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Current Farewell, Pursuit. Hidden Power. You will be missed.
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Mistakes were made.
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"Is that a monkey?"
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Random 25-year-old whose favorite hobby is writing.

Been RP'ing for around 15 years now; A fan of a lot of genres, and a bunch of fandoms. Always seeking to improve, appreciates criticism, and just wants to enjoy writing and developing characters.

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I...dunno what to write atm.

Most of us are diner and kind of waiting for Jack to arrive so you should have plenty to do after arriving.

Adding onto this, there's some random dude Jack's never seen before dining in with his sister. Brother instincts activate?

Gar's there to chat up, too. And discovering smol Jeremy has become B I G B O Y Jeremy.

+ Sidney

Alternatively, could meet up with Yancy. Though delaying the arrival to the diner would do more harm than good at this point, I think.

Nothing I'm demanding you do, just ideas to help you along. :p

Reposting, pending approval.

-- And then I look and see I was accepted. OH.

@Majoras End

Arcana should be based on what kind of character you make.

Look at the Wiki at ones not taken and take note of the traits those characters usually have. It'll be a big help deciding for you.

As for element, I dunno. Only one in-use right now I can see is Wind. And depending on your Arcana, those Persona's from said Arcana may focus on an element already.
Oh geez, should I start on a rough draft too? 030


Despite his paper incident, Donny was trying to keep steady in the race. He needed to forget everything behind him and focus forward: Focus on getting to that finish in first; High on the board at the start, and he'd keep it that way. Now, all he had to do was clean his mind, keep his surroundings in check, and not get distracted--

Instantly, he found himself distracted.

He saw that woman; The one on the poster, and the one who was probably still smelling like horse shit. If he kept to her blindside she might not notice him creeping around to overtake her. But thoughts of running past her ran cold with the savage sight of her doing something crazy: She took one of those large metallic spheres from her hip, and to his surprise, she threw it at a horse in front of her. It almost reminded him of one of his boomerangs with the way it moved through the air; and the collision it made with one of the horses was enough to cause such a wave of destruction that it knocked out an entire wave of racers. And to top it off, she caught the sphere as she passed by!

"Holy shit." Donny muttered, mind adjusting to the witnessed chaos. How did she do that? There was no way that ball could do that; It made no sense! Donny found himself genuinely shaken by the display of talent from Jules. She was more fearsome than he could've expected, but that throwing ability... However she used that sphere in such a way? He wanted to do that. Oh, hell yeah he wanted that. It was badass, to just give the most minor reason for wanting to be able to do it. Though, with how he pissed her off before... She'd probably try to kill him at the end of the first stage.

Thoughts wandering to the poster, he realized that he had some potential way to get her to play along. A sly smile crossed his face--


N a n i ? !

Whatever smile he had was replaced with a large frown and wide eyes. That gunslinger from earlier had sped past him like a bullet! This made him realize that, for a fact, he was supposed to be racing right now instead of worrying about all the dumb shit. What had he just got done motivating himself to do?! Donny shook his head before his heels kicked against O'Riley, getting her to pick up speed. "Shit!" He swore irritably, attempting to catch up to those damned racers. He barely offered the pile of flesh and broken bones any note as he raced past; Having priorities right now.

These people were just full of damn surprises!

Your introduction was better than mine! I never even made one! >.>

Welcome to RPG tho. I've had a lot of fun since joining; I think the place is pretty great. Looks like you also showed interest in an RP I'm joining too, so I think we'll end up getting to know each-other a bit!

Blöthmerche Assiösales
Dörfen Warriör of Pathfünder

Within The Spillway, Bathing In blöth!

Blöthmerche had become little more than a shortstack of sea monkey entrails and pirate blood. Like the murderous Dorfen warrior he was, he ended the life of many without hesitation as the vessel fell into worse and worse chaos. While not one to usually worry about being covered in gore, he did make sure to scrap some sea-monkey brain off of his boot as to not either slip or feel off-balance. The battle wasn’t over, and admittedly? It was a losing one. The ship had taken severe damage, there was no saving it: All the Dorf could hope for was that the package was secured below deck. As he tried to carve a path through the pirates above, considering the sea-monkeys were retreating.

He caught it in the corner of his eye; A polearm, coming in his direction, Without skipping a beat he twisted his body to side-step the attempted stabbing, cracking down on the weapon with his own club. Quickly he situated himself in regards to his foe; Looking him on. Bald, head shining so bright it was almost a hinderance against any opponent the man may face. Many cleaned cuts crossed the man’s face, signifying this was not his first battle, and he stood at nearly six feet tall; Towering over the short Lifter.

”Wot? Already frightened?” The pirate questioned, as the two began to circle one-another; Watching for a move. He didn’t seem as stupid as the majority of them; Was he intended to be someone important? Warriors did not give names on the battlefield, so Blöthmerche would never know for certain, but a swelling of uncertainty with this one was crawling within him.

“I do not frighten, ever.” Blöthmerche stated, changing the grip of his weapon. The man had range, but did he have the agility to keep up? There was no telling. “Now is not a time for words; If you wish to challenge me and fall to provide further tallies for my tale once I return home, so be it. There will be noone left to clean you off the floor before this battle is over.”

The man offered a laugh; Gruff as it was, the amusement was clear. He spun his spear a little, getting impatient. He must’ve not of been a man of many words, either. ”I’d say you’re just a boy; But the blood on you says otherwise! You’re a man; I can respect that, at least before I’ve gots’t bleach your goods before sellin’ em…”

Carnage was everywhere; The ship was on the verge of sinking and the deck itself was splitting apart. The chaos left the two alone, in a duel that would almost certainly lead to the death. Their circling halted, they were both ready for the fight that was to now take place.

It began.

The spear thrust forward and once again, Blöthmerche stepped out of the way; But this time he felt the spear collide with him as it swung to the side and connected with his torso; The dorf barely managing to step back out of range before he ended up skewered by the next thrust. This man was impressive, Blöthmerche could admit if he had the time. He didn’t seem as ready to die as the others.

Blöthmerche took another approach: He went on the attack. Pacing backwards he brought his hand back to grab his Cross-Acto Bow. He had pre-loaded it when he had a moment during the bloodshed, so as it came over his shoulder, he took quick aim and fired; The shot unfortunately soaring past his head during his approach due to a quickfire, instead headshotting a pirate in the distance and causing his poor miserable life of cleanliness and pride to end.

The spear, thrust at him again, called for a quick response; Blöthmerche released his grip on his Cross-Acto, causing it to fall to his torso and hang by it’s strap. The spear collided with his weapon, causing him to stagger back instead of ending up with a spear through his stomach. He caught himself quickly however, and pressed forward; Both hands gripping his frame club as he took a swing; Colliding it with the knee of the pirate. The audible crack and his instant descent towards the ground marked an end to his walking days. Despite the literally crippling pain, the pirate used the back-end of his spear like a bo staff and smacked the Dorf across the face, causing him to recoil. Though he couldn’t move, he still had range with his spear; And he used it to again thrust at Blöthmerche: Who ended up jabbed by the very tip of the spear, not causing a blood spill, but rather just a hole in the dorf’’s lego plating.

Blöthmerche rushed forward; Gripping the pirate’s spear and yanking it from his arms, causing him to fall from his knees and instead face-first on the deck. Without hesitation the Dorf drove the spear into his back; Causing him to cry out where even the knee-shatter hadn’t before. The spear had not only gone through him, but pierced the deck as well; Marking him as truly pinned for the moment as he blood began to spill.

”Not bad, I admit. Your movements were very… — Hnnng..! Clean.”

“You were the first man to damage me this day; I respect your skills,fighter.” Blöthmerche spoke, raising his club into the air. “I will offer you a quick death as to not force you to endure the chemicals below. It is your choice to accept.”

”A man always goes down with the ship. That’s the way it is! Simple and clean.” The pirate was twitching as if trying to stand, but he was beaten. As a sign of respect to his prowess, Blöthmerche lowered his club and decided to allow the man his death on his own terms.

“Rest well. Your people would be proud, Mister.” Blöthmerche commented, before turning and beginning to walk away. He would die during the sinking; No doubts of it. Blöthmerche felt his mask, noting the pain he felt in his face; He had been hit today. He was disappointed in himself in that regard, but respected the man’s talent at the very least.

… Now what was going on—

Blöthmerche paused his thoughts, observing the ship. It was even worse than when the fight started, and he had to get the hell out of here. But the package; Did those other Lifters manage to get it? He knew they needed to escape, but without that, his quest to this point was meaningless. He began to path his way to the cargo hold; Attempting to avoid the massive terrain dangers while also keeping a decent pace.

If things got worse somehow, Blöthmerche would probably start getting actually irritated. Even to him this was all bullshit; And he wanted no part in it any longer than necessary.
@The Bork Lazer First of all, thank you for introducing me to this thread. Because now I am about to create a little wall of GM appreciation, starting with you. I can't think of a better way to say it, so I'll just say your writing is insane: As in pure fucking insanity, and I love it because it all absolutely makes perfect sense within the context of apocalyptic Wal-Mart. From a drunken mook ready to fall off the boat to your own character everything feels like it has life and meaning to it: And that's not as common as one might believe. Thank you for bringing an idea as crazy as Walmageddon into the forum during my time around. It's a fantastic adventure so far, and will continue to be a hell of an adventure for awhile.

Now, to claim my other victims here.

@tobiax @EnterTheHero You guys were my first real adventure on the forum in your ongoing Spider-Man RP. You've done nothing but treat me well and try to help me along with my ideas and I appreciate you guys a ton. Tobi you're hilarious to talk with, and your quickness to make good suggestions when I'm uncertain makes things a lot easier on me. Enter, you are an evil person but apply it in the best manner. You're also kind, and I hope to live out this RP to it's fullest alongside ya. Lindy is my favorite character I've created on the forum, and I can't wait to see what you guys have in store for her. And Adalbert too. Heheheh.

@Akayaofthemoon My best collab buddy and honestly? Best friend here. You've done so much for me already since I met you that it's insane; You are supportive when I'm down and a funny, awesome person to write with and always chill to talk to on Discord for hours on end. Your ideas are great, and your characters are, simply put, the most adorable characters ever. While also managing to come off as fully fleshed out characters in their own right, which is impressive and noteworthy in my book. You also always listen to my thoughts on my characters and shoot me opinions, and with us having such similar minds it makes for great criticism that I am always needing. You stay awesome, ma'am. Because you're the #1 friend-o for me, and I don't ever wanna lost that. >//<

@Ambra You have provided every fandom RP I could have dreamed of, on your own. You're an impressive writer, and you are always great to just chat and meme with. Thank you for your appreciation of the themes I try to pursue with my characters, and the hours of dumb joking around we've already done. I hope we'll be able to RP together a lot more; Though between 2 groups we now share and a 1x1 that ought to never be a problem, right? :p

To all of you: You've made my first few months here great. All of you are seriously appreciated for your effort and I love all of your projects, and the characters I've put into them. All of you, stay awesome. You're the best of the best in my eyes.

>.> have I mentioned I really like your character

This, I love Bam. @rocketrobie2

He's the Slammiest.
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