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Thank you for your initial interest in Project Nouveau! We will be responding to your messages every few days while the full OP is under construction.

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Cringey rapper with his boi scraggy.

Word to your mother.

I need to see the full version of the OP

Yeah, sure, let me just make it right now.

If you want to know about something, it doesn't need to be a specific question or anything. It just wouldn't be "OP ready," more of like a summary.

We'll play coordinators who exclusively use legendaries/mythicals?

Mm, imagine a world where we corrected errors by just pointing them out... That's "What Pokemon can't my partners be," now.

This is the end of your trial session. If you would like to upgrade to a full version of the OP, you may do so by posting your SSN and credit card information in the comments below.

Perks for installing the Full Thread bundle include:

  • A free, 1-month subscription to Full Frontal mag! A brief world-building section. Includes the five contest categories that form the coordinating backbone and what we’re pretty sure Pokemon are.
  • The terms and conditions manual — how exciting! A more in-depth explanation of how contest rounds work as well as some in-character rules.
  • The hottest acts in the industry now in scintillating 4K quality! An introduction to the judges and supporting cast members: the host, the producers… the walking, talking Meowth?
  • Tickets to experience the "Idol Stars: Nouveau’s" very first episode, airing live from Floaroma Town! And the sign-up sheet, too, if you aren’t bored yet.

Pitch __________

Under the pseudonym Schro would present an article in the Rogue-Prog Gallery fine arts zine, “The Death of Art.” As that title anticipates, the article is a great dressing-down and deconstruction of the culture surrounding Pokémon coordination. Schro attacks the Pokémon League Affiliation and their act of hosting public-entry contests on the Hoenn and Sinnoh continents; in his words: "...the precise undoing of all fundamentals to the coordinating practice... the ultimate show of Pokémon-person affinity reduced to the brutishness of organized battling which the art developed to contend." Of course, this isn't new criticism. Public-entry contests targeted the training demographic with a low bar for entry, a promenade of Pokémon onstage at once. Pop analysts came running to expose the exploitation and vapidity of having Pokémon in funny clothes dance-monkey-dance before a crowd. The arbitrary winner of it all would get a little pocket change before moving on to the next badge. It was so lucratively popular, invading the niche of contest halls with competition so newfound and total, a good amount closed indefinitely. If the PLA wanted to take contests from the public eye, they were doing a thorough job of it. Once-famous coordinators either sold out to Trainer recruitment efforts and corporations or slithered down to the underground with everyone else. Coordination became majorly, socially unaccepted.

Schro concludes, "Modern coordinators pronounce the authority of a toddler throwing a petulant tantrum. That which is bold, that which is spectacle, that which challenges its onlookers, can only be found in the battling sport." The suggestion ignited the contest underground in furor, outrage, and despair, a sprinkling of death threats or two in classic artist melodrama. But in the end, that statement was earnest. Thus came the combined response of the coordinating community: "Something ought to be done about this."

We live in an age where government sterilizes and stomps out personal expression and culture wherever it distracts from the League Challenge. Coordination has come to represent more than it ever has before. Though each region has its own history, there is a unifying drive to see more coordinators succeed. Less cutthroat flagrancy, more troupes popping up to sponsor new talent. A plethora of pocket-lined connoisseurs support the art, not to mention profit and opportunity go hand-in-hand.

It starts in two places. The first is a reality talent show that ran for three seasons on the H-SEN (Hoenn-Sinnoh Entertainment Network) starring Poke-idols competing for a music deal when that market was hot. The second is a coordinating tradition, an “encore” between the Grands Finals winners from throughout the discovered world. Subsidiary to H-SEN, Joji Entertainment (Joji-Ent), recycled the Idol Stars formula and reapplied it to coordinating, an untapped market. Six coordinators from six-ish regions: Tohjo (the combined Kanto-Johto); Hoenn; Sinnoh; Unova; Kalos; Alola. There are nine phases and there are three rounds to each phase as standard. Points accumulated across the several weeks of show-nights will spell a winner — of a million dollars. And a pact with the most affluent, highly-esteemed, and historically-relevant of the coordinating troupes, one know in curt reverence as the Gallery. The show’s pilot was conducted with random applicants, broadcast over radio at first until the final round with Meredith Makepeace and her Milotic squeezing victory free from their rival in almost un-comely fashion. H-SEN executives demanded, in that moment, 'Nouveau' get a real-life, full-cover TV airing — in their words, it was indescribably intense, something the masses needed to see to believe.

Now, with a budget, a fleshed-out cast of performing powerhouses, and a purpose, 'Idol Stars: Nouveau' enters, stage right, ready to send its contestants globe-trotting through nine seminal locations in pursuit of victory. Whether these coordinators are Grand Finalists or among the many niche, slept-on talents fighting for foothold in the underground cacophony, they will represent a revitalization of art and culture and the bond between people and Pokémon. Though that all might be lost on these executives. Perhaps 'Nouveau' is the future, or the final nail in the coffin. Whatever happens next… you’ll have to tune in!
A Pokémon contest, reality show RP hosted by Karkinos.

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StyleCall & Response + PvP
Genre ✦ Fandom — Action, Character Drama
Size ✦ Small; exactly 6
Content Level ✦ Medium-Low

* *

We poffin off, we lit like Flare Blitz

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FAQ __________

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Expectations __________

Write beautifully! Practice basic roleplaying etiquette, i.e. avoid god-modding and the like. Use consistent English spelling and grammar. Employ some creative-writing skill in your posts so other players have substance to which they can respond.

Have a-cute timing! Get posts up within ten days of each other and event posts (appeals, primaries) within five days of being first asked. You will relinquish control of your character if you don't warn of a longer absence.

Keep it cool! Contribute to a sense of out-of-character community (within your boundaries). Be conscientious if your behavior excludes anyone else or if it is needlessly argumentative. Avoid assuming what the GM wants or talking in her stead. Finally, if you take personal issue with another player, you need to tell the GM through private means.

Tough it out! Even if they do something you disagree with,you have to always incorporate others' ideas. This includes referencing posts before your own and taking the initiative to ask other players if you're confused by something they write.

Follow these clever hints: (A) Read others' sign-ups; (B) Don't copy-paste exact lines of dialogue; (C) Address sensitive topics in a way that respects the tone of the RP; (D) Ensure each post has some new idea or development in it; try to avoid filler.

Marie Kondo'd my sign-up some. The whole look of it was just bothering me, I dunno. But there's a lot less arbitrary French and she no longer has that mallet thing either. She's just gonna be melee-built with support-y skills.

Sorry for the blue-ball too, aha! I was actually, seriously considering a second character... mayyybe? I know for Karen I wanted to focus more on the "reality" of her being a magical girl, how the two lifestyles interact. So the second character would be invested in the "surreality," or honed-in on all things magical girl. If that makes sense?
mitsu, co.warehouse A >> outside
@blackdragon; @LuckyBlackCat; @NiceSpice; @Thanarosa

“She’s just fine.”
Karen finds her voice, as if overpowered, in a crowd of presence and preternaturalism. Everyone in their thematic dress — maybe with her pink hair she’d be the protagonist but, right now, Karen feels like an audience member. Invisible. She stands transfixed as a girl’s wound puckers, reverse-moulders, and disappears in a perversion of time. She stands mesmerized in the emergence of another girl from thin air, as if melting into this dimension. Like a circus without tricks, but paradoxically, even less believable, with a harlequin to boot — so accurate, it has to be unconscious. Jungian, almost. A dream.

What can she make of it? Well, the clown girl may represent a doe-eyed innocence. The brown-haired young woman behind her, fringed in renaissance frill and roses, is that gloominess belying. And the girl dressed to hunt, armed to the teeth, is full-force reality. Together, they symbolize… a transition? Based on how they’re tiered. As for the lucky cat, she is that glimmer of golden optimism which confronts reality. And the angel, the healer — Karen didn’t at all catch the incredulity in her senior's tone — she is, hopefully, salvation.

So in this narrative she’s built, Karen can’t take Haruko’s hand, as it would just faze straight through. The dream would snap-crack-fizzle like TV static.

When she comes to, it is at the indication of a sudden heat ringing sensitive in her rabbit ears. Karen recognizes the girl-on-fire and, for some reason, starts, as if she hadn’t expected her to come around. Especially like this: the phoenix, sprung from a ring of smouldered structural steel in Warehouse B’s second story, is now traipsing towards her and shouting all the while.

The sheer irascibility and fume coming off of this girl. Mad, mad, and what for? So: you bust a hole in the wall of the abandoned property of a failed enterprise. So what? Here’s what: I saved you! Saved you from a fight that left these other girls in a state where they have to sew their own skin back together! You’re welcome, that’s what, was what Karen could’ve, should’ve, countered as the girl shook her head with finality. She can’t meet those eyes. The obduracy surfaced in her own gaze, as swiftly, rolls off, evanesces, and dies. The Karen that remains, thoroughly discouraged and embarrassed, can take no greater initiative than to herself disappear.

A mumbled half-apology — “...I’ve been intrusive” is the only part audible. Then, like a gymnast, Karen belts, kicks off the ground, kicks off a column, lands on those metal stairs extending to the upper floor. Turns back; hesitates. “I… have someone to check on.”

Haruko. Apparently, she was worth a first name basis. “It’s Karen.”

She reaches out to the clouded world outside the windows. Snap — a mirror her size, fwip, faces the conglomerate of vice-fighters. And Karen, outside, she’s falling. She’s out of there.
ᴍᴀɢɪᴄᴀʟ ᴘʀᴇᴛᴛʏ ᴄʜᴇʀʀʏ ᴡɪʟʟ ᴄᴏɴᴛɪɴᴜᴇ ᴀꜰᴛᴇʀ ᴛʜᴇꜱᴇ ᴍᴇꜱꜱᴀɢᴇꜱ!
Aw man, I'd only be hesitant about continuing cause I've been throwing my hat in other rings. I can always stick around to see what develops, even if I can't guarantee posts really later on. Either way, here's to things looking up for you!

mitsu, co. — warehouse A

A spotlight of isolated source, of inimitable emerald color against the russet walls and abandoned dark. She stood at a leggy five-five, hair askew post-movement. A free hand smartened her bangs. The other arm squeezed a smoldering skull.

"She's safe" — short, sweet, stoic. Until the Vice remnant gave in, bursting into rivets of smoke and violet flame before it could hit the ground — Karen, withdrawn, unharmed, but reduced to belting coughs and paroxysms as she doubled over and flapped at the air.

The other girls seemed in a likewise poor condition, in some cases worse.

From the neighboring warehouse building, Blink's effervescence clicked off, returning Building A to all its dingy mundanity — ignoring the hole scorched in its side. Karen, suddenly conscious of how intrusive she seemed, swaggered sequestered, even from the girl who approached her, a girl running with fabric and nicety, fringed with stars, armed with an arcane staff — altogether angelic, she couldn't deny, and magical as opposed to, well, herself. Karen's embarrassment came crashing onto her; she couldn't have felt more out-of-place unless these tights were fishnet.

Opting to the greatest extent of etiquette she could finesse in a flattering bow. "I apologize for my sudden appearance. The girl I swapped positions with is safe in a neighboring building."

"I'm Uetsuki. I'm... new to Vice-hunting. But I'm not a liability. If you have a plan... I can support you." There was no foul in honesty, here. Karen cracked a nervous smile. "If there are any more Vices here. To tell you the truth, I think your group has most of the firepower already."
🍒 V I S C E R A
mitsu, co. — warehouse B

Heels and hands against rusted rungs. The ppmf, ppmf of a distant bass line -- otherwise, silence. Two bunny ears pop into frame. With an indignant twitch — “There’s really nothing here.

Karen sleights the pick from cuff to keyhole, cracking into the modular office at the height of the stairs. She tries the dead switch before settling for her eyesight. As enhanced as the mighty superheroine Cherry Bonne-Bonne’s senses are — faster than a speeding bullet, stronger than an ox, etc. — she can just make out the silhouettes of vague and complicated machinery, the sleep-talking of a desktop computer, a manager nameplate, the acridness of hand sanitizer, of printer ink, and of that telltale office smell.

D’you think you can smell evil?

Blink is sprawled casually across a printer, a black wisp against blackness.

How did you get in here? Karen wants to ask; remembering their deal, she wears the accusation on her face. “So this was a waste of time.”

Nuh-uh!” Back arched, “Just ‘cause there aren’t any Vices in here, doesn’t mean they aren’t anywhere.” Bounding to the desk, “This place is too new, anyway. They just cleared it out.

"Pi-ink! I hate doing the ‘cryptic’ thing! Start taking this seriously!

She is scowling still — “What do you mean ‘take it seriously?’” — but, as she’s custom to, it is an halfhearted effort. It is with detachment, adding glaze to the smoky-blue of her eyes. Adding a sway to her stance. Adding distraction, fiddling with the white tie of her henshin. Karen says, “I want to do this, believe me. It’s just hard to get motivated—”

( Mmmalways is. )

“—we’ve been searching long enough already; there hasn’t been a sign—”

Maybe you’re looking for the wrong sign! Like, it’s hard to see darkness, but what penetrates darkness?

I’ve said too much.” Blink’s cloud of a tail curls over his feet, that smug, straightened-up mentor facade.

Anyway, you kinda got your bunny butt handed to you the first time. This is as much a breather as you can afford, really. Make it a learning experience.”

The carbuncle paddles the air, mid-stretch, as Karen eyes his silhouette, stands far from relaxed in the peaceful abandonment of the warehouse. The only accompaniment she has is in the building strings of that non-effacing backing music, thrumming in the back of her mind, active now and for every transformation hereafter. “I’m not getting any better sitting around,” she musters, her attention elsewhere. The strings are building, building.

What’s close?

The office has one window, built into a shared wall with the complex. Peering from the second story, Karen can survey the neighboring buildings and alleyways from a safe distance. The brick building to her left is one of busted-through windows with a roof of cracked glass, something dark and clouding and occasionally surging with ephemeral light like storm clouds bearing lightning.

Bingo,” comes Blink’s smug voice from beside her. Next, “Hrrk—!” Karen drives her hands into the carbuncle’s scruff, lifts him up, shakes him like a glow stick. He is suddenly raving, rippling, writhing with bio-luminescence, a show of cyans and neon-greens, so bright the Virtue must shield her eyes before she can summon a mirror angled outside between the two buildings. It catches Blink’s light.

A rippling beam cuts through Warehouse A. Vices caught underneath begin to smoke and snarl.

On whom the spotlight lands: a head of fire cast emerald green. The girl bears a katana wreathed in smoulder. She is lashing out at a circle of obscured, clawed hands. Blasts of light, unaffiliated, mean she’s not alone regarding allies. Yet, regarding enemies, she is very much outnumbered; the storm cloud dances on.

Karen is stricken — the girl looks young; she’s in a uniform — and starts panicking. What do I do, what do I do?”

Nngh! Put me down…?

She almost shakes him again, but who would she be to turn down the bloom on a dying tree that was a Keeper’s help? With Blink back on the desktop — “You better keep that up,” — Karen reaches out to the girl with the sword. Should she apologize? Or is she doing her a favor? Nevertheless, the spell is targeted. It is slow and it is exacting, heavy with their many feet apart, heavy as the inevitable, impending migraine. But nonetheless, even as the seconds stretch and she fears that she’ll lose sight of the girl-on-fire, Karen never questions this stubborn exigency to prove herself.

The distant chorus breaks and — snap
@NiceSpice Discord Invite expired ;-;

@blackdragon I rolled your character for a little switcheroo for my post. Basically, thanks to Karen's 'bras por un bras' spell, Midori would be teleported from the warehouse filled with Vices to a dark office space in a neighboring warehouse, no Vices, but a cute lil' Keeper! Want to know if that's alright with you first before I post.
i can definitely keep Karen around the industrial park — as Epsir said, I wouldn’t want any clutter (unless/until we start seeing some vices that need that much girl power...). the park definitely seems like a breeding place for the things so far.

another question: are there limits to interacting with the guardians? if I wanted to introduce one as a npc or something. @LuckyBlackCat @NiceSpice

gosh, I could think about a second character... definitely want to focus on this one from the getgo and I’ll see what crops up in-character, I guess.

but yeah: i’ll kick off Karen with a solo post but am 100% down for some party action after that!
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