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Lvl 1 Demon PrincessLv20 MonkLv20 Flame Sorcereress
Charlotte Andromalius Nix Iscaron
Lv41HP: 600MP: 100
Gender: FemaleAge: Secret!Race: Upper Level Demon

Adventurer Stats

Strength10 / 10
Speed9 / 10
Constitution7 / 10
Intelligence2 / 10
Charisma5 / 10
Luck3 / 10

Demon Princess

A made up class of her own design that literally screams "NPC only". Despite that, her powers are no joke, being more than capable of fighting armed opponents with nothing but her bare hands. Her stats are middling to high in almost all categories, with especially high STRENGTH and SPEED stats, but exceptionally low LUCK. Despite this, she'll often just walk out of fights to let the party deal with things.


Demon Arts of Incineration: There's nothing particularly special about Charlotte's magic, as she hasn't particularly studied or applied herself in her attempts to strengthen it. As such, she is comparable to a mid-level wizard in terms of spell casting abilities, favoring to punch her problems away rather than nuke them.

Demon Arts of Punches, Kicks, and Headbutts: She literally just made up names for basic attacks such as punching or kicking. Her horns do at least make her headbutts deadly though. Due to her high strength, she is comparable to a Martial Artist of a high level in terms of technique and power.

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Lv10 ThiefLv15 AlchemistLv5 Sabotuer
Cecilia Camilla Charr; a.k.a. C-3
Lv30HP: 150MP: 180
Gender: FemaleAge: UnknownRace: Slime

Adventurer Stats

Strength3 / 10
Speed9 / 10
Constitution5 / 10
Intelligence6 / 10
Charisma6 / 10
Luck9 / 10


An Advanced Class fusing the explosive(-making) talents of an Alchemist with the deceptive (and thieving) wiles of a Thief. Being an Advanced Class, C-3 comes with some of the perks, albeit, not all the functions


C-3, It’s Not Just A Nickname: Able to using her own slime as a transmutative material, C-3 mixes the receptive, living gelatin with her diet of flash powder, flint, and torch oil. By semi-solidifying these materials into a moldable mass, she can toss them as bombs or design them as traps that explode as a high-yield explosive when introduced to oxygen.

This unlocks the Advanced Class: Saboteur.

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