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I have a question for the mods. If I have a problem with large images being posted, can you edit the offending post to remove the image? Or is it better for me to just request the post be hidden?
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Not a mod, but Imgur has the ability to resize images. If it needs to be posted, you could ask your players to go there and resize it.
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@Lady Amalthea Mods cannot edit posts (which is probably a good idea anyways), so we usually remove them.

I'd ask the person to remove or resize the image as it shouldn't be too hard given there's heaps of programs online. I'm assuming it's like wallpaper size too and that's a little much for people as well.

I can hide it, but would rather not do that yet as they won't be able to edit the post unless they are a GM or co-GM in the RP itself.

Let me know how it goes.
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