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Name: Sohn Hirdemann

Sex: Male

Age: 22

Species: Human


  • Likes tradition & order, will strive to create order from chaos.
  • Bold - has no trouble assuming the mantel of leadership. Though can sometimes be argumentative if he is not the leader.
  • Honest & hardworking, does not look kindly upon laziness or dishonesty

History: He comes from a whole family of sheep farmers. His mother and his two sisters spin and dye wool for yarn while Sohn and his younger brother and father are the ones to tend to their flock, often spending days or weeks away from home to ensure the health and safety of the flock. They have several dogs that help move the sheep and protect them from thieves & wolves.

Skills: Dog handling & training, sheep husbandry, reading the signs of the weather, basic wound care, staff (informal horsing around with his brother rather than life or death combat)

Other: Sohn's most trusted and smartest dog is a female named Fortuna:

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165cm/45kg, skinny build, on the shorter side, pale complexion, burns easily, androgynous face with childlike softness, greyish eyes, curious brows and long brown hair

Name: Eliel
Sex: male
Age: 16-year-old
Species: half elf

Personality: silent, seems shy but isn't. He have sometimes hard time trying to express himself. His social skills are not that good. Despite his quiet nature, Eliel enjoys the company of others. Because of his young age the boy has some childlike elements in him. He has childlike excitement in him and he's not good at handling letdowns. If he's thinking hard or doesn't understand something his head is tilted in a puppy like manner. Eliel is extremely curious and always willing to face a new adventure. He is too curious for his own good. He is somewhat wild and can't stay in one place for too long.

History: There was once a young and naive elf girl who enjoyed the company of humans. However one day she got to face the dark side of humans resulting an unplanned pregnancy. Shortly Eliel was a result of forced sex between human man and elf woman.

After the baby was born, the mother wasn't able to take care of it. Luckily she didn't know only bad people. There was this aloof mean looking but good spirited hunter who she had in mind. So the baby was given to the said hunter who "didn't like children" but needed help with housework. Once the little one was big enough he could take care of the old man. The baby was named Eliel after the hunter's late wife Ellie.

Skills: hunting (bow and arrows), skinning animals, speed

Other: because Eliel lived most of his life in forest, he enjoys being in nature and feels ill when he has been too long inside.

He grow up skinny and seemingly weak. However he's a good hunter (even when he's only able to hunt only small animals).

He is good at using bow and arrows. He also has a small dagger used to skinning animals.

Thanks to being half elf he has enchanted hearing ability.

Eliel is ashamed about the birth of himself and sometimes feels dirty even after washing up multiple times.

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Name: magnus lorence (he calls himself maglor)

Sex: male


Species: halfling

4' 2" tall (roughly 1 1/4 meters)

Personality: He is an adept speaker who acts very politely. despite that he gets quite annoyed easily, then the polite act drops revealing his why are you here leave me alone demeanor. He also has a dark sense of humor. Constantly making a dark joke. Beneath all of that he does have a heart and will help because/when it bothers his conscience.

History: he was a traveling merchant untill he desided to stay and live in Grainville a few years ago, with the reasoning that business was good here and he could always pack it up and leave whenever he wanted. He does go out every few months to find new things to bring back and sell, satisfying his need to travel. But he always comes back to this town that holds a small place in his heart with its frendly nature.

Skills: he knows how to be safe when traveversing new territory, and how to set up a resonable camp. Due to being a merchant and having to carry all of his (somewhat random) "inventory" he has some upper body strengh but not an absurd amount.

Other: he makes and sells his home towns delicacy gem apples. Basicly being whole candied apples that with the way he candies them makes the apples look like it is a gem. You'll almost always see him eating one.
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