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Some were interested in the politics and society building, others definitely had their eyes on a more heroic quest deal. Seemed like a lot in the vein of a character-centric tabletop game without the hard math.


"Not at all...just jostled a little..."
"I have done nothing to the bookworm. He was not watching were he was going."

Roa pulled the half-elf to his feet, only to watch him turn back and look at the town with a growing expression of worry, despite legitimately nothing appearing wrong. "Oh dear..." Roa looked again, trying to see what Rudolph was. More than a little confused, she turned back to him with a quizzical look, on the cusp of questioning his bizarre behaivior before noticing his attention was fully elsewhere. She followed his eyes and spotted a horse-drawn wagon passing behind the houses along the street in the distance.

"I would love to talk some more, but my prior commitment to our resident blacksmith requires me to follow-through with what I said I would do. I do promise answers if you still need them when we return."

In a flash, the wizard had grown to grotesque proportions and taken off in an explosion of wind, leaving her no time to so much as call out. "Wait, Shina? what do you mean- wait!!" She called after the half-elf, but he was already gone from her sight. Her confusion only grew as she tried to grasp exactly what has just happened.

"What in the seven hells were that all about?"
"I haven't the faintest clue. That man has clearly lost his mind to whatever magic he has been toying with. He looked as though the town not being on fire was cause for alarm." She couldn't help but shake her head as she took a calming breath.


Even from the docks, Roa could hear someone yelling in a panic. Definitely not a festival today then. she thought with a worried frown. It was only one voice amidst the silence which was still incredibly concerning. Usually there would be more activity this late in the morning. With a kick she pushed herself towards her boathouse-turned-workshop, slipping under the water to surface inside. She quickly made her way up the steps, flicking open the wardrobe in the corner of the singular room. Quickly changing into her town clothes, she couldn't help from muttering in agitation as she struggled to get it to fit properly without a strap of fabric resting on her gills.

glancing around to make sure everything that mattered was safely locked away, she unlocked her workshop's door and walked out into the sunlight. The surface always seemed to be just slightly too hot, or too dry, and today was no exception. quickly making her way across the dock and onto dry land, Roa kept her pace and quickly detoured from the road to the town square as she looked for the source of the yelling earlier. zig-zagging between several homes and shops, she finally came upon a duo of townsfolk, one standing over another sprawled out by a street lamp. She sighed quietly. That didn't sound like Gunner carousing earlier, but you never know. Then she overheard their conversation. Stepping out around the corner she cautiously approached the two.

"What this about dragons in Lorenstad? Mr. Admoss, right? Gunner didn't hasn't done anything to you, has he?" Roa gave a sour side-glance to Gunner. Am I still mad about that silver anklet with the inlaid ruby? She could feel her pulse quicken as the memory of that ordeal came back. Oh yeah, definitely still mad. She offered a hand to Rudolph.

Roa floated carelessly in her hammock, the only light in the room a weak sunbeam trickling in from the hatch over the stairs, filtering down through the river water above. She didn't know how long she waited in between dreaming and awake, but she didn't have the presence of mind to care. Tired and rested in equal measure, she enjoyed the almost overbearing warmth of her blanket as she slowly drifted into wakefulness. I should get up.. Another, deeper part of her disagreed, and she did not move for a moment. The warmth lost it's comfort after a mew more moments and she pushed herself up, reaching forwards in a well practiced motion, hand finding the magical lantern which ignited with a flameless light at her touch, casting a pale light over her room. She couldn't help but flinch at the sudden brightness.

gently pushing away from the wall, Roa floated through the middle of her room, enjoying the sensation of the cooler water before stopping herself with a wave. She stretched for a moment before catapulting herself towards the back of the ship. As she reached the stairs, she angled herself towards the hatch. sliding bolt out of the way, she slowly pushed the hatch open with a firm shove. Swimming out and into the open water, Roa took a moment to admire what amounted to a garden for her. The waters by her workshop were by far the most colorful thanks to the numerous aquatic plants she'd transplanted from the sea or bought from a friendly botanist. Feeling almost giddy, she pushed the hatch closed before kicking off from the bottom to swim up to the surface.

Surfacing in the morning light, Roa took a deep breath of fresh summer air. She looked over to the town proper a short ways uphill from the docks "Good morning, Lorenstad." she said to nobody in particular... Her expression turned puzzled as she realized there was no one on the docks despite it being an ideal time to catch an easy meal. "Where is everyone?" she questioned aloud. Is there some kind of festival today?...
Thanks, I spent a solid chunk of time on this one. Yours is a cool concept too, a sort of hometown hunter-of-monsters, though here's hoping a lot of his work is preventative. Wards and rituals and magic are always a fun addition to rope people into!
Adam Gilford

<<Copy, Starstrike. Update tripped a lot of security measures. I read you, and we’re all fine. We’re supposed to return to hangar ASAP.>>

<<We read you, Starstrike.>>

Adam heaved a sigh in relief, hearing his allies' relatively relaxed tones meant things went as well as they could. He and the Starstrike had been out of their element trying to fight the two huge alien machines, and he was glad the others had got through the conflict without any major damage, even if he hadn't been able to help much. "Guess I'd better start requesting some heavier rounds in the spare magazine I guess." He thought to himself out loud as the Starstrike plodded along, the rocking and shaking demanding effort to resist being jostled about.

<<We're heading out soon-- rally on us. ... Watch for the signal flares.>>

The Starstrike's optics dutifully watched the horizon, marking the flares as they rose above the endless sandy hills to the right. With a quick course-correction, the Starstrike ended up close enough to the Ajax by the time Castle initiated a trans-atmospheric launch that he was able to maintain optical lock during his own takeoff. There was an issue for Adam, however.

As the cockpit shook and rattled, Adam gasped and strained as the hard, barely restrained acceleration of his Orbital dragged him into the back of his seat. His arms burned with effort as he struggled to keep his hands on the controls. I never did like launch training. he thought to himself as he quickly gained elevation. Once they were close enough he'd let up on the throttle, but for now he needed as much slack as he could get, lest he risk being sensor-blind in the vacuum of space.
Finally done with the CS! Let me know if I need to revise anything, or if I missed any errors.

So is the Discord open to anyone, or just people with approved characters?

Got a few character concepts rattling around, just want some input on which will fit better.

Tower: Sanctum Landing

Faust stepped slowly out of the elevator, and immediately turned to a pair of diminutive green hominids, one glancing briefly at him, and then away in fright. Behind them, a pair of neglected braziers lit their surroundings with weak light, their dim red flames reflected by the polished sheen of his faceless head. The other Goblin's silhouette shifted as he crossed his arms, a pair of holsters hanging obviously from his hips.

"So yer what, another humie?" The goblin spit on the floor in a show of disrespect. His mind snapped to razor focus as the figure spoke. So they know what humans are, and there are others... But they don't know what I am. "Got enough o' them fleshbags for one day." His came to an abrupt stop akin to a train crash. If he had blood, it would have run cold. But he didn't, and his mind returned to focus, peeling apart what the Goblin had just said. The other one, still cowering, muttered something unintelligible in an unmistakably conspiratorial tone.

"No. Not human. Not even close." He forced himself to respond. His 'new' voice was deep with a strange hollow reverberation, inhuman and borderline monstrous. The sting of yet another thing lost only made him angrier. So, he's "got enough" for one day, as if it were like fishing. Of little consequence to himself. Callous to people torn from their lives. His fury built until it could barely be restrained, the feeling tension overwhelming any other sensation. He turned his gaze to his surroundings. There were many more goblins, scattered across the myriad levels and railings, all watching the goings-on. Beyond them, coffins lined the softly glowing walls. Realization hit as his gaze slowly drifted up and down the tower, with each floor having the same coffins lining the walls. It stretched on infinitely.

He slowly turned his head back to the Goblins, fists clenched. "I didn't climb out of a coffin, if that's what you're wondering." he clarified, his voice level, tone frigid. "I came from the very bottom... Tell me, are you the one in charge of..." He swept an arm in a gesture towards the whole of the Tower. "...all of this?" His last words came out in a hiss, his attention never leaving Gungun. He felt like his nerves were on fire, and the metal charms hanging around his waist began to rattle noisily. Are these Goblins the ones responsible for all of this?
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