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I have been gone for quite some time, been on other websites roleplaying in order to get battles under my belt. Now here I am where I started way back in high school so long ago. I am looking for someone or multiple people (Multiple people in a royal rumble would be much more interesting.) that will allow me to try my newest creature created to have a personal shot at fighting one of you esteemed duelist or two maybe three who knows. I know that over the many years since the Multiverse was a thing on this site that I have become far more advanced in analyzation, description, and adaptation in order to challenge one of if not multiple players of this guild.

I will continually keep an eye for messages on this forums hit me up, I look forward to the blood to be spilled in hindsight.

(I am not using Niltsiar Erejam either for those the remember my old OC)
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You're welcome to get in line and try me after doc.
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@Soldier you know you can have a bloodbath with out the crimsonfuckr :) lol I'd be in but I'm using team four star's version of alucard from hellsing ultimate
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