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Hello and welcome to my bag of holding, where I keep my many loose thoughts and ideas. You are welcome to pick one or many, I am interested in everything I might put here. But before that I need to go over a few guidelines and rules:

  • I am twenty somethin' and I will require my partners to be 21+, no exceptions. Even if we are doing a light-hearted slice of life, I will only roleplay with adults. As an extension of this, I like to include darker themes and 18+ content in my RPs so please tell me if you are not comfortable with that.
  • I tend to only do MxM
  • Please have decent grammar. English is not my first language, so I understand if you miss a comma here, there, and everywhere, but at the very least run your post through a word processor like Grammarly. Or click the little red/blue squiggly lines, you know what I'm talking about.
  • Please please DM me if you are interested. I will ignore posts made on this thread because I am not observant.

@Martian I'm pretty sure the semester had already started. My character just started late due to reasons. Hopefully that made sense

Eddie Hartmann

Location: Open House Stalls
Mention: @Martian

Eddie arrived in New York City a few weeks prior. His parents had bought him an apartment in the heart of New York where he should be staying for his undergrad, but he went behind their back and bought a dorm room instead. They can’t blame him since living in the dorms is part of the college experience, and the apartment they got him was overkill with 5 beds and 6 baths encompassing an entire floor of the apartment building. Only two of the rooms were currently occupied, one by him, can the other by his bodyguard Jack Spade, a large tiger shark with an authority complex. He was originally his mother’s guard, but he came with Eddie to America as one of the many stipulations his parents made. The other big one is that he had to inform Jack if he were to were to leave campus, which is is about to blatantly ignore.

With no classes for the day and so much time to kill, Eddie decided to go see the city. It would be his first time since moving here. He would also be fulfilling a childhood dream of him to see New York. As a child he could barely walk due to his cancer, and now that he had a pair of strong legs, he plans to never sit still again.

Eddie quickly showered, got dressed, then headed out to see the city. Stepping out of the subway was like stepping into another world. He was awestruck. There were so many people of every species. It was loud and noisy and everything he imagined New York city to be. Eddie spent the next hour walking around, sightseeing, and buying a stupid amount of overpriced New York merch. He eventually stopped by Ess-a-Bagel and got one of every type of bagel for an early morning snack. He also picked up some food for Roger and his film crew since he planned on stopping by his booth shortly. When he was little, it was hard to hold down any food due to chemotherapy so it was mainly soup and liquid foods. Now that he can eat again, he plans to try everything he can, starting with Bagels which are apparently famous in New York City.

After picking up his bagels, he began to head toward the subway. Despite being here for a few weeks now, the subway still terrified him. There are so many people packed into a small space, and due to his large size, he often got yelled at for taking up so much space or stepping on someone's tail or something. There was also that very real fear of stepping on someone smaller them him since he cannot see anything past his knee. After a lot of effort and a lot of insults, he managed to make it back to campus.

Eddie began walking around, looking at all the clubs and departments before arriving at the film department’s booth “Good morning,” Eddie said with a wave. Eddie had started learning English when he was very little, so he had no trouble stringing words together. The only problem is his thick Swiss-German accent which often made it hard for others to understand. He can only hope he's not embarrassing himself. No one has yet to mention his accent, which he interoperate as good sign he hoped.

“Are you guys hungry? I got bagels. Feel free to take as many as you want,” Eddie held up the big containing several dozens of bagels. He thought he could eat all of them, but that was way too ambitious. He barely got through 6 before getting full. Then again, the portions here in the states are abnormally big.

"How are things going for you guys? Did you find any students interested in the film department?" Eddie asked Roger.

Since both of our characters are first years maybe we can make them roommates? @Martian
Yes embrace the cringe @False Prophet

Hello @Lumiere
Hello uwu @False Prophet
I hope you guys are still accepting

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