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Since my long term partner has had to drop out (no malice here! She was amazing!), I am seeking new partners!

My preferred role play is romance, and I have a Google Document with a list of my ideas.

Let's start with what I'm looking for:

*Able to post a minimum of once a week. I'm a manager at a grocery store. I work four days a week, and when I get home, I have chaos to deal with. There are days I can post for hours, and others where I can make one post, and not do so again for days. That's why I don't mind gaps. If, for any reason, you need to drop out, just shoot me a message. Things happen.

*Advanced writing. Mistakes will happen, but I'm looking strictly for a multi-paragraph writer. I don't mind a single paragraph during conversations, especially when nothing is happening, but without substance, you can't get a feel for a situation. As such, however, I don't want character control; meaning, do not assume what my character would do or say in a situation. Give me time to respond.

*Must play the male character. I can write as one for a background or short term character, but I want someone to play the male lead. You can, of course, have a second character be female.

*Triggers. Be warned that some of my content will contain graphic depictions of bad situations; i.e. death, murder, gore, horror, etc. If you are easily upset, please do not apply. I don't want anyone having to visit a mental hospital because they couldn't handle the topic.

*Sexual content. It can happen, but will not be the main focus. There will be a story attached. I do not mind fade to black scenes, but have no issue playing it out.

Note: Role plays will take place through Discord. It's easier to send photos, links, documents, and although there is a character limit, editing is a breeze,

I look forward to hearing from you!
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I'm available.

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