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A little about me

Greetings, I am Frizan. I'm a gamer and roleplayer of many years. My favorite game genre is stealth and, as a natural consequence, my favorite archetype is the rogue or thief. If a setting allows for rogue-type characters, it's almost a guarantee I will be playing one. Of course, that is not to say I can't play as anything else, I simply prefer playing the rogue, as it's what I have the most experience with. I can play warriors and even priests just fine. I really enjoy storycrafting with my fellow roleplayers, even if none of it actually gets implemented, it's a great way to drum up ideas for future projects. Also, it's just good fun!

Preferred settings

It's eye-rollingly cliche, but the setting I normally stick with is Fantasy, ala Elder Scrolls or Dragon Age. I, of course, am open to most other settings. Settings I don't think I will ever get into though are school settings and other "slice of life" style settings. They simply do not appeal to me.

Degree of seriousness

Once upon a time, I absolutely loved serious and "gritty" games. It's why I am now completely burnt out on them. You could say my edge has been dulled. Now, I seek roleplays that are non-serious in nature, where death is something that happens rarely, or at least does not get a whole lot of time devoted to it(though I haven't ruled out "serious" games entirely, they just need to be focused on something other than pure edge). As it stands now, I view player-character death not as some big event that's worth getting emotional over in any degree, it just means I have to start over with a new character and write up their sheet. It's an annoyance and nothing more. Besides, happiness isn't a sin and neither is character death the only way to conjure up drama. C'mon, get creative for once.

Available methods of contact

I have a steam account, a Skype account, a Discord account, and I am also open to using Google Docs and Titan/Ether/Whateverpad.



Currently enrolled in:

The Elder Scrolls: Fruits of Contention
(ongoing and looking for more players!)

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Sagax Speculatus
Piper Speculatus

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The Elder Scrolls: Crimson Skies
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Star Wars: Edge of Rebellion

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@Frizan For this contest, do we have to end the story with obtaining the treasure, or is it sufficient to set the goal to obtain it and start the journey?

The idea I have will be bigger than 2000 words, so I will either need to take some shortcuts through exposition or not end with a treasure in their possession.

I would say try your best to end the story on the acquisition of the treasure, but I won't say no if it is not feasible to do so without sacrificing parts of the overall story. Journey over destination, and all that.
I am very much interested in this competition but I need to know first. Is it allowed that we use copy write protected topics like D&D? I have a few characters I could easily write this about.

Usually the intent when I write a contest is that people write up new worlds and characters. That is simply a loose intent, however, and not a hard-written rule. If you have an idea for a story, you are more than free to go ahead and write it with pre-existing characters if you please.
Remember when I said I'd have a contest ready for December? I do. My computer did not wish to cooperate, however, as it promptly decided to kill itself. Basically, the CMOS battery went and died on me(a common problem with my model of device, the Alienware Alpha), and on top of a 120 dollar service fee I had to wait nearly two weeks for the repair place to get a replacement part and fix it.

BUT, I come back with a new contest ready to roll, right here and right now.

Feel free to direct any feedback or questions here! Please keep discussion relevant to the associated contest. All other Guild posting rules also apply.
All That Glitters Belongs To Me

“I love GOLD! The taste of it, the smell of it, the texture…”

Who doesn’t love the jangle of a full coinpurse, or the glint of pretty stones embedded in a goblet? Gold and gems drive men to great lengths to obtain them.

Some, however, inevitably go further. They are not satisfied with the newest mint, instead seeking currencies of bygone ages. Others are more eccentric, searching far and wide for knickknacks of all manner of shapes, sizes and purposes. The most daring, however, hunt ancient artifacts, usually of some great unknowable power. Why? Well, now there’s the million dollar question! Why, indeed, would someone risk life and limb to collect, for all intents and purposes, flashy trinkets?

Everyone has their reasons. Perhaps it is the thrill of the hunt, or a quest for knowledge? Of course there is always the possibility of simply uplifting oneself into the higher echelons of society with your finds.

What, brave(and/or greedy) adventurers, feeds your desire?

Contest Rules

1. The focus is, of course, treasure. Be it a hoard or a single piece, your character(s) is going to want whatever it is. Why do they want it, and how do they plan to get it?

2. Try to give some backstory to the treasure your character(s) is after. Context never hurts.

3. Does your hunter have rivals? An entity or group of people that don’t want them to have whatever it is they’re after? Feel free to throw in a good old fashioned fistfight over the treasure!

4. Please keep entries under 2000 words.

Grounds for disqualification

1. Plagiarism.

2. Your entry having no clear connection to the prompt.

3. Gratuitous violence or gore.

4. No explicit sex scenes. Fade to black is fine.

The deadline for RPGC #26 shall be Friday, January 31st. Please post all entries in this thread, and direct all questions and feedback to my PM box or the associated Discussion thread, and I will gladly answer them.

Please hold off all votes and critiques until the proper thread has been erected for this prompt.
Voting thread for RPGC #25 is up! Deepest apologies for the wait.

I'm going to be trying to speed things up a bit. I normally give a couple of weeks for the voting, then I close it once I believe everyone that wanted to vote did vote and announce the winner. The voting for RPGC #25 will be overlapping with the entry period for the next contest, which I plan to be up by the 7th of December, maybe earlier if I've got every put together before then, so keep an eye on the Contests section!
I Can Show You The World

Voting and Critique

Welcome to another round of voting!

I encourage everyone that cares about the Contests(and if you don't already, I encourage you to begin now) to read through all of the wonderful entries submitted in the past two weeks, and cast their vote for their favorite! The submission with the most votes will be posted in a stickied "Trophy Case" thread where it will be displayed for all to see, and its author added to the list of Meritorious Writers at the very top!

Of course, this thread is also for critiquing. Note I said critiquing, not shitslinging. Constructive criticism only, please. Feel free to go through any one or all of the entries and give your two cents in helping your fellow writers improve! Those that have entered this contest are absolutely allowed to critique each others' works, contestants can absolutely vote, though not for their own, obviously.

Needless to say, using multiple accounts to vote more than once is NOT ALLOWED, and if an author uses alts to vote for their own work, they will be disqualified on the spot and disbarred from entering any future Contests.

Please vote based on the merits of the work, not for the sake of a clique or just because the author happens to be your friend. And mostly certainly do not attempt to have an author falsely disqualified because you don't happen to like them.

by @Viper Commando

by @GeekFactor

by @Calle

by @Candlelitsoul
Winner of RPGC #24: Tactical Espionage Action

The Army Destroyer by @Calle

Brown and beige tents were put up in neat rows spiralling away from the big tents in the centre. Soldiers wearing simple bronze chainmail over red leather worked hard to get the camp set up before dusk would settle and lead the way for the evening to come. The air was filled with the smell of moist dirt, sweat and oil; and the sound of talking, shouting and grinding of blades being sharpened.

A soldier walked through the camp, smiling to greetings, saluting superiors. He tried to act naturally, casually, and dropped a bag behind a tent. Without pausing he went in a new direction, his fingers stroking the wood of the handheld crossbow he kept under his cloak. Sure, these people had their Army Destroyer, but his people had been able to downsize crossbows to a more manageable size, without sacrificing a lot of piercing power or range.

His eyes took in the metal-and-wooden structure that was their secret weapon: a moving catapult that was pretty damn accurate and fired big rocks, flaming coal, and flasks of oil at the same time. It was certainly capable of doing a lot of damage, but it wasn’t in the same league as the City Destroyers the dwarves had used during the last war.
The Army Destroyer moved slowly, but surely. It was pulled by oxen, but a set of gears made it easier for the animals to pull it. Another thing left behind from the war against the dwarves, who had invented those. Their machines had run on coal and water and hadn’t needed any animals for pulling. That was something humans hadn’t been able to replicate.

Around him soldiers were talking amongst themselves and he listened to the bits and pieces of the stories and complaint, but his attention was focussed on the moving machine. They had just finished making camp and the Army Destroyer was on its way to the designated location. Steve smiled and nodded to one of the enemy soldiers as he passed him, so far no-one had seen through his disguise. The enemy army was large enough for soldiers to know their own unit by name, the closest units by face and some by name, and the rest, well, it was good everyone wore the same uniform. He noticed how some had removed their chainmail, while others kept it on. And aside from those who had to patrol, most seemed to relax and take their time to clean or repair their armour or weapons.

“Hey, from what unit are you?” someone asked.

Steve turned to face him, taking in the scarcely decorated chainmain and clean leather pants. This man hadn’t been marching. He saluted the officer. “Twenty-four blue, sir,” he said.

“And what are you doing here?”

“Delivering a message to the legas of green ten, sir.” He showed the man a closed letter with the name of the legas on it.

The officer subjected him to a scrutinizing look and after a moment held out his hand. “I will take it, report back to your legas.”

“Yes sir.” Steve turned around and walked back, but when he was certain the man wasn’t looking he snuck between some tents and quickly went back in the direction he had been going in before. That was the only letter he had; it was best to avoid being stopped by anyone else. He moved quicker now, he needed to do this before the Army Destroyer would reach its place and come to a halt. He looked at the machine that towered over everything else, still moving steadily.

Only special troops were allowed near the Army Destroyer, but that didn’t matter. His goal was unguarded. He reached the tree closest to the machine and climbed in.

“What are you doing?” one of the enemy soldiers asked.

“Just getting a good view,” Steve replied as he pulled out his crossbow.

“What is that?”

Steve didn’t answer and took aim. There were two confirmed weaknesses. One only worked if the enemy would approach them on the battlefield, but the other was within range. As someone shouted “Hey, stop!” below him, he fired an iron dart. It pierced the air and buried itself in the gears that allowed the machine to move. The gears came to a grinding halt while the gears on the other side still moved, causing the large weapon to turn. For a moment it seemed the large machine would topple, but the drivers managed to stop the oxen in time.

Too bad.

Two hands grabbed his legs and Steve smashed the crossbow against the tree, to make sure the enemy wouldn’t get their hands on his weapon. He didn’t have any more darts with him anyway, he knew before coming here there would be enough time for just one shot.
They dragged Steve to a tent and pushed him against a pole. Steve coughed as the blow forced the air from his lungs and took in a deep breath as the soldiers tied his hands behind the pole with a rough rope.

The heavy fabric of the tent let very little light in. It took a moment before Steve’s eyes adjusted to the darkness around him. There were very few items here. A table and a chair at one side, a crate filled with ropes. And three poles, one of which was still empty. His eyes rested on the other prisoner in the tent. They looked at each other but didn’t speak.


“Grand commander Bendul,” a man barked as he entered the tent. Judging by the ornaments on his uniform he was a high-ranking officer. Steve silently observed him while he addressed the other prisoner. There was some grey in his black hair and despite the evidence of a good life around his abdomen he seemed to be in good shape. “Is this one of your men?”

“I don’t know all soldiers by face,” Bendul began, but was interrupted by Steve.

“I am. And you must be marshal Doruk.”

The marshal turned to him. “Did you really think that little stunt of you would stop us?”

“It should delay you,” Steve replied, his voice calm and he smiled at the man. “But, to be honest, that was just a message from first major commander Andrus. A warning.”

“Andrus,” Doruk grumbled. “I’ll have his head on a stake.”

“He said that you would say that, and if you would then I had to tell you that his left side is his best side. And that if you would place his head so that the sun is always on the left, he’d make a stunning ornament.”

The grand commander groaned, and the face of the marshal turned red. “I will put his head anyway I want to!” he bellowed, turning around and stomping out of the tent.

“Was that why he sent you?” Bendul asked. “So that you could taunt Doruk in his place?”

“No, sir. I came here to rescue you.”

Bendul let out an amused sound. “That’s not really going according to plan, is it?”

“To be honest, sir,” Steve said, lowering his voice to a whisper as he started wriggling and turning his wrists and plucking the rope with his fingers, “after studying the knots they use a lot, Trevor tied me up with a knot they use most frequent and left food with me, telling me that if I was hungry I had to get it myself. It took me a day, but I found a way to untie myself. Then of course I had to do it again, but faster. Then another knot…”

“That sounds like Trevor,” Bendul sighed. “If he’d still be an officer I would have demoted him for that stunt.”

“But he’s not, and that’s probably why the first major commander requested his assistance. The first major commander didn’t know what Trevor did though.”

“Of course,” Bendul said, but they both knew Andrus knew exactly what Trevor had done.

The ropes fell to the ground. “Maybe it is unethical to tie one of your own up and withhold food from them,” Steve went to the grand commander to untie him, “but it worked.”

Bendul decided to let the matter rest, he would pick it up with Trevor personally when he would be back at their side. “I suppose you have a plan to get us out of here too.”

“Yes, sir.” Steve walked to the back of the tent and lay down on the ground. He lifted the fabric and peered through the opening. Three set of boots marched on the other side of the tent and he waited until they were gone. As far as he could see there weren’t any boots or shadows of people within eye range and he grabbed the bag he had dropped there earlier, pulling it into the tent.

“Missionary cloaks,” he said as he opened the pack. “And two daggers.”

Bendul took the green cloak made of plants and feather and put it on. After he pulled the hood over his head, he turned to Steve who also had the cloak on. “Lead the way.”

Pulling up the hood, Steve opened the tent and stepped outside. When he saw a couple of soldiers he quickly made the blessing symbol with his hand and waited for the grand commander to join him. Together they walked through the camp, their hands clasped as all missionaries seemed to do, their eyes cast to the ground. They managed to walk through most of the camp, giving blessings to those who requested them, but they were stopped by a soldier.

“Missionaries aren’t supposed to be in this part of the camp,” he told them.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Steve said, his hand disappeared in the cloak and his fingers wrapped around the handle of his dagger.

“Show your hands,” the soldier said, putting his own hand on his sword.

With a swift movement Steve drew the blade and lashed out, but the soldier evaded it. Before he could shout for help, Bendul grabbed him and slit his throat from behind. The man grabbed his throat, blood oozing through his fingers, and Steve started to pull him between the tents.

"Hey, you two!”

“Damn,” Steve muttered, dropping the dying soldier. “This way, sir!” He started running through the camp, followed closely by Bendul. He pulled down a stack of crates, dove between some tents and rushed into one of them. Quickly he removed the cloak, pushed it in an open barrel, and grabbed another bag as Bendul removed his cloak too. They ran out the other side, Bendul just a step behind him, and sprinted through the camp, diving into another tent and went for the two soldiers who were drinking beer. Being caught by surprise they couldn’t grab their weapons or shout for help before they were overpowered by the two soldiers. With their daggers they stabbed the soldiers as quickly and silently as they could. Blood mixed with the spilled beer, creating a brown puddle and leaving a strong sour and metallic scent.

Steve panted and gave the bag to Bendul, who opened it and pulled out red fabric. “Enemy uniform. Quick.”

They both cleaned their hands and Steve removed his chainmail while Bendul changed in the red uniform. It was good the blood barely showed on his leather armour; Steve didn’t want to explain how it got there. There were orders being shouted on the other side of the tent and Steve listened to what was going on there.

“You were prepared,” Bendul stated.

“I prepared a few things, yes.”

When Bendul was ready they left the tent, carefully closing the flap so the dead soldiers wouldn’t be noticed instantly. Steve looked at a few soldiers who were searching for them, making sure to hide his worry deep inside and keep a more casual pose, as if he belonged here.

“You two,” one of them said, stepping closer to them. “Did you see any missionaries?”

“I think two went that way,” Steve said, pointing to the north. “Why?”

“They killed one of our men.”

“Quick then!” Steve started running in the direction he had pointed to. “They can’t be far!”

Together with Bendul and a handful of enemy soldiers, Steve lead the search for the two missionaries. They looked in tents and behind barrels, but to no avail. At one of the junctions Steve stopped and turned to the soldiers. “You guys go left, we’ll go right.”

The enemy soldiers nodded and ran to the left. Steve quickly turned right and together with Bendul ran through the camp.

“What’s up?” someone asked.

“Two missionaries killed soldiers!” Steve explained. “We’re looking for them. We must bring all the missionaries to the main tent and confirm their identities. Help us do that.”

The soldiers complied and relayed the orders to other soldiers they came across. Steve watched them disperse and turned to Bendul. “This way, sir.”

They reached the outskirts of the camp and when one of the guards asked what they were doing here, Steve told them they were send on a mission by legas Uli. He wanted to drink tea again. The guard rolled his eyes and with a gesture of his head allowed them to leave the camp. The tea obsession of Uli was well known among the soldiers, Steve had heard a few things about that during his exploration of the camp when the soldiers were still putting it up.

Once they were far enough from the camp, Bendul turned to Steve. “Did you plan for transportation?”

“At the river.”

“And what are the current strategies for the upcoming battle?”

"The first major commander decided that the strategy we used against the City Destroyers will work just as fine now.”

“So, he’s letting his men dig really big holes,” Bendul concluded, using the exact words Andrus had once used when he had proposed the idea for the first time.

“Yes sir, we are preparing trenches.”

Bendul showed his approval by nodding. “Let’s make haste, we have to be a good distance away before they find the missionary cloaks in the barrel and find out two soldiers left the camp.”

Together they started running to the river.

With the start of the new contest, I wish to congratulate @Calle for winning best entry for RPGC #24: Tactical Espionage Action! I can't wait to see what you all throw together for this contest!

Feel free to direct any feedback or questions here! Please keep discussion relevant to the associated contest. All other Guild posting rules also apply.
I Can Show You The World

Home is all well and good, it's where the heart is after all, but haven't you ever wanted something a little...different? You know your current surroundings like the back of your hand. There are no surprises, and all the local delights have lost all of their luster. You know everyone worth knowing and you've been to all the different festivals and parades countless times; you pay more attention during your daily commute these days. The grass under your feet is green, but certainly there is greener elsewhere, right? Maybe it's time to get a little adventurous.

All around you, whether you know it or not, there are countless different peoples and customs, all with their different quirks and mannerisms(and food, of course!). Why not hop on a train or plane and have a bit of a look-see? Heck, while you're there, you may as well write down the interesting bits! Who knows when you might want to relive your experience, and it wouldn't hurt to share with others.

Contest Rules

1. Show us the world! Take the readers of RPG on a trip 'round this blue marble and explain the wheres, the hows, and the whys. Traditions, celebrations, culinary specialties, everything! A culture is made up of many things, and every place is different in their own unique ways, and it's your job to show it all off.

2. One may write their entry in a variety of different ways. It could be told as a traditional story, with the main character(s) journey a vehicle to show off the land they are in, or written as a sort of documentary. You could also write of your own experiences, so don't be shy! Of course the world being shown need not be our local earth; it could theoretically be anywhere. Write about an advanced alien civilization if you want!

3. Please keep the focus on what is around your character(s), if you intend to write any in. Character backstory and motive should be kept at a minimum, instead focusing on the things they are experiencing outside of themselves.

4. Please keep entries under 2000 words.

Grounds for disqualification

1. Plagiarism.

2. Your entry having no clear connection to the prompt.

3. Gratuitous violence or gore.

4. No explicit sex scenes. Fade to black is fine.

The deadline for RPGC #25 shall be Friday, November 1st. Please post all entries in this thread, and direct all questions and feedback to my PM box or the associated Discussion thread, and I will gladly answer them.

Please hold off all votes and critiques until the proper thread has been erected for this prompt.
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