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[OOC: Welcome! If you have business to conduct on Nar Shaddaa please feel free to post here. It does not have to compliment ongoing posts from other SWPW players. Please only post your characters here if they are operating in the Nar Shaddaa area.]
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The Raven Trespass is an XS stock light freighter, older but in good condition. The Raven has been kept updated with modern technology, sporting some of the best available civilian propulsion systems and hyperdrive, as well as an armament profile capable of handling most any would-be pirate or bounty hunter in the freighter's weight class. The Raven sports ventrally and dorsally mounted twin laser cannons, as well as a port side-mounted missile launcher. While the launcher itself wouldn't turn many heads, it is loaded with military-grade, MKV-headed ion warheads capable of disabling hardened military platforms. They are the Raven's most powerful defensive system, and a weapon of last resort.

Jaren Jast, Galactic War veteran, freelance spy, and gun slinging smuggler, is the captain of the Raven Trespass. His loyal crew consists of Alsakan native and veteran Republic Naval pilot Telsa Jetsar, chief engineer Val Syndulla, and the Raven's chief of security, Boqorro Nbara.
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Nima Tarkona, Lethan Twi'lek, Class 1 Slave used for entertainment purposes. Her master is Khulbe Desilijic the Hutt.

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