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Ode to Fury

Winter's grasp ebbs and the green, though still struggling, returns to us. The sun's radiance spills over the world, dispelling the frost once again. We have seen fit to greet the warmth that bright yellow ball with the warmth of our hearts as people all over come together to share their love for each other.

But for all the warmth in the world, there is always the trace of cold hiding away in the darkest corners of the heart. Rage, hate, prejudice, all things we desperately try to overcome. Unfortunately, it is difficult to shake their grip, and some have a harder time of it than others. Despite their best intentions, they lose control and often ultimately end up hurting and destroying what they hold dear. These are the people that we shall focus on today.

Let their stories serve as cautionary tales against capitulating to the cold recesses of the heart.

Contest Rules

1. The focus of the story must be on what happens when one gives in to the negative emotions listed above(rage, hate, prejudice, etc.). The character from whose eyes we see the story unfold from need not be the carrier of those negative aspects; you are more than free to relate the aftereffects from an outsider's perspective.

2. Your story can focus on whole entities rather than singular people overcome with these negative aspects(ex. two warring nations)

3. You must show how letting these negative aspects overcome them affects your character/s personally; even if it is not directed at those around them, actions can and usually do have wide reaching side effects that go beyond their intended target.

4. There are no winners in hate and war. These negative aspects are often catalysts for tragedy, and it will be no different here. The consequences for the actions of your character/s should be devastating and permanent. Really show why one must control themselves in the face of these aspects, lest their stories echo the ones told here.

Grounds for disqualification

1. Plagiarism.

2. Your entry having no clear connection to the prompt.

3. Gratuitous violence or gore.

4. We probably won't be experiencing any of this but I gotta cover all bases. No explicit sex scenes. Fade to black is fine.

The deadline for RPGC #22 shall be Saturday, March 9th. Please post all entries in this thread, and direct all questions and feedback to my PM box or the associated Discussion thread, and I will gladly answer them.

Please hold off all votes and critiques until the proper thread has been erected for this prompt.
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Not finished at all. Not even close. But, this contest should have something!
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