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Name: Oberon Price

Nickname: N/A

Title or Hero/Villain/Code name (if any): Frostweaver/Frostbite

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bi

Age: 32

Birthday: 1/29/1985

Personality: Calculative and quite. Darkly humorous as well as calm.

Appearance: Stark white hair and pale blue eyes. 5'8" and medium build.

Affiliation: N/A

Powers: Arctic Spider Genes- this manifests as a cold substance that coats the body. Semi hardens but is still fluid enough to give an icy armor. Substance is slimy, cold to the touch, and transparent. Also allows for minor camouflage enhanced by his suit. In times when the body is in danger or need the substance will harder and become very cold, this shuts the body part that needs healing down and allows for slower more complete healing. (Can not regenerate lost limbs)
Symbiote Enhancements- Bonding with the symbiote has given Oberon an edge and to this affect his healing is quicker, camouflage can now blend with any back ground, the symbiote also uses the substance produced by Oberon to keep itself and Oberon cold reducing the need for serum, also the symbiote can produce ice from the same substance forming blades, other weapons or utilities.

Weapon(s) (if any): A watch containing nanites that produce his symbiotic suit and augment his powers slightly so that he may still move while healing. He may also freeze small objects and cause harm to skin if he comes into contact with someone wishing them harm.

Weaknesses: Intense heat, caffeine and psychoactive drugs (any drugs or caffeine affect spiders alot more than humans. It's not debilitating but could mess with spider sense, healing, and ability to camouflage.) Also not having his serum for prolonged periods of time

Likes (optional): Undermining black market deals, working as CEO, genetics, a nice tea.

Dislikes (optional): people taking of others for their own gain, coffee, drugs, being messed with.

Current Residence: Boston

Background: As a boy he was always interested in science and as a college student he worked for Wayne CORP. Specifically recombinant DNA. During one if these experiments their was an accident. He had been working on a newly discovered species of arctic spider, trying to enhance its ability to produce a substance that kept it from freezing. Instead the spider produced a substance that was extremely cold but was about to still move. One evening when checking on the spider Oberon opened the enclosure. The spider, cloaked, lept out onto his person. Not knowing it had Oberon made the conclusion that the spider must have frozen solid and dissolved. Returning home that night and undressing the spider lept into the bath room as he did. Turning on the shower Oberon stepped in and the spider did as well. Feeling the heat the spider tried to escape and instead landed on Oberon's neck. The spider in fight or flight took to fight and bit Oberon on the back near his spine. The spider died as Oberon slammed against the wall and howled in pain. Reacting with the water and to the bite Oberon jumped out of shower. Retreating to his room he was about to turn then light on when he blacked out. During this time he started to change and the same substance the spider produced Oberon now did. From every pore it began and then he was frozen. Oberon woke days later to his floor being wet and cold. Dazed he almost didn't remember what happened but then it came back to him and hard. Fear rose through him and he quickly called into work. Lying and saying that he had been in the hospital unable to call they didn't fire him. He then searched for clues on what HAD happened to him. Finding in the shower a dead spider's body Oberon's eyes widened. He then put the pieces together. The spider must have tagged along with him home and bit him. Drip. Drip. Drip... Looking over at the shower Oberon saw that it was leaking or making the noise. It was then he realized it was coming from his hand. Blueish clear liquid was forming then dripping from his skin. Remembering the carpet he went back. Same stuff so he had to be just wet. Days later after he had been scolded at work and tasked with working with the serum since the spider had gone missing, oh which he was questioned over and over if he had something to do with it. He kept lying and but it was also the truth in that he hadn't Wayne CORP had the faulty enclosers and no safety protocols for detection of escaped experiments and the spider had been the one to tag along on him. Oberon's life seemed to go back to normal besides the sheets being gross and cold in the mornings and feeling really uncomfortable in the sun nowadays but he figured it was just symptoms of the spider bite and was going to keep working through it. Weeks later while working on the serum and a few secret tests on himself he discovered that he was no longer human per-say as his DNA had been altered. Swaying where he stood and sweating he knew he had to get colder as the spider had to be cold. The serum would have to do. Taking some as the camera panned out of his view he downed the tiny vial. First thing was his eyes flashed a bright blue as he opened them and a chill ran down his spine. A puff of clouded air escaped from his mouth as he exhaled and he felt like he was right again... That is if it wasn't for what happened next. Placing his hand back on the table it began to freeze where he touched. Ripping his hand back instinctively the table came up with him. Alarm rose in his brain and he didn't know what to do but then it let go. He scratched his had and looked at the hand, slightly blue and with that liquid. Then.. THWIP! Out shot a fine material that stuck to the wall. Oberon's jaw dropped and did his best to cover it up as much as he could before leaving and telling them he quit.

Over the next few years Oberon moved away from Maine to Boston leaving Wayne CORP behind. Oberon knew he had to make a difference in the world now with his new found power and became Frostweaver. Under this moniker he discovered many things about the world around him. Wayne Corp in fact was in league with the Legion of Hydra. Dealings with them meant that the company was dealing with some very evil people. Dr. Brimstone being at the top Oberon was poised to take him out under a source that he would be trying to steal a Stark Labs shipment down at the docks. It had been a trap. His source turned out to be a villain named Hellfire who was Dr. Brimstone's right hand. The villain monologued about how they had out smarted him the whole time over the last year and that what damage he had done was quickly undone. Oberon was backed into a corner. The set up would look like a thief broke in to steal something and accidentally set the place a blaze due to the chemicals in the building. This would make Stark Labs look bad for not having better security and better containment as well as take out Frostweaver. The last thing Oberon heard was "Time to burn little spider!" as a fireball was hurled at him. The room caught quickly and burned the place up. A few canisters above him burst and it was almost as if through the flames Oberon could hear screaming. Something oozed into him and it felt like it was crawling over him. Then through his ear something forced its way inside. Filling his mind he heard a voice, "We are both weak but together we can survive and be strong. Revenge will be ours on the ones that did this to us and we will make sure that they pay." With that Oberon blacked out and his body was taken to the morgue presumed dead.

Special Skills (if any): Genetic engineering and business administration along with some martial arts.
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