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Nodding his head slowly, Marcus stared at the prince with some slight apprehension: ''While I can't say that I trust you wholeheartedly, we will take what you said into consideration''. He could not understand the prince's desire to come with them, considering that the ship would lack any luxurious accommodations the prince was used to. Not to mention that in order to keep everything running smoothly, Tol would have to help out onboard like any other crew member. It was hard to imagine him cleaning the deck or assisting with fishing. As the prince finished speaking, Marcus couldn't stop himself from speaking up again:

''So far you only explained why none of your siblings should be chosen but I still don't understand why you should accompany us. Even though the other candidates don't seem to have any desirable traits, your 'nature' seems to conflict with the one of my crew.''



Anya fiddled with the meat on her plate, whilst directing her full attention to the discussion taking place. If Tol considered the other prince a brute, then that meant there was someone other then the queen that he was afraid of. However that also worried her- how horrible could someone have to be to scare someone like Tol. The princess, on the other hand, didn't seem too horrible but deceit was something that the majority onboard held with contempt. There clearly wasn't a good enough option that would not get in the way of the crew's day-to-day life.

Hearing Blake, she proceeded to roll her eyes before muttering quietly: ''You're talking already aren't ya''


Self-serving and deceitful? How could anyone use such words to describe her highness? Jane glared at the prince, appalled by his description. The princess, although not perfect, did more for this country than both of the princes combined and her ability to charm whoever she met was unmatched. The maid had to restrain herself from marching out of the room and reporting what she heard to her lady. Instead, she did the next best thing, which was to stick her tongue out at the prince when he was facing away from her. Feeling pleased, Jane turned back to observe the visitors once again.

Only this time she found one of them looking at her. Filled with dread, she recognised him as the suspicious man from yesterday. Attempting to hide the surprise on her face, she smiled innocently before turning to look at the prince. Maybe he didn't remember her and she could pretend like everything was alright until she informed the princess about the meeting. If the group's dress wasn't enough, the uncouth man was amongst them as well- the princess had no place amongst such people.
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Prince Tol Anzi-de Carragua


Prince Tol's head tilted to the side as he stared a Marcus. "You're... joking right? Surely even you can see that your say in this matter has been quite limited by Her Highness? Shaking his head, the Prince laughed before sharply continuing, "To make it so spelled out that even a daft barbarian could understand-- You're taking one of us. Which one is currently up for deliberation. But you're absolutely taking one of us." His temper was in the edge of his voice-- that short fuse practically sputtering.

Prince Tol straightened up then, almost looking regal, "Is that clear? When they tell you their decision, it will be up to you to either accept or state your preference."
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Blake also listened but looks at anya and muttered back," Why you so mad at me anya?" He held his pendant in his hand a bit tighter. He also figured if the prince came on the ship almost everyone will try to hurt him. But the focused back on anya and continue," Was it because of yesterday?"
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Jack Pearson

Obviously, that lady recognized him as well. Hopefully, she wouldn't get picked as the servant to go with them on a trip, although the other servants looked just as 'fun' and 'friendly' as this one. He chose not to listen to the rest of the prince's comments, so Jack stood up, nodded politely at his captain and left the room. Walking through the hallways with his hands in the pockets of his pants, he looked at some paintings hanging on the walls, probably paintings of other members of the royal family. Every one of them looked just as stuck-up as the servant, if not more. The only thing he could do, was hoping for this 'sleepover' to be over soon. He couldn't bare to look at those faces for too long.
Hope Hopkins

When she noticed that Jack left the room, she thought that maybe she could do. This was a conversation between the royal family and her captain, it was not her place to interfere. She shortly put her hand on the shoulder of the captain, nodded politely at both her captain and his highness before leaving the room. She spread her wings as if she was stretching and went outside to check how good her ankle had healed already. When she got outside the building, she spread her wings as far as she could and flew straight up in the air with a smile on her face. There was no better feeling than flying with a ray of sunshine burning on your skin.
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