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"Rage at me if you want, but I've been roleplaying on forums and MMOs since 2005."

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:: Anime/JRPG/Fantasy/Mecha-themed stuff, I stray from slice-of-life because I find it boring. I deal with boring social interaction enough in the real world.
:: I'm a full-time, college graduate, weeaboo. Shit on me for not always having proper grammar, but I do typically place myself into roles that require more activity and effort. And the weeaboo factors in because, standard fantasy is only fun "sometimes".
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:: World of Warcraft, FFXIV:ARR, Hearthsone, Bleach Brave Souls, Dragonball FighterZ, Smash Bros.
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:: Tokyo Ghoul:re, Hunter x Hunter, Seven Deadly Sins

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Team 3

Location: Furaribi Estate - Team Meeting Location | Time: Morning - Evening
Interactions: Team Miyako @Terminal@MesuOkami

Hurry over here before I change my mind!” Subaru spewed, squatting before a dimly lit fireplace scooping ashes with his bare hands. He was barely clothed, tanned skin fully exposed other than his brown-white undergarments. His golden sights slowly turned to his son who sat close to his right, quiet and respectful as his father gathered the chakra-filled substance into a medium sized leather pouch. They remained red hot, fueled with the remnant energy of a life offered to the flames beneath them.

You don’t have to do this pops, I’m sure you’ll be in action before me.” Akane chimed in as his father sprinkled in the last few pinches of the gray powder and tossed it toward him. The boy reluctantly caught the pass, widening his vision and shaking his head in quiet submission. “Take it as you’re told, and make your family proud you ant.” Subaru barked before pressing his digits against the wood below to prop himself up and walk back to his room quietly.

The bird came shortly after bearing the message of when he would meet his sensei, Ichika was the receiver of the parcel. “Akane, you’ve got a few days to prepare before you meet your sensei. Would you like some help gathering your necessities befo-“ she would be cut off by an embarrassed son who snatched the paper from her grasp walking off as quickly as he appeared. “Nope I can handle it myself. And what I don’t get, I’m sure whoever this person is will help me gather what I need. Thank you though, I appreciate your thoughtfulness.” He retreated back to his room, a mixture of excitement and anxiety boiling in his blood.

The next day begun a week long venture or rather, the tale of Metsumi and Akane’s Investigation on Sensei. Or something like that. Metsumi was more of the researching type, Akane typically just found some dark crevice to wedge himself inside of to spy on people whom they decided it was worthy to gather information on the person of interest. The first few days were quite fruitful, not much juicy information on their sensei by Akane’s standard, but if he ever wished to hold some information on people for blackmail he had an excess of now. Though Metsumi did find a few things out, quelling some fears within Akane, making him a little more excited than before about meeting this person.

As the week came to its conclusion, he would find himself with a somewhat friend and a second or third cousin as teammates standing before the structure that was the location for the meeting they were called upon. Akane had never personally been to the location, but he took mental notes while being guided into the compound and kept his mouth shut.

To blossom into a proper functioning and earning ninja as I’m supposed to, and in the process earn some money for the family.” Akane responded with a dry hiss of words, he would however partake in the feast before him. His family had strict diets, and while they did eat a lot, this was an opportunity to try some food he hasn’t before. “Maybe distinguish myself from others than in the-“ His words were cut short with a swift chomp into a skewer of shrimp and vegetables. The fire-haired boy would visibly pause in joy immediately after, seeming to dwell on what he was experiencing before he finished his sentence. “-clan. Hey sensei, how old are you? You look a little young. And while that’s not a bad thing, I need someone who’s fully capable of pushing me so I can char my father down to crisp and bone in a few years.” Golden irises dinked down towards the hefty satchel of ash tied to his right hip, a small pout developing on Akane’s lips.

Akane didn’t seem to put much emotional weight into his words, glancing to his mates for clarification on if he had said something wrong or not. Akane has a bad habit of not articulating his words carefully, and people sometimes got offended, he wasn’t trying to be mean or start anything, more so he just wanted to get his message across as quickly as possible. There was an air of insecurity about him, his eyes averting the two nearby eating with him, lack of communication even with someone he was familiar with. And now two people whom he had little knowledge on were going to be spending time with him extensively, it was sort of justified, but that didn’t mean he had any say in the new chapter of his life that was going to begin.

Subject to review, but I’m still adding to it.
I’ll put this beneath @Terminal since we teaming.

Towards the villain aspect, it’s intentional and I agree with you that it fits the character. He’s just been incredibly sheltered despite the freedom he was given among his friends. And until he’s separated f his support system for an extensive periods of time “his parents” he likely won’t really think about it.

As for the Arsenic thing, I’ll research other mineral based toxins and get back to you.

My master application will be added shortly, revising it for future use.

Servant Application
Would be better, I think? The dash doesn't seem to be needed.

It was left over from editing, I suck.

Take a second gander, still revising the sheet but taking the quirk in a more -projectile- path.

All noted, and yeah I noticed our characters were similar after you posted. I might keep some history and personality the same, but change his quirk altogether.
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