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Current Back to stay. This is where I belong.
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I'm sorry for the long break I took. I lost motivation plus my gf at the time didn't like me roleplaying and was actually severely against it. I'm back now though!
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Happy holidays
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Merry Christmas!
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So I thought I said this before but apparently I didn't but I will be posting mostly on weekends.
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Hi. *Wave* I'm Always.

<3 <3 <3 Hearts are awesome <3 <3 <3
And death :p

I am interested in all kinds of role plays. I prefer more futuristic topics but I am happy with anything. Just PM me and I will take it into consideration.

I like writing, role-playing, reading,anime and acting. I plan to be in the video production field as my career with writing and photography on the side. I am currently 17 years old, and a major nerd.

I honestly don't know what else I should say so bye,

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Alexa (Lexy) Sandra Dremmle

"The world is ours to claim.

Name: Alexandra Sandra Dremmle
- Lexy
- Alexa
-Hates being called Alex, due to bullying in elementary school

Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Birthday: December 5th

Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Power Color: Green

Personality :

Alexa is always curious to learn something knew no mater what it is. She is always up for fun and a new adventure as long as there isn't too much on the cost. Even though this she tends to over think every thing. She plans every little detail a long with a list of what may go wrong. Alexa also can be a bit Sasy, and is not afraid to call someone out if they are being stupid. One of her best talents is outwitting someone with there own words. Other than that, she doesn't tend to speak much. Stuck in the shadows of her mind.


  • She is scared of feeling 'trapped,' hence why she hates the league and any type
  • Not the fastest on her feet
  • Really bad anxiety at times
  • Can not fight. (fear)


  • She is smart and thoughtful and logical, and plans things out detail for detail.
  • Tends to trust the write people
  • Is a great hider
  • Is not afraid to speak up when needed.


  • She is scared of being hit, or physically abused in anyway and will freeze in the moment of it.
  • She is scared of betrayal so she stays shut in.
  • That everything will remain this way forever.
Yea. I just been extremely.busy it sucks. I think I will be good to finish up the form Monday/Tuesday and begin roleplaying. I have been hit with a series of projects making it very hard. Thank you.
Yea I know. It's just great at what it changes things to sometimes.

Not done yet. Going to go on computer to do the rest.( I'm currently on mobile)
here still...
That looks amazing. 100 pages from finishing first book btw :p
Harper Azalea Cartella

Harper stopped in her tracks as she heard Lucy's voice. She turned around but before she saw Lucy standing there she saw the boy on the ground where blood covered his head. She covered her mouth with her hand as she looked at Lucy picking up the gun and shooting the gaurd. Harper hand fell as she looked at the chaos around the field. They could all get out of here. She could help a lot with her powers just as Lucy had. She knew how to control it enough.

"Keep the gun. Were going to need it. " Her voice barely made it's way out. "I'm going to get a gun, and perhaps a few people on our side." She paused for a moment. Her powers could go wrong at times. "At least I hope. We just need to get to the gates, simple enough." She nodded, trying to convince herself more than she tried to convince Lucy.

She looked around, and spotted a PSF. She focused on him and flashes came to her mind. She closed her eyes. She saw a memory where it was his first day at the PSF jobs. She implanted the memory of hatred. The fact that he was forced into it and didn't want to join. She breathed in as the next memory passed through. The man held the gun up to a kids head. The kid tied up squirmed around. He put the gun up to the kids brain. The man would of been ecstatic, if Harper hadn't decided to change it with guilt, and fear of the weapon that caused all of it.

She opened her eyes, exiting the mans mind. She watched the man drop the gun and crimpled down into tears. She ran over grabbing the gun out of his reach. Looking down at the crying man she hesitated. Maybe she went too far. She shook her head letting out a laugh. He deserved it. All of this hell he put them through. She kicked the man, as hard as she could. She looked over to the kid. "Were getting out of here come on."

Harper Azalea Cartella

She watched Lucy walk out her eyes wide. She looked back at the others at the door and the chaos outside. The chaos, adults fighting adults and children in the mix. It's happening. She looked back at the others in her cabin, blinking back the tears. She was not going to cry, not now. She watched the girl pull Lucy back into the cabin. She pushed a piece of her hair back. She was dead if she stayed, but she didn't want to leave the other girls. They were family at this point, she just hoped that they all got out safely. That she saw them again.
Harper turned to Addison and nodded. She got it, but she didn't understand how she could leave so easily. She could always make them want to fight somehow. She was an orange after all. She discarded the idea as soon as it came. She could not, and would not do that. What was wrong with her?
She turned to the others, listening to there conversation. "Katie is right, it is not safe. " She looked at the younger girls. "I hope to see you on the other side, if not, I might as well be dead." She waved to the other girls, before she ran out the door, and through the chaos. The entrance, the entrance.

Demetry rolled her eyes. "The truth is the truth." She sighed looking away from that area, letting her flames flow down, being non-existent, though her skin was still hot. She walked away rolling her eyes. Great, now she didn't have her maid. She thought to herself. She pushed her hair back as she tried to figure out where she was going to go. It got harder and harder to raid the houses of food as new people came into town.
@sly13@Takida Inigo
I love the let it die one, but cannibal is my favorite by them.
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