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Current -Finally got her Mastery 7 on Nami- I dEcIDe WhAt ThE TIdE wILL BrInG.
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The World is a river, and I'm its King.
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Also craving the heck out a dark theme'd magical girl roleplay. -Kicks away Madoka on Blu-ray.- Idk where I got the notion. 9.9
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All this Chinese New Year hype has severely put me in the mood for a Fruits Basket style RP ;3;


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@SimpleWriter Welcome! Ahh she's so interesting, I can't wait to see how she pans out! I was wondering when someone would pick up loyalty :D

@Karkinos I think I know what you mean, like 2 sides of the same coin sorta deal?

@Gisk Ahh I'm sorry to see you go, I hope you have great RP's still! :D

-cracks knuckles- flat hunting aside, lets get some writing done
Well, he never wants to half ass anything... -1000000 is the high score, boys. LETS DO THIS. FOR BEKS! (\(OuO)/)
;( Dae needs a Beks to protect him from Beks... he got a minus 30 for breathing ;(((
Make them join. They're NPC customers. 9u9

“Thank you!”

His plan was to open the door slowly, because he knew first-hand the temper of a woman. When the door all but opened itself, Daehyun had to summon a great, spiritual will-power to root himself to the ground, even if his eyebrows all but hit the ceiling. All in fun, his smile was still there but… it much less like the usual, nearly plastic grin he could conjure up. It was softer, gentle.

“Actually, I came to tell you not to worry about it. I hate the thought of you hiding back here, being embarrassed.”

That and, he needed his uniform. Something that was taken from her hands, and a mental note to find his kitty-accessories. He pivoted, to allow the poor woman to escape the backroom, with a dramatic sweep of one arm and a bow. Like a mysterious Spanish gentleman. Except it was Daehyun. Using the cover of the bow to flash a grin, he added;

“I like your hair, as well. I love the colour, maybe you could pick out a colour for me to dye my hair sometime, haha?”

Genuinely. Given that Amelia was the manager and had much to attend to in the front shop, Daehyun was happy enough to slip into the back of the store himself and get ready properly. Cuffing up buttons, using his phone camera to make sure that Amelia was 100% correct, his hair WAS cool. He was cool. So cool. He even blew himself a little kiss, as half hearted as it was.

His phone buzzed, a text message. He felt his heart light up, flutter, he knew she’d come to her senses--


…He felt his fingers tighten around the phone.

It took a lot of effort to not storm out onto the café scene—and what a scene there was! So many new people! Of course, he’d seen March before, and had very recently met the lass responsible for those delightful looking macaroons. There was someone… older, and by that he meant closer to his age than his co-workers. He had long, wavy hair, and certainly seemed well trained. Perhaps a former employee? Infact, he seemed very well received!

Mari, too, although he didn’t know her name yet, he was -sure- he’d seen her inside before, maybe before he came in the first time, or after the shift… as he opened his mouth to join in on the meet and greet, however...

The customer that had come in prematurely? His throat felt a little dry. He looked everywhere, but always sort of… settled back on the braided girl. Very uncharacteristically silent.

He must have made it look like Amelia had destroyed him, inadvertently… he tried to sidle up to Minkyu, whispering in his ear in the most-obviously-not-obvious-way.

"Do you know her...?"
Cutie Capacity at Max, Success of Cafe Imminent.
x__x I'll give others a chance to post now IPROMISE.

Something small was behind him! Something tiny, almost a foot below him, and it liked his timin—it was a person—it was a GIRL! His own cheeks were a flustered dusting of pink, embarrassment and perhaps a small serving of annoyance. After all—had he just been teased about?

“Woah, those look really great? You’re definitely getting hired.”

There was something about that statement. Something pointed, almost as if he’d want to pressure someone into hiring her. Someone… shy, and susceptible to such pressure. Dusting away the flushes from his head with an easy going smile in his lips, Daehyun stared down (very down) to their newest guest. Blonde, but she spoke Korean too… hmm, where was she from, he wondered.

Of course, this train of thought came crashing because he was getting apologised to. It was painfully slow the way his eyes trailed across every object in the room until they reached Minkyu. While his sister was… very much not like Amelia in the teasing department, it wasn’t something he was going to contest Minkyu about. Lots of people had teasing siblings.

“Hey, don’t sweat it. Do you really think she likes my hair?”

His uniform was in the back—wasn’t Amelia in the back?

“Ah, thanks for telling me, bro.”

Not heeding a SINGLE part of the ‘leave Amelia alone’ vibes, or even the verbal warning, Daehyun sauntered past the counter after giving a small bowing nod to their latest arrival. When he came dangerously close to Minkyu, he paused. Motionless. Face devoid of any expression. This is how he stood for many seconds.

That emotionless plate broke, a smile, one trying hard not to laugh, broke across his lips. An arm went for Minkyu, to pull him inwards so Daehyun could ruffle his hair. Gently, very gently, with plenty of option for the smaller lad to escape him.

“You called me hyung~? I heard you, I heard you say it! I bet I had you going there, huh!?~ Ha ha! You heard him say it, too!”

Looking at you, cutie-blondie! Fun and jokes aside, he did slink his way towards the backroom with silent footfalls, his knuckles knocking against the door. He didn’t just want to barge in on the poor girl, after all. The jovial expression of his laughter had softened into a smile, one hand placed on his hip casually.

“Guy with the cool hair here, can I come in?”

but in-regards to Minkyu:

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