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the powerpuff girls movie still flames 16 years later
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RPing just to RP at the moment. Want to get back in the swing of things :)

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For the main three... bruh I don’t even fucking care about the main three sections, to be honest; they rarely play into my judgement of a RP. OOC-wise; what isn’t inspired by my own whims/what or who I want to write, I prioritize concise presentation and a GM who doesn’t come across like an ass, and you’ll find both of those anywhere. Maybe not wordiness on Free.

Actually Free is the easiest to typify because less-critical roleplaying tends to hit the same buttons. I would be more likely to “judge” a Free roleplay because of that, but I also appreciate a environment where RP is boiled down to the bare essentials. Most Free RPs, you can forget about all the complex stuff in a hobby where all your world-building and lore only matters case-by-case, where it’s so easy to fall onto judging people by the objective quality of their posts... when really all you need is a reply. So I see a good Free RP as one I can RP just because without compromising my style. Otherwise it’s the second best meme zone on the site! First is obviously the status bar.

I only have a lot to say about Free because I lump Casual and Advanced together, the biggest difference being activity level. I might also argue that Advanced is slightly more diverse in terms of “genre,” too, but as anime-dominant as Casual is, I can be surprised by how divergent some RPs that crop up are from the norm. Though that makes me sound like I’ve been around a bit, haha.
About the Alphas:

1. Only the Alphas may have children.
2. Since the Alphas must be able to produce children, they must be heterosexual. However, they may be able to have attractions towards those of the same sex.

the Noctis pack is mainly consisting of teenagers

...just raises how werewolves actually perceive age, lol. Also maybe how the Noctis pack only consists of teenagers?
Will also take some time today to work on my nekomata 👹
Okay, I'm LATE, but overall:

Du'brak is off the chains, and while a lot of it's fun, particularly the exaggeration of his barbarian nature (HE'LL FUCK YOU UP), I feel there's a doubling-down on his 'Genius Bruiser' status to the point where the exaggeration is impossible to relate with. Like, if he was intended to be gritty, that's a little lost in the fact that's he killed hundreds of people, seemingly with little effort. I guess I'm offset by the fact that a pirate who's indulged in horrific behavior without even an attempt to justify it under good intentions -- essentially, he's a pirate to murder - seems so well-rounded. Yeah, he can't trust people, and the guy's traumatized, like, poor baby - motherfucker killed the same guy he bought a weapon from, that's cold.

To me, a character doesn't have to be virtuous, but "relatable" in the sense that I understand where they're coming from, and why they're the way they are. So more reflection, less description of how good Du'brak is at what he is.

At the same time, though, I have to acknowledge the moments of overcompensation nestled throughout. The first line of the appearance section is a perfect example and I love it. Du'brak's personality section might be a little underused, dedicated mainly to how he can FUCK YOU UP, but I think if the rest of the sign-up made more of an effort to delve into his psyche, it would work perfectly - it would reflect an in-character lack of awareness and accountability for his actions. You just wouldn't also want to be irresponsible with a character like Du'brak. In my experience, the worst characters to roleplay with are the crazy psychopaths that go around fucking up other characters without facing consequence.

Roselips strikes me as the more internally-believable of the two, up until when she apparently sought out and joined a pirate crew - the way it's portrayed, it seems it was as easy to do as forwarding her resume to the captain!

The biggest issue with her sign-up is I can't imagine anyone treating her like a protagonist because she lacks... self; her life is described without providing insight into her as a person. It seems she's achieved her ambition of being a maritimer, too, so what else would she strive for? And just what is she like, what dynamics would she offer with other characters, other than being no-nonsense with "inappropriate behavior"?

On little details, I love how she got her pirate name, and the reference to the "woman as bad luck" superstition was a fun one, too.

Tough to choose, but I think I'm batting for Lasersquid in the end because the sign-up itself is written with more personality, and I just think you could do more with Du'brak as a character. Also helps that I'd really want to see the deeper exploration of how he ticks that I mentioned above.
In Trios 9 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Shit, Minot still has to get her 'Trios' envelope from the sitting area lol
In Trios 9 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

The inspector was tetchy, the remaining crews member stalking towards her - she cut him off before he could voice his visible concern: "Don't mind me; a man nearly drowned."

By now, the masses were abandoning; there isn't much excitement to it, because the panic, short-lived, has settled, and the majority simply wants to escape into the city. Following them are those come to Trios for business, and those she couldn't read: two men in black suits; a short, bearded man with a pick axe slung over one shoulder; a soldier, presumably, in full armor.

The same stoical bearing, but Minot's eyes were wandering the crowd a touch aimlessly - she couldn't come away with anything meaningful, and on top of that, she wasn't especially inspired by her view of the cityscape, nor by the fact that she'd arrived. Recent sounds of sputtering - the recovered man coming to - reeled in her reeling mind. So she wrung her hands before placing them in her pockets, then formed a mental recollection: the lobby - thereof, the faint remembrance of something she may have left behind, and then on deck... there was the seraphim, with her dark hair, with her markings, and with a faint alien sense to her. She hoped she hadn't recoiled too loudly - it would have been unprofessional.

Her bearings gradually coming to her, Inspector Minot approaches another volunteer from the vast diversity of the crowd, a brunette crouched over the sputtering man. It's a useless question, but, "You're alright, sir?" She could launch into interrogation, but, "I'm sure you've gotten quite the scare."
Partying's good!

I've got PC access back so I'll read up & prolly get a post in soon

...but you’ll see I’ve revoked the WIP. Just looking now, I don’t think this is gonna be my type of RP. So I’ll save the Saviour for something else :] Thanks at least for reintroducing me to this ‘system’ (idk what to call Acc. Magical Girl lol), it’s a fun concept!
( In-progress ‘Accidental Magical Girl,’ for reference. )

And here are the rolls.
@Ariamis That’d be alright if he couldn’t already shoot blasts through his hands; I think having another close-range offensive skill would be kind of arbitrary.

The idea of the “space-collapsing” thing is to have super, super nerfed black holes — drawing things towards them (but not into them) — that would affect the gravity of everyone nearby and not just Saviour. I can just mix the ‘collapsing whatever it overlaps with’ part. It was when I was writing it that I assumed it’d just be inevitable? Maybe the power only works for empty space, idk.
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