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>Drink some coffee and connect an IV filled with coffee to my arm. MY VEINS SHALL FLOW WITH COFFEE!
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"This place needs more peeps, mang."

>Introduce Tyrannikos, Khuthas, and the captives to Endless Roleplay™. Meanwhile check the newest threads to see how recent they are, and what they're about.
I'm okay with starting if everybody else wants to.
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>Commune with the planets and stars to harvest ideas from the ether, while browsing user profiles and stalking their recent activity for some juicy OOC drama. Try to befriend any users that seem to have decent oral hygiene.
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>Drink some coffee and ask Tyrannikos the Deranged if he intends to invade the forest village later, and if he does, request that he bring back two ripe captives for tonight's ceremony.
Mortus rushes out of the cell and makes his way out of the prison letting the guards scramble for the escapees before he slipped past unnoticed, once outside the thief looks around before running out of town trying to avoid the dangers.


Mortus begins running for the town exit, which happens to be where two massive thunderclouds are battling it out. As Mortus approaches, a stray thunderbolt hits a nearby house, causing some wooden beams to collapse onto Mortus, immobilizing him under their weight. A fire is also started where the house was hit, and is slowly spreading towards Mortus and the collapsed beams. Meanwhile the thunderclouds continue battling, bolts of electricity striking random areas all around the trapped thief.

Kirby.png say's "My time has come".

The demonic employee nervously starts chopping at Kirby.png. He closes his eyes, raises his knife, and whimpers as he brings the blade down on the pink puffball.


The employee opens his eyes as a small piece of Kirby's toenail falls on the counter. He picks up the toenail and shows it to Kirby.

"T-this should be enough, r-right?"

The employee nervously glances at the scary blood-marked wrestler standing nearby, who seems to have frozen up like a statue.
Yee lets dew it

Yahoo, nice xD
Did the rules just get hacked
Or am I just confused
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