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Auspicious nobles, recognized prodigies, newly graduated shinigami…dirt, they all have one thing in common: Society cared about them more than you. Nonetheless, you’re a member of the Gotei Thirteen, and though you’re no distinguished officer, you did your part…not that anyone ever gave you any recognition for it. No, you and your peers were outcasts, be you from noble families, but holding no renown or particular talent–or an orphan from the Outer Districts of Rukongai, it doesn’t matter. Perhaps you had friends, some few who would tolerate you or take pity on you enough to throw you a bone, extend an olive branch–then again, perhaps you didn’t.

Nonetheless, this is the place you held in the Seireitei, and once, you may have even believed that it was where you belonged. Alas…the world changes whether we like it or not, and indeed you and those who cast you away are in for a rude awakening.

The question is…will you be ready?

Not that it matters, after all, whether you railed against your lot in life or not, you’re going to have to get over it because it seems even if the Soul Society didn’t, the World has big plans for you.

This RP will be set in an A(lternate)U(niverse) version of Bleach with all original characters and a plot unrelated to the manga or show. However, I will do my utmost to remain mostly faithful to the canon lore and mechanics. The story will center on a group of shinigami who have lost everything. With very little leadership and little hope of anyone else bailing them out of their pitiable situation, they must strive to be better, stronger, and wiser. With any luck–and a lot of work–they might just have a chance to get back what was taken from them–or at the very least, mete out revenge upon those who cast them from their home.

Either way, welcome to Bleach: Ascendance, Ryoka.

World State

The year is 2022 in the Human World, and the Soul Society has been at peace for well over eight hundred years. Though some few conflicts have sparked, the world is largely in a golden age. In this time, the Gotei Thirteen has flourished, the Seireitei has burgeoned with activity, and even much of the Rukongai has become safer–though beyond the 70th district the same cannot be said. During this time, one Noble House–the Tatasuko–has returned from exile, pardoned of crimes they never committed, and redeemed by one of their own. Another, the Tsukiakari, has risen to greater prominence amidst the exile of the former. In more recent centuries, one Captain has defected–and been subsequently put down with surprisingly little disruption. Beyond this, since his ascension to the position of Captain Commander, Tsunayashiro, Tekiō-sei has made many sweeping changes for the better in Soul Society not allowing anyone to grow lax despite the centuries of relative peace.

In the World of the Living, things have gone on as normal, with societies warring and making peace as they are wont to do, all while unaware of the greater workings of the afterlife beyond. Though the shinigami keep a close eye on things, the Quincy have made a small resurgence, with a deal being brokered such that the Balance of Souls would not be disturbed. Even Hueco Mundo has been quiet as though hollows rage and fight for dominance; there have been no clear signs of undue organization or untoward aims in recent years. So it is that the Golden Age continues unabated, with oh-so-few considering the possibility of its disruption.

Oh, how wrong they soon will be.

What to Expect

  • Proactively working towards your character’s growth over time. Characters will have their own arcs, if you’re not willing to invest time and effort into such, then perhaps this isn’t the best fit.
  • At the start, Players will exclusively have access to shinigami. Some leeway may be allowed for certain cases–individuals who were Fullbringers or Quincy in life, for example.
  • Interactions with at least semi-realistic cause and effect. If you are tortured or have your arm cut off, expect to have trauma and difficulties going forwards.
  • Notably, everyone will start with only one character, and that character will be the “Ryoka” Ascension rank. Their official rank will be Unseated Officer.
  • A GM willing to work with you, hear you out, but not break his back to suit your every need.
  • Good communication, be it player to player, GM to GM, or GM to player.
  • Elements of Mystery, which should be engaged with.
  • Multiple arcs and perhaps concurrent plotlines.
  • The possibility of Taboo Subjects.
  • Collaboration posts.
  • Some dark themes.
  • Some slice of life.
  • Plenty of combat.
  • Expanded Lore.

As a final noteworthy point, there is a stat system for this RP, but I assure you that it is much less intrusive than something like a proper tabletop system and nor is it nearly so complex as anything like that. This system is in place to reduce the possibility of pissing contests or other toxicity in addition to giving a tangible measure of various traits in the interest of their being a measurable growth for characters.

Based on working with the players who have joined so far–even those who typically do not prefer such systems–I can let you, the reader, know that most have come to enjoy the system after working with me to understand it. Please give it a chance before you discount it as too much work.

  • It should be noted that this RP will have mature themes. Fade to black will be applicable to sexual situations, but don't expect situations including drugs, gore, or some taboo subjects to garner the same treatment. This is not to say that any of the above will be done in excess, just that they may be done.
  • Combat will be handled on a case-by-case basis, with the GMs proctoring in case issues or disagreements arise. Should you want to script your fight, let the GMs, and your partner(s) know. Make sure all parties are in agreement. A 'scripted fight,' is one wherein the victor is decided before hand.
  • Burning house rule--if you're gone too long and holding things up, expect your character to either be moved aside quietly, or killed to further plot. To avoid the burning house rule, keep us updated, a hiatus can be arranged.
  • If a problem arises for a player in regards to the GM and they feel uncomfortable bringing it up. Go to the other GM for advice. Don't worry, we're perfectly reasonable people and nine times out of ten we'll work through it with you.
  • The GMs have final say on all matters--this does not mean that I cannot be swayed or convinced. Still, if something must be resolved, we will resolve it and that'll be the end of the discussion.
  • Should you lack inspiration or enough material to post, tell someone. Communicate. Talk to your GMs. Worst case scenario, we'll just move your character aside till you can post again.
  • While you may expand on or modify the base format of the character sheet, make sure all necessary sections are included.
  • No OOC drama. Keep it to PMs, and hopefully, keep it non-existent. If needed, contact a GM for problem resolution.
  • Only accepted characters go in the character tab.
  • Post your Character Sheet in the OOC for review.
  • Standard Guild rules apply.
  • IC swearing will occur.

The Twin Paths
Zanpakuto Growth System

The Twin Paths System is an ancient system that was designed by shinigami of the forgotten past before the Seireitei and Rukongai had formed. It was designed during an age when there was no time to simply sit on one's laurels and slowly grow close to one's Sword Spirit. While its creator is long gone, and no complete written records of its existence persist, it is by this system that the Foundation was laid for the future.

This system is, to some degree, a work in progress and may be subject to changes. Additionally, it should be noted that, for the most part, players will not need to keep track of this system as it will be managed by myself and any Co-GMs I appoint. Primarily this simply exists as a structural progression element for character growth throughout the RP.

Earning Attunement

While the below criteria can lead to a player earning Attunement Points, you may need more than just hitting every bullet point in a single post. Do these things with thought, considering your character’s struggles, failings, and redeeming qualities. Consider the conflicts they have with themselves, with others, the problems they have with the world or their place in it, and the relationship they have with their sword spirit.

Furthermore, more criteria may be added as I think of them. Beyond this all that I ask is you consider the emotional and narrative arcs of your characters. Completing mini-arcs in such a manner will be the most likely thing to net you Attunement.

Nonetheless, hitting certain narrative touchpoints can lead to the earning of Attunement Points, but know that I can tell when someone is phoning it in, rushing, or just forcing something in the interest of developing their Zanpakuto. I will not take kindly to such behavior and I certainly will not reward it.

You have been warned, so without further ado, the criteria in question.

The Ascendance System

The Ascendance System is the tool that will be used to measure the growth and abilities of characters in this RP. Notably, while players will not see such directly, NPCs–regardless of race–will have similar stats on the backend. The numeric aspects of this system will primarily be used for comparison during clashes in combat. There will be numerous ways for characters to train their various Attributes and Skills, in addition to methods through which to gain new Artes, or even create entirely original Specializations. Unless someone finds themselves exceptionally comfortable with this system, I will be very hands-on when characters are initially made to smooth the process of figuring out initial builds and the path forward for a given character. In this way, we will work together so that a feeling of consistent and rewarding character growth can occur, both statistically and personally!

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My character thus far.

I do have questions regarding the Zanpakuto and all that, so you can see that section is currently incomplete, but do check what's there. Plus the Shikai techniques. I'm not sure what the rules are about those though.

I'll have other material in soon too.

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@Sho Minazuki I apologize for the wait, but you may formally consider Kyo Gensai as APPROVED. Throw 'em in the character tab. I'm gonna give Taka(ChaoticLuck) and Metanoia some time to get their characters finished/approved so that you can have a few others in your incident collab, but if that takes too long, I'll just do something solo with you :)
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Apologies for the long ass wait, but completed sheet is a go!

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@metanoia since we've already gone over everything and you've added everything as necessary, consider yourself...


Feel free to move it move it over to the Character tab :)
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