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Ashes over the Rivianne Solaire

"Come, join me on this night. Dance under the Moon: Celebrate Their awakening."
Countess Rivianne

Somewhere in the countryside of a dark nation in the brink of great revolution lies a city, like many others of its kind, so small to the point that it would have being forgotten long ago where it not for its rich coal mines, prime fuel for the factories of a rising Industrial Age. In this city, so small that it may as well be still called a village, there exists an old mansion over a steep hill overlooking a lake so still that even the smallest stone cast on its waters is said to cause ripples noticeable through all of it.

This mansion is known as the Rivianne Solaire, owned for generations by the Rivianne family, the lords in charge of the valley where both the city and its coal mines are located. In recent years, about as soon as the coal began to take an ever expanding share of the local economy, the owners of this sinister state have been seen outside of their residence with little frequency. In fact, no one has seen the Count Gregorius Rivianne, his wife, children; any who ever went to the Rivianne Solaire has come back the same —if they come back at all, for the whole of the past two years.

In face of such a story, it's no wonder that tales saying that the old mansion is cursed began to spread around the region. However, they are widely disbelieved by the local populace, since their whole living depends on the mines owned by the Riviannes, they can't afford to spread ill rumor about their lords. Food, drink and mail still reach the mansion, and life keeps going as normal.

Not very long after the Riviannes retirement into isolation, a legend —more consistent than any of the others— began to circulate among the locals. It's said that during the New Moon, any who find their way to the old mansion and manages to make it back will be granted riches an power far beyond anything they can imagine. Other stories say that such people are consumed by an unfathomable darkness. This and many other rumors hang over the Rivianne Solaire, tarnishing it as much as the ashes and fumes of the coal which became the city's black blood.

"Truth's in the eye of the beholder. Are you ready to your own?"
Welcome to the Rivianne Solaire, a place where the limits of your sanity, that which make you yourself, shall be tested. Here, every shadow holds unspeakable dark secrets, but not everything you see or hear may be true.

Through the force of Fate, a group of people from different walks of life found their way to the cursed mansion during a stormy night of the New Moon. Stranded there, with no way to go back to the nearby city until the weather gets better, their minds began to play tricks on them —or so it looked— strange sounds and lights and voices coming from nowhere.

It's just a matter of time until they began to lose their very minds, their sense of self and memories vanishing as if they were being sucked through the great proboscis of an horrifyingly enlarged insect. How long will they be able to endure while searching for a way out of this land of nightmares?
The characters of this story can be normal people of all walks of life, from a humble farmer or mine worker, to a soldier, nobleman, or priest. The sting binding them to a common fate is the fact that, somehow, each of them found their way to the Rivianne Solaire, passing out just as they arrived. Once they recovered their senses, they found themselves sitting at by the table at the mansion's dinning room, before them laid a great supper —partially eaten— while a powerful storm trapped them inside the sinister mansion.

The story starts with the characters being introduced to their host as they learn the dark truth of what waits for them. And, from there on, their fate is in their hands.
Character Sheet
Name: Your character's name.
Age: Your character's age.
Appearance: Your character's appearance. A brief description, picture or both are all ok. Please, avoid real life pictures.
Backstory: Your character's backstory. Do something interesting, with at least a couple decent paragraphs. You can include hints to their personality/mannerisms as well, if you wish, just avoid focusing too much on them.
Inventory: Any meaningful possessions your characters had with them when they entered the mansion. Please be considerate and keep them in character.
Intro/Sample Post: Your character's introduction to the RP. Explain how they got to the mansion and what they were doing before that. If they have any particular motivation to be there mention it as well.
Other: Anything not mentioned above.
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Windelverse Notes - The Siblings:

The Siblings are the progenitors of everything.

Created as 3 children from the Absolute and crafting life into the cosmos.
Yet when their Almighty Father left them, they tore themselves apart through in-fighting and civil war.

Case in point, the three Siblings live on in the present day through three individuals: Kiara, Giltwith, and Lucas.
Making Juno, Roma, and Lux very special Vassals.

The reason they turned on each other was because they had very different ideas on how to bring back their Almighty Father back.

The Elder Brother thought that chaos and destruction would attract their Father's attention.

The Younger Brother believed it was through forcefully enacting peace to gain their Father's approval.

The Sister believed it was through unity that they would bring their Father back.

As you can see, this clash of ideologies has set them against each other. And for eons the three have been reincarnated as Paradoxums. Always fighting.

The most recent being Kiara, Giltwith, and Lucas.

However. The three reincarnations before Kiara, Giltwith, and Lucas were of the Victorian era. Or something.

They each had a maid.

The Elder Brother's maid would reincarnate as Juno.

The Younger Brother's maid would reincarnate as Lux.

And the Sister's maid would become Roma.

Although Juno herself obviously didn't serve the last Elder Brother, her personality was present in his maid.

The same for Roma and Lux.

As the Original Siblings fought, the Sister attempted to stop her Brothers. What resulted were the two killing her and shattering her. Literally.

Hence Kiara.

And for each cycle, history would repeat.

Their conflict has spanned all of time and space, indirectly causing everything.

Especially the Jester.

The Elder Brother, believing in Chaos, was unhinged and axe crazy.

The Younger Brother was no better, believing a dystopian utopia to keep people in check was ideal.

The Sister, much like Kiara, just wanted people to get along.

However, it was the Jester who began to break the cycle of the Sibling's Feud.


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Ultimate EarthDefense Force
Strike Arms
In a future not far from our own, the Earth has gone through a crisis unlike any other before it. A mysterious alien beings calling themselves Xion, invade our world.

The Xion attack was brutal, decimating all who stood in their way with their superior technology and eldritch psychic powers. In face of the one sided massacre, the remaining governments of Earth set aside their differences and pooled their might for the first time in history. Under the banner of the United Earth Government, they took the fight to the Xion stronghold, an alien looking tower located in the heart of the Middle East, aptly named Babel by the human government.

"It seems oddly fitting that the same stones that saw the rise of human society will also bear witness to our last stand in defense of this world."

Those words, were said by J.S. Churchill, the first appointed chairman of the United Earth Government once the news that the attack had been a disaster reached humanity's last fortress, the underground complex that once housed our most advanced scientific device, the Large Hadron Collider, close to Geneva. They were recorded in a chromium/gold disc and buried, along with many other proofs of humanity's existence and history on planet Earth, in a time capsule deeply within the LHC chambers as a last attempt to defy the decrees of fate.
The Rise of a Savior
Right after what had been treated as the symbolic funeral of all of humanity, a static filled shortwave transmission that was at first treated as the ramblings of a poor soul who'd gone insane after witnessing the massacre of his allies shocked the world once more.

"W-we've lost, but... there's a girl... she came out of nowhere and... is fighting them. H-humanity's savior... she arrived..."

It was not until more and more transmissions arrived arrived, including a badly damaged video feed (which remains being the only record of the Battle of Babel up to this day) that people were shown the first glimpse of the light of hope once more. There was a mysterious girl wielding weapons and powers that looked like those of the Xion, fighting them back and winning.

Thanks to this savior, later named Jehanne, that the last survivors of the United Earth forces could retreat. If it weren't for her, countless lives would have been lost in vain.

Jehanne, if that's the girl's true name, was never seen after a massive explosion that put even the most powerful of the nuclear devices to shame destroyed Babel, leaving a monumental crater and a devastated landscape in its place. To this day the true identity of this savior, where she came from, or how she got the powers to fight back the Xion remain a mystery. One that might never have a solution.
A New Hope
The destruction of Babel wasn't the end of the Xion threat, their forces took a strong blow but still held a tight grip on many of the Earth's most important locations and resources. Their fight to eradicate humanity went on and, without Jehanne, it seemed that all was lost once again.

However, once more, a light of salvation shone upon us. Dr. Marito Yoritomo, a genius scientist managed to crack the secret to reverse-engineer the Xion technology and replicate Jehanne's powers. This gave humanity the chance to fight back once more. There was a catch to it, though. Since Marito's research was all based on analysis of Jehanne's powers, the only ones who could use the weapons he produced, named Strike Arms, were young girls, born after the Xion invasion, who somehow shared the single trait she possessed: the Factor-X (read Factor-Chi), as it was dubbed.

A mass series of tests was issued to the girls in the remaining centers of human habitation all over the world. Those found to posses the Factor-X were given a opportunity to be trained and join the fight against the Xion. In exchange for them risking their lives, the United Earth Government made sure to provide them with the best living conditions they could have. Food, education and entertainment, all were freely offered in the Saint Jehanne Academy, a school built exclusive to train and care for Humanity's last light of hope.
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World's End Strait

"Thank you for that," Viola said to Tzi as he began to help her unpack. As soon as the knightly girl placed her backpack on the ground its weigh became evident. Viola was easily carrying at least her own weigh in gear, not counting her armor and weapons, yet she didn't seem to be particularly tired even after nearly half a day walking through these desolate hinterlands.

"I thought that it would be good if we didn't have to delay our travel to spend time hunting, so I packed some smoked lamb," Viola said while rummaging her backpack, "the problem is, that I don't knw very much about cooking. Growing up in an orphanage doesn't help with this kind of thing, y'know? Anyway," she said as she finally found a tightly wrapped pack which exhaled a faint smell of smoked meat, "here it's! If there's any of you guys who can cook this I would be thankful."

Meanwhile, Ires found a place in the shade of a ruined house and sat by it. She observed the Cadets with curious eyes but seemed hesitant to try to interfere with their activities. At times it did look like she was trying to say something only to hold herself back, resting a hand over her chest and sighing. The displeased tone on both Clean and Leon's voices didn't escape Ires, just as much as Natus' brooding isolationism.

For a moment Ires wondered what Sonata had seen on most of this group? For cadets that studied at the crown jewel of the Empire's military, most of them had quite unbefitting personalities. That said, some of the others, like Tzi, Esther and this Gradon that everyone was talking about really looked like they could shoulder the future of the Empire.

"I am neither," Ires said as soon as Clean's words snapped her out of her revelry. "If possible, I would like to avoid such subjects. An opportunity like this one is rare to come by. At least during this journey, I would prefer to be treated as any other of you. I know that it's a big request, but you would understand it if you were in my place."

Once Gradon, or the one Ires thought to be him, said his words, the Princess got back to her feet and walked up to him. "Very well, then. I'll lead if that's what you all have decided." Ires extended her hand to Gradon, pulling him for a forearm handshake. "I hope that we can work well together," she said, smiling confidently.

However, their greeting out have to wait.

Dark shadows crept across the ground of the ruined village as a flock of monstrous rocs swooped above, screeching as if they preparing to attack.
"Uh oh, guys. I guess that the lunch break is over," Viola said as she reached for her sword and shield.

Now, was time to fight!
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Eris Reinhardt
"I'm beginning to get worried that this 'vacation' may be more than it seems," Eris said to herself as soon as she they reached the hotel. Those accommodations were far too glamorous to be the reward of a Squad of low-ranking militia such as they. There had to be a catch somewhere. Eris wasn't going to get paranoid over it, though. Whether there was a catch to it or not, she was part of the squad, thereby her fate was tied to theirs.

Assuming that there would be no complications for them to get to their rooms, aside from a disdainful clerk. Eris' first task upon arriving at her room was take a nice and hot bath. As expected from such a first-class hotel, everything was as luxurious as it seemed. Eris felt compelled to take a towel as a souvenir, however she couldn't simply steal it.

Perhaps, using Lord Barst's name could convince the hotel staff to give her one?
Either way, as soon as was Eris was done with her bath, she came back to the lobby. The silver-haired young woman who was dressed in proper civilian clothes now, waited the rest of the squad to come back as well, wondering if Hunt would have any more orders for them before they could leave.

"Hmm, I wonder what should I buy as gift for Eins? I can't come for a surprise visit with empty hands, after all,"
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Axis of Darkness
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Somewhere in hell, a certain vampire rested in her dark palace circled by nothing but the deadly roses she cherished so much. "I can't believe it," Victoire said to herself, sinking her claws at her throne's arm, "even when I guarantee their victory, I still come out at a loss." The smallish vampire gazed bitterly at her hand, missing the ring which was so important to her and remembering that, even when she won she still lost.

"Will this ever end?" Victoire asked herself. However, her monologue was interrupted by an untimely intrusion of an individual whose appearance looked quite similar to Victoire's own kind. "Who are you? And what are you doing here?" the Blood Countess asked, angry at the interruption.
"Oh please, do not mind me. If you want to continue the self-loathing monologue feel free to do so," the girl said as she walked into Victoire's throne room nonchalantly, stopping to pick one of the Blood Countess' roses and admire its fragrance. "However, if you want to make a more useful contribution as one of our kind, I have a suggestion that might interest you."

"I don't have time to waste on intruders like you. If you like my Demon Roses so much, I'll let you have an intimate feel of their embrace," Victoire said as her patience ran thin before commanding her roses to tear apart the intruder.

"Oh my, where's my education?" the other vampire said. "I'm Helena. But I guess that you can call me queen. After all, I'm the most powerful of our kind," Helena said, finally identifying herself while stopping Victoire's attack with a single hand.

Victoire's eyes almost fell off her face as she saw the girl stop her attack with the same easy as one swats of a fly. "Lies!" she yelled. "I have never heard anything about a Queen, much less about you," Victoire said, with irritation noticeable in her voice. "Explain what you want here—"

"Shh, shh, my child. Did your mother never teach you to not speak out of your turn?" Helena said in a patronizing voice, pretty much mocking Victoire's outburst. "If you really want to know, all I want of you is that you raise a special kind of rose to me. After all, my own castle is so devoid of life. It could very well use some new decorations..." Helena opened her hand, showing that the rose she picked a while earleier had changed from its usual crimson, to an alluring blue hue.

One could only imagine what Helena had in mind.
At the Elysian Paradise of Celestia, many events seemed to be taking place. A general unrest could be felt permeating the many halls and aisles of the heavenly palace. One of the reasons for such was the news of the sound defeat they suffered at KC-00032, especially when it looked like most of those who left for that battle never returned. Not only that, but most of the Heavens' best combatants just disappeared out of the blue, retired to whatever corner of the Nexus they originally came from. The future didn't bode well for the holy hosts of the Divine Imperator, not at all.

"Sincerely, it's almost like everything is conspiring to leave those harpies be the only ones doing the fight around here," Diana said to herself as she walked around the corridors while drying of her hair, after getting off of a public bathing pool. "I think it's not just this place. The Nexus as a whole have seen better days. I wonder if this mean that something big is about to happen?"

A sigh escaped Diana's lips as she stopped by a nearby balcony and gazed at the sky aimlessly. "If only I could see Bastion once more," Diana said to no one in particular.

All the while, the clouds danced in the skies above.
While Iona was being her ever dutiful self, searching the Nexus and beyond for clues on what the recent events meant, Juno was ordered to stay behind band make sure that no more disturbances could either enter or leave the world of endless warfare. This naturally meant that she was the one to reply to Deva's summons.

"Did you call us?" Juno said as she walked into the Divine Imperator's audience chamber. Her eyes were downcast as if the Snake of the World had a great burden resting on her shoulders. Even her voice was more composed than Juno's usual self, as was evident when she said "Iona is searching out the truth. Meanwhile, I have to keep anyone from trespassing the boundary."

"I feel something bad, something that makes me want to protect Celly and the others more than ever," Juno said solemnly before making a pause and turning her head to the side as if she were trying to see the very horizon beyond the walls of Deva's palace. "Do you know what it is?" she asked, after turning her face back to Deva.
Back at the seat of Mankind's power, Eos observed stoically as those she called for arrived in her audience chamber. Not long after Hibiki, Shizuka and Krieg, a collaborator that Eos wasn't counting on at first came in to deliver some very special equipment to those before her.

"Before anything else, I would like to thank you for your role in KC-00032's defense. It was only thanks to the efforts of troops like you that we could preserve that which belongs to us," Eos said as soon as everyone was in their rightful place. "As proof of my appreciation for your efforts, I shall grant you a few rewards, so that you can keep on serving our purpose for the troubled times that are about to come."
"First, Krieg will have his Eyes unsealed. While it's too early to trust your capacity as a commander, this power shall help you fight on par with the Nexus' best." Just as Eos spoke, Krieg —and thus Endian— would be able to feel the power of his former Golden Eyes being unsealed, the surge of powerful energy coursing through its circuitry. "The Meido Sisters shall be granted a special gift, shared by their very soul. Each of you will have one Silver Eye. Alone your powers shall be weak. However, when together, they'll rival even those that I posses. There's no doubt that you'll use this power well. Additionally, I have placed Dr. Karizawa's TEP project under your jurisdiction. He shall report to you, and you shall make sure that his objectives match those of the Machina."

"While this is the end of the gifts I have offered out of my own power, our newest collaborator shall explain the detail of a very unique project. With this you'll have the edge you'll need in future battles," Eos said, gesturing for their newest ally yo step forward and explain what she had in mind.

"Is there anything you would like to say?" The High Queen asked.
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Also posting for Suparna @Lonewolf685

The battle continues!
"Quick, over here! They must be right ahead," Diana said as she took the lead of the maggot girl, holding her hand as the two of them rounded the last corner that would lead them into, "What the hell is going on here?"

Diana stopped when she was confronted with one of the most chaotic scenes she ever saw in her whole life. Somehow there was sea inside the dungeon, perhaps it was more accurate to call it an underground lake? More over, it was on fire and a whole group of people that Diana didn't knew anything about were fighting one another. Lots of explosions and other stuff ensued.

However, this wasn't Diana's biggest concern right now. "This shall do the trick," Diana said to herself as she pluck a few hair strands and dropped them on the floor, to make sure that Titanica would keep on their trail.

"I hope you can hold your breath for sometime!" Just as she said so, Diana grabbed a hold of Suparna's waist and lifted her off the ground before holding her in a bridal carry. Once she had a hold of the maggot girl, Diana broke into a sprint, "There we go!" she said as she ran into Zeruel from behind. She ran past the brute and jumped in the water just as he kicked Henry away and the Demon responded with a missile salvo.

The only thing she could hope for is that all this chaos could shake Titanica. "If this doesn't work, we will have no choice other than fight that thing," Diana though as she dived deeper and deeper, trying her best to avid making the two of them a target for the many being fighting into that black sea, especially the sea serpents that somehow seemed to flock these waters.
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It didn't take much time for Iona to arrive at the Oblivion Dungeon. In fact, it didn't take any time at all. After all, she was on of the few beings that had unrestrained access to the infamous prison, getting in there was as easy as walking down the street. Once she teleported inside of the Dungeon Iona found immediately that it had been tampered by Helena far more than she thought initially.

"What could be her purpose? Helena has nothing to gain by doing this... Unless," Iona, who now had a different appearance greatly resembling Juno's usual sealed form, raised her head as soon as she noticed another peculiar presence on the battlefield. "I knew that this moment was going to happen sooner than later. Nevertheless, this is even earlier than I thought," the dark archangel thought as she began to walk toward the gates.
On her way there, Iona stopped and glanced at the remainder of the Angel forces gathered by the portals created by Helena. "Do not listen to the words spoken by Helena. Instead of searching for her concentrate on destroying the Demons and Machina who foolishly fell on her trap," Iona said, looking right in the other Angel soldiers' eyes. "This is a matter between us, none of you is supposed to get dragged into it. Lastly, take care with this mist. It may look harmless at first, but it was created using the Blood Countess' magic, if you do not defeat your enemies soon enough, you may find yourselves forced to battle you own comrades, once your minds have been crippled far too much. That's how insidious her nature is. I believe that you are all well acquainted with it by now to know that the Blood Countess powers aren't to be underestimated even by the forces of Heaven, such as us."

It may have been irrelevant, to give the warning Iona gave. However, Victoire's powers were a literal game changer in the Nexus. Remembering the other Angels to not let their hubris cloud their judgement was the most sensate thing to do, given their faction's... history of forgetting that they aren't invincible, even if many Angels were more akin to literal gods.

With her orientation given, Iona marched toward her quarry. Once Iona gave a few steps forward, she turned on her heels and looked at the others. The faint, yet powerful murderous smile in her face, made Iona's visage look many times more intimidating than normally. "Furthermore, no matter what you do, don't battle a lizard spewing blue flames that looks like a bigger Juno. She's my quarry and you won't want to be near us, in case the inevitable happens..." Having said all she had to, Iona finally parted with the other Angels, flying into the maze.

Her destination could only be one place.
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""Another flash of lightning would briefly illuminate the dinning room, shinning through the half-open doors. This brief moment of clarity highlighted the true state of room in which the 'guests' were reunited. Not only were the unused chairs back in place, resting upside down over the table but also the whole room seemed old. The tablecloth, once of a pristine white, was now tattered and torn. A fine layer of dust settled over the furniture, cobwebs hanged from every nook and cranny, and the silverware was tarnished to an almost sable tone. Even the floorboards creaked as the walked around.

Once the flash of light and the usual blindness that followed it had been dealt with by all if the 'guests', those with better sight between them would be able to notice a faint source of light coming from the corridor outside. It danced like an open flame and, if anyone cared to check, they would see that indeed it was a pair of oil lamps, hanging from a brass hook in the wall.

The corridor itself as was long, spanning at least twelve yards to each side of the dinning room's double doors with two single doors equally spaced, both to it's left and right. The opposite wall had a set of eight big, dirty glass windows spaced equally between themselves. The windows were firmly nailed and had iron bars bolted to their outside, likely, to protect the mansion against thieves.

What kind of decision would the Rivianne's 'guests' take now?
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Ascelia Vizwhurz
"I appreciate your concern," Ascelia replied as she followed Nero while fending off any attackers that somehow still managed to pass through through the Servants' almighty push.

In retrospect, their roles as Masters in such a such a situation were hardly anything more than being a Prana battery for the Servants, instead of battling other Masters, like in a normal Holy Grail War. In fact, even this role was dubious when they are always immersed in environments so rich in Mana such as this one or the facility.

Perhaps, it was more correct to say that they were conduits, then?

Whatever the case was, Ascelia didn't have the time to dwell on it. Soon enough, she found herself in the heart of the current conflict. A mysterious battle between two purple clad female beings that could only be Heroic Spirits, one of which was very clearly a Caster. The last thing they needed to brighten their day was for someone to irresponsibly call for their attention and—

"What do you think you're doing?" Ascelia was shocked with Nero's brazenness. Nevertheless, now that the deed was done, the only thing left to do was brace themselves for any retaliation from the unknown Heroic Spirits, or hope that they would listen to Nero.

"Very well, whatever happens happens, now. I guess," the Magus Hunter said as she took cover behind one of the nearby temples, keeping Nero and the duo of Heroic Spirits in her line of sight.
Atalanta looked around right after unleashing her Noble Phantasm. It seemed like the reactions to it were a mixed bag between all of the other Master and Servants, not that the Leonine Archer gave them much mind. The pride of Heroic Spirit from the Age of the Gods had a far higher influence on her. Not to say that no one of them knew that it was in fact meant to be a 'greeting' so that the Witch could know of her presence in case she was indeed at Colchis, instead of Corinth.

Nevertheless, no reply came. Atalanta was left slightly behind as everyone else advanced, which wasn't a problem at all as, somehow she managed to arrive at scene of the battle between the two Heroic Spirits before everyone else.

Keisuke's question about whether Atalanta knew anyone of the duo before them would be answered with an arrow that was fired before said question was even made in first place. "Back off!" was the only warning Atalanta gave to the long-haired woman fighting Medea, right after shooting an arrow at her feet. "Drop your weapons while you still can," Atalanta said from her perch atop one of the many temples and palaces of Colchis. Atalanta kept a firm gaze at the unknown woman while her ears were searched actively for any other dangers in the close vicinity.

Once the others began to arrive, Atalanta replied to Keisuke, "The hooded one is the Witch. I don't know who the other one is, but I smell the scent of snakes, blood, and the Aegean Sea coming from her. I'm sure that she's from this epoch as much as I'm." In fact, Atalanta had quite a good guess of who that Heroic Spirit could be and so she added, "If I had to hazard a guess, I would say that she's the same as the beast slain by Perseus with the help of the Gods. It's said that she was a beautiful woman before being cursed. Now I can see why."
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Fantasy Dungeon Crawl RP

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"Let's go this way. I think that the explosions are coming from there," Diana said as she and the maggot girl retreated from the battle between Khaine and Titanica. The direction to which Diana pointed, was more or less the one from where the battle between Zeruel's Laguna and Henry's group was taking place. In an effort to draw Titanica there, Diana dragged her tail against the dungeon floor and walls, leaving behind a noticeable scent trail that the other lizard would be able to track with ease.

As it would become evident in a moment, they wouldn't need any of that strategy to misdirect Titanica.
"Well, well, it seems like you have won this round, Checkers. I'll make sure to make you pay with interest next time," Helena said to herself. The vampire's gaze was fixated in a stone which would be very familiar to a certain Hell Knight before she let out a deep sigh. "Why have I even bothered trying to gather the cooperation of such peons?" Helena said as she got back to her feet, raising from the perch she chose to observe the battle from.

The time Helena was allowed to stay on this world was about to come to an end, yet she didn't achieve her objective for this 'incursion'. Nevertheless, it wasn't a complete loss as well. At the very least, she would have a bit more of fun before the end came.

With a snap of Helena's fingers, all those who still found themselves in the Oblivion Dungeon (that is, everyone involved in this battle) was momentarily blinded as a nothingness darker than any shadow enveloped them. When they came out of the void where no light, sound, or even touch existed, the combatants would find themselves in a large room, or cavernous chamber. Each of them stood in one of several chunks of debris that seemed to have once belonged to some form of temple, or ancient city ruins, all of which seemed to orbit a massive crystal that shone weakly. The light from the crystal was reflected by many other smaller crystals embed in the distant walls and ceiling of the cave. However, a thin mist made it impossible to determine if even there was a bottom to the dark pit bellow. As an unexpected boon, the cave was free of the noxious fragrance of Victoire's roses, making its effect on the mind far all but non existant.
"I hope all of you had a wonderful time until now," Helena said as she stood over the Crystal, bowing to them like a magician before the public. The vampire's fangs were bared in a confident smirk as she continued, "I appreciate your cooperation so far, even though my proposal has been declined by all of you, the data you provided me is quite valuable. As a token of gratitude, I provide you with the chance to leave Oblivion Dungeon as fast as possible and rediscover your true selves."

"All you have to do is proceed as you have done all the way up to now. Only death can free you of this place," Helena righted her posture as she spoke, drawing Khaine's stone from her pocket. "I have no use for this trinket any longer, you can have it back," she said, teleporting the stone to Khaine's feet.

"I bid you farewell, for the time being. I hope our paths will cross each other in a near future. Now, let the real game begin." Was Helena's last sentence before she disappeared in the mist, back to wherever she came from.
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"What's good is often forgot. What's evil is often hidden..."
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Saint Hirst Academy
In an isolated corner of the Europan Alps there exists a small nation named Sabrie that seemed to have mostly stopped on time, a curious mix of the elegance of the past eras and the modernity of the world around it. This nation which is still ruled by the same noble houses since its foundation, hundreds of years ago, that is the home of one of the world's most renowned educational institutions, the Saint Hirst Academy for Fine Ladies, a school that is the dream of nearly every single girl in the world, yet, the reality of just a privileged few.
The Dukedom of Sabrie is one of the smallest, yet richest and oldest extant nations of Europa. It's a nation of big contrasts that embodies like no other the age of science in which the world just entered while keeping its firm, traditional roots. All of this is thanks to its head of state, the Archduke Ferdinand IV, and his entrepreneur vision of an age where men and machine will be able to work in harmony, building a far better future.

Sponsoring artists, writers, scientists and engineers from all over the world with his personal fortune, the Archduke turned Sabrie into the world's most advanced nation. It's no wonder that Sabrie had to do so since its survival depends on it being able to compete with far more resourceful countries, like the growing overseas titan known as United States of New Columbia and neighboring superpowers like the bitter rivals Republic of Galia and Empire of Germania.

It's within this melting pot of cultural and technological assets that the Saint Hirst Academy for Fine Ladies makes its home. Safely nestled in the mountains, a few hours away from Sabrie's eponymous capital, the academy is a traditional boarding school that has been responsible for educating many of the greatest and most influential women in history, including the current leader of the Brittanian Empire, Queen Alexandra. Acquiring a reputation not only for its top-notch education in all imaginable subjects but also liberal thinking, with a firm belief in the equality between all people, Saint Hirst has bred generations of great leaders and supporters that actively helped to shape society to what it's today.

Even though Saint Hirst is an academy with a very, very steep tuition fee, the Archduke makes no secret that he believes that everyone should have their equal chances to pursue their dreams as long as they show the discipline to fight for it. For this very reason, every semester admission exams are held for those who can't afford Saint Hirst's tuition and a small number of girls are granted complete scholarship as long as they keep their grades high enough. For the same reason of maintaining equality, the results of the tests aren't publicly announced, each selected girl has to decide if she'll or not reveal their status as scholarship students.

Naturally, such a prestigious and ancient school has its fair shares of mysteries. Wonders and strange legends hide on every corner and hall. Perhaps, the greatest of which is the legend of the Blue Star Lily, a mythical flower that is said to bloom in a hidden corner of the academy. It's said that anyone of pure heart who can find the Star Lily will see their most sincere wish come true. Whether they believe in the supernatural or not, no girl that has ever set foot on Saint Hirst came back home the same person as before.

Perhaps, that's where the real magic is?
Welcome everyone.

If you've read this far, I assume that you must be at least intrigued by this idea. Before anything else, thank you for your time and consideration. With the pleasantries out of the way, let's get down to business.

As most of you may have noticed, this is a primarily a slice of life, and secondarily a mystery RP with possible fantasy elements. The setting is a boarding school for girls, set in a small but very advanced and liberal nation of a world very similar to an alternate history Earth of around the late 19th to very early 20th century. The main differences between this world, with also named Earth, are names and small changes in country borders, along with some societal differences, like the fact that the dominant religion all across the Western world is a more structured and milder version of the ancient Nordic religions, following a structure very similar to that of Christianity.

This brief resume should be enough to give a good idea of the setting for everyone. However, don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have.

Before finishing this introduction, I will make it clear that, while this is a story is a set up to be a yuri, or girl's love, slice of life RP, romance isn't enforced. If anyone wants to play because of the mystery potential of the plot but doesn't care for romance, just say so and no one will bother you.
While I dislike the idea of enforcing a set of iron-clad rules to an RP, a set of minimum guidelines must be drawn in order for everyone to enjoy this experience in the same way. So, here they are:

Follow the Fundamental Guild's Rules.

Additionally, follow anything that I or any of my possible Co-GMs say.

Keep arguments out of the OOC. If you really feel like bickering, do so on PMs.

Don't control other peoples' characters, or NPCs, without permission.

If you have a doubt, suggestion, or complaint communicate it in a civilized way and we will be sure to take it into consideration.

Wait at least 02 posts before posting again IC. OOC is free of this rules as long as you don't bother anyone with constant rapid fire posting.

Only one character per player, at least on the beginning of the story.

Post your character sheets on the OOC or PM them for evaluation before placing them on the CS tab.

While we understand that many people cannot keep a regular posting frequency, the least we ask is for everyone to post at least once per week, or tell us when you cannot do so. In the event that anyone spends more than one week without posting or notifying us, they'll be notified. If there's no reply in the following 03 days, we will move on and place their character "on hold" until their player returns to the RP.

IC posts must have at least one paragraph in length. Furthermore, while we understand that English isn't everyone's 1st language, please, try to write to the best of your skill. A simple proof read before posting can do wonders to remove gross mistakes. I highly suggest using Grammarly for this purpose since it's free and has a very good contextual spell checking.

Avoid using too many collab posts since they have a deep impact on the pacing of the RP. It's not that you cannot do so, but rather that you have to use common sense for when they are actually needed or not. Let's try to keep the IC live, instead of isolating each other in small bubbles.

Remember, good communication is the key for a good group activity like RPing. Don't be a misanthrope, talk to us and we will listen.

Lastly, but not lease, have fun. That's the sole reason why we are here, after all.
Character Sheet

Character image goes here.
* Optional: if you do use one, please don't use pictures of real people.

Name: Self-explanatory.
Age: Between 12 and 18 years old.
Grade: Between 1st to 6th.
Nationality: You can use one of the described above, or make your own.
Theme: Every character should have a unique thematic symbolism attached to them. Be it a flower, an animal, even an object or place. Literally think of what would be the first thing to come to anyone's mind when first meeting your character, that's what their theme should be.

Appearance: Give us a bit more of detail about your character's physical appearance, their height, weight, etc, as well as their mannerisms, how they walk, speak, etc. You can be brief here, or skip it completely if you have a picture above.

Bio: Your character's backstory. Try to give us at least two paragraphs with some solid writing. But remember, quality over quantity.

Sample Post: Describe what would count as a typical day on your character's life. Try to do so in four paragraphs or less while giving us as many details as you can. This takes the place of the usual personality section of most RPs since we prefer to see who a character is with actions, not words.

Extras: Optional. Anything not covered by the above fields that you may think that's relevant.

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