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I'm Anonawrimo. I sometimes spend time writing original stories. There's nothing else much to be said aside from that I have a weird sense of humor or drama. If something I say offends you, it's most likely just me being insensitive through obliviousness.

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Reese Hemlock

The warmer air was a seriously needed change. The gall of whoever designed the castle to include a bunch of decorations littered across the halls was a different story, but it would work a bit to her favor. Her eyes glazed through the main hall, intent on trying to understand the structure of the room and its items.

Suits of armor, vases, and weapons. Reese eyed the weapons for a good moment.

...They looked more reliable than her pipe, she took that for granted. Still, she decided not to touch the items for the time being.

Instinctively holding her pistol closer to herself, she continued to look around as she walked next to Soraya, neither following nor avoiding her.

Nothing may have been happening, but Reese refused to let her guard down. It was less about her trying to be alert and more of her wanting to find whatever potential threats could be present as fast as possible.

Reese Hemlock

Shit went down fast, but not in the way she thought it would. The last time things went well, something terrible usually followed the aftermath almost poetically. She didn't give a damn about what Marxion said, instead taking note of the idea he had in mind as the other snowcats uselessly switched directions.

She stared at him for a brief moment before turning back to see if they'd crash into something at any moment. It didn't matter whether she hated working with people in the Rifts- as long as they knew themselves and how to be useful, she'd have a better time focusing on not making herself slow down.

She'd admit that Marxion not being a combat-only wonder didn't exactly follow her expectations, but that was for the better. Utility was always golden in her eyes, and so far, the potential utility of the people around her proved to be better than the last rift she went to. There were no worse teammates than the ones who'd touch themselves to the idea of confronting a challenge or some mystic crap, all the while being absolutely useless.

Her pistol remained snugly in her grip as she grabbed her pipe as well, keeping them lowered as they approached the Rift. A large castle towered from afar. Pretty sight? Oh, it's pretty, alright. She could already smell all sorts of pretty shit they could get into just by looking at it. It wasn't a rift for nothing, no matter how easy it could end up being.

She glanced at the shotgun wielder for a moment before turning to Jules. Again, she simply stared at the young man with a blank look before facing the castle again.

"Hm... well enough standing around. Shall we head inside?"
Soraya Labelle

Good to know at least one of our thoughts are identical.

Flipping off the safety mechanism of her pistol, Reese didn't bother nodding, instead glancing briefly at Soraya as she walked forward without a word.

Reese Hemlock

Sometimes, Reese figured she should read more books. It could've helped get her points across and also understand others' points better- two birds with one stone. Reese blamed no one but herself for getting the undesired reaction from the odd woman. As Pascal would say, "All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone."

In her case, she fucked up the instant moment she walked in, anyway. Might as well own up to it.

Confused at what "Merveilleuse" would marvelously translate to, Reese instead kept her attention on the rest of Soraya's words.

"Then I shall start with my attribute. It's nothing flashy - just a suit of armor I can wear that will allow me to bear the brunt of attacks from anything."
Soraya Labelle

For the first time in a while, Reese found herself staring at Soraya not due to aggravation. A human tank, capable of moving without being planted in one area. She didn't know how effective her supposed suit was, but with that kind of attitude, Reese doubted Soraya's attribute being useless.

If anything, it could mesh together for some decent tanking if the blond guy's healing was useful. Pretty useful for someone with a one-dimensional attribute like her own.

She gave Soraya a brief nod before the Prospector suddenly showed up. He still wore the stupid hat.

All thoughts of his physical appearance left as soon as he announced that the Rift had opened. The thing she was here for finally arrived.

As soon as Soraya began moving, Reese followed, though far less elegantly. Whereas Soraya weaved through the crowds swiftly, Reese resorted to just shoving and sometimes tripping the people in her way, her eyes moving left and right to make sure nobody would obstruct her way for more than a second. An unlucky man attempted to shove past her before she sent a foot crashing between his legs.

Almost tempted to take out her pipe and smack people with it, she instead focused on keeping up with her so-called partner. Reese smoothly got in the vehicle Soraya entered.

...Like hell she did. She almost tripped and had to catch Soraya's hand, begrudgingly dragging herself in.

As she settled in the vehicle, Reese quickly glanced between the people in it. The man with the shotgun whose attribute had to do something with physiology automatically indicated him towards being a close-ranged type of person. He also wore a vest with ammunition to complement his firearm. There was also the gruff blond man- Marxion, if she remembered hearing correctly- who didn't seem like the type to not prefer close-combat as well.

Reese simply stared at Jules with a blank look for a few seconds before looking away.

"Reese," she stated flatly as she unzipped her hoodie. "If I hit something, it gets easier to keep doing it."

Taking out a pistol, she quietly checked if the safety switch wasn't flicked off before checking the few magazines she had in her hoodie. She kept a battered iron pipe between her legs while she checked her things.

Reese Hemlock

"Only a minute? Hmm... were you perhaps standing around just to look pretty, then?"
Black-Haired Woman

Yes, Reese thought as she continued to stare at the woman. I thought you of all people would know how to do that.

Reese didn't glance at the shattering noise, though she'd be lying if she said she didn't hear it. As long as it wasn't directed at her, though, she always had the option to ignore it. Probably just some people louder than a dying elephant minding their own business. The last loudest thing she'd met was someone drunk out of their shoes in a bar, which was pretty impressive considering Rifts existed and all.

She did end up glancing at the smallest blond in the room, hearing only the word "healing." If that accounted for anything, that meant she could have more room risking her life. Reese didn't bother hearing the rest of his explanation.

Considering the woman's attitude, Reese doubted she'd ask for anything obliviously friendly. That was more than welcome, especially if doing her a small favor would get her off her-

"I am Soraya Labelle... and since I assume you are also here to explore the supposed rift, that makes us partners now."
Black-Haired Woman (Soraya)

One of Reese's fingers twitched.

On a second thought, this woman was designed to fuck with her. God fucking dammit, that Rift better get its shit together and open up soon.

Glancing at Soraya with more venom in her gaze, she looked up and down at her before averting her gaze to the other side of the room. Despite what she wanted to say, Reese had a gut feeling this bit- woman would make her life even worse if she didn't accept.

If anything would get her off her back, then so be it. For the time being, since she had no idea what the woman was capable of, she decided to play it safe.

"Only for this Rift, then," she ended up saying, her tone sharper than before. "But you and I are through after this."

Reese Hemlock

A blond twink, another blond who wasn't, a formally-dressed man occupied with two men, and a rich-looking, black-haired woman. She eyed the first one she looked at for a small moment before blankly staring at the ground. It was hard to deny that all four of them looked out of place from one another, as if they all came from different sides of life.

Their contrast was what kept her attention to them, but only her attention. She showed nothing else.

"Excuse moi. If you have nothing better to do, then you should help me, oui?"
Black-Haired Woman

What she thought about using as time to silently wait and mull about idly came to an abrupt halt when the voice of the dark-haired woman called to her. Reese slowly glanced at the woman. For the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost must've decided to combine everything Reese dreaded in a person and mixed them together like a goddamn health drink. The looks, the voice, and-


Not everything, maybe, because the woman didn't start off calling out how filthy Reese looked or some random condescending shit.

Maybe that was for later.

Great. She could already hear the iron pipe scraping against the depths of her mind's walls. I can already tell this one's something else.

But who was she to say anything? The woman looked like she could buy a car for the sole purpose of throwing it away. Reese herself looked like she came right out of a firefight in Detroit. She doubted they'd meet more than one occasion, though, so she pushed the thought of ignoring the woman.

Reese responded in a deadbeat tone, "No more than a minute." She silently hoped to whatever God that pretended to exist that this woman would not pull a 360 on her and ask if they wanted to be friends.

Reese Hemlock

The weather wasn't something she enjoyed in Norway, but she had grown used to it better than she would in other countries. Something about Norway bothered her, and it wasn't the cold. She didn't know anything about the country, and she didn't bother look much up about it. Like all things, some things just weren't meant to sit right with everyone.

The necklace swung like a pendulum around her finger, her eyes glued to its thin frame. Its color had dulled, its material neither fancy nor durable than other more expensive cosmetics. It had no value of memory to her, so she really had no purpose to keep it. She still kept it to herself.

Reese pushed herself against the wall of the building she stood next to. She soon entered the Lodge.

A brave new Rift, all a part of a so-called gold rush... Organizations would swarm over to any of those, rabid in competition. To some, it was a legitimate job, but many around her called it a business. Those who mulled about it would fall behind or over, depending on how much they did.


The clock was ticking. Reese went down the lobby, her eyes glazing across the features of the room. She'd sooner bite the dust than willingly afford something pleasing to the eyes. She figured walking through a portal didn't always mean one would leave alive.

Rather than take a seat, she stood at one of the corners of the lobby, ignoring the couches. There was an aura mixed with confidence present among some of the people present in the room. She focused instead on keeping herself as idle as possible.

Feedback is appreciated. I hope it's decent.

Is this still accepting new characters? I'm interested.
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I am Anonawrimo. I'm new to this website but accustomed to some forms of roleplay. It's nice to be here.
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