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Current Just too much going on, I haven't been able to focus on writing much at all. Expect my posting speed to severely slow down for awhile.
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Could also be playing TF2.
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"The way he talks about baked beans can scar a man..."
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Random 25-year-old whose favorite hobby is writing.

Been RP'ing for around 15 years now; A fan of a lot of genres, and a bunch of fandoms. Always seeking to improve, appreciates criticism, and just wants to enjoy writing and developing characters.

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Memteons...: @Ambra

With whatever was going on around him, Donny was still drinking. As if with instinct, this bartender refilled his glass as it emptied and drove Donny to keep going further in search of relief; Each glass bringing him more stress as it seemed to continue to have no damn effect on him. Chugged. Chugged. Chugged. Was there nothing to be done? Was it a hopeless endeavor that he should give up on? If he gave up while he was ahead maybe it'd be for the better. This seemed to be endless; A river that'd never fill, a flow that'd seemingly never get going. It felt utterly pointless to him, and he wished that wasn't the case.

A hiccup escaped the young man.

That last might've done it. Did persistence win out? Donny looked flushed; Sweat on his brow, slightly tilting in his seat. All that irritation faded, but what was there in it's place? It felt like an empty room now... No noise, no trouble, no people. His eyes squinted as he rested his chin atop the bar, a low-tone groan of annoyance escaping him as he suddenly felt more confused than he had in quite awhile: God... What the hell was he even doing? Why was he here? He could've left for the race already, but he was lingering around because he saw some fancy ball fondling. What an idiot he was. So many opportunities, so many chances he could've took: Thrown away to drink around these people. It gave Donny a somber feeling.

"Hng?" He made a grunt of confusion, feeling a hand grasp his shoulder. It was rough, but oddly... Comforting in his current mood. He didn't think much of it aside from growing a small momentary smile while looking back at the woman, before laying his head back down on the bar. You know, this thing was really comfy. It made Donny feel relaxed? It was better than most of the places he slept. Mostly bundled up clothing for a pillow. The only thing that could make it better was a blanket; He wished he had one right about now. Today had been really exciting, more than he was used to, honestly. He could just... Use a break while Jules was busy here. He was sure she'd grab him on the way out... Or not. Regardless...

Donny slowly drifted off at the bar, feeling comforted by simply closing his eyes. He began to sleep, softly snoring as he did so, one arm on the bar as the other was limp hanging to his side; A small amount of drool began to puddle beside his mouth, as he took an opportunity with his now drunken state to enjoy a nice nap.

Z z z z z z...

A character for consideration, that can of course be discussed further beyond the CS itself either here or in PM. Do you want puns? A sad display of power from those above mortal beings? A numbskull who probably shouldn't exactly be trusted with a gift but was given it anyways for kicks, with a nemesis that probably takes things a little too seriously while also being pathetically childish at the same time? Well, look no further than...

This looks like it might be a lot of fun. Gonna have to start going through some character concepts and see what starts to stick out in my head.
I pull up random fortunes on discord and play it out in my head as if my character is reading them. Has helped me make discoveries about my characters quite a few times.

Being An Idiot

Donny took a step back as Jules managed to pull herself to her feet. Surprising, as the blonde figured she was crippled from Simon crushing her. He could be wrong, though, clearly. Especially since she pushed her way past him, causing him to stumble on one foot momentarily as he swore the pissed off woman wanted to knock him over. And after he brought her here, too! Not his fault she had hit her head; She should've just weaved a little better instead of being essentially a corpse. He offered a shrug at her remarks, before sitting down at the bar since that's what he was here for anyways.

He... Didn't realize the man who passed him in the race was also a part time bartender, but since the first round was on Annie, Donny figured it didn't matter who was giving him the drink since it was paid for. One of the glasses atop the bar filled with whiskey was now in the boy's hand; And without any hesitation he tilted his head back, downing the glass with reckless abandon as he usually approached social situations. Glass hitting the table, he sat there for a moment, blankly staring at the glass with squinted eyes. He felt... Odd. Like something in his stomach was twisting; Like his mind was bending to another reality he couldn't quite explain at the moment, and as he tried to process it, he only felt more confused and slightly emotional. Hand releasing the glass, he brought the now free hand up to his face and wiped some sweat away that had built from the heat outside; A soft exhale of air escaping him. What was this feeling? Sadness from not getting first? Anger that Jules was an idiot spitting her drink into Joseppi's face? Interest in the candy-girl Annie? Or wondering why Mr. Ten Gallon Simon was taking so long?

Wait, no...

It was just disappointment.

"That's it?" Donny thought aloud, annoyed. He didn't feel anything from that drink: Usually he'd blame it on only being able to afford cheap shit but that drink seemed a slight notch higher. But all Donny felt from it was a sadness that it left him with nothing but a small aftertaste. Elbow on the bar, he rested his head atop his palm and glared back at the bottles behind the bar. Well, shit. This was a waste of time. At least he got a cold drink? He had expected more from it than that, but for the moment all he had was disappointment. He stayed silent, aside from a few barely audible grumbles made as complaints about what he just experienced.
Just became disappointed.

Once I find the motivation

Confused by:@Ambra」「@NachoBachoPacho」(Feat. Saloon Witnesses)

The warnings offered by both Simon and Jules left Donny quite confused: They seemed injured, but by what? Did they start a fight? They seemed to both imply plenty of danger, but nobody was approaching; And why the hell was Mr. Ten Gallon talking about ghosts? Donny's eyes shot over to the entrance of the saloon; Noticing Annie was over there. That meant the invisible man was, too. Wait. Weren't ghosts invisible? You could only like, feel their presence? Did Simon somehow tell that the invisible man was there? Donny suddenly felt suspicious of the gunman, if he could just sense the presence of that invisible man with ease.

"A ghost...?" Donny repeated, body shifting as he continued to observe the saloon entrance. Before he knew it, Annie was inviting them in for drinks. Seems like whatever the hell Jules and Simon were freaking out about was solved pretty easily. Were these two really competent? Simon won the first stage, but seemed so worried. And Jules was supposed to be his teacher, yet here she was as a bloodied pancake in the dirt. Kind of pathetic, wasn't it? Could she even walk? Well, whatever. Donny figured there was an easy solution.

Without hesitation, Donny used a hand to grip one of Jules' ankles; His free hand patting Simon's arm. "That girl's ghost ain't all bad, don't worry about 'em." He attempted to reassure the man, since he didn't seem too confident about the whole thing, before taking steps forward towards the saloon. With his step forward Jules' mangled body dragged slowly across the ground, in what was assumed agony that was disregarded by the short blonde-haired man as he towed her away. Donny offering nothing but a "Let's go get that drink before heading off, eh, 'teacher'?" as he lazily brought her up into the establishment, not showing regard for if her body swayed or whatnot. If she hit her head, that wasn't his fault. Really, it was more so her fault for getting so beaten in the first place.

Once inside, was when he noticed the man that was (As far as Donny could tell) The source of the problem: That man that had tipped his hat during the race while speeding past to gain a higher position in the race... The patrons in the bar were all terrified and looked ready to shit themselves as their eyes practically bounced out of their skulls looking at him. He hadn't caused Donny any problems so he wasn't going to say jack shit. However, he didn't need Jules to end up actually dead on the floor in here. So if people could refrain from beating the shit out of her more, that'd be great.

Speaking of Jules, Donny finally let her go. As he released her ankle her leg hit the floor with a WOMP, leaving her a mess on the floor of the saloon. Looking down at her, he scratched his head as he wondered if she'd even get up from there. "Oi, oi. You gonna get up or just lay down there, eh? Drinking's supposed to leave you crashed on the floor, you ain't supposed to start there." With that being as close to intelligent as Donny's words could, he watched her with a small grin as if finding amusement in thinking of what she'd do next.

Will keep in mind.
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