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Deep within the dark twisting tunnels that run deep into the earth. Underneath the ruins of a once grand and power city. Lies the under is in the heart of corruption the city of Skavenblight. If one could call the collection of hovels, tunnels, and ruins a city but housed within its wall are million of skaven scamper in the dark. Within the district of Clan Skryre was a workshop. This building contained warlock-engineer Zek Skitterback who was working on his latest creation a portal device. Learning about a portal being built by clan Fester from his spying ring in the other clans. He determined to build a better version of the gate to rub it into the face of the other skaven.

"Work-work harder slaves," This order coming from one of the many slave master as they poked and prodded the skaven slaves working below them. As the slave were in this case literally being worked to death, with there corpes being left for the other starving skaven to eat. Skitterback watched the work commences on his gate, "NO-no work has fallen behind! Have those lazy slaves executed it will-will motivate the rest." It was at that moment were the door to the workshop was open and he apprentices arrived carrying large warpstone fragments on wagons.

"Excellent attach them to the gate." Skitterback order. Over the next few hours they attached the warpstone to the large gate. With a sly grin the warlock-engieer aprocched the device. "With warpstone in placed I-I Jek Skitterback have completed the skittergate before the fools at clan fester did." approaching the control panel he hit a few buttons. With a shutter and a sparks of green energy arc over the gate. A swirling vortex appeared. "As I-I step through the portal to cement my glory!" The skave proudly shouted and step into the portal. A few moment later the gate exploded.

Cinix City, Sewer

With a groan the skaven stood up from the filthy floor of the sewer. Glacing around he new location Skitterback screamed. To the citizens walking near that particular sewer grate they could hear the faint distress screaming of a ratman. After calming himself down he then moved into parodied ranting as the traversed the tunnel ignoring the strange emblem that had appeared in his robe.
Due to the lack of villains I thought it would be a good idea bring the mighty Skaven yes-yes.

Name: Zek Skitterback warlock-engineer of clan Skryre

Universe: warhammer fantasy


Skill set/Abilities:

Skitterback has access to clan Skryre technology. Fueled by a substance known as warpstone. The rock appearance of a brightly emerald green crystal, a product of the solidification of pure Chaos energy. Highly dangerous only the skaven have built up a sort of immunity to the rock. Clan skryre had harness to warpstone to power there weapons and devices. These creation are naturally unstable.

Being a warlock-engieer he can call upon the lore of ruin to cast by magic with warpstone gauntlet being used to augment spells. But just like skeven technology its unstable and dangerous to cast as well. Skitterback known several spells:

From the birthing pits of skavenblight Skitterback was born into the world. Vicious even at a young age he murder several of his own sibling to better nurse from his mother. After reaching maturity he joined the ranks of the clan rats of clan Skryre fighting in the underdark against the clans enemies. He was recruited as on of the many "lab assistance" to one of the warlock-engineer. Surviving the deadly testing Skitterback was able to plan the death of one of the warlock-engineer apprentice maneuvering himself into position do be chosen as the replacement apprentice. Now with a power-base at his disposal he began his rise to power. Assassinating rivals he soon maneuver himself into the next to the main warlock-engineer. Said skaven died due a tragic accident of being poisoned, shot, stab, and set on fire for good measure. After such a tragic end Skitterback eagerly took up the mantel of the warlock-engineer. Once his power was solidified he began to make-sure that his rivals met grisly ends.

Other information:
Skitterback carries many of his clan weapons. Like a warpstone-infused halbert and a warpstone pistol a simple flintlock pistol that fires a warpstone black-powered mixture. He carries several Poisoned-Wind Globe glass spheres that contains a deadly warpstone gas. He protects himself with a mix or arcane and normal armor to protect himself. He wears a respirator to keep out toxic fumes.

As the mandalorian ship closed in on the Ha'tak all of turbolaser, ion cannons, and mass drivers missile driver focused fired on the pyramid ship. Torrents of green laser fire intermix with the blue bolts of the ion cannon pummel the Ha'tak. Vasthi's vipers locked there s-foils into position dived upon the death glide firing there laser cannons into the Goa'uld death gliders. along side the v-wings launch from the Endeavor. Meanwhile the skiprays powered through death gliders towards the Ha'tak. As soon as they were in range the unleashed there payloads of proton torpedoes at the vessel. They peeled of back towards the Adenn.

On the bridge Orser watch the battle unfolded in front of the view port. A strange assortment of ships battle against an another assortment of ships. The veteran warrior turned his back to the ongoing battle towards the bridge crew. "How close are we to that shuttle?" the old mandalorain asked to the bridge officer.

"Still a way out sir. It will take a couple of minutes before we are in range." the scanner operator explain checking their equipment. Orser nodded turning back to the view port only to see the shuttle get shot at then explode. "Well there goes that payday. Start focusing fire at ship then." he order. The Adenn shifted towards the Ha'tak allowing its turbolaser batteries to target the pyramid ship. As the death gliders peeled off to attack the vipers followed them trying to shoot them down.
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The mandalorian consider the words of the ambassador carefully. The Kadeshi as they called themselves were just as alone and lost as they are. And they are looking for a temporary alliance to find their way back. Pulse the access to their onboard manufacturing would help with any repaired and supple problem the ship could have. "The people operating the needled looking ship called themselves Kadeshi. They are willing to work with us to find our way back. In exchange for helping and protecting them. They had offered us used of their production facility on board their ships." she explained to Orser.

The Alor'ad consider what Vasthi told him. "Alright tell them they got a deal. Tell them and get back to Adenn"

Vasthi relayed the decision to the ambassador and swiftly returning to the Adenn.


As Orser was about to question the crew of the Endeavor about what the heck they are babbling about they received a transmission.

"Attention ships. There is a greater threat approaching from the" -Palpatine felt for the ripples in the Force- "Galactic Center. We must stand together or be destroyed. As this shuttle is lightly armed, I... suggest... you protect it."

"Find that shuttle!" Orser ordered. As the sensor operator began to try and scan for the ship. Kanxn chimed in.

"You think we can get a reward if we pull who ever it is out?" Kanxn asked to observe the activity from some of the other ships. "If they can't we leave they." Orser respond. In the void the Keldabe-class battleship engines came online sending the ship towards the location of the shuttle. But that when the Goa'uld arrived. "Orser we are getting ships exiting hyperspace. We are getting a transmission from them. Patching it through." the crew-member informed.

"I am Anubis." He paused so the mortals could be appropriately awed. "I claim this vessel. Stand clear or be destroyed."

"Well then. Let us show aruetii what happen when they threaten mandalorians. Bring all guns to barrier on the closest ship. Scramble all fighters target their starfighters." The crew swiftly followed his orders. The turbolaser batteries and ion cannons swivel taking aim at the closest pyramid ships. As soon as the ship got into range it would being to fire all gun upon the ship. In the void the Adenn launched its complement of starvipers and Skipray towards the vessel. The starvipers engaging the death gliders while the skipray targeted the pyramid ship.
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Yes it is.



As the sensors operator was able to clear the interference from the console when he notice a new contacted. "Alor'ad we are detecting a small ship heading towards us. It is from that large needle like ship." the operator explain.


"None that can be detected."

Orser quiclky contacted Vasthi to informer her of the change situation. "Vasthi you mission has change. A ship had just launch an unarmed ship towards us." Pausing for a second to look over the screen. "You are to meet this craft and try to get some information from avoid hostile action unless it attacks first." the older mandalorian told the younger warrior.

"Understood Alor'ad." Vasthi said as she traveled to the hanger. Entering the hanger the scene was a flurry of activity pilots and the crews were checking over the systems of the Starvipers and Skipray. There several trying to move the starfighters that had fallen off there rack back onto them. She made her way over to her own fighter. There doing a preflight system checks was the twi'lek mechanic looking at a datapad. "Is it ready to fly?" she asked. The mechanic looked up from what he was doing, "Yes it is all systems are nominal." She climbed into the cockpit of the starviper. Swiftly activating the starfighters systems as the engine is warming up. Giving the controls a quick test she rocketed out of the hanger. Vasthi made a beeline towards the ship. The starvipers s-foil was were not in attack position. As the mandalorain star fighter closed in the pilot slowed the starfighter and started to hail the vessel.

"This is Vasthi Kryze state your intention." she said to the ship.


"The Venators has contacted us," the comms operator said.

"Alright patched it through." Orser walked over to the ships communicator. The message received did little to help him figure out what was going on. First they claimed to be from the republic which is strange considering they became the empire. And have been the empire for a while now. 'Maybe they refused to join the empire' he thought to himself. More importantly they seem as lost as they are. So he better try to work with them.

"Alor'ad Orser of the Keldabe-class battleship Adenn. As for direction we are just as lost as you. We hit a hyperspace anomaly and end up here. But a more important question. Wasn't the republic reformed into the empire? Did you guys not hear the memo. Or you did and went rogue," He said staring at the admiral.

As the Adenn lurched back into real space it shook the mandalorian crew sending several stumbling to the deck. It took them several minutes before they recovered. A wave of confusion rushed over the gathered warriors. "The hell was that was all about?" Vasthi swore as she got back to her feet.

"Status Report!" Orser shout at the bridge crew grasping the .

"Damage to several sub systems, shield lecher offline, hyperdrive is locked down, and several starfighters fell off their racks." One of bridge crew respond. The info on the starfighters elicited a colorful string of swears from Vasthi. As the Alor'ad look out the transparisteel window notice they are not alone. As several other ships were floating in the void in-front of the ship.

"Raise the Shields and warm up whatever weapon systems we have." he quickly ordered striding over to the sensor station. "Target any ships that are within range. Don't fire in till unless we are shot at." All over the ship the turbolasers, ion cannons, and mass drivers systems began to warm up. The turbolaser batteries began to track the other ships near it.

"How many contact are there?" Orser asked looking at the screen. Even though the ship sensor screen is full of static

"We are detecting 7 other contacts. Only one of which is registering in our database. It looks like one of those old clone wars Venators," the comms officers said trying to get a sensor to run a more detailed scan.

"Well keep scanning for any communication, try to hail that Venator. Vasthi. Kanx. Front and center!" the zabrak and the human strode up to the Alor'ad. "Vasthi get any of our pilots that can still fly and get our starfighters ready to deploy. Kanx get an assault team ready in case we need to board one of those ship." The other two mandalorians eagerly rushed off to fulfill their assign task while Orser looked back through a window at the observing situation unfolding.
Name of Ship: Adenn (merceless)
Home Universe/Name of Franchise: Star Wars
Role: Cruiser/Capital ship
Faction/Operator/Owner: Mandalorian
Physical Description/Image:

Physical Size (roughly):
length 1,035 m
Height 383 m
width 613 m
Armament/Complement (roughly):

History of the Ship: Built and design by Mandal Hypernautics with interpretation from the Kandosii-type dreadnought. Came the new Keldabe-class battleship. It was acquired by Clan Chorn along with parts clans Cadera, Kryze, and Lok around 10 ABY. The ship was use by the Mandalorians as an enforcer to help the clans in mercenary contracts in Hutt space. But during a hyperspace jump a strange hyperspace disturbance hit the ship throwing it off course.

Notable Crew:

Unique Technology:
Sheild leecher-
Crew Size: 6,000 along with 1,000
Class: Cruiser/ capital ship
- 1km long vessel
- Some disunity among the clan
- Ship systems had minor damage during jump
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