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Gestalt Stats

Total HP: 91
Armor Class: 15 (Tamzen)

Saving Throws
    Str Save: +5 (Graham)
    Dex Save: +5 (Tamzen)
    Con Save: +4 (Graham)
    Int Save: +5 (Alsei)
    Wis Save: +2 (Whisper)
    Cha Save: +5 (Whisper)

Defensive Abilities:
    Magic Resistance (Alsei)
    Poison Immunity (Alsei)
    Brave (Tamzen)

Passive Perception/Investigation
    Alsei - 10/15
    Tamzen - 14/10
    Graham - 12/10
    Whisper - 10/10
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Name: Alsei Cogspeaker

Appearance: She is a beautiful figure upon first glance. Some might mistake her for a human. However, upon closer inspection, Alsei has patches of verdant green scales, and slitted irises. Her hands are always blackened with soot and covered in calluses from working in the forge.

Race: Yuan-Ti Pureblood

Occupation: Assistant Blacksmith/Assistant Merchant/Inventor/Artificer/Ex-Guild Member

Memories: Alsei remembers her childhood. She remembers that her world was the forge in a grand city. The man who adopted her was a dwarf named Durren Cogspeaker. She had once asked him about her original parents, as she was quite different than him and any other dwarf she met. He told her that he found her abandoned on the streets as a baby, with only a plush. When the dwarf saw her, he couldn't stand to just leave her there, so he adopted her and raised her as his own child.

During her earliest memories of her childhood, Alsei could remember being more interested in dresses and socializing than in forging. But that changed after one night.

A mysterious and wondrous carnival appeared in the city, and she snuck in to see out of curiosity, with the egging of a friend. She doesn't remember much of what happened in the carnival. All she could recall was the sense of wonder, awe, and joy. The next thing she knew, the carnival was over, and the plush from her parents was missing!

The people who ran the carnival were of no help, so she had to leave without the plush. It felt like she lost a piece of her parents, and she was inconsolable for a good week.

At some point, she reasoned to herself that if she couldn't get her plush back, then why not make something new? So, she asked her adoptive father to teach her to forge and craft.

Durren was overjoyed at Alsei's request to teach her what he knew. She took to the craft and worked hard over the years. She even came to find that she enjoyed tinkering and inventing new items and objects for people.

When she was old enough, Durren introduced her to the Artificers' Guild. She became a member with her own invention that she was proud of.

However, there was one problem: The sponsor of the Artificers' Guild was a curmudgeonly human noble named Wendell Gromsley. Wendell had his own preconceptions when it came to people who were not human. He especially looked down upon the people who were considered monstrous, like Yuan-Ti Purebloods.

Durren did his best to keep the fact that Alsei was a Yuan-Ti secret to the best of his ability. However, the patron found out one year later after Alsei joined the guild.

After that, rumors started to spread that Alsei had gotten into the guild through charming and deceiving the other members. Rumors had whispered that she never worked to get where she was now, much to Alsei's frustration and anger.

The sponsor even managed to get Alsei kicked out of the Guild. Thankfully, her adoptive father let her stay to help with the forge and his blacksmithing business.

Things started to spiral for the worse. Durren began facing financial troubles as less and less customers came to his shop. The quality of his wares were just as good as before, and Alsei knew why this was happening. It was because of her presence. The fact that she was helping Durren was causing business to dwindle.

The last discussion she had with him was an argument, much to her deepest regrets. She argued that she had to leave so that Durren can have customers again, but he wouldn't have any of that, knowing that she wouldn't be able to have a business of her own. The argument went in circles, and Alsei left the forge in a huff. That would be the last time she saw her family...

She doesn't quite remember what happened exactly and how she ended up as a spirit. But, something about the girl...Yin, is quite important to her. She just hopes that her adoptive father, Durren, is alright.

-Alsei once had a puppy plush, that was given to her by biological parents, according to her adoptive father. However, she lost that plush in a mysterious carnival she snuck into when she was a child.

-Alsei's other childhood possession was a music box she made as her first invention. It played the melody of a dwarven lullaby her adoptive father used to sing for her.

-Alsei does use dwarven phrases and is most likely to be inclined to worship the Dwarven God of the Forge if she had to worship a deity.

-Her current steel defender is named PAL (Short for "Protector of Artificers and other Lifeforms")
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Name: Yin

Race: Human
Occupation: Explorer
Memories: Yin awoken one day in a dark, damp cave. With nothing but the clothes on her back, she had no idea where she was or even who she was. It was frightful at first, because she was alone. But soon that fear became curiosity. Yin would leave the cave, following a strange voice in her head. It was neither frightening, nor calming. It was more like... The sound of the wind. The washing of the waves. Crackling fire. A falling rock. The sound of nature and life. She wandered for some time, stopping to sleep, eat, and drink, as her memories slowly came back to her. Though really the only memory she regained was her name. However soon she would discover the horrors in these lands. Mutated beings who once were human, like her. Madness stricken beasts who tore at anything that moved. Even creatures who by all rights should be dead, shambling about adding more numbers to their ranks. Yin could not face these creatures alone, and fled from them. Fear gripped her heart. But once again, that fear turned into a strange curiosity. A desire for strength. And so Yin sought out a way to protect herself, and free these tortured souls from their existence. That's when she discovered a strange power she had within her. The power shelter lost souls within her...
Other: Yin has found a large cat doll which she has painstakingly cleaned and cared for. It helped keep her sanity when she was alone, as she has had no company otherwise.

So far the only memory Yin has discovered is her own name, and only because she heard the name in her head and simply assumes it's her name. She's tried to find if there's anything else about her identity, but so far she has found nothing.

Yin is decently capable of basic survival skills, as she is one of the rare few truly living beings in these lands, and Yin still needs to eat and drink to live.
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Name: Tamzen Silentflight

Appearance: Tamzen stands at about 3 foot 5. They have sandy skin, dark grey eyes and very short black hair that looks like they may have tried to cut it themself to... mixed results. They almost always where a wooden mask resembling horned owl, which hides the fact that their face is badly scarred with three deep claw marks, one narrowly missing their left eye. Their left ear also appears to have a small tear in it, while the right one has two piercings that resemble very large thorns. Their clothes are monk robes that use very warm, autumnal colours, though not in the best condition as they are all tattered and stained with dirt.

Race: Ghostwise Halfling

Occupation: Wanderer, healer and acolyte

Memories: Tamzen heralds from a small, secluded village and all of their memories prior to leaving are actually quite vivid. They were the second of two children and in contrast to their responsible older brother - and the person they themself would eventually become - they were a something of a wild child. They were constantly disobeying the rules laid down by their parents and the village elders, and essentially bullying the other village children into going along with their various schemes. Eventually, this lead to an incident involving in which, on dare to see who was brave enough to enter a nearby cave, Tamzen and another young halfling were attacked by some kind of creature the likes of which neither had ever seen. Tamzen received a nasty claw to their face and their friend was almost killed, when a stranger wearing a goat mask fended on the creature and brought the two halflings back to their village. Tamzen had passed out during the journey but when they awoke, they found the wound on their face was healed - albeit leaving a rather nasty scar - and their friend in stable condition. The stranger, who they later found out was called Alda, had apparently used some kind of power to heal both of them in a way that none of the village healers could.

Now, Tamzen's village was very wary of outsiders, and this particular stranger seemed to make them very uncomfortable. Alda was about the same height as a halfling but had a greenish tint to her skin, with oversized ears and hands that more resembled claws. However, she had saved two of their own, so she was permitted to stay in the village for a couple of days, though most of the people kept their distance from her and warned their young not to associate with her. Obviously, Tamzen didn't listen. They wanted to thank Alda for saving them and their friend - who they felt extremely guilty for putting in danger - and they rarely got the chance to speak to someone outside their village. So they managed to sneak into the small hut Alda was staying in and, over the next few days, the two started to form a friendship. Alda wasn't like the other adults in the village. She always answered their questions and told them about things they'd never heard of.

For example, Alda explained she was part of an order dedicated to the restoration of the land. She told Tamzen that the land 'very, very sick', that this 'sickness' was responsible for creatures like the one that had attacked them, and if nothing was done, this sickness may cause this land - or even the entire world - to become uninhabitable. All members of this order wore animal masks in order to connect them to nature and remind them of their duty to the land. While Tamzen didn't entirely understand everything she said, they felt the urgency and importance of what Alda was doing, and felt a strong desire to help her, unlike anything they had ever felt. While they loved their village and the people in it, they'd always felt restless here, like they didn't quite belong. Compared to their peers and their older brother, they'd never felt like they had a place, never sure what they wanted to do with their life, which was probably part of the reason for their mischief. In Alda, they suddenly saw some sense of purpose, so when the day come that Alda was set to leave the village, Tamzen said they wanted to with them.

Some of the village immediately took against this, obviously, as it had been a long time since one of them had left and saw it as a disturbance in the status quo. After all, if Tamzen left, what would stop others from following their example? On the other hand, not everyone felt that way. Some argued that Tamzen was coming to the age when they would be considered an adult, and still very reckless and bold. Perhaps this journey was what would be needed to calm their wild spirit and make them into an upstanding citizen. After much deliberating, the elders eventually decided to let Tamzen go, but before they left, as was tradition, they were given a small vial of water from the neighbouring river to be worn around their neck as a reminder of where they had come from.

After that, Tamzen's memories become very patchwork. They spent a lot of time traveling, saw a lot of people and places, all the while learning from Alda. Alda taught Tamzen many things about both the order and the world in general, such as about various gods including a obscure nature deity that she and the other members of the order worshiped - though Tamzen can no longer recall the name of this deity - how to use one's life force to both heal AND hurt others, and how to speak and understand Terran and Primordial, both languages used by the order and the former of which used in all their scripture. During that time, Tamzen matured a great deal, losing their wilder nature and becoming entirely dedicated to their duty. Eventually, Alda gave Tamzen their own mask, which she had made herself, and resembled an owl in honour of Tamzen's surname 'Silentflight'. Tamzen also remembers that Alda did say after giving this mask that she was going to take them to meet the other members of their order to get fully inducted, though they can't remember if she ever got round to this. They also don't remember what happened to Alda, whether she died or left, only that at some point, Tamzen found themself traveling alone, though still fulfilling the teachings of their mentor.

As for Tamzen's death, they don't remember how or when they died, nor do they seem to care much. In fact, they seem to find their new state merely a way for them to better fulfill their responsibilities, even seeing it as being in some way advantageous as they no longer feel burdened by the weaknesses of the living. They also have gotten it into their heads that the Gestalt is some sort of saviour figure, that they are the answer to saving this land that their order was trying so desperately to find, and that the spirits that are bound to the Gestalt are key to aiding this cause.

- Goes by they/them pronouns.

- Despite claiming that the past is past and that their fellow spirits should forget about their past lives to focus fully on helping the Gestalt, Tamzen is very protective of the vial of water given to them by the village and will become very anxious if it is endangered.

- Tamzen almost never removes their mask in the presence of others, partly due to their loyalty to their order but also because they don't want people to see their scars. This isn't so much because they hate the look of the scars themselves but because they are a reminder of their recklessness during youth, which they feel a great deal of shame towards.
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Name: Graham Douglas


Race: Human

Occupation: Thug/Gang Leader

Memories: Much of Graham's memories are shrouded in the fog of death, but he remembers bits and pieces and he most certainly remembers his end. He was born into a family on the... well not the rich side of town that's for sure. He doesn't remember whether he was middle class or poor but he does remember joining a gang, the Lamb Street Shanks. Why Graham did this he does not recall. It was either something about family, something about revenge, or something about gold. Whatever the reason, Graham joined the Shanks. Eventually, the Shanks' founder got himself killed, something about a gang war or a guard crackdown, and someone had to take his place. After breaking a few faces and crushing a few windpipes, Graham got the job.

When Graham joined, the Shanks' territory barely reached beyond Lamb Street. By the time Graham took the helm, that had not changed. The first thing Graham did was correct that. Graham began a campaign of rapid outward expansion, pushing aside defiant rivals and meddling guards with contemptuous ease as he went. But just as the height of his power seemed to be in his grasp, Graham was met with the one challenge he could not so easily contend with: Those who stood behind him. Paxton Truter, Graham's right hand man, who handled the finer points of wrangling the Shanks while Graham focused on the ambitious broad strokes. After watching Graham work for a time from the position he held at the boss' back, Paxton figured that he could handle both the finer points and the broad strokes easily enough. And so, Paxton went from having Graham's back to stabbing it.

But while that would have been the end for most, it was not so for Graham. Instead of moving onto whatever the afterlife had in store for him, Graham's soul found itself bound to a gestalt. This turn of events, though surprising, was certainly not unwelcome. Graham saw it as an opportunity, a chance to track down his backstabbing right hand and reduce him to a bloody stump. All he needed to do was find away to convince Yin and the rest of them to go along with it.

Other: In life and in death, Graham carries a curious smoking pipe. Nothing can be placed in the pipe, nor can it be lit. But should someone attempt to use it, the pipe produces bubbles. Graham does not remember how he came upon the pipe, but he does remember that he finds the act of blowing bubbles from it therapeutic.
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