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Wishing a very happy Halloween to you @Phlegm and to everyone on RPG. Feel free to drop in a request if you have anything you would like to see me try my hand at everyone! Seriously, I need stuff to paint.

Disclaimer: Obviously I don't own Hellsing, but I'm also not making any money off of this picture.

Thank you @Phlegm! I'm still around and welcome to taking requests if you're interested.
@MissCapnCrunchThanks for the like! Feel free to let me know if you want me to paint anything for you.
@MaeI love your work, by the way. Totally inspired me to try this out in the first place.
Disclaimer: This is free and noncommercial fair use. I don't make money off of anything associated with the account antiquarian. If you post a request here you accept that if I make a picture for you I will post it on this website and on my deviantart account. I don't post the pictures anywhere else but you are welcome to do so as long as it isn't making you any money. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any or no reason. Follow all posted rules of with regard to what you post here.

I've been making some digital art based off of submissions to the writing contests held here on rpg. I'm super amateur but I'm trying to improve my skills as I go. Unfortunately unless I start going backwards through the contest log I've run out of paintings I particularly want to make. Because of this I'm opening up the floor for requests to draw your characters! I haven't given up on my other concept which is in my other gallery titled the challenge. It simply hasn't received the traffic I hope this thread does. The slots are on a first come first serve basis. I'll accept around three to start and we'll see from there.

Required in Your Posted Request:
I have to have some idea of what you want me to paint. I am not a mind reader. For this particular gallery I will accept reference art so long as you aren't trying to get me to directly copy something someone actually owns. By that I mean if you post a picture of Captain Marvel and ask me to draw your character looking like Carol Danvers and wearing a suit like her's except green and yellow I'm not going to do it. If you however post a picture of Carol Danvers and say you want your character to have her skin tone and hair style then sure. Use some common sense. I do accept and would prefer to have character sheets but I can go off of a paragraph or so of detail if that's what I get. I repeat your posts must follow the rules of this website. Nothing so graphically violent or otherwise adult that I can't post it here. I can't guarantee any degree of quality. I have made exactly the three paintings in this thread in my life excepting silly ms paint "drawings,". I'm also not charging anything for my time so that's the best I can offer.
As an update I have received permission to post my picture of BrokenPromise's original characters from Evolution MKII to this topic.

As stated above this is noncommercial and I make no money from this. The characters are the intellectual property of BrokenPromise, I have and express no ownership of the characters. This was made because I enjoyed reading the short story submitted by BrokenPromise to the RPGC #19: Beware The Metal Age in the writing contest sub topic of this site and I thought it would make for an interesting artistic endeavor. I would like to thank @BrokenPromise for having given me the inspiration to continue with my initial forays into digital art. I would also like to thank roleplayerguild for hosting the contest as well as the community that makes contests such as these possible.

The offer to at least sketch The First Thing posted here that isn't violating the site or my rules still stands.
As an update the offer to sketch The First Thing anyone posts here is back on. I'm settling into a few free days and will have plenty of time to finish my current project by the fifteenth. At least sketching basically anything within reason is easily within my available time frame for at least a week or so.
As an update I'm pausing the above offer for a little over a week starting today (until Monday the tenth). I'm working this weekend and next and have a project already going on which will take up as much hobby time for drawing over the next several days as I have. I'll make a return update sometime between the eighth and eleventh and should have my next piece up here by the fifteenth.
As an update I made a quick avatar/signature set for myself and decided to post them here. Unlike most of what I have been and plan on continuing to do here these are my intellectual property, my character and concept, and were as always made by me. These are not of the quality of the first two pictures I uploaded. That is on purpose. These just about represent the amount of time and effort that I consider to go into a basic, "sketch,". If I wanted to I could certainly put the same level of effort that went into the first two pictures posted here into an avatar/signature set for myself and perhaps I will at some point. For now though I decided to give a visual idea of what I'm offering for the low, low price of being the first person to post The First Thing here that isn't violating my rules or the site's rules.

"But why so tiny!?!?" The original picture was huge! But as it turns out you can't use huge pictures as avatars/signatures so I had to downsize.
As an update I have received permission to post my fanart regarding the Beware the Metal Age competition from Frizan (the Guild Moderator running the competition).

As a disclaimer this picture contains blood and violent themes. It is no worse than your average violent PG 13 movie. There is no gore or excessive blood sprays or anything. But if you are under the age of eighteen or are easily upset by depictions of violence then don't open the hider. I got a more horror vibe from the prompt then those that actually entered and this was the end result I came up with. It isn't as gratuitous as some of what I found on the first page of The Gallery and I didn't see any rules specifically forbidding posting blood or thematically violent images though if this is actually bothering anyone (most importantly the staff) I will take it off of this site if requested. Again though, I specifically looked through the Fundamental Rules of the Guild, the Off Topic Rules and the Mature content rules as well as specifically ran this by a moderator and to the best of my knowledge this isn't even approaching problem levels and is thus being posted in good faith.

I have no ownership and express no ownership of the Beware the Metal Age prompt or anything posted in regard to that prompt. The picture was made by me and the subjects of the picture as well as the picture itself is mine.

The offer to at least sketch The First Thing posted here that isn't violating the site or my rules still stands.
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