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gotta go on a 'rp hiatus' of sorts to balance workload and focus on some style development. sorry for the short notice; it was fun!
[ Tourmaline ]
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The stature of the base was uneasy as she was, this constant, hanging stagger. Gears clicked in Tourmaline's head; she was in analysis mode, when her thoughts were buzzing, spliced between logic and empathy. In other words, when she was unsure whether to panic. There already stood an incongruity between nobility and knowledge with the new gem, countering what she'd believed about these exclusive Ambers — not knowing the project 'MWC' implied an innocuousness to it all. Quite 'civilian.' So Tourmaline was likely sardonic when she said, "What, are you with the Authority?"

A number of questions were rising like bile. Like, "How did you get in here? How was your Pearl poofed?" But the reminder of the Diamonds was especially nauseating and Tourmaline was sounding less inquisitive, more interrogative, by the minute.

The Diamonds, the Diamonds— their mark is all over this cage. What a shell, what a work sink, on a projected path to nothingness. It would rot in these deserts if not for the Diamonds. There would not be a so-called 'Project Shrapnel' if not... for...

She recognized there was another one, the foot soldier Ruby, hobbling back in the podium's direction.

"Now— wait, momentarily. Don't do anything impulsive!"

Aye, no p. I should be able to get a post up myself either later today or tomorrow.
Ahh wait, the middle podium with the map is in the first room. Amber’s in the next room with the security system; I meant to reposition Tourmaline there; Serendibite could be in either room. So would Ruby be with the podium or the other gems @manapool1?
[ Tourmaline ]
▲ △ ▲ ▲ △

The arc had reactivated — huzzah, etcetera; a jolt forwards, backwards, upwards was far less than promising. On that second upheaval, Tourmaline was sent tumbling down the hallway before she could notice any carmine newcomer. In her litheness, she saw a considerable distance into the southmost chamber, fortuitously colliding with no one but the floor.

"Egads!" she spat in a tumult of crooked cloak and temporary, frightening, limblessness before her enhancers reactivated, those lengths of lankness, jagged edges, too tall for her body but righting her.

She scanned the humming walls as she rose. This sudden brightness notwithstanding — the little gem's punitive reaction was but pursed lips, neutral concentration. This was while the security construct, as she'd predicted (or briefly forgotten of; whichever), spoke to her and seemingly just her. A flustered Tourmaline was never an acute one.

"'Replacement crew...' Of course, who else would we be..." — a soft recitation to herself. An ever softer, faker, posher laughter followed. But Tourmaline's eyes were elsewhere, that invitation to relocate, perhaps, bringing a light to them as she scoured the scintillating chamber.

Inevitably glancing over an aristocratic gem, prompting a very patent reaction, for once. What such a wide and vacant look entailed was the Amber's guess.

Tourmaline stared and stifled custom, a stubborn repudiation towards even starting with "hello."

@MissCapnCrunch Alright; sorry if it's an inconvenience or anything U-U
@MissCapnCrunch I have both of those things-- I'm just thinking long term, weighing what I'd want to write, how much stuff I gotta focus on, all that.
Ah you don’t have to wait for me... you’ll have to count me out. Sorry! Glad this got off the ground for you! @MissCapnCrunch
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