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@Pepperm1ntsNo worries, that happens. Like I said, I don't mind you having it. Perhaps we could make some kind of deal IC? Tribute for control over the island, obviously leading to more disputes over it?
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Hugs was looking for a rival so I'll let you two work it out.
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Name: Richmond Republic
Location: gyazo.com/8243752755befc30adaa3d63716…
History: The republic was created nearly 60 years ago. Starting out as a humble trading city, it grew into a trading hub and bustling city within the post-apocalypse world. Richmond itself is known as the flower of the south as it’s almost like a pre-war city at this point however it hasn’t grown through peace. In fact their military is very disipline and efficient. Comprised of legions that when their tour of duty is up provided land owned by the state.

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