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Gunner turned to face the voice that called his attention. And was met face to face with a Katorian. One who said they needed a word with him. The skald was intrigued by what they could want. Although years of experience was telling him that this conversation would be best held away from prying ears.

”I will hear ya out. However let's do where it's more private”

The Skald motioned to a booth in the far back of the tavern. Making himself comfortable before he spoke to the Katorian.

”So what do you want to speak to me about?” He asked Katorian.

Gunner watched the retreating form of the wizard and came to a realization. First he was far too sober to handle what just happened. And second he was going to fix the first problem. The skald turns on his heels towards The other mind and sets off to the tavern.

"I’m gonna go get drunk and forget about this." He informed Roa as he walked away.

Gunner easily navigated the streets of the town to TOM. As he has done many times before. The skald paused as he reached the establishment taking note of the broken window. He quickly figured there must have been a bar fight when he was gone. At least Minnow can’t blame him for it this time. Entering into the tavern he took a look around to see if he could spot any of the regulars.

Gunner listens to the wizards ranting about Thaddeus about to fight a dragon leading to him running like a madman throughout town. He made a mental note to ask Thaddeus about it. Maybe they could swap stories again. The questions he did have were pushed to the side when they were joined by Roa the Merfolk jeweler. The skald missed the sour look he received as he answered her.

"I have done nothing to the bookworm. He was not watching were he was going."

Gunner watched Rudolph's go through several emotions in a brief moment. First came relief as the wizard saw that the town was not being burned to the ground. Then it shifted into dread then into panic once again. Gunner was going to try to calm Rudolph before he could cause a panic. Only to see him bulk up unnaturally scampering off with a half hearted excuse. As he disappeared out of sight Gunner had to ask out loud.

"What in the seven hells were that all about?"

Gunner did not expect to be chasing a wizard through the streets of Lorenstad when he woke up this morning. However here he is chasing the local wizard now babbling something about dragonfire like a loon. The skald figured the wizard had finally lost his mind after spending too long with his head buried in his books. Although Gunner wondered how Rudolph could be so swift like a deer. That could wait Gunner knew he best caught Rudolph before he did something to get himself or any of the townspeople injured.

The skald watched as the wizard crashed into one of the pine lamp posts. Rudolph's sudden stop allowed the skald to catch up to the wizard. Once he got up to the wizard Gunner simply grabbed Rudolph by his robes and hosted him up.

"By all the iron of Gorum you're going to cause a panic with all that screaming of yours! The skald gave a not so gentle shake to the wizard before dropping the wizard back on the ground.

"Now take a deep breath and tell me why in the seven hells are you running like a mad man screaming about dragons?" Gunner could feel his headaches returning.

Gunner was glad his hangover had lessened slightly by the time he made it to the town's outskirts. It did not take him long to get to town from his cabin. Gunner figured the apothecary may be open at this time and started to make his way there. The skald mused what to do with the lizard trinkets he picked up from his latest job. Or in reality who could Gunner sell it to that will ask the least amount of questions about their origins.

'Roa would pay for the trinkets. But she pays the cost of the material itself. The other would be that wizard Rudolph. But I don’t know which is magi-.’

The skalds musing was cut off when someone slammed into him. Caught off guard he was sent tumbling to the street. Gunner was able to catch the sight of the running form of Rudolph. Whatever plans the skald had were put on hold as he chased after the fleeing wizard.
Some ways away from town was the shack of the local skald Gunner Gunnerson. Currently the skald in question was suffering a hangover as he sat up from his cot. Gunner toss the empty bottle away before he stumbled onto his feet with a groan. He rubbed his temple as another way of headaches hit him

"By the gods what did I do last night?" The question was left hanging in the air.

The skald try to remember the events of last night. Last thing Gunner did remember was sharing one last drink with the other members of the expedition he recently sign onto. The ogre maneater got out a bottle of some ogre moonshine and challenge the group to drink it. Gunner rose to the challenge and down the bottle then everything went black. Leading him back to the morning.

'Last time I am drinking the concoctions made by the ogers for a while' Gunner figure he should head into town and find something to cure his hangover. If that fail he would go drink it off. Make sure he looked presentable the skald set off to town.
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