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All That Glitters Belongs To Me

“I love GOLD! The taste of it, the smell of it, the texture…”

Who doesn’t love the jangle of a full coinpurse, or the glint of pretty stones embedded in a goblet? Gold and gems drive men to great lengths to obtain them.

Some, however, inevitably go further. They are not satisfied with the newest mint, instead seeking currencies of bygone ages. Others are more eccentric, searching far and wide for knickknacks of all manner of shapes, sizes and purposes. The most daring, however, hunt ancient artifacts, usually of some great unknowable power. Why? Well, now there’s the million dollar question! Why, indeed, would someone risk life and limb to collect, for all intents and purposes, flashy trinkets?

Everyone has their reasons. Perhaps it is the thrill of the hunt, or a quest for knowledge? Of course there is always the possibility of simply uplifting oneself into the higher echelons of society with your finds.

What, brave(and/or greedy) adventurers, feeds your desire?

Contest Rules

1. The focus is, of course, treasure. Be it a hoard or a single piece, your character(s) is going to want whatever it is. Why do they want it, and how do they plan to get it?

2. Try to give some backstory to the treasure your character(s) is after. Context never hurts.

3. Does your hunter have rivals? An entity or group of people that don’t want them to have whatever it is they’re after? Feel free to throw in a good old fashioned fistfight over the treasure!

4. Please keep entries under 2000 words.

Grounds for disqualification

1. Plagiarism.

2. Your entry having no clear connection to the prompt.

3. Gratuitous violence or gore.

4. No explicit sex scenes. Fade to black is fine.

The deadline for RPGC #26 shall be Friday, January 31st. Please post all entries in this thread, and direct all questions and feedback to my PM box or the associated Discussion thread, and I will gladly answer them.

Please hold off all votes and critiques until the proper thread has been erected for this prompt.
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