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The role play takes place in a setting modeled after 19th century Europe. Armies are primarily composed of musketeers and cavalry with artillery support, although each may be further divided into subcategories. I will try to detail some roles below but troop composition, equipment, and their purposes may be chosen at your discretion. You will command up to four regiments. Infantry regiments contain 3000 men, cavalry regiments contain 1500 men and horses, and artillery regiments contain 50 men with 5 cannons.

Line Infantry: Line infantry are the bread and butter of any nation's army. Typically armed with a musket and bayonet, these men fire in unison directly at a target. They are vulnerable to cavalry charges, especially when flanked. Although they can assume square formation to fend off cavalry it makes them vulnerable to artillery fire.
Skirmishers: Skirmishers are equipped with rifles that have superior range. Unfortunately they take longer to reload and as such they are not ideal for sustained combat. Skirmishers are used to harass the enemy, pick off important personnel, and screen the main force.
Cuirassiers: These heavy cavalry get their name from the cuirasses they wear. They are armed with swords which give them sustainability in a fight.
Lancers: Lancers wield polearms and are ideal for breaking enemy formations. Their weapons are unwieldy in close combat, however, and they are suitable in sustained combat.
Dragoons: Dragoons are mounted infantry. They generally ride into battle on horseback, then dismount to fight as line infantry, making them effective at reinforcing critical locations. Some are equipped with carbines and so can fire and reload from horseback.
Hussars: Hussars are light cavalrymen armed with sabers. They are very quick and ideal for chasing down routed enemies or overrunning artillery positions.
Artillery: Artillery is classified by the weight of the projectile they fire. Many fire 6lber, 12lber, or even 32 lber payloads. Any cannon which fires 12lber or below may be drawn by cavalry to quickly move around the field. Anything over 12lbers may not be moved once the battle has begun.

[u][b]Name[/b][/u]: Any names and titles the character may go by.
[u][b]Physical[/b][/u]: A physical description of the character, including gender, height, weight, eye color, hair color, skin color, etc.
[u][b]Description[/b][/u]: A brief history or description of the character.
[u][b]Nation[/b][/u]: The name of your nation or faction and a brief history or description.
[u][b]Regiments[/b][/u]: Please list your regiments below. I have provided an example below.

18th Valland Dragoons: When the Coalition Wars began the King of Valland handpicked some of the frontier's rowdiest hunters. These men were drawn together and currently make up the 18th Valland Dragoons. Equipped with muskets, these men ride into battle on horseback and dismount where the fighting is heaviest, reinforcing their allies and hitting the enemy with deadly accuracy. When Valland's army capitulated to the Emperor the 18th went to serve the Gauldic Empire, but their loyalties may yet lie with the Allies...
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Name: Iouldouz Edicoglu Khan
Physical: Though slightly shorter than the average man Iouldouz is nonetheless an intimidating man. Appearing to be somewhere in his thirties he has short cropped black hair with thin mustache and beard. His skin is the shade given by those born pale but nevertheless oft in the sun, while his green-brown eyes have a slight epicanthic fold. His nose if small but flared, while his chin and cheekbones are regally strong. Iouldouz has put some weight on since his true youth with a somewhat noticeable beer belly, though he is still in generally good shape.
Description: Though Iouldouz has no adoration for the Empire he fights for, an oath of loyalty is an oath of loyalty and thus if he is going to go forth and fight he may as well bring as much glory to himself and his men as possible. He is very loyal to his own warriors and as a result is somewhat overly cautious with his troops when lance armed cavalry should instead be very aggressive. That said his tribal romanticism leads him to often be far too close to battle himself, a severe flaw in any battlefield but particularly in a modern one.
Nation: Dusmane Khanate
Regiments: The Dusmane auxiliaries don't follow a strict regimental structure. There are slightly less than 6,000 of them, the men bearing sturdy spears not quite the size of other nation's lances, steppe sabers and compound bows. Jacks of all trades but masters of none, they cannot match lancers, hussars, dragoons or cuirassiers in their own craft. However their flexibility lets them do a wide array of tasks, and so they will usually split into four groups each emulating one of the international standards for Cavalry Regiments in support of one another to allow for a quasi combined arms attack in a single unit.
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