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Cinix City, Sewer workshop

Now the Mighty skitterback had consider many out comes of his recent scheming. Having to kill a rival or one of his apprentice just in case. But here he is now two man-things and an elf-thing have swords at his throat. So he did what every skaven would do in this situation run. Activating his power he cast Skitterleap to get away from the new arrivals. The warlock-engineer with a Bampf teleported him self to a nearby platform.

"AHH so man-things and elf-thing! You have come-come only to be crush-kill by ME the great Skitterback and the skaven empire! Kill-crush them!" he screech at the group of heroes. Around the heroes came clanrats spurned on by betters toward the heroes.

Cinix City, Sewer workshop

As Links cries to echos through the sewers it came the attention of the warlock engineer. Skitterbacked looked up form his work down the tunnel his beady eyes. "Interlopers bring me there head-head!" he screech at his skaven hoard arcs of green lighting hit one of the clan rats incinerating him. Motivated by fear, blood-lust, and desires to show up there fellows they swarmed into the tunnel. As the hoard of clanrats and skaven slaves charge towards the heroes. To the heroes the only warning they received of the verminous hoard was the sound of the hoard approaching and the glint red eyes in the tunnels. As the verminous hoard descended on the band of heroes with a screeching battle cry.
Name: Zakharin ‘Iron Side’ Brusilov

Gender: Male

Age: 65

Species: Human

Appearance: Brusilov stands an impressive 6’5 with a strong build to his body thanks to the amount of cybernetics in his body. Infact upto 65% of his body is composed of cybernetics. Earning the nickname iron side. He keeps his hair in a marine buzz cut. While keeping a magnificent beard and mustache. As his brown hair has long since turn show white. He wears the stander Terran marine uniform.

Rank or Role: Colonel Leads the marine detachment on the Prophets Rest.

Born to a blue collar family in the slums of Moscow around 2147. Life was tough growing in the old capital of the russian federation. He struggled in school throughout his youth nearly failing during his freshman year. He had already joined a small street gang. But despite this Zakharin still wanted more to his life. Soon an opportunity presented itself as a Terran marine corps recruiter came to Moscow. Hearing the possible life he could have in the marines. Brusilov was able to lie about his age and joined the marines.

Zakharin shipped out to the Terran marine training camp on the terriformed mars. Unlike his struggles with school. The you man took greatly to military life. His zeal during his time in training earn him a promotion to a corporal. Once his training was complete Brusilov was shipped out to the fight in the Cyrell incursions. The Cyrell an ancient robotic defense build by a long dead civilization. When berzerker after a solar flare scramble there systems causing them to launch incursion into federation territory with the goal of kill organic life. Sending to front of Cyrell advance along the northern arm. There he was able to gain small amount of fame single handedly holding his position from advance Cyrell warformes. Once the Cyrell threat was ended after the destruction of Cyrell master controller.

Over the next couple of decades Brusilov sent to different hotspots across the federation earning fame and metals for his service in the marine. Even making up to the rank of sargent where he stayed refusing to accept any promotion to a higher rank. With no desire to achieve higher rank and concern that he would no longer be able to fight serve in combat. This fear came back when assisting in a peacekeeping operation in the frontier. A car bomb went off next to his squad during one of there patrol. Taking the full brunt of the explosion he was quickly evacuated to one of medical stations. And after a grueling 12 hour surgery ended up with most of his body being replaced with cybernetics. When Brusilov recovered from the wounds he was able to get sent back to his unit.

As Zakharin got older after his long and illustrious career. The cyborg became more concern that one day he would be pulled from combat and stuck behind a desk. He started to look for a way to avoid retirement. Brusilov soon learn about The Prophet's Rest and requested a transfered to the project. Have the old marine well accomplished on the ship was consider to a major boon but they informed him if he wanted the position he will have take the rank of colonel. Reluctantly Brusilov accepted the position.

Psych Report:
Brusilov is known to be a quite a stubborn man. He carries himself with a degree of professionalism that was hammered into when he was still in training. Takes firmly to the notion to lead from the front believing it helps and inspire his men. Greatly values the lives of the men under his commander more then himself. He can be to a bit reckless. Brusilov enjoys a fine drink. Preferring the hard spirits.

The old russian hates being reminded of his age and of getting old. Brusilov had a dislike for cowardness.

Extraordinary skills:
Cybernetics: Since a lot of Brusilov body had been replaced with cybernetics it confers many benefits to him. Enhance strength, durability, and inbuilt weapons.
Veteran soldier: A long an extensive carrier in the terran marines have given him plenty of experience in dealing with different situation. This as well made him into a crack shot and skilled in CQC.
Weapons expert: Years of train has allowed him to be an expert in all variety of weapons from range to melee.
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This has my interest as well.
I am interested in this rp gonna start working on my CS.
Cinix City, Sewer workshop

As the ratman came down from his high he was hit with a glorious inspiration. The warlock-engineer could simple power the gate himself. Cackling like a mad ratman Skitterback felt something fall out of his robe. He took a look and spotted a his emblem on the ground. The skaven's reaction he simply took the emblem and shoved it into the a place on the gate. Summoning forth the power of the horn rat and blasted the gate with his magic. The gate shuttered to life as a sickly green portal open.

Quickly crossing through the portal, Skitterback was able reassert his power. Gathering his verminous horde and lead them back through. Once return back to the sewer they were sent to work excavating the area to create Skaven borrows. All under the watchful eye of Skitterback.
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