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7 days ago
Current I like long posts myself. The real consequence are the group scenarios where people would rather write diatribes than do something (which, ngl, was Totally me, still prolly is)
7 days ago
Ya'll are saying what I've been thinking seeing all these "x paragraphs or more" rules. They'd apply better to full-stop open-world sandbox RPs, not ones expecting a lot of character interaction.
3 mos ago
the powerpuff girls movie still flames 16 years later
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honestly just fucking around until i have time to start this stupid pokemon rp

(avie artist: looking... all props to em)

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Kellogg 2.0

@NuttsnBolts Working on it! Should be up by the weekend.
I ended up retiring the idea I thought up for now, it fit a different project way too well so i gotta work on that now, lol. Hemming and hah-ing over whether I should whip up another one...
Yo I had a feeling I misinterpreted the setting — I’ll fix all that first. I really like that luck manipulation idea...

He is the business. The world around him just gradually turns into a meat packing plant lol

Something I whipped up so far. I'm only wholly undecided on the curse since the original idea was for a Deadpool healing factor but I don't know how many setting-befitting situations it'd actually be relevant in. But I wanted to include a more "successful" personage based off a classic literature anti-hero model (Ellison, Bradbury -- that stuff), so here's what I have so far. I'll build more based on a curse and what you think of it so far?
Oh, funny! I was playing with an Oni reincarnate idea at first.

My actual character should be up... soon-ish? I have all the stuff, just need to write it
mr. craig i-i don't feel so good....


Nerdinn makes his supererogatory mutterings to himself in a tongue indistinct while rolling a ring between two fingers; it is indeterminable how he manages a survey of the scene of waltzing chaos, the black hood obscuring his face. That is until factoring in omnipresence, though this deity in-particular is resigned to myopia -- content with it. These are all very ordinary organisms, considering, but they are absolutely losing their minds -- subtle in the surrounding bustle and din of the tavern, unmistakable to the many-eyed god whose satisfaction in the matter was immense.

"Good tidingshh fellow individualshh," goes the cloaked and legless Nerdinn in his closest imitation of speech. He is approximate to the head of the table, but addresses the group as a whole, incapable of singling out a sorry specimen: "Might I join your company tempowawily? Thishh tavern ishh quite cwoded."

He gestures to a chair, recently made empty.

154 words - ft. Nerdinn, Malevolent God of Nosiness.
No worries! I got up Cat's response to her anTIiQUatEd scanner.
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