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Jules Wrayleau

Norway - Skiafjell Ski Lodge

"Do you think we'll be fighting other rift divers?" Jules asked. ]"I'll confess and say I don't have a lot of experience fighting. Other people usually cover that for me." He was tempted to continue, but was cut off by the commotion at the other end of the main hall.

There he sat in attention of the projected image, and the person that probably called all the rest of the people to the resort in the first place. He talked in the manner of an explorer of sorts, which made enough sense. They all were explorers, even the ones on vacation, so what better way to talk to a kindred spirit would there be?

Some people were already headed to the rift, or already near it, something that he didn't expect. He was always used to the less illustrious and more privately owned rifts- it would be more of a rift raid than a rift dive with so many people, and his worry of potentially having to fight or directly compete with other divers to the extent of conflict rose well beyond the height of his being, which was not that hard due to such short stature.

Real rifts certainly weren't the same as privately owned ones.

When the race began he was lagging ever so slightly behind, but managed to keep Marxion in sight by moving through the wake of the crowd that he separated, weaving between them somewhat cautiously in comparison. If he were anyone else he would have damned his short legs, but he made it and pulled himself into the snowcat, strapped himself in, and doffed his beanie and unzipped his coat due to the unexpected rush of heat that accompanied the frantic run.

After a moment of cooling down and catching his breath, he introduced himself to everyone else.

"Salut- I'm Jules and I will be your healer today." He paused to exhale a puff of air. "I can also make your attributes and physical qualities better."
Jules Wrayleau

Norway - Skiafjell Ski Lodge

Marxion's demonstration caught Jules off guard, but amazed him more than it puzzled him. "It's like an instant rewind button?" Jules asked as he shook Marxion's hand. "My name's Jules. Pleasure to meet you, Marxion."

Jules took a moment to find the words he would use to explain his attribute- it wasn't something he could easily show. "I guess you could say I'm a professional at watching people's backs," he said in an awkwardly prideful way, shaking it off afterwards "I can heal people and make them stronger, their attributes included-- Ah, example!"

He scanned the room to look for his coworker and traveling companion, but she was nowhere in sight. "One of my coworkers, she was here earlier- she has an ice attribute; she can freeze things- but it takes time. When I strengthened her attribute in a rift once, she made a blizzard in an instant- Ah, I wish I could show you, but that's an example of what it can do." Jules said. "I don't know what it would do to your attribute, but I can make you stronger if you like to hit things, or make it so you last longer in combat, if that's your thing- I'm mainly used to strengthening offensive and flashy attributes."
Jules Wrayleau

Norway - Skiafjell Ski Lodge

Jules received the best news he could have gotten, and was taken aback in the best way possible. Surprised by the mention of the rift, his eyes switched between the woman and the man, then to his coworker, who noted the situation by giving him a sly thumbs up and finger guns motion almost on cue before going back to the receptionist's counter.

It seemed that his vacation would only become ever more interesting with each passing moment. First with the promise of skiing, then with the surprising amount of people, and most recently with learning the promise of a rift.

"No, mon ami, I'm here on vacation- I didn't know there was a rift nearby until you said so." Jules said, standing up and turning to face the duo on the couch, almost tripping and falling over himself in apparent excitement. "Everyone here- they're here for the rift? Even you?"

He paused to fiddle with the drawstrings of his coat and listen to Soraya. "I came for the skiing too, maybe we'll see one another on the slopes-" He said, watching as the woman excused herself and went elsewhere- not to far, but elsewhere. "See you on the slopes, then!"

Jules turned back to face Marxion and continued speaking. "Do you plan on going into the rift? Do you have a team if you plan on going in? Do you have an attribute?" He asked. "I was on vacation, but now I'm going into the rift. Do you want to team up? Looks like some of the others have done that, so why shouldn't we?"
Jules Wrayleau

Norway - Skiafjell Ski Lodge

Jules had never been skiing before, but that wasn't why they sent someone with him. His motivation for going was different than the motivations of his superiors, but they went hand in hand well enough for things to work out with only a little wool pulled over his eyes.

As far as he knew, he was on a vacation to Norway, a last minute bonus for a job well done in the last rift. A shame that his coworkers weren't coming along, but then again, he had received a special commendation the day before.

On the flip side, his superiors wanted to test him. Jules not only had never been skiing, an unimportant detail in the grand scheme of things, but had also never worked with a group primarily consisting of people outside of their employ. They hoped that the change in scenery and presence of others interested in the rift in the initial get-together would eke out a sense of competition. If all went to plan, one of their most valued investments would accrue additional value and benefits while also having a stake in the rewards of the rift. If he thought he was on vacation, it made it all the better. If a rift were to happen to appear on this "vacation" of his, they knew exactly what he would do.

Preying upon his interests- underhanded indeed, but necessary in order to get him to do what they wanted. The less he knew the better, though they didn't know that they could have just asked him to do so. So it was by their design that he walked into Skiafjell with one other whose only purpose was to serve as a companion and handle the formalities of the lodging and accommodations. The place was wonderful to Jules's eye, and as he took in the scenery, his coworker handled the formalities of checking in and securing lodging.

From afar the duo looked more like mother and son or any other combination of a younger male relative and an older female relative than they looked like coworkers. Jule wore a rather puffy navy blue winter coat and matching skullcap that furthered any thoughts of him being younger than he was. More evidence for any of those assumptions came as soon as he opened his mouth.

"Wow, there's a lot of people here!" Jules said with wide eyes and an enthusiasm in his throat. "Looks like we'll have plenty of company, right? Wonder how many of them are skiing?"

His coworker took a short while to respond, turning to Jules after speaking with the receptionist. "Skiing is going to have to wait. Something's gotten messed up with the reservation, so I'm sorting that out." She said. "Why don't you do that thing social you do and get comfy? We'll be waiting a while."

When she turned she saw that he was already getting to it.

Jules's eyes flitted from group to group and person to person before deciding which one to approach. He realized that they weren't the usual type of folks that he thought would enjoy skiing, but then again, who was he to judge? People could enjoy themselves whether or not they came for the main attraction. If he was the only one equipped that just meant he'd get some time to get the hang of skiing. Of course, there was the waiting time, but that wouldn't be an issue after a bit of socializing. He was curious about whatever the get together was that prompted such a gathering of people.

He pondered for a while, looking to the groups. Two of them were larger, and even had a themed dress code among them. The others looked like they were mostly on their own, minding their own business, whatever that was.

A bit defeated in the matter of choosing a group to approach, he found a seat on one of the couches next to a well dressed woman and gruff man. After a moment of getting himself situated, he turned to the woman and spoke. "There's a lot of people here today! What do you think the get together is?"
Jules Wrayleau

< 19 | 4 ft. 9 in. / 6 ft. 4 in. | 94 lbs / 225 lbs >


An optimistic sort, Jules's personality compliments his attribute. He is talkative, supportive, and all around a person most want at their side in a rift- if not for his powers, but for his willingness to collaborate. The most professional and orderly thing about him is his style of clothing, as he is a spontaneous individual that thinks only in the now. Charitable with his boons and support, he can be overbearing for those that wish to be left alone.

Vigor [Concept]

Jules bears the ability to enhance the preexisting qualities of people and attributes through filling them with a supernatural vigor. When people are enhanced, they heal wounds more quickly, are more durable, and have increased strength and stamina. When an attribute is enhanced, a quality of the user's choice is strengthened for a duration. Jules can also choose to heal wounds and restore stamina instead of enhancing any qualities or attributes.

Normally diminutive in stature, Jules bulks up and physically changes when he enhances himself. When in this state he receives superior strength, stamina, and durability until he tries to enhance or heal someone else.


He understands his place in combat despite his cheery outlook on life, and is situated in the back lines of any encounter, slinging his vigor to those that need it. Jules is also proficient in most maneuvers relating to stealth, and can commonly be found sneaking during combat to find a better place to invigorate from. When push comes to shove, he is below the average skill levels of other fighters, but makes up for it when invigorating himself through his sheer augmented strength and durability.


For what it is worth in the rifts, he is quite good at talking and playing parts- a history in drama classes would do that to anyone worth keeping in the class. Other than that he is exceedingly average in most other regards, and below average in his understanding of maths and the sciences. His hobbies include: people watching, sketching, and reenacting stories and scenes from his times in the rifts in dramatic fashion.


Jules's story is a rather bland one until it gets to the middle parts, and he typically starts there when describing it. To cover the bits that he forgets to bring up: he was born in Paris, France and was the kind of kid that could easily be tricked into doing the chores and homework of other kids. He was always a small kid, and was bullied. Skip up to 2024 and the rifts appear. His father was on one of the teams sent in shortly after their appearance, and that inspired him to do the same thing later in life. Until then the world had become one filled with wonders, and Jules was ever eager to tell everyone he came across that his dad was a hero.

Later in life he would get his wish as a rift opened while on a class trip in high school, and his life would be forever changed. He and a few others that developed attributes were snapped up by some company that he manages to forget the name of and set to go into rifts. His attribute proved extremely useful in making sure that people came back alive, and he was set to go on any expedition they could fit him into.

Work kept him increasingly distant from his family, much to his chagrin. He occasionally wrote them and got written back to, and that, it seemed, was enough for him to keep going.
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