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Help! My Whole Town Is Trapped in a Fantasy World!

Crossville, MN is a quiet town. Founded in 1897 as a crossroads for logging companies south of the Canadian border, this small town has been in a perpetual boom and bust cycle for a while now. When the timber trade dried up, it became a railroad town and a bootlegger's pit stop. During The War its old timber mills helped produce wooden rifle stocks for the army. It settled into a long and slow decline until the discovery of oil in the fields surrounding town in 2009.

Mayor Harry Rawlins found the night of September 19th, 2019 to be a quiet one for a Friday. He had vague recollections of a weird, purple aurora borealis in the sky on his way back from Larry's Bar and Grille that night- he figured it was either the tequila or the fumes from the oil wells. The morning of September 20th was less quiet.

He tried to call his brother in New York to wish him a happy birthday, but the line went dead. Cell service was out too. So was internet. Power was still on, which meant the solar farm the power company installed wasn't affected by the weird aurora. People were starting to realize the horror of a world without internet when the crazy stuff started to happen.

John Michaels came driving into town, raving like a loon about a battle happening on the Interstate outside town. Knights, archers, catapults, and other raving craziness. Harry thought John was back on the angel dust and was about to have him thrown in the sherrif's cell to cool off when the horsemen came riding in. Honest to God Knights with swords. And pointed eared foot-soldiers straight out of that weird Comic-Con he'd seen on the news before.

The Knights introduced themselves as servants of League of Princes, fighting against the cruelty of King Braspian IV.

It only got weirder from there.

Two weeks have gone by since then. Wizards, cat-people, and diplomats have come to Crossville to look at the wonders of Earth technology. The Crossvillers don't know how they got to the nation of Braspian or whose side they should take in the civil war. They just know that nothing is the same anymore...

- - - -

Welcome to a little RP I like to call "Help! My Whole Town is Stuck in Another World!"

This RP draws a lot of inspiration from two sources:

- Eric Flint's "1632" series
- Log Horizon

It's about a whole group of people with wildly different life experiences, ideas, skills, and dreams being plucked from time and space by powers they will never understand and making the best of their new reality. You will never find out why or how you've been transported to the nation of Braspian.

The Primary thread will have to do with the civil war being waged between the League of Princes and King Braspian IV, and how the town of Crossville will navigate the, er, crossroads it finds itself in.

Secondary threads and short stories, one-off posts, and other ideas are accepted and encouraged. If you want to stretch your writing chops by having a phone technician pairing with a Wizard to create a telegraph? Go for it.

- - - -

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Sorry, but I may not end up joining after all if things don't pan out. If that ends up being the case, I wish you well.
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Name: Zinzie Searoby, The Witch King of the Wandering Nation
Age: 29
Race: Witch

Appearance: He is very tall and lanky. Zinzie is 6'5", and had long limbs and knobby joints. His skin is a fair olive complexion, and his eyes are a rich brown. His hair, constantly in a state of disaster, is curly and brown. Zinzie's fashion of choice is flowy, loose clothing. Shirts of light, sheer fabric, pants with a drawstring, shoes (if any) made of soft hide. He hates winter, or being forced to bundle up. He can often be seen using a warming potion just so that he doesn't have to. His overall waifish appearance often has him underestimated, but don't let him fool you. Zinzie is an extraordinarily gifted witch.

Personality: Not what you may think of when thinking of a powerful king; Zinzie marches to the beat of his own drums. He's friendly, maybe a bit goofy, maybe a bit scatterbrained, and a little bit cryptic. Zinzie is very intelligent, but you certainly wouldn't think it at first; he loves nothing more than to play dumb. His sense of humor and unassuming nature leads people, somewhat intentionally, into underestimating his ability as a king. However, having successfully led a caravan of five hundred thousand since teenagerhood, Zinzie is anything but incompetent.


Zinzie is never caught without his set of potions. These include:

Healing potion x3
Sleeping draught x2
A very lethal poison x1
Truth serum x1
Draught of confusion x3

Potion making supplies

An enchanted pan pipe - bestills peace on those who hear it

His familiar - A small, shaggy black dog that never leaves his side


Shire is Zinzie's familiar. He takes the form of a small, black dog with wiry hair. While not initially concerning, a witch's familiar is far more than just a pet. Shire is very intelligent, and has the ability to commune with Zinzie, and even has a little magic of his own. His best and most useful trick is changing shape. Zinzie can hit Shire with a transfiguration spell to turn him into another animal that would prove useful at the time. Ultimately, Shire chooses the animal. The limitations of this being that Shire must be close to Zinzie to transform.

It's also rumored that Shire and Zinzie can transform together into one, very formidable form. What this form is has yet to be discovered, as Zinzie hasn't shared it with his people.

Profession: King of the Wandering Nation


The Wandering Nation is a massive caravan of nomads that travel through the land, self sustained by wagons that grow food, herds of their own cattle, and a little magic. Word has it that it's numbers are over half a million. It all began when the tyrannical King Braspian IV targeted a small, peaceful nation that just so happened to sit upon a large iron deposit. His army all but flattened the nation, and he intended on rounding up the citizens, whom he saw as filthy witches and thieves, and selling them all into slavery. Fortunately, the current king, Zinzie's great grandfather, evacuated the land and took the last of his army to meet King Braspian at the border to earn them enough time to escape. All of them were brutally slaughtered, but the nation survived, in spirit at least.

That was the birth of the Wandering Nation: a whole population of people without a land. Zinzie's great grandmother lead it as queen, then passed it down to his grandfather, and his father, who died in battled with a caravan of thieves when Zinzie was 17, thus passing the crown to him. Since then, it has only grown in numbers, gathering those who Braspian has forced from their homes, those who seek refuge.

As one can imaging, the Wandering Nation isn't on the best terms with King Braspian, as they exist solely to spite him. The idea of an opposing king vexes him. To further gall, this king is a witch! The citizens of the old country were well known to dabble in magic, and the royal family were known witches, and powerful ones at that. Zinzie is no exception. The Wandering Nation has an unusually high population of witches, mages, and wizards, all of whom make it more of a threat to the tyrant king they oppose. He's avoided tangling with them thus far, as he fears the magic they wield.

Recently, Zinzie has been mingling with the League of Princes, toying with the idea of going to war to finally overthrow the evil king. Doing so would give his people the freedom to finally claim a land again.

Shared Worldbuilding: An audience with the King

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I might be able to have a CS by tonight! This sounds very interesting.

Edit: Here it is

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@Aleranicus Are you okay?
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