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Current Story Arc:

Chapter 1: The Mages Guild of Pandarosa


The night seemed darker than usual as howling winds whipped back and forth against the stone walls of a battle ruined castle. In the great hall large enough to fit over a hundred men, numerous lords gathered in quiet conversations as they waited for everyone to be accounted for. Despite having just fought a great battle together, the various heads of state of numerous countries sat divided in anticipation. Never has there been a gathering of so many great rulers in one setting. The objective of the gathering however was simple… how does the gathered assembly here formulate a plan to combat the great threat known as the Void. The discussions went stable at first, but it was not long till the arguments, threats and accusations began. There was venom in the words spoken and tensions were reaching a boiling point.

“I’ve had enough!” one king announced, earning the complete attention of the room. “Before this war began, I was slaughtering Asterions! Now half of you beckon me to make peace with them?” The great king was a giant of man and battled scarred, armor as thick as his beard, his voice a booming echo. The voice belonged to King Tobran, a giant of man in stature.

“Is that how you disguise the truth? Last time I checked my heir sent twenty thousand of yours fleeing into the hills just two years ago.” A high elf named Amerion replied. Amerion was the current High King of the Asterions and while he paled in comparison to the rival king in terms of stature, Amerion was smooth in the delivery of his words and his calm demeanor was infuriating. “It’s evident great king you lack the foresight and the wisdom to properly access the situation at hand. I am no happier than you are but if we are all to survive this apocalypse then I concede…This coalition will have my army.”

King Tobran stood up and spat on the ground in defiance, the hostility between the two ever so clear. “I spit on the graves of your people. I lost two sons because of your greed. I would see you dead before I ever march alongside you false dragon!” The words were aimed to cut deep but instead of the High King, it was another who took the insult grave. Stepping away from his king’s side, a golden armored knight stepped forward into the center of the room, eyes locked with the great human king.

“Grandfather give the order and I will take this man’s head.” the knight stated, his hand placed on the hilt of his sword. Tobran scoffed at the threat. “You would do that for me Aratheon? Every day you impress with your boldness.” Amerion replied, taking the sudden turn of events to be quite amusing.

“I’ve always heard King Tobran misses his sons dearly. I’ll be glad to reunite them.” Aratheon replied, his eyes never leaving the opposing kings but his tone and delivery matching that of the Asterion King. The sharp words earned several smirks and amused looks from the foreign gathers. Despite Aratheon’s age, his charm and confidence were infectious, it was obvious why many here gathered despised the Tassarion led Asterions. The great king gripped his war hammer, his mouth trembling as if trying to find the proper words. The audacity of the young elf before him demanded action, such words demanded blood. The room was now on the very brink of explosion until a calming voice filled the room, a voice from an Arch Mage of the Mages Guild. “My Lords, my great many lords, now is not the time for any more bitter fighting. If we continue to trade words, we will eventually trade steel. I ask that we all look deep into ourselves and remember what’s important. We need each other. The world needs this Coalition.”

Knock, Knock

Aerendyl’s sat up gasping, eyes wide open as he scanned the room. Instead of that firelit council room, he was in the bed of his cabin. “That damn dream again.” The young elf muttered as he rubbed his temples. For some reason Aerendyl kept having dreams of the past, dreams of events that he did not even witness because he was not even born. A pair of knocks rung his door again but this time a voice followed.

“Aerendyl, wake up! We’re closing in!”

“I’ll be out in a minute.” The elf replied half as he shuffled out of bed, stretching his limbs as he wrapped an ornate cloak bearing the symbol of his people around his shoulders. Before taking another the young prince took a deep breath as his dream raced through his mind again. He was grateful to be awake... despite knowing of such past events through stories and what he was told, the dream felt so real as if he was physically there. Aerendyl eyed his hands and touched his face as if to check to make sure he really was awake and that perhaps he had fallen into some other cruel nightmare. Feeling satisfied and aware, Aerendyl exited his cabin as he tried to shake off the effects of his slumber though the salt air caught his attention right away.
“You alright? You look like you didn’t sleep well.” A voice called out. It was Gloin Thunderhammer, a mighty dwarf who was a friend of Aerendyl since childhood.

“I’m alright. Just had that dream again.” Aerendyl replied, continuing to stretch as the pair walked towards the top deck of the ship.

“The one where your nearly father tried to take Tobran’s head to impress your great grandfather?” Gloin knew this story well. He had heard the story before and had an ancestor who attended that very same meeting.

“That’s the one.”

“You been doing a lot of reading to prepare for our little adventure.” Aerendyl nodded. What ever happened to Tobran?”

“Died shortly after that meeting if you would believe. The Chosen got him and High King Amerion shortly after.” Aerendyl paused. There was a depth of sadness though admittingly Aerendyl only knew of his great grandfather only from stories. “And then my grandfather after that.” The mention of his grand father however cut a deeper blow. As elves, they were physically immortal from aging yet fate dictated time and time again that his ancestors were not immune to those skilled enough with a weapon.

“That Chosen… must have been one hell of a fighter to have killed so many on his own.”

“My father tried looking for him in the final battle. I think that was his biggest regret… not being able to personally kill the one responsible for the death of Two High Kings and over a hundred Dragon Knights.”

“So, who did?” Gloin asked, taking interest in this little history lesson. Aerendyl shrugged. “I forgot the names. I have read so much recently, learned so many different names that sometimes they all blend. But it took quite a few of them, plus several members from the Guild.” Aerendyl paused again as he gazed out towards the approaching harbor as the Iron Spire of the island of Pandarosa was visible out in the distance.

“You sure you are alright?” Gloin questioned. The dwarf meant well but Aerendyl was too shy to tell him he wanted to be left alone for a bit to gather his thoughts. This whole trip had made him uneasy and reality was settling in.

“Yeah just… I don’t know. I guess I am just nervous. I don’t know what to expect.” It was an open admittance and a subtle attempt reset his attitude towards the whole situation at hand.

“You should be honored. You’ll be the first of Asterion royalty to come to Pandarosa.”

“We trade with them sure and every once in a while, a few of them are allowed to visit our shores but ever consider why my father didn’t want to come here? It’s well known my father doesn’t like them. Same thing applies with my mother. Ever since I was born the Mages Guild has been pestering my father for a “better business” relationship. I know I volunteered to do this, but I can’t shake this feeling that maybe I was foolish to leave home.”

“You worry too much.” Gloin was maybe half of Aerendy’s height, but his strength was evident when a reassuring hand gripped the elf’s shoulder. “Relax. I hear there is plenty of taverns at the port. We ought to get you drunk.” Aerendyl let out a small chuckle. “Please Gloin, I know what’s what you want to do.”

A mighty horn originated from a tower that overlooked the harbor signaled the arrival of the Asterion ship. The grand vessel adorned with white sails and a great banner of the Asterion people at the top of the mass for all to see would make quite the impression as the ship sailed into an empty dock as the crew aboard eagerly prepared to touch land after a week long journey. It was here, peering over the ship's railing that Aerendyl was beyond astounded now that he was right next to the mystical island that he had heard so much about. Like any Asterion, Aerendyl would have proudly proclaimed about the size and beauty of harbors all across his homeland, but Pandarosa was different. The port of Pandarosa was larger than any he had ever seen, surely it was the grandest in the world and everywhere you looked ships and banners from all over the world, each bearing different symbols decorated the view.

“I’ll give them credit.” Gloin said, a certain giddiness in his tone. “I can see how people can lose themselves here.” Aerendyl nodded in reply. Even from his view he could already tell that the harbor contained all sorts of pleasures and sins. Among the crowd, merchants shouted above each other, each attempting to sell whatever exotic good they carried. One stood out among the rest.

“Basilisk eggs! Yes you heard right! I have over a dozen Basilisk eggs, the mother was over a hundred feet long and could pluck a wyvern down from the sky!” Aerendyl curiously waited to see if anybody would take the merchant up on his offer but then other shouts from the crowd from drunken sailors who stumbled in and out of the various taverns as uniformed guild mercenaries walked in pairs just to ensure the peace was kept.

Aerendyl turned to Gloin “Have the crew disembark the cargo in preparation. I’m expecting a representative from the Guild shortly.” Gloin nodded and stepped away from his friend and began to bark orders to the crew.

The flag of Asterion waved proudly against the sea's wind and for all it's magnificence those who cared or understood what that flag was had no qualms in watching the crew. It was natural behavior for those at port to see who had just arrived with strangers gossiping amongst themselves about some sort of rumor or story they know but this was different, Aerendyl could see it already. Aerendyl kept his position at the ship’s railing, his eyes moving from person to person and he could feel the uneasiness in some of them, some looked back at him with disgust. It was no secret why many did not like Aerendyl or his people… The United Kingdoms of Asterion proclaimed itself to have no equal and while many were unfit to challenge that narrative, there were many who wanted to see him dead. Aerendyl tried to give off the impression that he was above those who watched him and that he did not care for their jealous eyes but Aerendyl was honest with himself internally… were it not for the Mages Guild being strong enforcers of their policies, Aerendyl and his crew would have been walking dead men.

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Green eyes zoomed in on the target.
Then back to burly shouting man with the cleaver.
“Come one come all! Freshest Cuts in all the lands, you want your Beef I’ll be willing to Cut you a Bloody Deal! Also Succulent Sausages that will simply sing as they sizzle in your skillet! You know you get the best from Baxter’s. Seduce your husband, we all know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!” The red faced butcher shouted.
To be fair he was right, of all the butchers in the city Bertie Baxter was one of the best. Naturally you paid for the quality, after all the man owned at least 6 butcher shops through various parts of the city, thus being able to sell his wares.
It was also for this reason Lore had started to target him, after all with all the profit the man made what was one tiny string of sausages?
Now if he would only put the cleaver down, then Lore could drop in and liberate some of those savory delights.
She kept a close eye on her surroundings from her position in the shadows.
Most hardly noticed someone like her half tucked away behind a couple of crates.
It was a busy morning in the Upper Market, which was always promising, scanning the area for guards it all seemed clear.
Today 'was' going to be another lucky day.
Bracing herself she snuck a little closer, having a care that she wouldn't act too suspicious.
As she watched him put his cleaver down on the table in order to help another customer, time seemed to slow down.
This had been the moment she had waited for!
With a quick sprint she ran behind him moving past the other end of his table instantly snatching a large string of sausages as she tried to make her escape. Running as fast as her tiny feet would allow she heard the angry shouts from the man behind her.
“HEY! HALT! DAMN THAT ROTTEN CAT!” She dared not to look back as she watched something sail past her as she ducked into one of the alleyways. She could hear whatever it was clatter as it connected with the wall.
The last thing she heard was the angry shout of Bertie going: “Guards! Guards!”
Now with a little luck and if she kept her head down she could avoid those dumb ‘tinplates’ as well. Passing through a couple more side streets she finally dared stop and rest before sticking her head out to peak into one of the larger streets again.
As it seemed relatively safe a satisfied grin formed on her face, confirming there was not another guard in sight.
Pulling her head back she regarded her loot. A whole string of sausages!
“Hehe!” She chuckled before she purred in delight. “And I didn’t even need to use my magic today!” She proudly purred before she realized what she was doing and slapped a hand over her mouth.
“Damn it not again!” Her ears hung low for a moment as she regarded her paws.
Would she ever...? She shook the thought from her head again, picking her prize up and making her way to the poorer section of the city.
There she headed for the only place with people she pitied more than herself.
The orphanage.
Taking the string of the rickety driftwood gate she swung it open moving inside the little courtyard that was full of rotten old buildings and rickety wooden shacks.
As she did so one of the bells went off and the children headed outside to greet her as they were always ordered to when they had visitors.
Old Faline, a small but tough old lady ran the orphanage and she never turned a lost soul away.
She had found Lore that early morning after her first night on the streets and since then Lore had felt a sort of obligation to pay the old crone back for the kindness she had once bestowed on her that early misty morning.
“Dinner is served!” Lore chuckled as she held up the large string causing all the children to cheer.
“Frederick you take those to the kitchen…I am sure they will taste wonderful with the soulcakes that were given to us by the Baker yesterday.” Old Faline said as she watched the children take the gift away.
A sharp glint lay in those old grey eyes as she leaned on her walking cane moving in closer.
“I suppose I better not ask where they came from?” She inquired calmly.
Lore scratched nervously behind her ear.
“Best not really, though I am sure a certain nameless butcher would have been more than willing to donate such a trifling thing to such a worthy cause as this.” She stated with a shrug before having to duck as the cane swept over her head in an attempt to make her listen.
“What have I told you about stealing?”
Lore looked annoyed.
“I did it for the kids you old hag, they don’t need to starve just because the prices are ridiculous! That fat Baxter barely can get through the door with all that money that he is making. So technically I did him a favor, he won’t miss a couple of coins!”
“If the guards catch you you’ll lose a hand if not more!” Old Faline argued with a sigh as she clacked her cane on the ground and continued to stare at her.
“Promise me Laurellyn you won’t steal anymore!”
“I didn’t even do it for me!” She retaliated before her staring contest ended and with a sigh her shoulders sank. “Fine! If it makes you happy!”
A warm smile now formed on the old woman’s lips.
“I just don’t want to see you hurt my girl.”
“I know…” She said knowing the old woman meant well, it was just life was tough enough already so what if she stole a couple of things to make life a little easier.
It wasn’t like she stole jewelry or something for greed’s sake. No, she usually stole a loaf of bread or a string of sausages, a turnip or fresh fish. It wasn’t even from the poor vendors she stole either, still Old Faline hated stealing and made sure you would know it. That cane had hit its mark before after all.
“Will you stay with us today?”
Lore shook her head walking back towards the gate.
“I got a new lead on where the old codger might be, so maybe I’ll be run into him this time and get him to undo all this.” She said pointing at herself as she pulled the string to open the gate again.
“I hope you’ll find him dear. Be careful.” Were Faline’s words to Lore as she passed through the gate with a last wave of goodbye.
Her small feet quickly hurried down the street and made her way into the city again.
If her contact had been right he would be in the Arena today, some grand occasion or other, rumours and tall tales had buzzed through the city.
It had led to the arrival of people far and wide to Pandarosa and maybe the old codger would be amongst those who would greet the guests. She snorted it would suit his purposes.
Her old master had a love for flair and prestige, he was someone who considered socializing as important as having skill. Being from the proper families and appearing appropriately was in his eyes what distinguished the plebs from the true masters of the Arcane.
How arrogant and haughty, the man would have married himself if he would've had the option.
Sadly though he was nowhere near what one consider handsome. Oh, he could use a little glamour or two, but that didn’t change the fact that true beauty would always escape him.
As she came at the harbor her eyes quickly scanned the unfamiliar ships, intending to start her inquiries there were it not for a vessel that immediately caught her eye.
Holy smokes, she thought as she recognised it.
She had only read of the United kingdom of Asterion. Of Elves and Dwarves and tall tales of Dragon Knights.
But apparently she wasn't the only one who noticed.
She could instantly feel the shift in demeanor around her, some people started whispering ill remarks and spoke of murderers and tyrants.
Well, they could hate them all they wanted, Lore however seeing an opportunity too good to pass decided she would move in for a closer look.
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The Asterion ship was reaching the harbor and the horn had just sounded its arrival.
In a calm corner shaded by the wall of a tavern, two half-elves were sitting on stools; one was coloring a drawing while the other, eyes squinted, kept moving his head between the ship and the sketch depicting it.

"And what brings you here, my dear friend?" said the one holding the crayon, in a neutral tone.

"Why, the answer is half in the question. Friend-Ship of course." Nehlin replied jokingly, taking care to pronounce each term while looking in the appropriate direction. "Now Luren, since there is plenty of tension between the various factions, the Guild is insistent that we do-"

"no politics", Luren cut him short, irritation seeping into his voice.

"Nothing offensive, no." And as the wind blew and the Asterion flag fully revealed itself, Nehlin didn't miss the revulsion in Luren's expression.

"Hmm? Aha! This part of the flag isn't quite right, now is it?", said Nehlin while pointing at the drawn emblem. Nothing explicit was shown, but although Nehlin had no clue on how the changed emblem could be insulting to the Asterion, it didn't take a historian to know that there is symbolism in there; not the polite sort, knowing Luren's style.

"Ugh, fine." Luren tore the page off and was about to throw it to the wind when Nehlin caught his hand. "You shouldn't tempt fate." he said, locking his eyes into Luren's. For emphasis, Nehlin's half-elf ears grew eyes and ears of their own and nodded seriously in agreement.

If it helped alleviate the mood, Luren showed no sign of it; he simply took the paper, scribbled something with a metalpoint and dropped it to the ground. Whatever was now drawn, Nehlin didn't look at it. His duty lied in informing his friend, the rest being an artist's decision to make.

Luren then packed his affairs and left, saying no word in between. But silence could be more hurtful than words, or so Nehlin felt.

The illusionist sighed and cancelled his craft, revealing no pointy ears and no stool; on cue, he fell on his butt and began rubbing his aching knees. "Ouch" he muttered, while gazing in direction of the ship.
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Kivessin Aeynore

The young elven blood did not bear any magic in his body, only skill, and determination. It was before sun-rise in the east and the nightly rain was slowly picking up, forming dew on all the heavenly flowers, and leather boots padded the ground while running. A sharpened arrow glinted in the morning sunrise, a flash, and a rip of the bow. A stinging noise set out upon fire before a thud was placed on a particularly dull pattern. A common pattern fell to the ground under the rising sun, a snow-white elf gracefully walked over to the small hill of the creature.
An open eye with faded essence looked upon him, as he knelt down, praying for his safe return to the spirit world, "I am sorry my sister, I hope you travel safe and unharmed to your new home. I hope you let your nutrients fill the mouths of plenty and you understand the circle of life." Princess Kivessin wasn't one to ignore the circle of life or not wish something safe passage to the spirit realm. After the ritual of the elven community was bestowed on the doe, Kivessin began to process the animal.

Small time skip

After processing the animal and hoisting it up over his shoulders, Princess Kivessin returned home.

Princess Aelua Aeynore

Kivessin was walking through the door of the royal house, making his way to the butcher area of the kingdom, and Aelua stood there with wide eyes. Even though the royal children were the same age, they were on completely different spectrums of emotional and mental strength, "Kiv..." Aelua began to stutter while seeing the soulless animal, tears came to her eyes, "...did you?" Asking with a soft voice.

Kivessin looked at his sister with a forced faint smile, "Yes. We need to eat." He explained quickly while passing.

Aelua seemed to stare down at the ground while holding her hands within each other, she understood that they needed to eat, but she wasn't much of a meat-eater when it came to breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Standing there in a few thoughts, she decided to ignore her brother's actions, and go back to studying.

Shutting the door that she just came out of, deciding to return to the knowledge-bound leather, Aelua closed the door without much noise. Returning to the ottoman that sat beside a window, picking up the book, and plopping down gently. Getting into a comfortable position before continuing her reading, she wasn't hungry anymore, and wouldn't be participating in breakfast this morning. She understood this would alert one or both of her parents to come to check on her, but she would gladly explain seeing animals in such a state would cause her appetite to dissipate.

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