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The same thing you'd do if it were a woman that had sexually assaulted your friend, I'd hope.
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Okay but what if your goal is to not lose
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Voltaire's best album is To The Bottom Of The Sea and nobody can change my mind on that.
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I demand more, do not listen to that man.
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Background and roleplaying preferences


A little about me

Greetings, I am Frizan. I'm a gamer and roleplayer of many years. My favorite game genre is stealth and, as a natural consequence, my favorite archetype is the rogue or thief. If a setting allows for rogue-type characters, it's almost a guarantee I will be playing one. Of course, that is not to say I can't play as anything else, I simply prefer playing the rogue, as it's what I have the most experience with. I can play warriors and even priests just fine. I really enjoy storycrafting with my fellow roleplayers, even if none of it actually gets implemented, it's a great way to drum up ideas for future projects. Also, it's just good fun!

Preferred settings

It's eye-rollingly cliche, but the setting I normally stick with is Fantasy, ala Elder Scrolls or Dragon Age. I, of course, am open to most other settings. Settings I don't think I will ever get into though are school settings and other "slice of life" style settings. They simply do not appeal to me.

Degree of seriousness

Once upon a time, I absolutely loved serious and "gritty" games. It's why I am now completely burnt out on them. You could say my edge has been dulled. Now, I seek roleplays that are non-serious in nature, where death is something that happens rarely, or at least does not get a whole lot of time devoted to it(though I haven't ruled out "serious" games entirely, they just need to be focused on something other than pure edge). As it stands now, I view player-character death not as some big event that's worth getting emotional over in any degree, it just means I have to start over with a new character and write up their sheet. It's an annoyance and nothing more. Besides, happiness isn't a sin and neither is character death the only way to conjure up drama. C'mon, get creative for once.

Available methods of contact

I have a steam account, a Skype account, a Discord account, and I am also open to using Google Docs and Titan/Ether/Whateverpad.



Currently enrolled in:

The Elder Scrolls: Fruits of Contention
(ongoing and looking for more players!)

My Characters
Sagax Speculatus
Piper Speculatus

Previously enrolled in:

The Elder Scrolls: Crimson Skies
Furor Titanicus
Star Wars: Edge of Rebellion

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New Guise, Same Scars

Morning, 15th of Last Seed
The Singing Shrew, Evermore

Sagax had turned the corner, about to head up the stairs to the second floor of the inn he and his sister were staying at for the duration of the company's time in Evermore. He was stopped, however, by a dazed young man tumbling down the steps, his body thumping and crashing all the way down. Above, Sagax could see the door closest to the top of the flight slam shut, and he was able to pick up some disgruntled grumbling. The Imperial knew, of course, that that was Piper's room. It took no great effort to deduce why the fellow had been sent headfirst to the bottom of the staircase. Why would it? Piper had already chased this man away twice before; it seemed he had not yet quite learned his lesson.

"I told you not to go up there, friend. I warned you of the consequences, didn't I?"

The bruised man simply groaned in response and let his head hit the floor one last time. Perhaps now he would leave well enough alone. No guarantee, of course, if the other two times this exact scenario played out were any indication.

Piper must have been listening for footsteps, because as Sagax drew near the door, it suddenly flung open. Out came Piper, wrapped in a large bathrobe and brandishing her dirk.

"Listen you motherfucker, if you don't fuck off back to whatever Gods-forsaken hole in the ground you came from, I'm gonna-"

Sagax had jumped back a good distance. He understood perfectly just how well his sister could use a blade, and he wasn't about to get stuck by her because some Prince Charming couldn't take a hint. After clearing a patch of damp hair out of her eyes with a flick of her head, Piper put the knife away and sighed with relief.

"Fuck's sake, it's just you, Sagax..."

"Yep, just checking in...saw your handiwork down there. I uh, don't think he's going to be up a while."

"Shit, fine by me. He could stay on that floor for all I care. After what he just pulled though I've got half a fucking mind to cut something off of him!"

Sagax responded with a puzzled look. " 'After what he just pulled'? What, did he propose to you or something?" Piper just smiled and laughed, the kind of laugh where you could tell someone was only laughing because they were trying to hold back some serious anger.

"Oh, no, you'll love this. So, these doors lock, right? Shitty locks, but they're locks." He could agree to that. He had poked and prodded at the lock to his own door just for fun, and they were honestly nothing too special. Enough to keep out the faintly curious and not much else. "This son of a bitch...picks the fucking lock, opens the door just a little so he can see inside-"

"Please don't tell me he was..."

"That's exactly what the shithead was doing! Thought he was the fucking Gray Fox himself, thinking I wouldn't see him! He got more of a look than I would have liked."

The thought alone disgusted Sagax. He knew of people, both in Evermore and back home, that had tried to gain his sister's affection. Some read poems, some gave her gifts. She rejected them all, of course, and the reactions were varied. But to go so far as to outright invade her privacy like that? At least the fool got what was coming to him.

"Well, I think he's learned his lesson now...Mara's sake I certainly hope so. If not...well, I'll just say I didn't see anything."

"If he hasn't learned by, by Talos I'll make him learn soon! Ruined my damn bath, haven't even really gotten to scrub down yet..." Just then, Piper seemed to pick up a smell that made her face scrunch. "Eurgh..."

"What? What's wrong?"

"! Gods above, when was the last time you actually bathed, Sagax? Your recent high-dive doesn't count!"

"I...well..." Exactly how long had it been, anyway? He certainly hoped it wasn't before leaving for Skyrim...but he just couldn't remember.

"Your room's got water too, right? Should have some soap and rags and stuff...blegh, seriously, go and take a bath you...fucking wildman. I gotta finish my own anyway, so take your time." Before shutting the door, Piper looked back. "No really. Take your time with it. You honestly look like you just came out of a coal mine that went up in flames."

He didn't look that bad, did he? Well, shock of all shocks, yes. Yes he did. The mirror in his room showed a very different man from the one that just left the Imperial City for the Reach of Skyrim. His hair was longer, his eyes had begun to sink in, and he was actually starting to show the signs of a beard! But then there was the dirt. Oh, so much dirt! Sagax knew his current state simply would not do for the banquet, especially not for someone who was supposed to be serving food and drinks. Piper was right to order a bath, he'd be thrown out of any higher establishment at first glance.

The rooms at the Singing Shrew were more expensive than most inns Sagax had been to, but they were certainly worth it. Just like his sister said, there was hot water, an assortment of soaps, and even a nice comb and brush set. It reminded him of home, when he was a child. They had all these same luxuries in their magnificent two story manor. His room overlooked some of the public gardens. Sometimes he could even see his father performing his duties in the streets below, commanding his men and logging reports from wronged citizens that wished for justice. He was so far away now, though. So far away from home, and from family. Right now Piper was all he had, and he was all she had. They would make it work, though. They just had to hold on to hope that they would all be united again...what else would they be fighting for?

As Sagax washed up, he traced along the large burn scar on his chest. It still ached slightly to the touch as he ran the rag over it. It was there he noticed something...different. There were some muscles building around his abdomen and on his arms, ones he was sure were not there last time he was able to get a good look at himself. Well, at least mercenary work had some upsides. One being that, if you survive long enough, you might get a little buff! Maybe he'd be able to match Piper one day...nah, probably not. She was built like a horse. Somehow, though, also as graceful as a dancer.

After drying off and neatly combing his hair back, Sagax took another look at his mirror. In its reflection he found, finally, a decent excuse for a man. But he felt like there was something missing, something small. Looking down at the vanity, he spied some hairties, about five or six of them. He decided on the green one and used it to tie his now fairly long hair back into a slight ponytail. Now he almost looked a little bit noble! Certainly much neater. Upon meeting Piper outside the inn, her own hair now slightly curled from the washing, voiced her approval.

"Oh hello, handsome gentleman, have you seen my mangy brother? I seem to have lost him somewhere!"

Afternoon, 16th of Last Seed
Used Sundries, Evermore

It was almost show time. Sagax made his way to the changing area in Gustav's ramshackle toolshop, or whatever it was, and began preparing himself for the banquet. He had visited a nearby tailor and spent the rest of his allowance on some decent clothing that would fit his role. Something fancy but not extravagant; he wasn't a guest but a mere server. He eventually settled on a nice overcoat along with a doublet and pair of trousers that complemented its colors. On the side he bought a new pair of gloves, as the ones he usually wore had odd, dark stains on them that simply would not come off. The navy blue coat was trimmed at the collar and along the buttons with bronze, while the buttons themselves were of a silver make. Under it, Sagax would wear the dark-green doublet and black cotton trousers. The gloves were very sturdy, and would serve him well if the situation required the Imperial to get...dirty.

He could not bring his blade, but Sagax did decide to smuggle in his dagger inside of the coat's many inside pockets as an emergency weapon. He decided to leave his hair tied, as it seemed to be a fashion trend amongst the aristocracy. Sagax even created a new name for himself, though as a servant he most likely would not need to give it. He had decided on Shay Cormac. He wasn't sure exactly why he chose it, but the name seemed to have a nice ring to it.

Piper would be arriving in a shipping container of all things to help some of the others bring in the rest of the company's weapons and tools. She wasn't pleased with her travel conditions, but she also knew it was the best chance they had of smuggling in any serious utilities. They joined the rest in listening to Gustav's briefing and studied the map until they knew the place like the back of their hands. The two looked at eachother uneasily at Gustav's mention of vampires. Normally it would be because...well, it's vampires. But recent news of their father left them very paranoid and anxious. All they could do now, however, was wait and see.

Until then, they had their jobs to do, and they would see that they were tended to.
How The Guild Saved Christmas

Voting and Critique

Welcome to another round of voting!

I encourage everyone that cares about the Contests(and if you don't already, I encourage you to begin now) to read through all of the wonderful entries submitted in the past two weeks, and cast their vote for their favorite! The submission with the most votes will be posted in a stickied "Trophy Case" thread where it will be displayed for all to see, and its author added to the list of Meritorious Writers at the very top!

Of course, this thread is also for critiquing. Note I said critiquing, not shitslinging. Constructive criticism only, please. Feel free to go through any one or all of the entries and give your two cents in helping your fellow writers improve! Those that have entered this contest are absolutely allowed to critique each others' works, contestants can absolutely vote, though not for their own, obviously.

Needless to say, using multiple accounts to vote more than once is NOT ALLOWED, and if an author uses alts to vote for their own work, they will be disqualified on the spot and disbarred from entering any future Contests.

Please vote based on the merits of the work, not for the sake of a clique or just because the author happens to be your friend. And mostly certainly do not attempt to have an author falsely disqualified because you don't happen to like them, because I'll fucking find out and it won't be pretty.

by @Calle

by @Gwynbleidd

by @Rosenrot
To everyone that is participating: Be sure to get your entries in soon! The deadline will arrive in a little under two weeks.
To everyone that is participating: Be sure to get your entries in soon! The deadline will arrive in a little under two weeks.
Your character can get in the banquet through one of three ways.

1. Attending as a guest, under a fake identity
2. Disguised as a servant and go in the back
3. Shipped into the cargo room in box

Keep in mind that choices 1 and 2 means you must wear appropriate attires and can only carry concealable weapons. You can retain your kit with choice 3.

Reserve your role within two days, or I will assign it to you.

Thinkin' Sagzy will disguise himself as a servant and get in that way. Piper's gonna take the Mail Order Bride approach.
Feel free to direct any feedback or questions here! Please keep discussion relevant to the associated contest. All other Guild posting rules also apply.
How The Guild Saved Christmas

Winter and the season of giving has come again! It is a time to make new friends, catch up with the ones you haven't seen for a while, and generally just be as happy as you can be! Well, what if I told you that there were some entities that despised that? Oh yes, positively hate it! The only thing that makes them happy is making sure you don't get to be, and it just so happens that the festivities give them a golden opportunity to outright yank your jubilation right out from under you like a tacky Christmas tree rug. What better way for a Grinch to make others miserable than to pull them down while they are on their tallest high horse of happiness? Why, it's outright devilish! And my, are there so many devils out on this snowy night...

And it just so happens that one of those devils has targeted you! All the honeyed ham, nutmeg and candy canes couldn't save you from getting your celebrations ruined and smashed by a sullen Scrooge. But you aren't going to take this lying down, are you? Oh no, absolutely not! You've worked very hard this year and were as nice as you could be, and you aren't going to let your holiday be taken from you! Go and get it back, for yourself and all those that have suffered the same...and Saint Nick might throw in another present as a bonus!

Contest Rules

1. Christmas does not need to be directly referenced, it can have any name in your universe. The general themes of Christmas must remain; having your story center around a holiday that involves decapitating people probably isn't going to go over well.

2. Aside from involving Christmas/Christmas-esque festivities, your setting can be basically anything. Victorian London? Cool! On another planet with alien life? Do it! Want to do have it be Modern Day and your main protagonist is a card-carrying super hero(or villain!) that directly beats up some sort of Anti-Santa? Granted!

3. There does not need to be a major antagonist. Heck, your story doesn't even have to focus on saving Christmas as a whole. I will gladly accept stories that zoom in a bit on focus on individuals and their experiences. But the characters' "Christmas" must have been ruined at some point by some thing or event, and your story must follow their efforts to "save it".

4. If you were to call this rule trite, I would agree, but for now I'm sticking with it: We're looking for some feel-good vibes here, folks. Been seeing a lot of long faces on the Guild the past month or so. Make them smile, or at the very least give them a good read to distract themselves with!

5. Please title your entries!

6. There will be a total word cap of five thousand for this prompt.

Bonus parameter: Feeling a bit of Seuss coming on? Write your entry in rhyme!

Grounds for disqualification

1. Plagiarism.

2. Your entry having no clear connection to the prompt.

3. Gratuitous violence or gore.

4. We probably won't be experiencing any of this but I gotta cover all bases. No explicit sex scenes. Fade to black is fine.

Due to the nature of Christmas celebrations, much like Thanksgiving, I do not expect many people will have all the time in the world to write. This is why I am setting the deadline for Monday, January 6th. Please post all entries in this thread, and direct all questions and feedback to my PM box or the associated Discussion thread, and I will gladly answer them.

Please hold off all votes and critiques until the proper thread has been erected for this prompt.
I have thrown in my tiebreaker vote, and so, congratulations are in order for @Briza! Very well done, friend.

And big shoutout to @SleepingSilence for their very well written entry. When I said it was a hard choice on who to vote for, I meant it. I must have spent almost an hour going over why I liked both entries and weighing them against each other.

And get 21 up and running!

Polish those sleigh bells, people.
Winner of RPGC #20: Gratis

The Good Samaritan by @Briza

Her hands were shaking as she pulled a few pounds from her wallet. I watched as they trembled and carefully placed the brass into the hands of the clerk, standing behind the wooden counter. There was no warm mead to be had in the establishment, but the cold would do just fine for her. I felt the need to remove my cloak and wrap it around her, but instead I thought, No, her son, the one who had all her attention and heart. I shall clothe him instead, as she seemed to be so distracted by him to not realize how tremendously beautiful she was, standing there stricken cold in all of her simple attire.

I kept thinking to myself, How could I, a man too much of an elder, come across her without seeming as some rich fool or jerk or contrarian to my own philosophical and theological endeavors? A man of my honor had no need for a lady, nor a used one at that. However, I still found myself quite intrigued by her very nature. We had spoken slight words prior to our meeting at the shop, and she had seemed a bit dazzled by my outfit. Though, I thought her simple form, spent in underweight peasantry, was all the more delightful to admire. There was something about her. Perhaps, it was her personality. Whatever it was, I wanted to know, but first, I would put my cloak around the boy.

She was overly grateful for the cloak; black silk with rabbit fur, gold piping, and equally rich buttons. As I tied the cloak around the boy, I heard the ticking of my pocket watch, and was reminded of my own childhood. There were men just like me at every corner in my own day-to-day. Why was this? Because I had been raised in the most eloquent of homes, with the most eloquent of families, with the most eloquent of manners. I had everything handed to me, if not on a silver platter than on something even more lavish. To see such poor creatures, notably aware that my lifestyle existed, pulled my heart into believing this one gesture would be something to give them warmth. If not for a lifetime, then for at least today.

“The pleasure is all mine, madam,” I said with the finest style of speech I could muster; having found that my back was feeling chilly already, no longer being sheltered from the breeze. Thankfully, I had my goblet, and I awaited to see if the lady would say anything before I took a sip for some warmth. She said nothing daintily, and I went onwards with the same chivalrous curiosity that had driven me to comfort her boy with my cloak, by comforting her with my words. “I would never wish to see such a fine young lad as yours fall ill from such a lovely winter. Such tragedy happens all the time, and I shan’t see it happen today, not to yours, anyhow,” I was a unsure if she understood my gesture. She was unusually docile with certain things, and I could tell we were certainly of different classes.

“‘Comp’ment’d ya attire ya m’ments ago. ‘Eally, ya too kind f’r all’o’s, s’r,” she replied with unstable shyness, and I wanted to lift those spirits for the moment, as there was embarrassment in her manners. She seemed too afraid to say much more, and she had a speech impediment that made it a bit hard to clearly know her wording. I thought perhaps she was from a foreign country, or she had never been taught proper English. I was lead to heavily believe the latter, but as a gentleman, decided not to make assumptions about her, even if the given sin was written all over her. However, With a sudden realization that my status had always made me feel insecure for reasons such as these, I chose to turn a blind eye, as men of my stature did not have the best reputations for treating women in her position well. I am not God for Heaven’s sake, and neither shall I resort to being a Pharisee who had Christ, His only begotten Son, nailed to the Cross. Today, I believed I could change that, at least for myself, and I followed and supported her gratefulness by begging the question, “Would madam mind if she and her son accompanied me for a scrumptious supper?”

It was definitely a tough choice between the two entries, but a tiebreaker vote had to be cast. There is not much I can say about either entry that hasn't already been said, but I believe that Briza hit the mark on what I was aiming for as far as theme and tone goes. It was short, yes, and a bit cliched, but the snapshot of two people, despite being so far away from each other in wealth and class, sharing a moment of understanding and acceptance made me warm and fuzzy inside. While initially the nobleman had some rather off-putting inner thoughts("A man of my honor had no need for a lady, nor a used one at that."), he quickly became quite a warm character, showing care for the woman and her child, eventually going so far as to invite the two to dinner. The woman in the story had a hard time talking clearly, but that on top of her gratitude towards the strange man who was obviously several leagues above her own class(a rich man whom she, if real-world social dynamics are in place in this story, would have plenty of reasons to despise) made her endearing. We do not know what happens after the story ends, but I am sure the nobleman spent much more time with the young woman and her little boy, as he seems predominantly a good soul on the inside.

SleepingSilence's story still deserves much praise. I liked the choice of giving the characters titles instead of names. It gives a very quick description of each character and their personalities without having to spend pages explaining their nuances. The entry is general is very well written, with good detail in the scenes. It was easy for me to imagine the setting of each part of the story. Overall the The Wanderer On Wilhelmsvale Trail was a good read but it had a bittersweet taste, which wasn't entirely what I was going for. I understand and appreciate the overall message, expressed through the ending song, but it just didn't flicker a fire in my heart, so to speak.

Well done to both of you! Like I said it was very hard to vote either way, and I loathe being a tiebreaker as the official holder of the contests as I fear my own biases, but I also wish to stray from repeated instances of multi-winner situations.
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