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Isabelline "Eagle" Carter

Age: 20
Race: Feren: Bald Eagle
Nationality: Barallian
Religion: Children of Gala

Role: Archer/Fighter (Blades)

Font: Mirror - Isa has the ability to reflect light as well as attacks. In other words, she's the queen of energy ball tennis. She can also use this ability to confuse and otherwise keep her foes at bay. It helps with her stealth and her evasion.

Color: Isabelline

Weapon: Lithilum - A crossbow that can turn into and function as two separate daggers, as well as a rifle in the same instance. The weapon itself has 4 compartments where Res can be stored and put to use. The hilts of the two daggers can store Res and the Res can be used to apply certain effects to her daggers and allow her to use the powers of the Res. The other two compartments are found in the bulk of her crossbow, one for the rifle chamber and one for under the reservoir for the bolts for her crossbow.

Twin Daggers: The bow part of the crossbow clicks apart and then separates at the top of the bow, forming two daggers joined at the hilt by the string. The other section of the crossbow, when a lever is pulled, becomes a lever action rifle.

Personality: Isa is an interesting character and not like most Ferens, at least, not like the typical generalized Feren. She is very accepting of almost anyone, provided they are kind and their intentions are pure. At the surface, Isa seems very bright and cheerful, always smiling and playing around. However, underneath that facade is a very frail and frightened little girl, desperately trying to cling to what little she has left in life. She is very afraid of suddenly losing everything all at once.

In combat, Isa is very playful, preferring to make a game out of everything. However, when someone does something to Isa or her friends, she gets very serious and angry. She does not take back-stabbing lightly and enjoys the company of loyal and lighthearted people. She is very understanding and will do whatever is within her power to protect and respect her friends.

Background: As an orphan, Isa became accustomed to loss, having lost her family very suddenly and being moved from household to household never helped. However, instead of living in fear and depression, Isa chooses to live each day as if it would be the best day of her life. She joined Echo within the first few years it was created, wanting to find some way to put herself to use rather than wasting away in sorrow. She is very close to most members of Echo, the ones that enjoy her company for more than an hour. Most people consider her to be rather obnoxious and annoying as she doesn't quite know when to shut up and listen.

Another reason for Isa's joining of Echo was to protect her 'family' at Nanny's, a small orphanage run in the outskirts of the country of Barallia. With the recent attacks, Isa began losing many of the children she called her brothers and sisters, prompting her to join Echo in an effort to save them in some way. Now, because of her services, a few Echo members, those that are unable to join in the hunting, have offered to protect this place for Isa.
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Shae Arca

Theme Song

Age: 29
Race: Human
Nationality: Shindan
Religion: Children of Gala
Role: Captain, Strategist
Color: Gold

Font: Ethereal Shift
Shae can shift small items she touches to become ethereal. In doing so, Shae can store arrows and other item in the ethereal plane, making them weightless and out of the way until needed. Simply put, Shae has access to a pocket dimension.

Weapon: Shae wields an ornate saber of Shindani make, the edge of the blade is made of resonant so that it can use elemental properties like fire or ice. Shae also uses a small buckler shield that also doubles as a wrist mounted crossbow.

Personality: Shae is an honorable and proud Shindani Captain who highly values respect and loyalty. She is kind to those who treat her the same way. However, Shae is also very blunt and straight to the point at times. She sees hints and cryptic messages as wastes of time. This gives her a bit of a steely tone about her. She is firm and deliberate with her words. Just like her Shindani people, Shae never stands down from a challenge. When in combat, she uses her peoples' natural talent for strategic excellence to outsmart her foe and her pure combat prowess to overpower them. She prefers a quick and direct combat style with her saber, usually backing her opponent into a position that leaves them at a disadvantage. Shae isn't a total hard-ass though, she enjoys spending time with her cohorts and playing the strategic Shindani game 'Fleet'. Shae can't stand disrespect, even when her friends disrespect their enemies. In Shindani culture, respecting your enemy is the first step to defeating them. Shae loves the open ocean and sailing, during free time, you can almost always find her near a body of water. She is a firm believer of Gala and her endeavours, and often prays to the starmother for guidance. Shae is a world renowned huntress and usually doesn't like being fawned over constantly. She tends to avoid heavily populated areas and if she is forced to go through one, she is usually trying not to stand out.

Background: Shae was born aboard a Shindani battleship. Her father was the captain of the ship and her mother was one of the marine troops assigned to the ship. She was raised aboard the battleship, never setting foot on land until the age of eight years old. After spending so much time on the water, living a life accustomed to the ebb and flow of the sea, walking on solid earth was a bit of a task for Shae. She got used to it a month later. She lived on the island with her parents until she was seventeen, of age to join the Shindan Navy and carry on the line of her parents.

Shae started in the navy as a mere marine. She was trained in the traditional ranged warfare of ship to ship battle tactics, learning how to use firearms, bows, crossbows and even more exotic weapons. Her swordfighting was also taught to her during her training, in case her ship was ever boarded. But while Shae was good at combat, it wasn't where she excelled. Shae showed incredible tactical aptitude and even bested her instructors in games of Fleet and in training skirmishes on the water. This caught the eye of the Senate and she was quickly elevated to command. After her training, Shae was already in the captain's seat to a small corvette class ship. The corvette was a new design for Shindani vessels that used wind and water resonant to propell it forward instead of sails. The design attributed to its blinding speeds and maneuverability, it was named the Golden Dragon. Shae, her nine person crew and the Golden Dragon were assigned for a small patrol fleet on Shindan's border.

While patrolling along the border, a category four wrath burst from the water and split the fleet's command ship in two, claiming it for the depths. The Lost was serpentine, like it was the mad spirit of a long dead sea dragon. It weaved around the fleet, claiming the biggest ships but leaving the small, inconsequential corvettes. As the fleet was decimated and the chain of command was shattered, Shae took the initiative and claimed command of the group of four corvettes. The captains of the other ships were worried that the 17 year old was going to get them all killed. Shae knew that the Lost was going to hit her ship next because it had the largest amount of resonant in it compared to the other corvettes. Using her ship's superior speed and maneuverability, she made the Lost chase her, weaving in and out of places that the massive Lost couldn't get into. The other nimble corvettes used their small array of resonant cannons arms with yellow resonant to strike at the beast and electrify the water around it. When it was stunned, the Golden Dragon turned and went full speed ahead at the Lost's head. The corvette's forward cannons opened fire with explosive red resonant to break through its hard scales. When they got close, the bladed tip of the corvette rammed into the soft spot of the Lost's head. Shae then climbed onto the beast and finished it off herself.

When she returned with the skull of the massive Lost in tow, she was celebrated as a hero. She was offered her choice for a reward, Shae asked that Grisman Blint take her Golden Dragon and improve on the design. Grisman Blint was Shindan's greatest shipwright. A month later, her prize was given to her. The Golden Dragon was equipped with another resonant engine, the hull streamlined to cut through the water and waves better. The cannons were on turrets so they could fire and better angles and the bladed prow was tipped with resonant so ramming could be done with elemental effects. The armor was replaced with lighter weight but more durable metals with a golden finish on it to attribute to its name.

Shae then returned to the sea with her new and improved Golden Dragon, using it to combat against the Lost and pirates that thought they could take on a small corvette. Over the years, Shae garnered herself quite the reputation. Many Shindani people challenged her to games of Fleet, sword duels, marksmanship contests and ship to ship skirmishes, all of them lost to her prowess. Shae was also confronted with many marriage proposals and gifts from nobles, but she always turned them away while saying, "Beat me on the water and I will marry you.", in hindsight that might not have been a good idea as she is still single.

When word got out that an organization called Echo was looking for champions and heros to combat against the Lost, the 21 year old Shae and her crew stepped up to the opportunity. They were among the first handful people to join. Many of the others were Tarcan warriors wanting to prove their metal or Barallians trying to escape feren discrimination. None of them really knew about the distant Shindan people and their ways. Shae was the only woman in the first group, and the warriors all looked down at her, oblivious to her reputation and completely unaware that she was the only one of them to have killed a Lost. Echo's first battle against the Lost was, luckily for Shae, in the Tarcan sea. She had an airship lift her Golden Dragon into the waters. This time, it wasn't a single lost, but many. The lost were emerging from the shore, many of them looked like ningen spirits and strange humanoid fish creatures. While the hunters fought on the shore, Shae and her crew were firing from the Golden Dragon with cannons and firearms, killing the larger Lost while the hunters on the shore did battle with the smaller ones. If it wasn't for the heavy cannons aboard the Golden Dragon, the battle would have ended terribly fast as the larger category Lost moved out of the waters.

That first battle proved to the world that Echo was exactly what was needed to fight against the Lost. Since then, Shae's reputation has carried across Chroma along with every successful battle.
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Sylvia Sterling

Age: 23
Race: Feren (Chrysocyon brachyurus (Maned Wolf) type) (The maned wolf is its own species, not technically a wolf or a fox. From South America, it can run very swifly with its long legs, and its vocalization is called a "roar-bark". Sylvia has retained the mane, the tall figure (it is the tallest of any canine), the large ears, and (most interestingly), the roar-bark, which she can do at will.)
Nationality: Tarcan
Religion: Omnigaia Pact
Color: Silver

Role: Reconnaissance/Long Range Support
Font: Tilt
Sylvia's font is a limited form of gravity manipulation, primarily focused on personal gravity manipulation via floortilting. Sylvia can traverse any surface, no matter the direction, with ease, and is a multiplanal parkour/free-running expert.
Weapon: Violono Della Guerra. Usually just referred to as "Della Guerra", the weapon's title literally means "violin of war." In combat, the weapon is a sniper rifle and a rapier with a five-foot blade, but out of combat the rifle turns into a beautiful silver violin and the rapier turns into the instrument's bow. The violin does not have a soundbox; instead, it appears much like an elaborate electric violin, with the soundbox being emulated by Resonant embedded in the body. The sniper rifle can fire any type of Resonant ammunition to cause various effects, and although bolt action can be fired very quickly by a skilled user in a non-sniping situation.

Personality: Usually reserved. Dignifyingly lighthearted, without ever sacrificing her mental focus and collectedness. Sarcastic and cynical, but usually not in a negative way. Acts in combat as if she was just having a casual chat - her state of mind doesn't change at all from eating lunch to parrying with a deadly foe, which is both unsettling for others and beneficial to her, as she never becomes tense or loses focus.

Background: Born and raised on the coast of the Tarcan Sea, Sylvia's childhood was filled with struggle...but not bad struggle. Her parents were both frequently gone to fight a war, so she had to learn to cope with Tarcanis' harsh living conditions on her own. But learn she did, and she was soon able to discern exactly how her geneology made her different from her human friends. She knew there were other ferens out there, but she never knew any, and not all humans she encountered were kind to her. However, she was welcomed and accepted in the local area where she lived, and was educated in academics, combat, and music. By the time she was recruited into Echo, she had become a warrior worthy of the Tarcan nation, and one ready to tackle any foe with her violin in hand.
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Theme Song

Name: Kaalia Sigrund

Age: Roughly 25~26

Race: Bear Feren

Nationality: Barallia

Religion: Native Traditionalist

Role: Tracker, Warrior

Fonts: Being host to three different spirits has warped Kaalia's original Font, causing it to manifest in an unusual way. At first, it merely enhanced her natural senses, but they have since been also cross-wired since her merging with two other spirits. Her eyes perceive scent in a wide array of color; to her ears, each color has its own peculiar sound; she can sense the shape and texture of something she smells. While useful in many ways, it's easy for her senses to become overstimulated, often leading to visual and auditory hallucinations; these illusions, although mild, are disorienting nonetheless.
Her spirits have also granted her a way to project her emotion or basic intention empathicly into a creature's mind. The message itself is often too intrinsic to put into words, but it is readily understood in a general way, such as, Enemy, Danger, Calm, etc.
An old earth spirit resides in her as well, the most powerful of the three, which grants her tremendous strength and the resilience of corundum. However, the power, like the spirit itself is lethargic and slumbers unperturbed. Unlike her other Fonts which are passive or require minimal conscious effort, this increased strength and durability comes gradually when called upon, slowly flooding her body over the course of a few minutes. The change starts in whatever parts of the body are closest to the ground and spreads from those points.

Color: White

Weapon: Two Samoan-style Iron Clubs
Her Iron clubs have a hollow shaft with a special chamber inside filled with Red resonant, allowing them to function as loading barrels for Resonant-based mortar bombs

Personality: Gruff and powerful, yet also sensitive and intelligent, much of her father's Feren traits were inherited, despite her predominantly human appearance. With a natural confidence and a larger-than-life presence, she requires a great deal of personal space, and when she enters a room the tension level rises immediately. Possessing a keen awareness and sharp-mind, Kaalia mostly succeeds through sheer force of personality. Rarely challenged to reach her full intellectual potential, she dominates conversation with her intense single-mindedness. However, she is unwilling to argue from a position that she doesn't truly believe in, which makes her a lousy lawyer.

Background: Kaalia has lived and breathed the Barallian frontier. Her family has guarded the old forest of Vastwood at the roots of Vindrell's mountains since the Archon Resonance. Trapping, hunting, gathering, the Sigrund family has carved out their existence in the Vastwood, where the air is so thick you can chew it. The layers of dead leaves and fallen fruit exude a deep earthy fragrance. Life thrives here under the protection of the Sigrund. Neither human nor Lost have staked a claim on this land unblemished by civilization.
Kaalia may be born of two half-breed Ferens, but she has proven the fiercest ranger of her generation, even among her stronger feren-blooded relatives. Her human appearance belies her predatory ruthlessness. Even her own family recognizes she is not to be trifled with.
Raised without any regard to her diluted Feren blood, she was steeped in the Sigrund family traditions from birth. Sayings like "Live for the land, Die for the land." and "The Sigrund is Vastwood, and the Vastwood is Sigrund" are commonplace. Stories of ancestors whose remains were buried under the roots of ancient trees are told during the annual solstice festivals; and it is the fate of every Sigrund to become one with the forest and guard it even after death.
She has not lived without tragedy. Many times have bandits, raiders, and poachers from Vindrell trespassed against her family and instigating long border conflicts. Her large family has been culled several times by bloody feuds. Having grown up in the midst of these frequent skirmishes, Kaalia was inured to violence and gore at an early age. She secured her first human kill before her coming of age ceremony in her 14th year.
Tensions have always been high along the Vastwoods, and while the skirmishes have always been small, they are incredibly brutal. This spurred Kaalia to join the Barallian Border Guard when she was old enough to leave the family territory. With a unstoppable single-mindedness, she marshaled a movement within the Border Guard to install check points and bolster the outposts, culminating into a large swath of militarized borderlands. While highly effective during her time as the Guard Captain for the Vastwood territories, she attracted the attentions of her political opposition in central Barallia like a blaring alarm that wouldn't be silenced. Being accused of misappropriating valuable Barallian supplies and ignoring legitimate threats in other volatile regions, she was met with overwhelming disapproval from the heartlands and was coerced to resign many times. These stalwart opponents were never able to officially oust Kaalia from her appointed office, but it did strongly polarize loyalties inside the Border Guard with "Brinkers" in favor of Kaalia and the Heartlanders opposing her. The tension within the organization rose to such heights that it threatened the Guard's ability to function as a cohesive group. Begrudgingly Kaalia appointed a trustworthy replacement to restore the fractured administration and left for parts unknown.
Three days after her resignation, she disappeared from the public's watchful eye. While a hot topic at the time, the news of her activities slowly faded from memory, and Kaalia vanished into obscurity for two years. However, she wouldn't stay forgotten for long. She received critical acclaim again when she lead a small resistance force of Hunters and Huntresses against a horde Major Lost in Tarcanis. Despite her group's small size, they were able to destroy the Lost without any casualties. She revealed herself then as a Huntress of Echo; her last two years of obscurity had been spent supporting the fledgling organization in their ongoing mission to combat and destroy Lost wherever they appear. The controversy of her time in the Barallian Guard simmers still, but most don't speak of it within earshot of her.
Now, four years into tenure with Echo, Kaalia is a well-known name, one that invokes a tinge of apprehension in everyone who has met her, but her moniker, "The Kodiak of Vastwood", instills fear in every enemy lucky enough to have survived meeting her in battle.
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Name: Linta

Age: 19

Race: Feren (barn owl). Linta, like her animal counterpart, has superb eyesight (both at night and during the day, although it's better in low light) and incredible hearing. Also, thanks to the structure of her feathers, her movements are almost completely silent, save for the sounds of whatever she's stepping on. Lastly, at will Linta can vocalize like a barn owl would, the most common sound used being a piercing shriek that's ear-shattering at close range. (Note, not actually going to make ears bleed, just very loud.)

Nationality: Sky Dweller of Tengu Island

Role: Scout/Hunter/Healer thing (she's versatile alrighty?)

Font: Ghost. Linta is able to make herself and any objects she’s touching physically intangible for a very short period of time. This means that physical objects, including people, will go through her as if she were a hologram. However, it’s a double-edged sword, as while nothing can hit her, she also can’t hit anything while using this font. As a result, she tends to only use it in very short bursts to avoid as many blows as possible and also land as many hits as possible. Of course, no one is perfect, and sometimes the ratios just don’t work out. When using her font, she appears somewhat transparent.

Colour: Gray

Appearance: Linta stands at about 5'5 and weighs remarkably little (about 80-85lbs) however looks as healthy as the next slim person. This can be attributed to her hollow bones, allowing her to fly. Her body greatly resembles that of a bird, with large, four-toed and taloned feet, near-identical (albeit much larger) to a real owl's. Her face is mostly human, save for the noticeably large, golden eyes and her ability to turn her head further than any human would dare. Downy white feathers grow beneath her long white hair, and some longer, coloured feathers protrude from it as well. In her hair Linta wears a long blue, black and white feather, tied to a strand of hair by a leather cord sealed with tree resin. It is a memory of her brother, and a constant reminder of the resolve that sent her to Echo in the first place.
Her body’s structure is comparable to that of a mythical Harpy. Where arms would be, Linta has wings with a total wingspan of almost 20 feet (each wing measuring about 9 feet with about 2 feet of shoulder space between them). At the pinion joint of these wings (the joint where the flesh and bone end and the flight feathers extend) three digits, two spindly fingers and a skinny thumb. These are remnants of what were once hands in her human ancestors, and she almost never used them until coming to Echo, choosing to keep them tucked under her feathers.
Her legs are a meld of human and bird, being muscular and humanoid until the mid calf, where her leg bends backward at a second knee and becomes far more birdlike, ending in those large taloned feet. She stands with her knees bent to allow for her lower legs. Stemming from her tailbone is a tail, her tail feathers making up most of its length. It is long enough to brush the ground when not held properly and fans out to a width of about 6 feet.
The colouring of Linta’s feathers is exactly that of a real barn owl’s. Her back, the outside of her tail feathers and the outside of her wings are a doppled golden brown with silver speckles and darker brown and grey streaks along her longer feathers. The underside of her wings and tail feathers, and the downy feathers covering her legs and much of her belly, are snowy white with occasional silver spots.

Weapon: Linta's weapons are a pair of bladed gauntlets worn over her talons. They feature 30cm curved obsidian blades, resembling and elongating the shape of her own natural talons. These blades are a deep, doppled black with a mirror shine and a blade sharp enough to cut through flesh like butter. The blades fit over her talons when extended, and can retract into a portion of the gauntlet attached to the lower leg so as not to dull the blades from walking. They can be extended with a certain movement of her feet. The gauntlets are held together with leather srips and reinforced with metal (especially on the bottoms of her feet to protect her flesh from blades).
(for those who’ve seen the Guardians of Ga’hoole movie, they greatly resemble the 'gloves' those owls wear. Yes, I am a dreadful nerd, I’m not sorry)

Personality: Linta, being more bird than human, acts a lot more feral than many Feren. While her time with Echo has taught her how to interact a bit better with 'normal' people, she still behaves a lot like an owl. She's mostly nocturnal, quite quiet and pensive, and always says exactly what she means. She finds the 'riddles' used in everyday speech to be entirely meaningless and inconvenient. To a 'normal' person, she'd probably be seen as cold and a little heartless, but this is not the case. She is simply blunt and tough, expecting toughness from others. While she is versed in field healing, she isn't a coddler; she'll tell you something will hurt like hell, and won't pity you when it does. Regardless of how she comes off, she is not cruel. Quite the opposite, in fact. When she needs to kill something, she will do it quickly, both out of respect and to make less of a fuss. Luckily, when the dirty work is done with, Linta is actually quite nice company, assuming you don't piss her off and encur her righteous ire.

Background: Linta was born a Sky Dweller, one of the three major tribes on the island of Tengu. She was born to a red-tailed hawk-melded Feren (her mother) and a golden eagle-melded Feren (her father). They loved her and taught her everything she needed to know, and six years later, she was followed by a younger brother, a blue jay-melded Feren named Mach. For many years they lived happily, Linta having grown up with a happy family and growing close to her friend and pseudo-sister Indigo, a Halfling tiger Feren who’d joined their tribe when she was an infant. When Linta was ten, Indigo’s distant mother died, and Indigo herself was fully adopted into Linta’s family.

For eight more years they lived happily together, learning from each other and from the tribe. Linta became a deadly hunter, using her natural silence to her advantage. She also learned some healing techniques from the Tree Dwellers below, having developed a knack for sealing wounds nearly as well as inflicting them. She’d been growing into a skilled young woman and valued addition to the tribe when a threat they’d never dealt with plagued the island. A flock of demonic, birdlike creatures, a practical mockery of the Sky Dwellers which she would later learn were category 0, 1 and 2 Lost, set their wretched sights on the inhabitants of Tengu. In little more than a day they ravaged the tribes, killing, maiming or outright carrying away many members of the Sky Dwellers. The other two Tengu tribes had their losses as well, but none so many as the Ske Dwellers, who’s home high in the canopy made them easy targets, despite most of them trying to fly away. In the chaos, Linta's parents took to the sky with their weapons in an effort to fight off the Lost. they told Linta to take Mach to a safe place on an island nearby. However, in the chaos Linta got separated from her brother. She searched through the fight in a sick panic, but the only sign she ever found of him was found days later, in the form of a cluster of bloody blue feathers in a thicket of branches, days after the Lost had been fended off.

In the year after the incident, life never returned to normal. Linta did not think it ever would. Her guilt at letting Mach out of her sight consumed her, and had her either out in the field hacking up anything that moved or in her den, secluding herself in her grief and self hatred. Even worse, her parents, who had helped fight off the Lost, never looked at Linta the same way again. They grieved Mach for months, all but ignoring everything and everyone else. While they tried not to throw their blame at their daughter, in the backs of their minds knawed the thought that if not for her, their son may be alive would drive them away from Linta.

Eventually, enough was enough. Linta refused to let herself wallow in self pity for any longer, and she and Indigo set off to join Echo and exact their revenge on the demons who had torn their lives to shreds.
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