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"If she shows she is dangerous," Mike said, "if it can be proven she was dangerous to humans, the agency will have a valid reason to go after her. They are there to protect humans against dangers humans can't protect themselves against. We saw her before going through that gate; she looked nothing like her old self. If they..." Mike paused as he thought about it. "What if this wasn't about Steph and Gaia? What if the plan that was set in motion is to push Harriet in becoming a danger to the agency, so they have a reason to take her down?"

"We haven't planned a whole lot yet," Benjamin said. "We just had the idea to break into a high-security facility to free some people."

Mitch made a derogatory sound. "As if you could pull that off," he said, glaring at Benjamin. "If this Gaia is as strong as you guys told me, she'll have more chances of breaking out by herself than you have of breaking in. And Steph is probably also more capable of saving herself. She is a fucking Succubus with wings. All she needs to do is bide her time, charm a man or lesbian, whatever she prefers. And if they will only let straight women guard her, she's still stronger than you'll ever be. All they need is a bit of patience, waiting for the right time, and they are out. Going into that building is a foolish idea." He turned to Dante and Lydral. "Unless either of you has some special abilities that could come in useful. Now would be a perfect moment to share, or this plan of storming the high-security facility will end here and now."

"Oh honey," Lily said as she walked to Rose's cage. "What would you like to eat? Do you still eat human food, or do I need to bring in some bugs for you? Tell my assistant please, she will bring you whatever you desire and show you to your new room as well." She gestured to a guard to open the cage of Rose.
The guard opened the door and the assistant waited for Rose to join her; she didn't seem overly happy with the appointed task, but she did as she was told without complaint.

Only Gaia's cage remained closed for now.

Lily joined Steph, watching Gaia for a moment with a sly smile. This lovely creature would have to have a little more patience. "You still need to wake up, dear. I will come to get you after I showed Steph where she can stay. You will be able to cocoon as much as you like in your new room."

She turned to Steph, now closer to her than ever before. Within arms reach. The guards around them looked worried, but Lily ignored them and reached out to stroke Steph's horn. "I love your horns," she commented, "they are so beautiful."

The agents that remained outside watched in horror as the figure crawled out and looked like he was about to die, but didn't. In fact, he seemed to heal...
"Careful now," the leader spoke. "We don't shoot unless attacked," he reminded everyone.
He searched the sky; the other that had thrown this one down must be around somewhere too. Where was she?
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Duncan gave a frown as Mike spoke about what Harriet was like as he picked Freya up and placed her into the water without taking any of her clothes off. Freya let out a small mumble as she started to settle into the water, her gills opened and her body just floated and glistened within the water.
"I've only seen Harriet hit that stage once before, when her old best friend was killed in front of her and they tried to kill me..." He started as something seemed to slowly click in his mind. "Oh no." He said as he straightened up slowly. "Oh no." He looked to Mike and his eyes held worry.

Lydral listened to Benjamin and then looked at Mitch as he spoke, but he seemed almost unphased by the words he said.
Dante stayed silent before his half-brother gave a hollow laugh.
"'Special Abilities', Hah. How cute." He started as he sat up properly, "You're talking to two children of one of the most overpowered jackasses in the universe."
"Dads not a Jackass." Dante said, venom in his words, Lydral waved his hand, dismissing his half-brothers words.
"Dante inherited Dads Psychic ability. An added bonus is he's also a Shifter, if he can be bothered to use his powers or split himself into the clones. Especially because unlike dad he doesn't have to worry about splitting himself into too many forms and releasing a beast." Lydral started, "Duncan is a literal human machine, Electric powers, Nanobots, Resistance to poison. Harriet got Dads Memopath side, dangerous, cold, powerful. Shadow powers, time powers, Not to mention the added electric powers from mum and dads air abilities."

Lydral paused for a second, and pulled out a flask before taking a small swig. "I got stuck with the boring Nuric part of my father, but Axel got double unlucky and he was stuck with the Human genes of our mother. My powers are limited, but I also have my team of people working on a new type of gun, made from a redesigned version of dads blueprints."
"Which you stole." Dante added angrily, Lydral looked over to his half brother with a raised eyebrow.
"Look, you don't have to be a Dek'orith. Dad gave me the blueprints... Well, he left it in our store house. And how can I turn down a gun that eats organic matter?" Lydral said with a smirk.

Rose slowly moved to stand up and shakily stepped towards the doorway, holding herself up in the doorway as she looked to the assistant with a weak smile.
"I...I can still eat human food." She said with a small nod, "I've never eaten bugs before, at least not as an adult." She explained before she winced and almost collapsed down to the ground again. "I've never been this hungry before."

Steph looked over to Lily as she spoke to Gaia before she looked towards the guards away. She breathed out slowly before inhaling sharply as Lily's hand came in contact with her horn.
"P..Please don't touch them." She said with a weak smile, "T...They're really sensitive. I haven't had them for a while, but thank you." She said with a shaky smile. She twitched her wings slightly before they stretched out a bit more. "I haven't had this form for too long honestly."

Gaia let out a low rumble at Lily's words, especially at the mention of being able to cocoon. She settled on the floor and lowered her head against the ground as she closed her eyes slowly.

The figure coughed as they felt their body ache and crack, the coughing brought up blood. But not just blood, but tissue as well; burnt, dark red damaged tissue.
They moved to slowly stand up properly as the skin on their face started to heal over, a large jaggered scar over their eyes forming.
"T...That fucking... Bitch." They uttered slowly, "How dare she strike me down like that, how DARE she use my own power, the power GIFTED to me... Against me." He coughed again.

Daz was not in a good state, normally a human would have been obliterated, but Daz was not just stubborn but he was 'gifted' by some sort of twisted god.
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How bad is it?" Mike asked. There was nothing good about the way Duncan was reacting, and adding that to how Harriet had looked it didn't bode well. It didn't seem like a matter whether the situation was bad or not anymore, but how bad the situation was.

Mitch listened to Lydral gave and what the two siblings were saying to each other. Half of what he heard was information he could't place - what the hell were 'Nurics' anyway? - but he had heard enough to assess their strenghts. At the end of it he turned to Benjamin. "You would just get in their way. Let them handle it; you are out of your league."

While Benjamin wanted to protest, he knew Mitch was telling the truth, so he nodded. There was nothing he could contribute in this mission and it was best to let people who could handle it do it.

"I can go in your place if you don't trust them to have the right priorities," Mitch continued, pleased to see Benjamin was smart about it. "I can use the challenge; none of the jobs from my agency have been particular challenging and I'm getting bored." He turned to Lydral. "When will that new gun be ready." A gun eating organic matter was an interesting concept. Probably the most interesting thing he had heard all day.

"Wait," Benjamin said. "You're not going to kill people, are you?"

"If you want your girlfriend back, people will die. That is the trade-off," Mitch stated coldly.

The assistant supported Rose as she started to walk away with her. "4C will be your new room," she said. "Dr Waters has given the order to prepare it for you. I'm sure you'll find it to your liking."
She made her way to an elevator with two guards following them, so they could get to the fourth floor.

As the assistant left, Lily turned to Steph. "This way dear, we're taking the elevator on the other side. 4P is the number of your room and I decorated it myself. I hope you will like it. Rose and Gaia will stay on the fourth floor too, so you will be close to your friends."
She started going towards the elevator and two gaurds walked behind them. "What kind of food do you like? I will instruct the kitchen to make something special for you."

Agents walked towards Daz with guns pointed at him. "Sir? What is your name, sir?" They asked. Others kept an eye on the sky to be ready from any threats from the sky.
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Duncan looked to Mike with a grim frown, "Well," He started, "Harriet can very well lose her humanity." He continued with a glance away from Mike, towards Freya for a moment before he moved to leave the bathroom. "Memopaths are known for going... Overboard, with things." He explained as he walked out into the hallway as he looked back to Mike with a weak smile. "Mostly Memopaths are male, because... That's just how their species is. Female Memopaths are rare and... very Powerful, as; and I hate to say it, Females are very emotive when they need or want to be. So an Angered Female Memopath is almost as twice as bad as at least Three Male Memopaths."

Lydral looked towards Mitch as he spoke to Benjamin and he gave a bit of a smirk.
"He can sit out with Duncan, I'd rather not get either of them injured and they'll just get in the way. As you said." He turned his attention to Mitch with a raised eyebrow as he asked about the gun.
"Well, We're onto our final prototype now, and so far this version doesn't start to eat at the user." Lydral started as he kicked his feet back up, Dante staring at him angrily.

"I would say we'd have it at least in a week." He said, closing his eyes and tossing his head back towards the ceiling. "Of course, you'll have to prove yourself worthy of even looking at the gun."
Dante moved to sit by Benjamin now, his temper was starting to slip and he didn't want to be by his half-brother while he was talking.

Rose supported her spare legs on the assistant carefully as they walked towards the elevator. She didn't reply to the assistant as she spoke to her, her head was spinning now as she felt her entire body ache and scream for food.

Steph looked to Lily as she started to talk to her, "Food?" She asked before she furrowed her brow to think, "If you're asking about allergies I... don't really have any, not that I know of at least. As for preferences I'm... Pretty neutral on a lot of food." She gave a small laugh before she shook her head, "I could go for some curly fries though, I haven't had them in ages."

Gaia watched them all leave and moved to settle on the ground as she waited for her body to wake properly. She was going to be moved soon, yes? And this room will be to her 'liking', that's what they said. Was it an open cave? Probably not, but it might be to her liking in terms of human rooming.
She looked to the ceiling as she thought she heard thunder, Harriet. She thought before she looked towards the door and drooped her ears, "Ethan." She thought, almost longingly.

Daz looked over to the agents, he stayed quiet as they asked for his name, Blood dripping from his mouth and nose.
He didn't move, he thought about lifting his arms, but that would be too much effort for the little amount of energy he had remaining.
"Daz." He managed to croak, he started to cough again, covering his mouth with his hands, more tissue came out.
How was he alive? This would have killed any normal human.
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Mike listened to Duncan explaination about Memopaths as he followed him, feeling a knot in his stomach. That sounded dangerous, and unstoppable unless the agency would shoot to kill.
He was still processing what he had heard when they reunited with the others.

"What's going on here?" he asked as he joined Benjamin and Dante
"Oh, nothing much," Benjamin replied. "Mitch decided for us we're not going on any rescue mission and is now bonding with Lydral over a gun that eats organic material."
"Okay..." Mike sat down. There had been a moment in his life that would have been the weirdest thing he'd ever heard, but today he felt nothing could really surprise him anymore.

Mitch rose an eyebrow at Lydral's final comment. "Will that be before or after you've shown you're good enough to team up with me?" he asked. "If I go on this mission I don't want to be held back by anyone. You have yet to explain in what way a Nuric would be an asset to this mission and the only interesting gun you mentioned isn't even completed."

once they were on the right floor the assistant brought Rose to her new room and opened the door with a keycard. "In you go," she said as she gave a gentle push in the right direction.
The room had dark-green walls and a large, rectangular mirror on the opposite wall - a one-way window that would allow the scientists to observe. Inside was common furniture: a bed and a table with two chairs. On the right wall were some emtpy shelves, and the left wall had thick iron beams sticking out. The ceiling also had some iron beams mounted in the wall.
"I will get you some food," Eva promised and closed the door.

Meanwhile Lily had taken Steph to the elevator and soon they were on the fourth floor.
The room she had prepared for Steph was very red. Like Rose's room there was a large rectangluar mirror on the opposite wall, but it had a golden frame around it. The bed was made with red silk and red cushions were piled on top of it. Red cloth was decorated the ceiling and a thick burgundy carpet lay on the floor.

Ethan sat in the back of the car and listened to agents Morrison and Barrow talk about their mission. He glanced outside when he thought he heard Gaia's voice - a split second, nothing more. Worse than that. He would have dismissed at as his imagination, but it had happened before. When she was in that mental stage he had clearly picked up how she felt. And that terrible itch that had appeared and disappeared for no reason, which had been accompanied by a feeling in his head that was the same as when that device had made her wild.
Damn it, Gaia. Where-ever you are, I hope you are okay, he tought to himself.

The agent turned on his radio. "Boss, we have Daz."
"Daz is of little concern. Where is Harriet? Do you have a visual?"
The agent looked around. "No sir. But Daz is in a bad shape. He looks like he is dying."
"End his suffering then."

Open hearing the order, the agent aimed his rifle. "Sir," he said to Daz. "Right now you are an enemy of our organisation. If you surrender to us we can give you medical aid and you will fall under the Prisoner Protection clause of our organisation. If you will not then we will consider you a threat and take appropiate action."

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Lydral gave a small shrug to Mitch as he seemed to speak to him, he wasn't going to lower himself to speak to such an angered human. Dante on the other hand furrowed his brow and gave a small sigh.
"Nurics are an alien race." He started, getting a glare from Lydral as he watched Mitch carefully, "What we bring to the table is speed, strength and elemental bending. Humans of course have this ability too, well, very rarely. Usually due to Mage or Nuric blood within their bloodline." Lydral rolled his eyes.
"Now we're going to get a history lesson." Lydral sad with a sneer before Dante ignored him.
"As for the gun, I believe it is probably already finished but Lydral is making it seem like it isn't so he doesn't have to give it to someone that isn't himself." Dante continued before he looked to Mitch, "I appreciate your skeptical outlook on us, but I assure you that myself, Harriet and Axel are here to help. Lydral on the other hand I can't assure anything as he's a slippery bastard."
Lydral rolled his eyes slightly at Dante's words, feigning being insulted before Dante turned to face Benjamin and Mike.

"I am aware you two are wanting to help." Dante said as he moved to face them properly, "But Mitch is right about this mission being very dangerous. Harriet cares for you two and I would hate to have her hurt because her friends are hurt." He continued, "I'm not sure that there is anything you can do to help, but I will try my hardest to make sure you two are in on the operation as much as we can safely allow. Is that okay?"

Rose looked around the room slowly before Eva pushed her in, she stumbled slightly and her extra legs caught her quickly before she heard the words and looked around the room again.
She took in all of the iron wielding and the bed. She stepped towards the bars quietly, moving to touch them before she attempted to bend them slightly.
Her extra legs twitched and moved to climb the bars, moving from the wall to the ceiling with ease, four strings of webbing following after her. She blinked as her eyes were blurring in and out.

She felt herself lose her footing as she sprung herself towards the bed, managing to just land before her head started to spin. Was it hunger or was it something else?

Steph looked at the room as Lily showed it to her, she hesitated before she gave a small smile.
"It's... Definitely red." She said weakly, obviously it was based off what species they thought she was. "It's gorgeous though." She looked to the shelves hesitatingly. "Will I... Get any books?" She asked hopefully, looking to Lily as she stepped into the room properly.
Her wings fanned out slowly, her horns glistening a soft blue as she looked around.
I wasn't that she didn't like the colour red, but it never really helped her mood.
"It's very... Lavish." She said with a hallowed laugh, "Definitely something I've never really seen before. Definitely higher price than my old squaller before the agency."

Gaia properly lifted herself up, trying to fan out her wings fully before she let out a low rumble as a yawn.
She wanted out of this glass cage, but she was aware she needed to be good to get out of here.
"I am hungry." She spoke out loud, "Will I be moved soon?"

Daz looked up at the agent, a maniac grin on his face as blood dripped down the edges of his mouth and down his chin. He held his hands out to his sides, a sign of he wouldn't attempt any harm to anyone.
"I would love to see you try." He managed to get the words out, they sounded half garbled and covered in liquid. "I've been killed before, the shadows will allow me to rise once more."
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Mitch took in the words silently and nodded at the end. What was he getting himself into? But it was better than doing nothing, in the very least this sounded like an interesting mission. Dante was probably the most capable one to be in charge; he understood everyone the best. Lydral was interesting, or at least his weapon was, but unpredictable. Duncan... Mitch glanced at him, was elsewhere with his mind. It was hard to determine what he thought though.

Mike and Benjamin looked at each other as Dante addressed them.
"Don't worry about me," Benjamin said. "I won't get in your way. If you guys can get Steph out that's fine with me. I'm sure you can decide on a plan of action without our input."
"We have no experience in operations like this," Mike added. "There is nothing we can add. Besides..." he glanced to Benjamin, "if I return to the agency I might hear more of their plans."
Benjamin nodded to that; that was actually a pretty good idea.

The door opened again and a guard brought in a tray with something like a hospital meal on it: a cup of soup, a plate with three compartments filled with potatoes, a piece of meat and some boiled carrots, a pudding, and a glass of water.
"Your meal," he said as he put it on the table. Without another word he left the room again, closing it behind him and locking it.

Lily beamed when Steph called the room gorgeous and lavish. "Oh, of course you'll get books," she said. "What is the use of shelves if we don't stock them, right? Just write down a list of the books you like and I will see what I can find for you."
She turned to the door. "Meanwhile I will make sure you will get something to eat. Oh! I will ask the chef to make some Tiramisu. Ever had some? It's delicious."

Two male guards arrived at Gaia's cage, both holding tazer sticks that were a recent invention; they weren't taking any chances with this beast as it was known to be dangerous. "Come with us," one said. "Do you want your food alive or dead?"
The other opened the cage and gestured for Gaia to step outside.

"Where is the other?" the agent asked as two other agents moved in to grab Daz by his arms and drag him to the base where he could receive medical care. "The one that fought with you."
They had no visual on Harriet and it worried them. Where was she?

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Duncan was fiddling with his hands as everyone else talked; he moved to pull part of his skin off, revealing it to be a panel on his arm, before he started to tap at it to try and do something.
"Benjamin and Mike can stay with me while you do the mission." Duncan started, "I'm not doing anything without Harry."

"Of course you aren't." Lydral said with a roll of his eyes, "You're whipped, you won't do anything without your female."
Dante bit his tongue before he looked to Mike and Benjamin, settling his eyes softly on Mike as he nodded. "Will it be safe for you to go back?" He asked with a tilt of his head, "I don't want to have you go back there if there is any danger."

Rose looked over to the guard as he walked in and talked about food. Her stomach snarled and she crawled over towards the table the food was placed on and didn't even hesitate before she started to eat.
Rose didn't even move until she was finished the full plate before she clicked her mandibles and looked around the room a bit more; her eyes focused and then unfocused. She shook her head and let out a low rumble before she want to the bed and clambered on top of it and pulled up part of the duvet, moving to stick it to the walls and bed parts with her webbing before she moved to settle inside the new half web, half duvet cocoon.

Steph looked to Lily with a small smile at the mention of her getting books. She paused at the mention of food.
"Food would be good," She started before she weakly smiled, "I'll pass on the Tiramisu, but thank you. Coffee doesn't react well to me. I'd be happy with just a plain piece of chocolate cake or something if dessert is allowed, otherwise I will be fine with whatever food you guys can give me."

Gaia lifted her head and looked to the guards, looking directly at the tazer sticks before she slunk out of the door slowly.
"Live." She rumbled, attempting to spook them if she could, but her hunger was just getting the better of her. Her nostrils flared slightly as she took in the smell, focusing on the air around her.

The figure in the tank moved to watch the guards and Gaia, moving to pat his hand against the glass.
He attempted to get their attention before he swum in a circle before swimming back towards the other side of the glass.

Daz gave a laugh at the mention of Harriet.
"She's gone." He said, his voice almost weakening, "Abandoned us like an angered God. You've angered her, I've angered her. May we pray that the clouds take mercy." He almost rambled, his eyes glazed and blood still dripping from his lips.
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Mitch turned to Duncan. "I need a data stick with the available information about the building," he stated. "We can come up with a plan tomorrow." His tone didn't make it sound like a gentle request, but more like a demand.

Mike turned to Dante. "They wouldn't invest their time in my study about demons if they wanted to dispose of me," he said. "I don't have any skills that are a threat to them and I am human; I don't have to fear the agency."

"I'd say that as long as they think Mike is loyal to them, they won't harm him," Benjamin said. "They'll start to be suspicious if we don't show up anymore." He turned to Mike. "Which means we should contact them about a new mission after we talked with Ethan tomorrow morning."

"You're not in a prison, dear," Lily said. "Of course dessert is allowed."
The door opened and someone brought in a tray with food, putting it on the table. The same bland meal as Rose had gotten.
"Starting tomorrow, you will get better food than this. So... you are allowed to leave your room," she handed Steph a keycard, "but you can only go to 4th floor - where we are now - and the fifth floor, where there is a sauna, a fitness room, and a lounge area with comfortable sofa's, a machine with coffee, tea and hot chocolate, and a water fountain. With the keycard you can only open your door and operate the elevator to go to the 4th and 5th floor. The other floors are restricted areas for personnel. No agents from other bases have the clearance to go there, so that has nothing to do with you."

The 4th and the 5th floor were also loaded with well-hidden security camera's, but Lily opted not to disclose that information.


The agents stepped back a bit when she rumbled. "R-right, this way please," one of them said, gesturing to the elevator that Rose had taken up. "Live food. How big do you require your prey to be. We can offer rabbits and goats now, but if you desire we can acquire larger animals too."

They started walking to the elevator, one using his keycard to open call the lift back to their floor. Moments later the doors whizzed open and the guards gestured for Gaia to get in. One of them already set the destination for the 4th floor and then stepped outside, holding the door open.
"4A is your room," he said. "It's next to the elevator. The spider-woman was put in 4C, the succubus in 4P."
It was clear they wouldn't go up with her.

"Right, this way," the agent said as he took an arm and guided Daz to the side of the building that led straight to the infirmary. "Where do you think she went?" He asked Daz. "She's supposed to report back here after a mission. We can't reach her on phone either."
He glanced to Daz several times. How was it possible he still walked? This was a high-security patient, that was for sure. A human treated as a demon.
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Duncan gave a nod to Mitch's words, "Easily done, I can get it sent within the next three hours." He said. "Would you rather a flash drive or an email?" He asked, it was in no way it was patronizing.
Duncan looked over towards Mike and Benjamin as they spoke, he hesitated and moved to pull up the panel on his arm again and typed some stuff down.

Dante gave a nod, "Alright, If you think so." He said before he looked to Benjamin, "Do you have a time and place you need to meet this succubus?" He asked with a tilt of his head, Lydral laughed slightly at the words.
"Gotta watch out for those harlets." Lydral said, not hiding his laughter.

Steph took her keycard gently, nodding to Lily's words.
"Alright, thank you." She said, she looked towards the bland food on the table with a bit of a frown on her face before she listened to where she could go. "That sounds pretty decent." She said as she smiled to Lily, "Thank you. Just... try to keep Krys away from me."
Gaia followed the agents as she looked towards the elevator with a sway of her tail.
"Deer, preferably." She spoke rather calmly, "Goat will be enough for now, but deer will make sure I won't get hungry."
She stepped into the elevator and stared the guards down as the doors moved to close.

As the Elevator moved, she waited. The door opened and she looked down the hallway, stepping towards her room with a ruffle of her wings.
"A human room." She rumbled as she looked at the door, "It's going to be crowded." She was talking to herself, moving to open her door.

Daz stumbled after the Agent, his eyes still glazed over as he mumbled things in a different language.
"The beast has returned to the clouds." He mumbled, "She will be back, and she will be angry. May the gods make sure she may spare us."
His skin flaked off in several places, falling like ash, revealing deep red skin underneath that bubbled with heat.
"She will be angry, may the gods spare us." He repeated, before returning back to mumbling.
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"Flash drive," Mitch stated and he checked his watch. "I will return in three hours to pick it up."
After that he crossed his arms and stared at Mike and Benjamin at the couch.

They both realised what that meant and glanced at each other, looking more amused than anything else.
"I have a time and place," Benjamin said, before turning to Lydral. "I already survived one of those 'harlets', so I'm sure I'll survive this one too." He gave Mike a pat on the shoulder. "But I'll bring some back-up, just in case."
While he trusted STeph, he didn't know this other Succubus. All he knew was that she wanted to help Steph, so that made him trust her.

Both rose to their feet.
"Duncan, we'll come visit you tomorrow, after all the morning appointments," Benjamin said as Mike already joined Mitch. "Lydral, Dante, nice to meet you two." He nodded to them as Mike waved goodbye, and put his hat back on his head.

The three of them went towards the front door to leave the house.

"Of course," Lily said. "I will look into the books now."
She exited the room and looked down the corridor. There she noticed Gaia emerging from the elevator and going to her room.

The room was double the size of Steph's and Rose's room. As the other rooms it had the large, rectangular mirror on the opposite site, but this room was dimly lit and the walls were made to resemble a cave. The lights in the ceiling gave enough light for the people on the other side of the see-through mirror to keep track of what Gaia was doing, but otherwise keep the room cave-like.
Like Rose's room there were some iron beams in the ceiling. There was nothing else in the room.

"Darling!" Lily said as she hurred to Gaia. "Didn't anyone come up with you? How impolite! I hope you will like your room; we didn't get much information about you, but I hope it makes you feel at home."

Th brought Daz into the infirmary and helped him on a bed, but the doctor was unsure on how to treat him. Could this even be treated? He listened to the report of the agents and decided to start with an IV to give blood and fluids.

"Can you tell us anything about her?" the agent insisted.

"Tell me where it hurts," the doctor than said, realising he needed something to start helping this wreck of a human body.
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Duncan nodded at Mitch's words before he looked towards Benjamin and Mike.
"Feel free not to knock, the three of you." Duncan said as they were leaving, extending the invitation to Mitch despite his gut feeling.
Once the boys left he swung around to Lydral and Dante. "Lydral, out." He ordered, The Nuric raised his eyebrow.
"I'm not a Vampire, you can't just Order-" He started before Duncans hand crackled with lightning. "Alright, alright. Jesus." He said as he turned to walk to the kitchen and disappear.

Duncan pinched the bridge of his nose and collapsed onto the couch as lightning crackled around him. He moved his hands over his eyes as he started to cry silently.
"We'll find her kiddo." Dante said as he sat on the edge of the couch, "Harry's a strong bastard. She's not easily taken down, especially not because of that bastard Daz. She's killed him before, she can theoretically kill him again." The Shifter said with a small sigh. "I get it though, losing someone, even for a small amount of time is terrible."

Steph looked around the room and suddenly felt all the energy flood out of her body. She stepped towards the bed and face planted with a tired groan.

Gaia watched the room carefully, before she flinched and flared her wings, spines and teeth towards Lily as she spooked her.
"Do not spook." She said in a rumbled tone, "Room seems good. Thank you." She said before she walked into the middle of the room and looked up to the bars on the roof.
She flattened her wings out before she leapt up to the roof, gripping onto the bars with all four limbs, showing her feet to be as flexible as her hands.

She moved to tie her tail around the sturdiest bean and dropped to hang upside down, her wings fanning all the way out before folding halfway in to coil up around her.
"natural rest time." She mumbled to Lily, "Please close door." She tucked her head under her wings before pulling her tail up to form what seemed to be an airtight cocoon.

Daz kind of plonked down on the medical bed when moved to do so, he looked off into the distance and didn't respond to the IV or the doctors words.
A faint smile was on his lips, an almost dreamy look in his eyes if they weren't slightly starting to drip with black blood.
"She's otherworldly." He mumbled, "Shedding her mortal form to show us what power she really holds." He continued, starting to sway a little bit. "The... Information she can give... you. It's... brilliant." His voice slowly trailed off as he just stared at the wall.
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The three made their way outside and Mitch led the way to his car. "We are going to have a talk about this," he stated as he glared at them. "Because you led me to believe you were doing some harmless ghost-hunting shit and yesterday I learned about Succibi and now about a fucking raid on a high-security complex."
"If you put it like that..." Mike began, but was cut short by Mitch.
"There is no other way to put it. You two can be thankful I'm inbetween jobs. Now get in the car and I want to know everything you've been doing for this agency."
"I'd ask the same," Benjamin said as he walked to the car. "But I really don't want to know about all your murders."
"Good. The less you know, the better it is."
The three of them got in the car and Mitch drove to the hotel he stayed.

Lily closed the door and left. She went through a door to the corridor on the other side, where her assistant already was.
"Now, let's observe them for a while," Lily said, looking through the window of Rose's room. "Oh, and get some books for the Succubus. My darling wants to read, isn't that precious?" She turned to her assistant. "And see if you can locate Benjamin anywhere. He will make a fine test-subject for the advanced tests on her."

The doctor hooked him up on a heartbeat monitor and tried to stitch one of the many wounds, but the look he gave the agents was one of little hope this patient would make it.

"Go on," the agent said to Daz. "I thought she was just an alien girl, how can she have a mortal form she can shed?"

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Dante decided he'd stay with Duncan until they found Harriet, for Duncans sake.
Duncan headed up to the bathroom to check on Freya, unsurprisingly she had fully changed form.
Her fingers had become webbed and scales pattered over her entire body. Her ears were fin-like, and her mouth- as it hung slightly open- showed rows of sharp teeth much like a sharks. A long, shark-like tail draped out the side of the bathtub as Freya stretched out as much as she could.

"We'll get your kid." Duncan whispered to the Siren, "We'll get you somewhere safe. I promise." He stood before heading off towards the door to return back to Dante and offered to make him tea.

Sam swam in the tank he was put in, popping his head out of the water, revealing a young childs face; no older than 8 years old.
"Will I get my own room?" He called out to the guards in the room, "I would like to have a room." He said as he used his legs to keep himself above the water, his tail swaying quietly.
Rose snoozed in her cocoon, keeping her head slightly above the webbing to get fresh air. Her mouth twitched, her mandibles twitching under her lips before she gave a yawn, showing the large fans and mandibles.
Steph had gotten herself as comfortable as possible, moving to the bed to take off her pants, shoes and shirt; leaving her only in her bra and underpants. Her wings relaxed from their place on her back, drooping halfway out as her tail settled by her hips.
She breathed in slowly, crossing her legs into a meditation pose before she put her hands on her knees.

"Focus." She whispered to herself, "Focus on the Stars you can see, no clouds. Clear sky." She told herself. "If any Angels can hear me, please come tell me I will be in a safe place. Please show me a sign it will be all right for myself, Rose and Gaia. Please make sure the boys are okay, and for the love of the stars, Please keep Benjamin safe and sound. Out of the hands of this place."
Her voice was just above the sound of a whisper, keeping her eyes closed and her horns glistened a deep blue.

"She is otherworldly." Daz mumbled, his words becoming slurred as blood started to drip from his mouth, "How are we to know that her planet isn't the embodiment of heaven? Her mortal form has been shattered, you can thank me for that. I've risked everything to show the world the terror and majesty that she is."
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During the drive, Mike and Benjamin filled Mitch in. He wasn't overly enthusiastic about it - especially after Mike mentioned the mission with Gaia in which he had to do a ritual he had learned that same day - but at least he had a better idea of what they were doing now.
He didn't tell them anything about his job.

The guards looked at the boy. "You're a fish; a water tank is enough for you," one of them grumbled.
"You should be glad you're not put on the 4th floor," another muttered, only to be poked with an elbow by the first and a look that held a silent warning to stop speaking.

Lily walked from room to room to see what her darlings were doing. Gaia and Rose were boring to observe now, so she let her underlings do that. She went to the last window and watched the meditating Steph.
She was joined by her assistant. "Doctor, I was informed the boy in the tank wants his own room."
"Ugh, I don't care about him," she stated. "Do I look like a marine biologist? I don't know why they bother me with it, let one of the other scientists handle him."
"He was appointed to you," the assistant reminded her.
"He's just a boring siren-boy. I'm busy with my darlings now. Prepare a... I don't know, a swimming pool for him or something, with some land and some playthings. A climbing frame and a swing or something. Don't boys like that?"
The assistant promised to take care of it and left.

The doctor who was trying to treat Daz noticed the blood drip from his mouth.
"I'm going to take him into surgery to see if I can find the intenal bleeding and stop it," he said to the agent.
The agent nodded. "We thank you for your help. The world needs to see her true form."
He took his phone to relay all the information to Mr Johnson.
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As her horns glowed, Steph's skin seemed to flare up with blue runes; specifically angelic runes. Steph kept her eyes closed as she felt the runes burn her skin as she mumbled silent incantations under her breath before she lowered her chin to her chest and the runes seemed to fade out of existence. Steph opened her eyes as a flash of power shuddered through her body, causing her to fall forward onto the bed as she moved to grab her horns, feeling only heat and pain before she relaxed, her legs trembling before dropping them to the bed.

"By the stars." She swore in angelic, pausing as she heard her own voice, "What the- What am I speaking?" She asked as she looked down to herself, her skin was still its normal, partially scaled mess it always was. She sighed and moved to tie up her hair, hesitating as she saw a flash of colour in the mirror.
She stood slowly, stepping towards the mirror, her legs still shaking. What had happened to her body? Why was it suddenly so weak and warm?

She stopped at the mirror, looking at her hair; which was a deep black in colour for the most part, but suddenly had flicks of pink all through it.
"Pink?" She asked in confusion, moving to spread her wings out to look if they changed. Nothing, still the same Demon wings she had seen before. She sighed and checked her horns, still a glistening pair of twisted horns; nothing off or odd about them, well... Apart from being horns.
"Augh, why do I feel like this?" She spoke to herself, it had felt like her body had a top up of... something. What did she manage to do with those incarnations she had read in a book previously? Her tail swayed, her originally pointed tip had unfurled to a small feathered fan.

Daz swayed where he sat, he had fallen silent and he stared off into the distance.
The blood continued to drip and slowly start to become a proper flow from his mouth. A bubbling sound echoed from his chest and neck, his eyes started to glass over before the doctor could even start to try to take him towards the surgery room.
He opened his mouth to speak, only a strained, dying croak came from him before his head dropped to hang on his neck, his body falling forward to fall from the bed.
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Lily watched through the window, knowing Steph couldn't see her and was using the reflection of the mirror to look at herself. Something extraordinary had happened and she quickly wrote down some keywords. From here she too could see the pink she hadn't seen before. It was a shame there was glass between them, she wanted to touch Steph. Maybe later, first her darling had to settle in and feel at ease here.

Meanwhile some goats were pushed into Gaia's room and the door was locked behind them. The confused animals were bleating as they walked through the room in search of food.

It wasn't difficult to diagnose this; Daz had died. The doctor decided to do an autopsy to discover what the damage had been and he ordered the body to be put on the bed again and to roll it to the autopsy room.

The agent left the infirmary to report to their boss.
"So, she is missing," mr Johnson said. "She will come out of hiding. I will return to the base soon, but the evacuation will continue. Too many rogue agents; Freya is missing, Rose got transformed and they are a liability. I will be there in three hours."

When the three hours were over, Mitch went to Duncan's house. Mike and Benjamin went into the city to eat something and catch a movie; there was no reason why they wouldn't enjoy themselves if they weren't allowed to go on a dangerous mission.

Since Mitch was allowed to enter without knocking, he did. He did make his presence known by calling for Duncan.
"Is the flash drive ready?" he asked as he made his way to the living room.

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Dante looked up from the couch as Mitch walked in, "Welcome back." The Shifter said, moving to stand up slowly, he moved his hand into his pocket and offered the flash drive. "Dunc's charging. The poor kids worn himself out." He said with a small frown, he looked Mitch over hesitantly.
"And this is from me." He said as he pulled his hand from out behind his back, revealing a rifle-looking firearm that was painted mostly black with some small navy blue dots over it. "This is the weapon you requested. Just... Please don't make me regret this." He said as he offered it over to Mitch.

"It has a safety, the small switch on the side." He said, motioning to a small button just off to the side from the trigger. "It's semi-automatic, it fires maybe 3 rounds each time you click the trigger down." He moved to pull out a small box from his pocket, "These are the rounds. They contain a very special compound within them, I wouldn't advice you to open them up and get any of it on your skin. It's a compound that is sort of like an acidic moss." He continued, pulling out one of the cartridges' and lifted it to the light to reveal it was made out of tinted glass, and an almost liquid substance moved inside.
"Now my half-brother is an idiot. This doesn't eat away at organic matter. It just covers them in the moss, and then they eventually die depending on how long they're stuck under the moss." He put the cartridge away before he looked up to Mitch, "If they're really unlucky, there's spores of Trevillians in them, sentient plant people." He paused, waiting for Mitch's input, knowing he just gave him a lot of information.

The autopsy didn't bring up anything helpful to the team. Severe burns through most parts of his body tissue, his bones had fractures along each part and the marrow had become liquid that started to bubble through some of the cracks. His brain was half-liquid, half slush.
His heart had turned black, but surprisingly unscarred or injured. His lungs were filled with blood, and much the same, so was his stomach.

Runes were on his skin, not too deep. Colour would have pulsed through them but nothing was left inside him.

Steph paused as someone came and dropped off a small box of books before closing the door quickly. She looked over towards the books as she pulled herself up off the bed, moving to grab the box and carried it to the bookcase to start putting them away.
She was rather meticulous on putting the books away; making sure they were ordered in a way she would understand. She looked at the titles and furrowed her brow at the couple of romance books put in the mix, she knew the titles, she had heard of the raunchy books before. She broke down the box and placed it on the coffee table for someone to take when they came back to drop off food.

Her stomach gave a rumble at the thought of food, Steph was never really one for eating meals, but knowing that she usually snacked during the day, made her understand why she was hungry.
She wondered if she was able to ask if she could have a snack, or if she had to wait for when they brought food.
She let out a sigh as she leaned back onto her bed, feeling her body hit the blankets and mattress with a small grunt.

Rose woke up within the three hours of being left alone, looking around with narrowed eyes before she slipped out from her cocoon.
She let out a large yawn, her fangs flexing slowly as she looked around a bit more. Rose walked to the wall before she strung a web from her palms, moving to loop them around the metal spokes and started to weave the web through a couple of them.
"Surely we can use the web to make some stuff." Rose spoke to herself, moving to twist her wrists as the web came out. "Maybe the web can be used for the agency?" She asked herself out loud. Despite going through the change and being manhandled away from the company, she was still focused on trying to help them.

Gaia's ears flicked as she heard the goats bleat. She folded up her wings in the shadows of her room and moved to climb on the ceiling, she watched down to the beasts below, she wrapped her tail around another metal pole before slowly lowering herself to grab one of the goats, moving to quickly bite its head before it could let out a noise to alert the other goats.

Anyone watching would know she's a skilled hunter, versed in the ability to hunt a whole group of animals. She fanned her wings out and used the hooded tips to make a shelter for herself to eat safely and without getting blood near the other goats.
A loud crunch echoed over the room as Gaia bit into the goats skull, moving to throw the head aside before chowing down on the body she had caught.

A black rock structure slammed into the mountains away from the city. On contact it splintered and cracked, shattering outwards as the rocks hit the ground like shards.
An inky black hand lifted out of the rubble and moved to grab the side of the structure, the black liquid slowly dripping from them.

Harriet pulled herself from the structure, dripping with an inky black liquid. She stumbled forward and shook herself before she collapsed to her knees, coughing up more black gunk.
"Fuck.." She spoke just above a whisper, her body hurt. Everything hurt, her head was thumping. What happened? What did she do?
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