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“You are right in both accounts. It is no secret that Captain Evander had it in for Master Arn. The fool thinks that there is this big plot brewing to embarrass him and seize control of the Shooting Stars. He has been looking for any excuse to send him to Court Martial. We both know that if that happens, it will not be a fair trail. A lowly noble he might be but Evander is still a noble. No offense.”
The young man paused wanting to see if Lord Venray would come to the aid of a fellow noble.

"None taken." The Knight Captain calmly replied. "I am well aware of the behaviour of some of the other nobles. Let us just say that I can't challenge them all to duels or there would be none left." He said with a teasing smile, before growing more serious again. "It is a sad state of affairs and a disgrace to hear and see some of the others blatantly abuse their power and take their own ill will out on the poor folk that find themselves in their line of sight."

A few seconds passed and he continued, this time in an apologetic tone. “Regarding the young miss. I fear that I am not at liberty to say. But if Master Arn trust you as I think he does, the only reason he may not say anything is because he has given his word. He may not be a knight or of high birth but his word is his bond.” This last part was said a bit forceful as if to prevent or squash any comment to the contrary.
“All I will say is that I have never seen the man act the way he does. He may need help in the arena from somebody who is probably used to being around the female members of our society.” The young man offered a wink after his playful comment. But perhaps he was not too far off. Almost every member of the Shooting Stars knew that Arn had never even spoken to another female other than professionally.

"I never doubted him or you for having your reasons, but you asked me to explain my reasons for taking your master away from Evander. This is not out of distrust, but because I need to factor in possible consequences. To be prepared for the what if scenario's." He explained before he smiled wryly, as if he suddenly tasted something sour.
"I have had 'some' run ins with the fairer sex, though truth be told they are well aware of me. Half the mother's want me to marry their daughters, women with no sense, no inkling or thought of their own. No ambitions safe being a direct replica of their mother." He shuddered. "Besides that the woman I take for a wife has to run the estate, as you stated most nobles are less than 'civil' and I would not hand over the reins of the estate to some vain jealous harpy." He chuckled. "I might disappoint the family by marrying the kitchenmaid. Just to spite all those over-eager socialclimbers."

Tobi was caught by surprise by the offering of the stone. He took it in his hand and looked at it. He turned it over a couple of times and traced the V etched into he stone. A look of puzzlement could be easily seen. Not wanting to cause any sort of embarrassment or affront he said in a almost confused tone. “Thank you?”

The young mage place the stone in his pocket. He was taking another bite when he noticed a familiar face in the crowd behind Tyrhallan. The young mage raised his hand and waved until he caught the attention of the other young lad, a Novice by the name of Lornian Carver. The flushed face showed he had been perhaps running. This was further confirmed by his gasps as he reached the table.

“Huff huff. Where…the huff Hell have you been Tobi? Huff… Evander wants….your..huff ass. No, no, I huff mean he wants you …back now.” The young lad huffed away. Lornian was a bit on the chubby side and the strain has obviously been taxing.
Tobi chuckled.
“Catch your breath boy before you faint. Here have something to drink”. The other pushed the cup away.

“I..think huff he is serious Tobi we have to go”. Turning he suddenly caught sight of Tyrhallan and his eyes grew wider as he caught sight of the emblem in the chest of the man. He managed a stuttering “Pardon..my interruption Knight Captain..I I.”
Tobi placed a hand on the lad.
“Its ok, relax Lorni. Captain Venray will not bite. He might give you a few days in the brig for the offense of not introducing yourself first but no more than a few days.”

The other boy’s face turned pale and worried eyes regarded Tobi.
“Relax man, I am just playing.”
Tobi then turned to the silver haired lord.
“Please excuse me Captain Venray. I enjoyed your company and your meal. It appears I am summoned though. Please take care of Master Arn.” A questioning look started to form on Lornian’s face but Tobi just pushed the lad forward. “I’ll tell you later come on before Evander pops a vein and we have to clean up the mess.”

Lorni managed a stuttering “Excuse us."

Tyrhallan watched the whole ordeal curiously, listening to the conversation and simply shaking his head as a 'no' as Lorni apologised.
As the two excused themselves he watched them go. Uttering a final phrase before cleaning up.
"Stay alive boys."
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the question brought an almost silly confused face to the Master Mage’s face. The man had to work at hyper speed to try and figure out what the young woman was asking. The words were said and his ears received the sounds but the meaning was lost to him. A second passed then two as he tried how to best formulate first the meaning of the question and second how to formulate his response.

Normally articulate and sure of what he said. He often meant what he said and said what he meant. There was no mistake in his communication with his fellow squad members and even between him and Evander. However, in this particular situation he was not sure if saying what he thought in his head was appropriate or it would be well received. The debate lasted another second or two. Finally, the voice of reason, having been silent for too long during his recent interactions with the lovely Eilis, managed to settle the dispute.

He cleared his throat and began in as comfortable a tone trying to emphasize the veracity of the words he was speaking. “If I understand your question correctly you believe that the tattoos you sport have warped your features in such a way that you think you have become grotesque.”

He placed a hand on her head and gently brushed back a few unruly strands that have fallen on her face. He studied what he been asked to evaluate. To his eyes, all he could see was a lovely skin and two jeweled eyes that looked up half glazed at him, the last remnants of Dark Sight seeming to disappear.

“I would like to assure you most strongly that this is not the case.” He traced the lines of tattoos, two smaller ones framing a third thicker one. His finger gently followed the contours of the lines, his callused hand slowly traversing the soft skin. He started at the crown of her head just at the hair line and followed it down to the ridge of her nose and down one side to her check down to her jaw. He fought the urge to continue down journey down the neck. Instead, he moved his hand and traced upward from the sleeve looking tattoo up her forearm to her shoulder.

To break the quickly becoming awkward silence when he remembered that she still could not see clearly he addressed her again.

“If nothing else, Eilis. They are quite captivating. Please forgive me for saying this but where it not for their harmful origins and function, they would be suitable adornment for a lady such as you.” He smiled down at her as he cleared his throat further. “Even as they are, I have to admit that I find myself wanting to closely examine them.” He cleared his throat again a bit embarrassed at his forwardness but too much had transpired between them to pay attention to propriety.

“When you have fully recovered your sight, I shall find you a proper reflective surface so that you can make your own conclusions. As it stands, all I see before me is a lovely lady.” He said in his most amicable and truthful tone.

He added. “And that is the truth”
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She looked up hopeful at his words, but turned the palms of her hands upward, staring at her hands and the bits of tattoo she could see, before her jaw tightened and a slight tremble followed through showing itself in her hands as she squeezed them tight for a moment.
"Thank you Arn, eventhough I can't really believe what you say, I know I put you in a bad spot because I asked for your opinion, with having little real confidence in a satisfying answer." She told him truthfully before she sighed.
"Right...I suppose I should help you healing." She whispered as she placed a hand on his side.
"Close your eyes Arn...I can't do this with you staring at me." Eilis said with a teasing smile before she lifted his shirt up, letting of a soft 'tsk'.
"Arn, why didn't you say anything?" She said as he fingers felt their around his side wounds and stitchings. "Now, hold still." She more or less ordered him with a stern but gentle voice as she exhaled and a soft glow emitted from her fingers. It was a fine line she had to walk, slowly she increased her magic trying to keep her tattoo's from activating, whilst at the same time transfer some aid to Arn's own abilities to heal. Slowly Arn would be able to feel a new kind of warmth. He would be able to see the magical layer, the connection passing through them. However Eilis too much of a chance and the response was instant. She reacted as if she was being slapped or stung, the tattoo's flared and crackled, making Eilis wince and adjust instantly.
"I'm all right. Let me do this for you." She told him.
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All Arn could do was sigh deeply in resignation. It would be hard to make her believe his words. After all, there was no reason for her to truly trust him. They had shared much yes, but nothing has been proven or put to the test that would engender any such stead fast belief.

Still, it made the mage sad that a lovely lady like Eilis would doubt her own beauty but he knew that often, the closer you are to the trees its hard for you to see the forest.

"Thank you Arn, even though I can't really believe what you say, I know I put you in a bad spot because I asked for your opinion, with having little real confidence in a satisfying answer."

The master mage shook his head. “You need not apologize. I gave you my honest response. It is my regret that my given answer was not satisfactory. However, of one thing you can be sure. No matter how many times you ask me, the reply will be the same. If anything, my assessment may be further strengthened.”

There was a second or two of silence. Eilis broke it by fussing over his busted stitching. In fact, Arn had forgotten all about his ailments but as if his body was looking to betray him, the sudden attention the cuts got brough a slight grunt to the throat of the man as she examined the wounds.

He thankfully closed his eyes, a slight smirk on his face acknowledging her playful jab. The mage needed to concentrate on not complaining too much. An objection had started to formulate on his head but he knew that the playful order would very much turn serious if he tried to be stubborn and not allow her to help him.

With his eyes closed he did not see but felt her start her work. With a slight gasp he reacted to the magic that was being poured into him. Arn could feel Eilis. Not just the flow of magic itself but somehow, the energy belonged uniquely to her. The flow was like a soothing balm as it moved at an almost microscopic level. He could feel his body reacting. He could feel himself tensing but immediately relaxing as the healing warmth covered the wounds like gentle bandages.

Despite her commandment, he opened his eyes. He could see the glow and position of her hands matched the tingly feeling in his body. He was amazed. Very few people even had the knowledge of such procedures much less be able to so readily and efficiently perform this magical “healing”.

In truth, the process was more scientific than mystic. Eilis was pouring energy into Arn giving of herself to promote that natural healing that all bodies are capable of. This borrowed energy would provide the fuel and coax the cells into regenerating at speeds that it normally would not be able to. In other words, she was giving Arn her own life force. Such technique was dangerous due to the possibility of giving too much and if a person continued to do so, injury or death was even possible.

To be able to control her magic, let alone pour it so efficiently, was a matter to be praised. However, the mage worried that in her weakened state and the restrictions the tattoos posed, if he had understood her explanation correctly, could be harmful to the young woman.

As if to fullfill his concerns. He saw her weaken and immediately made a move to help her.

"I'm all right. Let me do this for you."

The mage was reluctant but he knew that she would not hear of it. He starting to realize that the young woman had a very stubborn streak. No doubt, this quality had kept her alive and going when others in her situation would have given in to desperation, or death.

“Ok, I will not stop you despite the fact that I am inclined to do” he told her in his own stubborn voice. “However, I will not let you do this alone. Allow me to do this with you.”

To emphasize his words, he closed his eyes again. This time, he concentrated on his own magical energy which he always felt was located near his solar plexus. In his minds eye, he could see his own energy, a sort of rich red, swirling like liquid flame.

He directed that energy at a steady stream towards his wounds. There, he felt Eilis own, like a sort of gentle breeze. The color was not completely clear to him but he knew it was there. As his magic reached hers, it swirled, combined and danced. The magic acted as if they were old friends coming together again.

The dance was playful and with much swirling, flowing and combining. He could feel his body reacting, the wounds felt itchy as new cells formed at speeds only achieved in the womb. Still, sooner or later the pair would tire. He placed a hand on hers.

Another hand he placed under her chin and lifted the face to look at him. “I thank you. Please, let this be enough for now. Not only am I concerned about your wellbeing but also, such quick healing might arise suspicions.”

He smiled at her. “As I have stated before. You are a mystery and I apologize before hand for my inability to stop myself from wanting to get to know you.”
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Begrudgingly Eilis nodded in agreement, knowing Arn was right about his quick recovery being suspicious. Also she had been careful not to give too much of her own energy which was still recovering.
As he took her chin and lifted her head up to meet his gaze she couldn't help cast her eyes down as a red tinge of a blush crept onto her cheeks. She tried to swallow her embarrasment away.
As the blush spread to tips of her ears she knew she had to say something.
"I'm sorry Arn...I wish I could be more helpful." She mumbled softly feeling awkward. She wasn't exactly used to men...when her blindness had struck her she had been comforted by the darkness in a sense. Can't worry over what one sees or looking at someone too long when you can't see.
But now that her sight was slowly returning she realized suddenly how close they actually were and for someone with hardly any male contact safe for her father and some nasty Battlemage, she suddenly had become very aware of Arn. Sure he still was quite a blur to her, but the tender touch from calloused hands, his muscled frame and his voice had all started to influence her mind. She might had been an innocent, but that didn't mean she was an idiot.
She had read the more romantic works aswell, about starcrossed lovers and sacrifice and one particular little story that had been rather...'educational'. Truly the first time she had discovered it tucked away in some other thick tome.
What that tome had been about she couldn't recall, but the smaller book had been very interesting and very instructive. She had been beetred when she had gotten to the more explicit part of the book. Sure they had been basic drawings, but one did not need much imagination in how the actual act went. The writer had been anonymous for good reason, Eilis thought, before drifting back to the man in front of her.
Her eyes flicked up and back down.
She was quite sure he was smiling, hopefully he hadn't perceived her embarassment yet.
"I'm not much of a mystery...just unlucky...safe for meeting you." She said.
"Arn, where...where I am supposed to go?" She asked softly.
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