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Name: Anna Valentine

Age: about 18 or so

Gender: female

pack position: currently a potential beta female but that could change.

personality: She can be generally nice, but do not cross her lest that change. She can be tough when she needs to be and respects those who deserve it.

She was raised around the Alpha to be, but was not around him often enough to get to know him when they were young. However, she hopes for that to change now that she is older. If her current status remained, she would have to serve whomever he chose for a mate. Anyway, she worked hard in order to earn the respect of her pack. She wants a mate and cubs of her own someday.

Wolf's appearance:

A semi-strong looking big female wolf. Dark brown fur. Eyes in similar color to her human ones. A patch of white fur around her chest. Pointed ears. Sharp fangs and claws. Looks like a fast runner. Can blend in with trees and moss and such. Gentle looking snout. Fluffy fur.
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Name: Noah Lockwood
Age 18 yrs old
Gender Male
Position: Alpha to be

Personality: Can come off as uncaring and materialistic to those that dont really know him. He is strong oozes that Alpha Power. He plays the "playboy" well.

Background: He is the oldest of the 3 children of his parents the current Alphas of the Black Mountain Pack. He has been groomed at the age of 5 to become the alpha of the pack while his siblings were able to have more normal lives. He lives in the Pack house with his family on the top floor, and the beta and gamma families living both on the second floor (they live on different wings). The house shares common areas like kitchen, dining and living room and a gym. Noah turned 18 years old almost 2 months ago and only shifted a month ago, being able to start communicating with his wolf Aries.

Wolf Description: His wolf is all black except of a patch of tan on each of his ears. His eyes are still the Ice blue that Noah has but in his human state his wolf can surface to gain control without shifting and his eyes if angered can go icy blue to black.
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Name: Roxanne Foxwotth

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Position: Lone Wolf

Personally: TBR

Background: Roxanne and her siblings parents died in a war and were adopted by were foxes.

Wolf Form: Red Wolf

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