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Blood's Jewels

“Terreille in Trouble”

Evil Queens, Ruined land, and the laws of the Blood being forgotten. This Plot centers around Dorothea, a Priestess and Queen of Hyall. She has her fingers stretched across the realm of Terreille and is slowly sinking in her fingers with delight as the Queens under her control reap the benefits they have worked centuries for. They did this by placing Queens who were eager for Dorothea’s favor in power, and by killing off competition, and casting out lies and rumors against the Black Widows who did not work in the court of the Queens. Essentially making it dangerous for the Widows to practice their craft with many looking at them with distrust- some even hauling them before Queens or Warlord Princes for ‘justice’ before their murder, while others just outright kill them with the old ‘get them before they get us’ mentality. For the lies told of their abilities to corrupt the mind at will, how they kill rivals with poison and that half of them are mad with the so called ‘visions’ they recieve. Warlord Princes and those males of the dark Jewels are being forced to wear the Band of Compliance and yield themselves to being little more than slaves in anything but name, if they don’t comply with the Queens. Dorothea has also brought back slavery to the Blood.

However, the Gates to Kaeleer remain open as Kaeleer remains the darker of the two living realms. Ambassadors from various realms there come and go in the courts. Carefully guided by their hosts, as to not bear witness to the horrors that the Queens are slowly moving into place. Should one see? Those generally go missing, Often to resurface in another court months or years later, swearing loyalty to the nearest Queen once there. The official reply is a more of a resignation, dishonorable or not, and the disappearance of the problematic individual so that the Territory in Terreille can say they do not know where he is and be honest about it. Leaving Kaeleer’s Territories with tied hands on the matter. This has left the remaining ambassadors from Kaeleer wary of Terreille and many Territory Queens of Kaeleer cutting their ties with the Territories of Terreille.

Dorothea’s plan is to fully gain control of Terreille then form friendships with Kaeleer’s territories again. Luring them open only to begin her little game all over again. Though she’s going to play and enjoy Terreille for a bit before she does that to Kaeleer.

The plot centers around the players discovering this atrocious acts, possibly the plan of Dorothea, and escaping Terreille to Kaeleer through the heavily guarded Gates. As the only remaining safe place in Terreille is Dene Nehele and it’s not all that safe. The Queen there is weak and wears a Yellow Jewel. She has been slowly losing power for years and Dorothea has several ‘pet Queens’ ready to tear the weakening Queen from her circle of Warlords and Warlord Princes. Each growing weaker as ‘accidents’, out right attacks, and assassination slowly weakens the circle.

Additional Plot for this Plot. The players needs to get out of Terrielle but they also need to get the Queen of the only Black Jeweled Warlord Prince out of Terrielle unless Dorothea uses her to control the Prince. As he can’t without Dorothea using the ring to bring him to heel, or risk Dorothea suspecting something.

The Black Jewels Trilogy Lore


Non-Blood. They have no ability to perform craft. Generally they live in their own communities outside of Blood communities.


Too much Blood to be Landen, but not enough to be Blood. This exists in Kindred as well. They generally are looked at as outcasts, bastards. Though a sire may take the child in to raise as a servant or a overseer for a landen village if they think the child shows potential. Often they suffer cruel fates in Terrielle. They do not have enough power for a jewel though they may have some psychic powers, due to the fact if they do have a jewel they are considered Blood.


The Blood are a Cast of people that span over many different races and allow members to utilize Craft through the possession of a Jewel - though this is not always the case as some members of the Blood are known not to possess a jewel as their power is not great enough to require one. They follow a set of rules known as Protocol and are a highly matriarchal system ruled by Queens.


The Kindred are non-human Blood. They follow the same rules and castes as the rest of the Blood for all they can be horses, at least one breed of dog, wolves, spiders, dragons (though only two known ones remain), and unicorns. They even rule in Territories that are considered ‘closed’ territories without human influence.


They are the channel through which the Blood use their power. Though they can use their power without the jewel it is not as powerful and a jewel is far easier to use. As children can use the Craft before their Birthright Ceremony where they receive their first jewel. The darker the jewel the more powerful it is. When the child is ready to make the Offering to the Darkness they may receive their second jewel which can be up to three ranks from their Birthright jewel. A person’s Offering jewel can be shattered which forces them back to their Birthright jewel. If that too is broken, the person is left with only basic Craft.

In order from Lightest to Darkest:
Purple Dusk
Opal* (Blood Opal)

*Opal is the dividing line between lighter and darker jewels. As it can also can darken to Blood Opal.

Clear jewels exist but these are used in landing webs as beacons to those that travel the Winds.

Blood Society


The Time period is such that more modern plumbing exists (Showers, toliets, sinks, and such). Electricity is not a thing, though the Blood can use their power to create witchlights and crystals in place of it. But it takes a good amount of power to maintain these spells over an entirely household. Horse pulled carriages and carriages powered by a Blood’s power. Clothes are more modern though not of any plastic or anything machine made material.

The Darkness:

Essentially the religion and way of life. the use of Darkness as the centerpiece of Blood Society is not meant to represent evil, terror, or anything bad. Instead it is used in the same honored way most modern religions view light. The Blood realms acknowledge the use of Light, but are more prominant is their acknowledgement of The Darkness. It is believed that from the Darkness everything was born and too the Darkness everything will eventually fade when the time comes. The Dark Altars are Gates between realms and places of worship to the Darkness.


The Blood are separated into different rankings. One is based on strength (or Jewels) while another ranking is based on caste. There are different Caste system for male and female and one is born into one’s caste (which cannot be changed as you are born into it), though caste does not determine the job one can or cannot do nor the jewel they wear. Females can dual caste though it is not overly common.

Below they in order from lowest to highest.

Blood male: A general term for any male of the Blood. Also refers to any Blood male that doesn't wear jewels.
Warlord: A Jeweled male that is equal in status to a witch. Often addressed as ‘Lord’
Prince: A Jeweled male that is equal in status to a Preistess or Healer.
Warlord Prince: Arguable the most dangerous of the Blood males. Predatory is a good word for practically any ‘Prince’, as they are commonly addressed. Their instincts are stronger and far more easily brought to the fore regarding protection, attraction, and aggression. They rise quite easily to the killing edge, a state of mind which places the Prince on a battlefield. Protocol has a large section that is dedicated to helping Princes curtail their instincts and move in poliet society. As well as how other Blood (or landen, should they know Protocol) can handle a Warlord Prince(s). A Warlord Prince despite his power will always be second to a Queen as they seek to serve by nature. There is a ‘right’ Queen for every Blood male (for better or worse). This pull to the right Queen centers the Warlord Prince, and helps them to not damage the Court itself and puts a leash on their temper. This pull to a Queen will make the Warlord Prince submit his power, and temper. Putting the Queen’s Will before anything else. From lovers, to the Prince’s life.Though a Prince may leave a Queen, choosing honor over a Queen who asks too much of them. Warlord Princes also are the only caste to experience the rut, though others may feel it but this is extremely rare. (See The Rut) Warlord Princes are violently passionate and passionately violent.

Blood female: a general term for any female of the Blood, though it is mostly reserved for those that don’t wear jewels.
Witch: a Blood female who wears jewels, and not one of the other hierarchical levels. Though any female can be referred to as a witch.
Healer: A witch who heals physical wounds and illnesses; equal in status to a Prince or Preistess. Having a inborn knowledge of the methods and theories they should be using. Though addition training is required to be considered fully trained. They are drawn to heal people often with a single minded tendency to think their own life is less important than all those around them. Because of this Protocol dictates that any unmarried Healer needs an escort to accompany her. SO she doesn’t harm herself while she performs her Craft. It would be too easy for a Healer to completely drain herself in seeking a healing, as their self-preservation instinct suffers.
Priestess: A witch who care for altars. Sanctuaries and Dark Altars. They witness handfasts and marriage. Preform Offerings. Equal in status to Prince and Healer.
Black Widow: A witch who heals the mind. They can also weave the tangled webs of dreams and visions through which they can see symbolic and actual images of a future they must interpret. Proficient with poisons and illusions. They possess a snake tooth beneath the fingernail of the ring finger of their right hand which is poisonous. The power of the venom is in proportion to the power the witch wields and it must be milked once a month or the venom will crystallize and cause pain and potential death if left uncared for. The snake tooth may be natural (relatively uncommon), or unnatural and thus made by another of the Hourglass. Unnatural snake tooths must be filled with poison and, just as with any bearer of a snake tooth, the poison must be leaked into the body once a month to keep immunity. Usually this is done around the time of milking. (See Hourglass Coven for more)
Queen: The witch which rules the Blood. They are the land’s heart and Blood’s moral center. They are the focal point of their society. They generally form a Court to rule a village(s), district, province or territory. They are protected and honored, and their connection to the land is essential for the health of the land.

*Hearth Witch:On the same level of a basic witch is a Hearth witch. It’s both a caste and job description. They have a neat streak that runs to the bone. Making them excellent carers of homes and kitchens.Though their job isn’t a inherent like a Healer or Black Widow as it’s more of a matter of temperament. They are often practical and tidy.


A Court is the way a Queen holds power and consists of at least a Queen and 12 Jeweled males who make up her First Circle. There are four named offices in the first Circle. Steward, Master of the Guard, First Escort and a Consort. Though some Courts may not contain the last two at the same time as many of their duties overlap. A Queen may also have other Queens sworn to her in a first female circle. Which those Queens will have Courts of their own. A second, third circle may be created along with however many more circles will be needed to maintain the Court. Guards, servants, couriers, and such. The higher the number of the Circle, the less directly that person serves the Queen and arguably the less trusted they are. A Dark Court is the most powerful Court of all, few claim this for their court and with the weight it bears with it. Queens may pit their Courts against others in order to deal with challengers and protect their lands. Taking out rivals and such. Though Protocol is to go before a Tribunal of Queens for a ruling on the matter (Especially in Kaeleer) rather than to send a Court to the battlefield.

Steward: They look after the fiances and logistic of the Court. Dealing with a good amount of the paperwork.
Master of the Guard: They head the protections of the Queen.
First Escort: They are the Queen’s escort, much like a Healer’s, and often the Queen’s aide.
Consort: The Queen’s lover. They may take the place of the First Escort or they not depending on the relationship.

Territory Queens rule over Province Queens.
Province Queens rule over District Queens
District Queens rule over villages Landen and Blood alike.


Generally the coven refers to a group of women who are close. Often referring to the female side of the court should there be a first female circle.

Hourglass Coven

The network through which all Black Widows are connected. The hourglass was the Black Widows' symbol, both a declaration and a warning about the witch who wore it. An apprentice wore a pendant with the gold dust sealed in the top half of the glass. A journey maid’s pendant had the gold dust evenly divided between top and bottom. A fully trained Black Widow wore an hourglass with all the gold dust in the bottom chamber. Often sending reports about the different Territories and realms to each other. Though in Terreille the actual knowledge has waned of this fact, they are lead by the High Priest of the Hourglass, who is in fact the only male Black Widow in existence.


It determines how every rank is to be addressed (Prince being Warlord Prince, Lord being Warlord, Lady being anyone of the female Caste), how to handle guests, both welcome and unwelcome, and most importantly how to keep members of the Warlord Prince caste from potentially harming those around him. Protocol is what helps the Queens keep control of their courts and is the delicate system of checks and balances that keep the Blood the ruling but respected caste. A Queen may order/request things from her Court but if the First Circle stands against her in the best interest of land and Queen the Queen may be forced to stand down. Generally it boils down to three rules for Blood males. Though in Kaeleer the males will sometimes sidestep or ignore the third rule if it hinders unfulfilling the first two rules.

Rule One: Honor, Cherish, Protect
Rule Two: Serve
Rule Three: Obey

It should also be noted that there is no plenty for murder among the Blood. Essentially it’s the subtle manners of the Blood and their laws.

Moon’s Ebb & Pregnancy

Yes, this is a thing and something that is slightly relevant. Once a month- during a certain time- a witch suffers for the power of their jewel. For three days they cannot use their jewel without a massive amount of pain (Which even then the Craft may not work right) which leaves the Blood female vulnerable and very irritated. Males can detect any witch who is on her Moon’s Ebb and it greatly heightens the need to defend in male family members and close male friends of the witch. A Queen’s Court will draw close about her and often Warlord Princes ride the killing edge during this time. Viewing anyone, and often everyone, as a potential threat to their Queen. Once the first three days are over the Queen may use her Birthright jewel for the next several days.
During a pregnancy a witch may not use either of her jewels at all without risking a potential miscarriage and losing the babe. Often they will have their jewels drained of psychic power, leaving them defenseless by a more darker and trusted male. Black Widows must also drain their snake tooths unless the babe be at risk to the poison. During this time fathers, family members, and close male friends are extremely protective.

The Rut

This is the desire to mate that Blood males sometimes go through, which comes upon the Prince at random. Though Warlord Princes are notorious for it, other castes may go through it though the occurrence of such is rare. During this time a Warlord Prince in rut has enough sexual drive to service an entire coven and still want more. However, they become focused on only one woman and would not tolerate the presence of any other. Any male would be seen as a potential rival and thus killed. Warlord Princes in the rut push past their normal passionately violent and violently passionate nature. They are not held responsible for anything that happens during the Rut as for them it’s a mass of confused memories. It is incredibly dangerous for a woman to bed a man during the Rut.

Rituals, Holidays, Death

Birthright Ceremony

The ceremony which a Blood child goes through around the age of seven or eight in order to potentially receive their Birthright Jewel. However, not all children of the Blood may be strong enough for a jewel and should this happen they will not come away with one. Something that is not common. The Birthright jewel is the first Jewel a child receives until their Offering to the Darkness. After the ceremony in which the child receives (or does not) their Birthright Jewel, is a public ceremony in which the mother will either confirm the father’s paternal rights to the child or deny him. If denied it does not matter what the father may have raised, loved and nurtured this child, he has no rights to them.

Offering to the Darkness

This is the ceremony in which the young adult receives their Offering jewel. Their second jewel, every jewel has a possibility of descending to a darker jewel by three leves. Red to Black for example. Though this is not always the case. For example, one may not be mature enough mentally or be afraid of the power and thus shy away from it. Once this Offering is made it cannot be attempted again.

Virgin Night

The Virgin Night is a coming-of-age ceremony for young witches, and is literally as it states the night in which a Virgin is bedded for the first time. This ceremony determines a woman's ability to practice Craft as well as the integrity of her Jewels . A witch, prior ot her virgin night, is in greater danger to be broken through torture than after. However, once completing the virgin night she is not safe from being broken in the future, only less likely to be. In most cases an experienced Consort or close friend is asked to bed the witch. However, in some cases this night has been used to cause the mutilation and death of a witch either through the trauma to her body or mind through the shattering of her Jewels.

Handfasting & Marriage

Handfasting is a engagement ceremony that may or may not be done before marriage. Marriage, however, is typically a way for males and females of the Blood to stand on equal footing. However, should a man forsake the vows of the marriage bed it is a huge blight upon his honor. Thus males are very cold when a woman flirts with them to tempt them away should they be married. Warlord Princes are even more so.


The Winter Solace. Essentially Christmas. It’s twelve nights of parties and festivities, on the last night people stay up and pair off to share a glass of the blood wine. And dance to the Glory of Witch. Witch who is the Song in the Darkness and the deeper power that lies behind the Blood.

Spring Festival

This is the Festival before the Spring planting begins. Queens generally reaffirm their bond to the land during this time of year by pouring a cup of their blood onto the soils of the fields. This gives the land prosperity. However, if a neglectful Queen is in rule and fails to do this act of giving to the land. Then the land will slowly grow less prosperous. A land that has not had the connect with a ‘good’ Queen for a while will feel dry to the Queen and desire to take more than the Queen might be willing or able to give.

Death, Demon dead, and Whisper in the Darkness

When someone is killed, or dies, if their spirit is strong enough the person may make the transition to become demon dead. Where the spirit inhabits the body, but cannot go beyond the flesh. The power of their jewels sustaining them until they pass on by will or running out of power becoming a Whisper in the Darkness. To further sustain themselves, they may drink the blood of the living but it’s a disgusting act even when proper Protocol is followed. When one becomes demon dead they tend to seek out the Dark Altars and make their way to the Realm of Hell. Some, however, remain if the need is great enough. If one wishes to make sure a person is dead and does not come back their jewel must be drained and shattered as well as their body is dead.

The dead do not leave Hell to walk among the living in part because they are corpses complete with the wounds they received in death. The dead and the living do not generally mix due to the command (and enforcement) of the High Lord of Hell. Another reason is the demon dead’s drinking of blood, thus this protects the living from the dead. Though some of the dead remain outside of Hell, which the High Lord sends out others or goes himself to deal with them if they are a nuisance.


Basic Craft:

Craft is the ability that sets the Blood apart from Landens. It is in essentially the psychic power, or magic, of the Blood. A person's strength in the Craft is dependent on the Jewels they received upon their Birthright and Offering Ceremonies. The darker the Jewel the more powerful the person is and the more they can do with the Craft. Basic Craft consists of several abilities. One is telekinesis (moving things with one's thoughts). While another variant of the same ability is the ability to 'vanish' items into a another space that is only reachable by the person who vanished them in the first place. If the Blood dies with the item vanished however, the item is destroyed. The Blood can also weave spells using the Craft; such as soothing or calming spells, heating or cooling spells, illusions, witchfire (Fire fueled by one's craft), creating crystals of jewel bits that can be used to link minds in a telepathic connection, or record images or voices.

Craft can also be used to make shields of solid air around someone or thing. It can also be use to strengthen things. When used by fighters on the killing field, Craft is a deadly force that threatens to burn the loser's mind out and turn them into a Whisper in the Darkness. It can be blasted at a foe or such. Though the general rule of thumb, though this is not always true depending on the person, is that a darker jewel is the more powerful.

Healer's Craft: Healers can use their Craft to phase through flesh and heal people. Break and mend bone, heal wounds and, depending on their jewel's strength, bring someone back from the brink of death.
Black Widow's Craft: These witches can weave tangled webs of spider silk in special wooden frames to see the future and the true intentions of people. As well as to view the memories of wood and stone. They can also use their craft to heal the minds of people and bring them back from the brink of madness, or cause it.
Priestess Craft: They can use their Craft to lead ceremonies, and are the most adept and traveling through the Dark Gates.
Queen's Craft: Queens can use their power to influence the land for good or ill. This is why a Queen often is found enjoying gardening as it is the link to the land they need.

The Winds:

The winds are the way many of the Blood travel. Across all three Realms there is something of a spider web of power that runs with a different wind for each jewel. The darker the jewel the faster that particular person can travel upon the winds, with white being the slowest of the winds and black being the quickest of the winds. If someone tries to to ride a wind darker than their jewel they will be torn to shreds if not shielded, or within a carriage driven, by someone who can ride those winds. This allows the Blood to get from place to place relatively quickly, however there are some places where the winds will not reach. Often there are Landing Webs that are noted by their clear Jewels which act like beacons to those who travel the Winds. These are tended by Priestesses and generally the ideal places for people to drop out of the Wind.

Races (By Realm)

*To note that all races that are not Kindred, or a mythical creature, are referred to as humans. Some of the shorter lived races are not so much races as where one could hail from.


Hyllian - One of the three long lived races, they commonly have tanned skin with dark hair. Usually black with yellow or golden eyes. Being a long lived race means they can live for thousands of years. They are skilled with the Craft and are skilled courtiers.
Eyrien - One of the three long lived races, they have tanned skin with straight, black hair and yellow or golden eyes generally. They are the warrior race of Terreille with large bat-like wings. Their females generally know how to use weapons to defend themselves. The Eyrien race live in stone homes called eryies that are built into mountain sides. Many of their males live in war and hunting camps.
Dhemlan - One of the three long lived races, they commonly have tanned skin and dark hair. They exist in both Terreille and Kaeleer.
Dena Nehelean - They live generally 100 to 120 years of age.
Shaladorian - They live generally 100 to 120 years and a have brown hair with tanned skin. Every so often a child will be born with green eyes, the more vibrant the rarer it is.
Jhinka - Winged scavengers (Not playable)
Pruulish - Desert folk they live 100-120 years.
Challiot - Living on the Island of Challiot they average the typical lifespan of the shorter lived races. (100 to 120 years) Often having blue eyes and blonde hair.


Dhemlan - One of the three long lived races, they commonly have tanned skin and dark hair. They exist in both Terreille and Kaeleer.
Eyrien - The same as in Terrille though in Kaeleer they are not a native species and far fewer in number. Lacking the ability to bully about what a Terreille Eryien would consider a lesser race as they are the ‘guest’ in Ebon Askavi’s territory.
Dea al Mon - “Children of the Woods” they are likened to elves. One of the shorter lived races they are the native warrior race of Kaeleer . Much like the Eryiens but with pointed ears, no wings and making their homes in the forests. They live in seclusion from the other territories and races and are thought to be born knowing what to do with a knife and bow. They are highly respected and feared. They often have green or blue eyes and silvery hair. A willowy build that deceives about their actual strength.
Dharonian - A short lived race. They are known for their good weaving.
Glacian - One of the short lived races. They are used to colder temperatures. Often with pale eyes and hair.
Below are the more secluded races of Kaeleer, which do not act much outside of their own borders.
Centuar - Half horse, half human. They live in Centauran.
Philian - With fragil iridescent wings and pixies faces. They are a small and delicate race from one of the Paw islands.
Satyrs - The upper half of a human with deer like ears and the bottom half of furred legs with hooves and a deer like tail.
Tigrelan - Dark stripped bodies with clawed hands. They have tawny skin and cat like speed and ferocity.


*Demon dead are not playable as of yet
Demon dead: (See Demon Dead)
Harpies: Witches that were brutally killed. They have a territory in Hell they rule themselves, though they still yield to the High Lord of Hell. Vicious and known to hunt down intruders with packs of Hell Hounds few dare to enter their territory.
Cildru dyathe: Demon dead children who were strong enough to pass to Hell. They live on their own island away from all others.


*Often refered to a Little/Big Brother/Sister. The Kindred are extremely rare in Terreille, while merely rare in the other realms, and a anyone who can claim friendship with a kindred is shown to be a good person or in good standing.
Arcerian - Giant white tiger like cats. They hunt using sight shields.
Scelties - Herding dogs from the island of Scelt namely.
Dragons - Not the great Dragons of the past. But lesser dragons. They live on the Fyreborn islands. (Not Playable)
Spiders - The Weaver of Dreams is Queen among them. They live on the island of Arachnal and ensnare the mind of any who stray too close to their homes. (Not Playable)

Places (By Realm)

- The lightest of the three Realms
Askavi - A mountainous region filled with lush valleys. Home to the eryien race and their mortal enemies the jhinka. It also houses the Runs. A series of canyons that are used for training and challenges which exists throughout all Realms.
Chaillot - An island territory. The Capital is Beldon Mor. Houses an altar on a small island off it’s shore called Tacea.
Dhemlan - Bordering Askavi and Hyall, Dhemlan houses one of the three long lived races. It’s seat of power is generally SaDiablo Hall which had fallen into ruin.
Ebon Askavi - The Black Mountain, or Keep, as it is known. It exists in all three Realms and is the home of Lorn. Many documents and artifacts are kept here to record the Blood’s History.
Hayll - Unlike the other lands, this territory is extremely drained. The people and land are worn thin. The captial is Draega. A city of high stone buildings and filled with things for the long-lived Hayllian race to spend their time. Theatres, cafes, music halls, galleries and such.
Pruul - A desert wasteland, it gains it’s wealth through it’s mines.
Dena Nehele - The mountain valley territory shares a border with Shalador. Capital is Grayhaven
Shalador - A place of rolling hills and grassland with mountains in the northern reaches. Known for the rich soil and traditions. Borders Dena Nehele to the north.

- The second darkest of the three Realms
Arachna - An island off the shore of the main continent of Kaeleer. Home to the Weaver of Dreams and the Arachni Kindred. Few dare come here and none ever leave.
Arceria - North of Glacia and high in the mountains it is home to the Arcerians.
Askavi - Home to the Rihlanders. Ebon Rih is a valley in Askavi that is home to the main home of the Eyriens in Kaeleer.
Centauran - Home to the Centuars. Humans do not often travel to this territory as it is closed to them.
Dea al Mon - Home to the ‘Children of the Woods’, the warrior race of Kaeleer. It is a massive land of forests. It’s people generally live in clans in the trees.
Dharo - Known for it’s fine textile procutions, carpets and weavings.
Dhemlan - The capital in Kaeleer is Amdarh and it houses the Sa Diablo hall. It is also the only territory ruled by a Warlord Prince.
Ebon Askavi - See Terreille. Is the same in all realms.
Fyrborn Islands - Home to the dragon kindred and known for the sour pickleberries.
Glacia - A land of tall mountains and frozen lakes. It borders Arceria on it’s Northern border.
Little Terreille - A small diplomatic set of land that Terreille and Kaeleer agreed on for trade and immigration.
Nharkhava - It’s capital is Tajrana.
Pandar - Home to the saytrs. It is generally closed to humans.
Philian - Home to the pixie like race. It is generally closed to humans.
Scelt - Where the Scelties of the Kindred orginated. It is often the home to Scelties and Kindred horses, as well as humans. The people there are known for their fine horsemanship. It’s Capital is Tuatha.
Sceval - Humans do not come as it is a Kindred Territory and inhabited by unicorns.
Tigrelean - Home to the Tigrelean race. It is a warm and jungle like enviroment. it’s borders are generally closed to humans.

- The darkest of the three Realms, it is a colourless place existing in a forever twilight.
Sa Diablo Hall - Home to the High Lord of Hell.
Harpy Territory - Home to the Harpies, Men do not enter here without expecting death. Harpies rarely leave.
Cildru Dyathe's Island - Home to demon dead children. It is a barren place, and holds little to tell lies.






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    • If your collab partner vanishes, you will be given extra time to finish.
    • If you collab partner vanishes, you will be able to withing minimal amount move their character to finish collab.
    • If you are going to be gone, inform the Gm! I get life comes first, but it's also on you to not hold up the RP and keep up. I'll work around you're disappearance so long as I know what's going on. (You can say it's private, I just need to know it's life.) You'll get extra time, or set on the sidelines if it's extended.
    • Do not abuse the grant of extra time.
  • No Black Jewels will be premitted to players for Lore reasons.
  • It will not be First finished CS, first served. Submit a CS and GM will reveiw it and tell tou if it is accepted or not.
  • Character Deaths will happen. If your character dies, you will not be out of the Rp! Feel free to send a Back Up Character at any time and hold it in reserve.
  • Post your favorite color in the Answer portion to prove you've read the rules.
  • Rules and CS are subject to change.
  • Keep CS up to date.
  • Link to a previous post you have done in the past in Extra tab. (To those new to RPGuild, PM me)
  • Looking for Dedicated Rpers, essentially. Know your limits on posting.
  • Also, I bumped this up to 18+ for the potential language and such. If you want to go do something more mature *Ahem* Go do that in PM. Not here.

Character Sheet:

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Hidden 3 mos ago Post by Black Alice
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Black Alice The Dopest Alice

Member Seen 22 days ago

Jesus, I haven't thought about this series in a long time. I may be interested if I can bring myself to reread it to recall the setting more vividly.
Hidden 3 mos ago Post by Sierra
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Sierra The Dark Lord

Member Seen 13 hrs ago

Holy mother of God that is a lot of lore ... even enough to get me past the Lady A lite rules list there. I'm gonna need a hot minute to read all that, preferably after a good night sleep.
Hidden 3 mos ago Post by LadyRunic
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LadyRunic The Laughing Raven

Member Seen 1 hr ago

@Black Alice@Sierra Well if either of you have questions just ask!
Hidden 3 mos ago Post by Black Alice
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Black Alice The Dopest Alice

Member Seen 22 days ago

I'm not sure I'm interested in joining a roleplay in progress after all. So consider this me dropping my interest~

Thanks for reminding me of this series, though. I think I'm going to reread it now.
Hidden 3 mos ago Post by LadyRunic
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LadyRunic The Laughing Raven

Member Seen 1 hr ago

@Black Alice Shame about that as we're just getting the Court together for the first time, but fair enough! Rps in progress are hard to get into sometimes. Happy Rping!
Hidden 3 mos ago Post by LadyRunic
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LadyRunic The Laughing Raven

Member Seen 1 hr ago

Still looking for people.
Hidden 3 mos ago Post by Arkitekt
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Arkitekt Weaver of Webs, Collector of Souls

Member Seen 1 mo ago

I'd be down for this as well. Ill try and come up with a cs by this afternoon.
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Hidden 3 mos ago Post by LadyRunic
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LadyRunic The Laughing Raven

Member Seen 1 hr ago

@Arkitekt That would be lovely! If your still interested. I've been crazy, busy with the holidays myself.
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