europe... Echya would need friends to aid in her defense and in the defense of others. The Empire had long stood for peace and trade among nations, and it seemed important now more than ever that she made her stand for it. It was for these reasons, that Echya would send a petition to the members of the Continental Alliance, requesting entrance on the basis of mutual defense, open trade and mutual benefit and to maintain balance and peace in the European continent. The Basileus understands that the Pope and her allies may have reservations about letting a nation devout to outside denomination join, but the Basileus of Echya has shown respect for the Pope and shall continue to do so, acknowledging his place under God and the authority that comes with it. Echya will make no attempt to undermine Viponism- nor has it ever, and nor shall it desire to. Echya wishes nothing more but the spread of the True Faith and peace in Europe. Echya sees the goals of herself and the Continental Alliance as quite the same, and so Echya's inclusion in it would only be natural. If it is peace in Europe they want, then there should be no reason why a peaceful nation focused on but trade should not be allowed within the Alliance ranks.

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Rodesia, the Three City’s Republic
The quiet crackling of the fire in the Serene Doge’s office echoed as the Serene Doge poured over the reports coming out of Linia. When the Serene Doge’s advisers had originally given him the advice to fund rebels within the North African deserts he had been reluctant to do so as he feared, despite the stability of Southpoint and Linia, that they might suffer from the attacks. He had taken their advice anyway, because removing Redcliff, at least at that point in time, from North Africa had become a security priority. Now that they were attacking Linia however, likely with weapons purchased by Ianian and given to them. At the minimum, it would at least be difficult to track those back to the Ianian government.

As the Serene Doge continued pouring over the papers and considering what options would be best used to respond, a hard knocking could be heard coming from his door. He looked up at the door.

“Come in.” spoke the Serene Doge, as the doors opened to reveal someone drabbed in the grab of an Ianian senator.

“Senator Antonio? To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?” asked the Serene Doge.

“You know exactly what I am doing here. The recent attacks on Linia aren’t good news for the coalition ahead of the elections.” He responded. Senator Antonio, a member of the Mercantilist Party which had chosen to join the Senatorial New Power block, was often considered the head of the coalition.

“I just need to know what plans you have to respond to this Donato. The deal between Olfua and Akkadia may be a huge win for us, but if we don’t properly respond you already know that the Old Freedom block will use this to gain leverage ahead of the elections.” said Antonio.

“I know Antonio. I am planning on redeploying the Foreign Legion to Linia to help secure the area. I am also considering asking Akkadia to bring some forces over.” spoke Donato.

“Relying on Akkadia to defend us again? Do you seriously believe that will work?”

“The natives in Linia are Hijeens, as I will remind you. Bringing Akkadian forces over to help defend will quell their fears and prevent them from joining the natives in the desert – especially considering that the bill to give Senate seats to colonies passed.”

“I will admit Donato that I am still uneasy about the situation, but I don’t believe the coalition would have voted for you if they didn’t believe you could get us through the elections.” said Antonio, as he stood up and left the office.
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In the Imperial Palace of Attolia

"Your Majesty, how could you work with the Echyans? They have been hampering our colonial ambitions at every step of the way for the last century! It's madness that they would even request to join the Continental Alliance! Even more so that we're seriously considering their request to join."

"Ambassador, as our representative to the Continental Alliance, I expect you to understand the macro implications of this new found alliance. The passing of the old Emperor has provided an opportunity to usher in a new period of cooperation in the continent. What is a better symbol for peace in the continent than two historical rivals making peace and uniting to fight off the foreign invaders? Besides, we should not be fighting our fellow brothers and children of God. Rather, our attention should be towards the savages and the lost souls who suffer in the darkness without the comfort of the brilliant rays of God. THAT is our duty. Not a petty rivalry with the Echyan."

"As you say... my Emperor."

"What of the Empress? Has she given her opinion on the matter?"

"Yes, her Majesty the Empress of Rubrus has agreed to allow the Empire of Echya to join the Continental Alliance."

"Then it is set. The Continental Alliance now consists of three members."
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"If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs, obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud. Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues, my friend, you would not tell with such high zest to children ardent for some desperate glory, the old Lie; Dulce et Decorum est Pro patria mori." -Wilfred Owen

Autumn of 1800

2nd of September

In the city of Akteme, holy city for The Akkadian Empire but currently controlled by The Republic of Oflua, the referendum to decide the cities future begins. Initial reports suggest that the vote will almost entirely be in favour of the city remaining in Ofluan hands. This comes as little surprise, the city having been held by the Republic for generations, and very few native Akkadians living within the city.

4th of September

Despite the gathered strength under his command, General Klavdiy Levin, at the head of the forces of both The Kingdom of Claidor and The Empire of Rubrus, cannot seem to find a way to end the Second Siege of Batko. With winter quickly approaching, something needs to be done, or the potential victory may quickly turn into a long, cold, battle of attrition.

7th of September

With it's colonial holdings only continuing to grow, an extensive propaganda campaign comes into effect across The Republic of Toubres. The campaign looks to encourage the people of Toubres to travel to the colonies and settle there, giving them the opportunity to carve out a new life for themselves. Several of the Republic's ships are given over to provide safe transport for these new colonists, and thousands leap at the chance. It is the Western Territories and Southern Territories that are the most popular destinations, perhaps unsurprisingly due to the resounding success that the two colony 'nations' are enjoying.

8th of September

The Continental Alliance is forged between The Empire of Attolia and The Empire of Rubrus. The ink has barely dried before The Echyan Empire requests permission to join the alliance. The three nations share only a tenuous link, but apparently it is enough for them to swear to aid each other in times of war.

11th of September

The Kingdom of Ubren continues to pour investment into its Grand Arsenal, and the project is completed. The arsenal is a commanding structure, and while it maintains it's supply lines, Ubren's formidable armies will be well-supplied, and well-equipped. With a victory already established in the north, many are eagerly watching the Kingdom of Ubren, for some clue as to where the nation will turn it's attention next.

14th of September

Elections for the Senate of The Three City's Republic of Ianian are approaching, and it quickly becomes apparent that it will be for a bigger Senate than ever before. Each of the Republic's colonies are granted two Senate seats, one to be held by an elected colonist, and the other by an elected native. This is a huge step, and unsurprisingly causes murmurs from the traditionalists. But for the colonists, and the natives in Ianian held land, this is a clear sign of their importance, and they embrace it.

17th of September

At the city of Larymnas, the siege continues. However, the balance is slowly shifting in favour of the combined army of The Republic of Oflua and The Kingdom of Ilastiri. A small, bedraggled band of The Kingdom of Sescos soldiers have joined the ranks of the avenging army, and are able to highlight the weaknesses of the defences, as well as the best plan of attack once the walls are breached. With this knowledge, and their numerical advantage, the siege should soon come to a close. The greatest danger however, lies to the south, as the second army of The Eternal Hadeen of Dashkatar prepares to march north.

20th of September

The Empire of Attolia takes what many consider an unusual step. A diplomatic party is sent out, their destination the lands of the Naziim Caliphate. Almost right from the off, they run into difficulties. They do succeed in gaining audience with Caliph Aarif al-Naziim, but they quickly find that this is a far cry from European politics. The Caliphate is made up of countless tribes, all with their own distinct culture and dialect, even the language barrier with Aarif proves difficult to navigate, and it quickly becomes apparent that while they swear loyalty to him, the Caliph has next to no control over the individual tribes. He tells the Attolians that many of the tribes, those wronged by Europeans at least, are flocking to the call of The Eternal Hadeen of Dashkatar, planning to make use of the weapons that were provided to them by 'ships from the west'. As for Attolia's other request, to take control of the Suez, Aarif cannot grant it. He thanks them for their visit, sending them homeward with various trinkets and gifts, but they can't help but feel they have really left empty-handed.

21st of September

Capitalizing on their strengthened diplomatic link, The Three City's Republic of Ianian hurries to invited The Republic of Oflua to join the European Trading League. Oflua unsurprisingly accepts, and yet another nation joins the League. Despite the recent actions of The Echyan Empire calling into question their commitment to it, the League, with Ianian at it's head, remains exceedingly powerful.

24th of September

Symbolic of their return to the fold, a grand religious ceremony is held in Edo, the capital of The Holy Territories of Edoniras. King Marino enters the High Cathedral alone, and unarmed. Pope Invictus XI himself leads the congregation, and it is from his hands that King Marino takes the Sword. It is a heavily symbolic procedure, but by it's end, the alliance between The Redcliff Empire and The Holy Territories of Edoniras has been forged in the eyes of god, and Redcliff has retaken it's place as the sword of Vipionism. A surprise guest at the ceremony is a contingent of The Republic of Toubres. It seems that following it's aid to Redcliff, Toubres has also entered the fold, or at least been deemed worthy enough to be granted an audience with the Pope.

25th of September

A heavily protected colonist party embarks from The Echyan Empire colony of New Levoz. Unfortunately the Echyan's attempt to spread their hold over the region falls at the first hurdle. As they march north, they find that the area is already claimed as the burgeoning colony of Casata, under the flag of The Three City's Republic of Ianian. Through a sheer stroke of luck, the group is well-supplied, and are able to quickly divert, marching south instead. There at least, they find unclaimed land, and take it as their own, birthing the colony of New Navasy with no issue.

27th of September

The weakness of their army made glaringly obvious by their recent conflict with The Kingdom of Ubren, The Kingdom of Aontas sets out to attempt to improve the quality of it's armies weapons. The loans quickly prove popular, and several gunsmiths begin working, but it will be some time before any results are evident.

30th of September

The rebels attacks on the colony of Linia continue. With no garrison of The Three City's Republic of Ianian to stand against them, they run rampant. What is far more concerning is the weapons that the rebels evidently somehow possess, high quality muskets, and even cannons, that they use brutally against the colonists of the area. Extremist portions of the colonies natives begin to lean towards the rebels, some even joining them outright.
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"NO! Do not fire until you can see the whites in their eyes! Charge first, then fire. Not fire from hundreds of meters away and then charge." The Hussar Captain yelled at the Echyan cavalry regiment. "God forgive me... I might kill these men before the Dashkatar do." The Captain cursed in Attolian as he then told the translator to get the Echyans to redo the exercise. The Captain then noticed a Colonel approach him, which is when he snapped to attention and saluted the officer. "How can I help you, sir?" "What's with all the yelling Captain?" The Colonel inquired.

The Captain replied "Sir, if I may be honest... it's a wonder that the Echyan Empire haven't been invaded. I didn't expect their army to be so... lacking. When I first met the men, I thought that they had left their carbines in the armory and were only allowed to carry around their sabers. But, the ENTIRE damned empire doesn't have carbines! Do they expect their men to charge into a line of muskets with just some swords? And now, I got them some spare carbines, but they're not using them right. I keep explaining to them that they should fire when they're close or right before they charge into the line to mess with the enemy's formation, but they keep using the carbines like rifles! God save the Echyan Army. They need some serious training and oversight."

"That's why we're here, Captain. We can't expect to get too many reinforcements from Attolia. It's a long trek after all. So, we're going to have to work with the Echyans and get them into shape."

"They have a lot of shaping up to do."

"Yes, you have a lot of work ahead of you. Word is... the Ecyhan Emperor is planning to conscript men to raise an emergency army and supplement their small professional force."

"'Professional'... can't be much worse than this."

"You never know, Captain. I was walking by a new recruit who was checking to see if their musket was loaded by looking down the barrel of the musket."

"These men are going to kill themselves before the Dashkatar do."

"It's your job to make sure that doesn't happen."

"I will try to do my best, Sir. I have to remind some of them the difference between their left and their right."

"Whatever needs to be done to get them ready to hold a line and keep firing."
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Kienne, Aontas

"My most sovereign liege," Lady Kasparov performed a delicate curtsy and rested on the arm of Captain Svenricksen, "I had hoped I would have the honor of accompanying you to Castlerue tomorrow morn, as is our custom."

Kristian gave a polite nod of the head but said no more than, "We shall speak of it later," before deferring to the captain who had the lady in escort, "Captain, reports?"

The military man handed over a rolled piece of parchment, which the king unbound and read on the spot. They were reports detailing the removal of the army from Torrik and a vast portion of the civilian population which had been resettled. The report was dated two days ago, and no doubt had made quick time on a clipper from Fjall in the Torrikan Islands. The monarch rolled the report back up and tucked it into his frock coat. "Thank you."

All the while, an uncomfortable silence had passed over the room, and Svenricksen looked to the Lady, who seemed to be biting her cheeks for fear of crying. Seeing this, Kristian ordered Svenricksen out and bade him leave the doors open but range a ways. With the two of them in his study, the fire crackling in the hearth behind his desk, they could speak freely and speaking freely was a forte of the Lady Kasparov, a daughter of half-Rubrusian lineage which would normally have signified a blood composed of ice but for the peculiar type of choleric disposition which she was taken with. "My Lord," she began, "do I speak your mind in saying that you wish me speak honestly?"

Kristian nodded, slowly, fearfully.

"Then I must speak honest when I tell you of the wretched condition which you have left me in. Long has my heart been warm to yours, but of late the High Office seems to have filled your veins with ice."

"Stay, woman."

"Nay, my lord, stay and be cheated. Who do I appear to be that you can with such short shrift disperse my suit without a word? What, a I your whore sir or your lady? Am I to understand that our engagement is ended?"


"I beg pardon your liege, I had thought there came an answer but 'twas too small to hear it."

Kristian's face knitted in a careworn expression of dread, a lump built tight in his throat. He paced a short distance, till he could put a hand to the frozen window pane and look out on the snow-drenched courtyard below, where serving men were carrying in the firewood in chords. For a while, he was silent, and then he relented, "It is I who should beg pardon of you, Agnes, but it has been the heavy discharge of my office which has kept me from relaying this hard thing to you," he paused, "nay, it is more like my cowardice..."

The lady approached a few steps, "Dearest Kristian, I know the contents of your heart as plainly as though it were written on your face."

"Then you will know," he said, "that my suit to you was honest, and that my withdrawal of that suit is also honest... Thy station befits a queen, but my country requires that I retain my marriage bed for a foreigner, as befits our custom. I had not expected that so heavy a mantle would fall upon me, and if I had then I would have been criminal in the wooing. Therefore, I release you of your engagement."

"And if I shall not be released?"

"You shall be." He turned away and pressed his face closer to the glass, feeling the cold radiate through the pane frosted over with snowflake patterns at the corners. She, meanwhile, took a place by the desk not unlike the place she and he had sat when he was a dashing young captain and she was barely a woman when their suit began nearly a decade ago. From her bosom she produced her kerchief and began to sob which was, to put it lightly, not a comfort to the monarch.

The butler emerged from without, took a short survey of the room. "Uhm, my lord, I shall return." He said, attempting to beat a hasty retreat before Kristian's commands intercepted him. "Nay, Isaac, the Lady Kasparov has been ill and it has not well-countenanced her lately. Bring up tea for us presently, but what news do you bear that you intercede most impudently?"

The butler, somewhat cowed, replied, "It is Ambassador Faustus's wish that you discharge immediately a letter to Attolia. He desires us to join the community of nations called the Continental Alliance."

"Yes, I read his letter. I will reply anon in the affirmative."

"My Lord, is it wise to discuss such counsels in such untrained presence?" His eyes shifted to the lady.

"The Lady Kasparov has long been my counselor, Isaac, let nothing ill of her befall your lips."

"Yes, my lord." The butler quickly departed and the room was again silent save the crackling of the fire.
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Parade in the Palace of Artois

The establishment of the Continental Alliance was an achievement of the ages. It had not only brought two historical enemies together in a mutual defense pact, but FOUR nations of Europe, promising to uphold the peace and prosperity of the continent. Not only that, the members of the alliance also began to talk of sending their own armies to join the Crusading Attolian Army in driving away the invading Dashkatar and Hijeen forces from the Kingdom of Sescos and the continent as a whole. The King of Aontas seemed particularly fervent and eager in sending men to fight the Hijeen after joining the defensive alliance. Emperor Lothair II was elated at the news. It seemed that the tides were finally turning, and just in time to save the Kingdom of Sescos from the brink of destruction. However, there was still much to do and a grand parade was held in Attolia to raise awareness of the alliance and to increase support and popularity of the war effort. The Attolian Guard stood ready to protect the Empire as usual.

But, without a doubt, Lothair believed that the Crusade would not end with driving the Dashkatar off Europe. Nay, he believed that the Crusade would likely continue into the heart of the Dashkatar. He did not seek to merely win this fight. No, he wanted to win this fight and all future fights with the Dashkatar. This was an ambitious goal, but with the Oflua-Illistari Coalition and the joint-Attolian-Echyan Army coming to support them in the face of the 2nd Dashkatar Army. Europe appeared to stand a chance as his Holiness was also expected to send soldiers over to aid in the Crusade as well.
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"If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs, obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud. Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues, my friend, you would not tell with such high zest to children ardent for some desperate glory, the old Lie; Dulce et Decorum est Pro patria mori." -Wilfred Owen

Winter of 1800

1st of October

The Kingdom of Aontas begins a project of expanding it's Marine ranks, as well as constructing rudimentary craft to carry them. This in itself is a fairly unusual step. The Marines that sail aboard the ships of Europe are, largely, there to maintain order, as well as fighting in the various boarding actions that might occur with enemy vessels. Even when used in naval landings, it is only in small numbers, so this move, of ships dedicated to ferrying Marines, is a radical one. Whether this move will prove to be successful, still stands to be seen.

4th of October

Relatively aghast at the state of it's new allies army, The Empire of Attolia sends military advisors and officers to The Echyan Empire, to attempt to aid in the training of their army, especially considering the conflict threatening to overflow into the lands of Echya. The Continental Alliance is already starting to flex it's quickly strengthening muscles.

5th of October

The referendum to decide the future of the Holy City of Akteme draws to a close. The result is a resounding success in favour of the city remaining firmly in the hands of The Republic of Oflua. However, while many worry that this will reopen the rift between the Republic and The Akkadian Empire, diplomacy wins a rare victory. The opening of religious channels between the nations, orchestrated by The Three City's Republic of Ianian, has clearly had a resounding effect, and Oflua vows to open the Holy City to pilgrims of Akkadia, on their religion's most holy day, even providing food and safety to the worshipers. This is unsurprisingly a resoundingly popular proposal, strengthening the bonds between the nations as the unity of humanity shines through the gathering clouds.

8th of October

In what is a shocking turn of events, The Eternal Hadeen of Dashkatar abandons the Siege of Larymnas. Under the cover of night, with the combined army of The Republic of Oflua and The Kingdom of Ilastiri absorbed in the monotony of bombarding the city defences, the entire Dashkatar force sallies out. They easily break through the encircling army, and before General Andrei Obnizov can react, the army is too gone, and they cannot risk pursuing them. Still reeling, the combined army marches into the city, although after so much bloodshed, it is little more than a haunted ruin.

11th of October

Obviously keen to finish the siege before the bitter winter sets in, General Klavdiy Levin, of The Empire of Rubrus, finally acts. Calling on the experience of the soldiers of The Kingdom of Claidor, several of whom have served garrison duty for the city of Batko in the past, the General is able to draw up a plan that allows him to exploit natural weaknesses in the cities defences, many of which The Kingdom of Vendsyssel garrison will not know of. It only takes a matter of days to breach the walls, and once they are breached, the siege quickly draws to a close, the combined army shattering the Vendsyssel defenders.

13th of October

The rebel raids against The Three City's Republic of Ianian continue, the colony of Linia being quickly bloodied by progressively more aggressive and ambitious attacks. These attacks a far cry from the rudimentary raids against the old colonies of The Redcliff Empire. The rebels, many originating from tribes now serving under The Naziim Caliphate, are more experienced, more blood-thirsty and, most worryingly of all, far better armed. The population of the colony are rocked by this, and riots begin to break out, calling out for aid against the rebels.

16th of October

The pleas of it's people do not go unanswered for long, and The Three City's Republic of Ianian sends aid. Three thousand men of the Ianian Foreign Legion march east from the colony of Southpoint, and spread out across Linia, detachments moving to all the major population centers. Their effect is immediate, the rebels far more tentative after they first encounter the soldiers of the Republic, but this change won't last forever. But for now, it is a much needed damming of the flow. Another division of the Foreign Legion is dispatched, but it will be some time before they reach Linia.

19th of October

Apparently not content with the simple construction of it's extensive new road system, The Empire of Rubrus implements a new tollbooth system across all the major roads. Due to the highways offering the only real method of travelling across the vast expanse of the Empire, these tolls are certainly profitable, although they unsurprisingly prove unpopular.

21st of October

Continuing it's attempted reformation, The Kingdom of Aontas continues to pour investment into it's modernization efforts. The loans offered to the nation's gunsmiths are still proving popular, and the first breakthrough is made. To the far north of the nation, an immensely experienced engineer is able to refine the basic musket, or at least produce a prototype for it. New of his work quickly spreads, and in a few months, the factories of Aontas could begin producing this new musket.

25th of October

The Republic of Toubres wastes no time in further strengthening it's growing ties with The Holy Territories of Edoniras and The Redcliff Empire. Despite not sharing the same devoutness of it's two new allies, with the actions of the Continental Alliance, and The Empire of Attolia having sided with The Echyan Empire, a self-declared paragon of an opposing faith, the hand of the Pope is forced. With the support of the Redcliff Empire, following it's naval aid, the Republic is able to make it's case successfully. Under the eyes of the divine god, and no doubt swayed by Toubres' undeniable power, a new alliance is forged. The three nations turn their gaze outwards, and rumors quickly swirl of what their first united move will be.

27th of October

Whether decided by it's own rulers, or by the increasingly powerful Attolian East Asia Trading Company, The Empire of Attolia expands it's colonial holdings to the Far East. What is quickly becoming clear to observers, is that it is the Company that wields the power in the region. Their private navy rivals the Empire's own, and their mercenaries far outnumber any soldiers that Attolia could realistically mobilize in case of conflict. For now, at least, the Company's interests align with those of Attolia herself, but the shareholders will no doubt be carefully watching the Empire's coming actions.

28th of October

The army of The Eternal Hadeen of Dashkatar, bloodied but still formidable, consolidates in the province of Osnic. There, it finds it's supplies replenished, and it's numbers swelled. For a moment at least, it waits, licking it's wounds, as the forces of Europe seem to align against it. But Dashkatar is no longer alone. Although they have not yet reared their head, a formidable ally has sworn a bond of blood with the Eternal Hadeen, and even now prepares to act against Dashkatar's enemies.

30th of October

Still seeking to control the rebels in their colonies, The Three City's Republic of Ianian calls on it's allies aid. The Akkadian Empire readily accepts the call, and the move is certainly a well-thought out one. Soldiers, of the same faith as the rebels, are ferried to Linia, and Hijeen priests are able to reach out to the rebels on a far more personal level than any have managed before. Although the dialects differ to some degree, the base language is the same, and the beliefs are the same. For now, at least, the fire is reduced to a smolder, although it does not extinguish.

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General Rehn carefully read the letter. The Emperor brought up several good points, which he then conveyed to the new King of Sescos in a private meeting.

"Your Highness is in a perilous position as you are without a doubt aware of. The lands of Sescos have been ravaged by war. The people of Sescos have suffered. Two Kings have been lost in quick succession and just months earlier, the Kingdom was on the brink of complete collapse. I understand that you wish to seek retribution. However, as things continue to unfold, it's becoming increasingly clear that this war will last years. Will your Highness be able to fight a war for years in the Dashkatar lands and leave the matters of the throne behind in Europe? We fear that ambitious nobles, and perhaps other claimants to the throne will cause more instability in these trying times. Perhaps, it would be more prudent to offer the Dashkatar a ceasefire and a truce for a year. We allow their two armies safe passage back even though the noose is tightening around them with our combined armies and navies. And, then you would have a year to rebuild and strengthen your own position as King, which the Empire of Attolia will fully support with advisers, military and other assistance as needed. Once that period of rebuilding is over, then we can pursue retribution with a proper Sescos army leading the charge. Plus, the slow acting armies of the HTE will be able to finally join the crusade and give the support that they have promised months ago. But as things are developing... we're looking at a pyrrhic victory. The cost of years of war will ultimately bring the Kingdom to ruin, or so that is what Emperor Lothair II fears. Will you not consider a temporary peace to rebuild the Kingdom?"
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