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Current Back to stay. This is where I belong.
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I'm sorry for the long break I took. I lost motivation plus my gf at the time didn't like me roleplaying and was actually severely against it. I'm back now though!
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Happy holidays
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Merry Christmas!
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So I thought I said this before but apparently I didn't but I will be posting mostly on weekends.
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Hi. *Wave* I'm Always.

Love long and live for the moment

I like writing, role-playing, reading,anime and acting. I plan to be in the video production field as my career and minoring in Psychology. I am currently 19 years old.


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Down for discord.

Be prepared to laugh at Luke's stupidity.
Luke Mayfield


Luke stood outside against the wall, taking in the last few breaths of his cigarette. A small cough followed one of the heavy intakes. If he sucked on the cigarette too much he realized what happened, but sometimes he felt that he wasn't getting enough. Yet, he knew every other student that was on nicotine was using vapes, he didn't understand the appeal of all of it. Not that he was old schooled, but he didn't need some cherry flavored pod to get it through his system.

Taking another deep breath, he pulled the cigarette out of his mouth, flicking it onto the ground. He looked at the waste, watching the smithereens put themselves out against the walkway. He watched it, twisting the edge of his lip as he did. He then decided to turn around, leaving it on the ground and walking into the school where he made his way to the cafeteria. He hoped he hadn't come too late. Missing the guys hang out time would not be a great topping to the day.

As if the world wanted to turn against him that day, was exactly what happened. With a quick scan of the caffeteria he could already identify their absence. Yet, instead of acknowledging it, and maybe changing his mind, instead he went up and got the food. He slabbed some pasta on to his plate, grabbing a fork and looked around for a table. There was no way in hell he was sitting alone or was going to look alone. That would be awful to what he wanted everyone to see him for, but would hang out with the two weird kids be better?

Before even considering the answer to the question he walked to the table, sitting down without any invitation. He placed his bag down waving at them. "The names Luke by the way" He grabbed the fork devouring a bite into the pasta before realizing the two's expressions. It was the first time he actually looked at the two's faces. He finished chewing his food. "I'm sorry, did I disturb some romantic breakup? Didn't mean to do that, but hey bud," He placed his hand on Felix's shoulder-rubbing it supportively. "Don't worry about him, there is plenty of other fishes in the sea, this doesn't have to be the end of the world."
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Blair smirked listening to the two's conversation. A psychopathic girl who thinks she has everything figured out, and another who got in jail for self-defense. Okay, he was fooling no one, and she knew there was more to that story, but she didn't really care. She eyed Roxy as she mentioned the killing theme, twisting her head. "Maybe it is," She turned to Vlad, the guy who she knew to run all of these experiments. She sat up straighter placing her hands in front of her. "May we begin to the reason we are here? Ya know that speech that begins a mission in every action movie." She knew what she was there for, but she'd rather hear it again than endure this brutal get-to-know-you conversation.
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Blair dazed back at Blake glinting her eyes at him still stuffing her face. She looked over at Roxy, paying little to no attention to her inappropriate demeanor walking in. She smirked at the question chewing the rest of her meat before answering.

"No introductions, just down to business. I dig that."


I think you should be fine. Right now we are pretty even-numbered for colors.
【 NAME 】
Luke Mayfield

"What's wrong with ya mate?"

【 AGE 】




Undecided major, hunts

【 "Why are you here, like at this college?" 】
"I don't know, my mama told me that it was either here or slacks."

- Easy going - Fearless - Partier - Protective - Addiction - Funny - Slightly Abusive
Luke's not the easiest book to read or someone that seems to care about much. He used to be a good boy, but after his hunting incident, his mom made him go to college since she was worried sick. On the bright side, the college was in town and he could still hunt without his mama knowing. He loves what and who he loves and would do anything for them, and expects them to do the same. He gets overly pissed and angry at them at times but also cherishes them. He is careless and quite fearless. He loves a good party and it's not going to be a surprise when ya see him doing a line of crack. If you need someone to cheer you up, or give some advice he's surprisingly pretty decent at it.

. Hunting
. Knows Guitar
. Listening (Preferably better in english)
. Athletic
. Charming


The beady sun shown upon Lukes faces in the forest. With his hand, he pulled down the edge of his hat. Today was hunting day, and that means he was going to slay a beast. He was hoping for a dear, is the simplest and the lightest piece of meat he'd have to lug back to his house.

He squatted down by some tracks that resonated in the snow. He had to be quiet, he was gaining in on them. It wasn't dear, he honestly didn't know what those tracks were. He never has seen anything like them, but he was also used to Australia's woods, so he wasn't concerned. He crept upon the poor animal, spotting it and aiming his gun. He unleashed the safety and pulled the trigger.

The next moment he was confused. The sky was struck with grey clouds, brisk winds took place of the dashing sun. The snow withered away, leaving remnants of a black crusty ground. He took it all in, not knowing what to do. He basically froze for half a second, the air taken out of his lungs.

Regaining some movement he turned around, staring death in the eye -an alien? He didn't have enough time to process what he was looking at. A black shadow that had its arm extended out wide, and pointed at him.

He quickly knew that he was the prey, and before thinking about it bolted away from the creature. He felt his heart pounding, his breath in every step could be heard. He didn't scream, but his head checked back to see if he was being followed, but before he saw completely behind him he fell onto the cold snow, face first.

He felt like he entered a different world, and he sure as hell did not want to go back. Looking up, he tried to pull himself up seeing his house but instead passed out.

His mom found him later on, laying him on the bed and giving him dry clothes. He never mentioned what actually happened, he was probably hallucinating anyways.


Originally from a small town in Australia where he was born and raised till he was ten. Then his mom got into business with the wrong people, to say the least. She instantly bought tickets to Russia, and made her way to the town of Moscow. (She was raised by her parents who were Russian) She stayed with her parents for a bit before moving to Sonina where they currently reside. They have been living here in that house for 10 years now. Throughout those years Luke was homeschooled.
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Blair walked into the room, not resisting, nor fighting the guards at the slightest. She let them walk her to her seat, where she sat down. "You can go now," She said basically shooing him away as she sat down grabbing the fried chicken for her plate. She looked around at the other teens refusing to be the one to break the silence. Instead took a bite of her food.
Jacob raised an eyebrow at him but not answering the question he asked as he steps toward the group as he shrugged. A sound rustled out of a bush, Jacob jumped slightly turning around him quickly, to see a squirrel perched upon a tree before looking back at the group. "Let's get going."
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