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Sure I get to writing something.
I was gonna use the skittergate to bridge forth the skaven. And for skitterback he gonna be high on the sewer for a bit.

Skitterback encountering the heroes. Or skaven.jpeg.
Cinix City, Sewer workshop

As skaven attempted to drag a particularly large piece of metal he remember something. Dropping the piece of metal he shouted "Shadow-things come here and build gate!" Skitterback shouted to what he perceived were the shadows are not noticing they are gone. Hobbling back over to what he consider his work bench to look over the very hastily drew blueprint to the skittergate.

The warlock-engineer looked over his plans. " Once shadow-things built-make gate. I THE GREAT AND MIGHTY SKITTERBACK! Shall a fixed the warp....stone." Skitterback looked around at his workshop the skaven came to a horrible realization. That is he lacked any sort of warpstone besides what he carried. With this knowledge the skaven let out a distress screech that sounded like the oversize rat screeching. It echoed through the sewer and even to the surface. After Skitterback calmed back down he reached to his belt and pulled out a bag. Opening the bag reviled it was full of powered warpstone. "This should help-help." The warlock-engineer proceed to start to snort some of the warpstone. he let the bag slip from his hands as he began to trip out. Trying to get a vision of what to do next.
I am interested in joining this. I'll start to work on my Sheet.
Cinix City, Sewer workshop

Unaware of the chaos Skitterback was creating above ground. And even if the ratman did he wouldn't care about the destruction that he is causing. He was still working on sorting through the scrap that was being brought in. "Oh yes-yes! This would do good-nice." the vermin said as he pulled a particularly large section of metal. Now that he had enough material he set to work trying to build his gate. While he was working on trying to assemble the gate way he was oblivious to Lena as she crept closer.
Name: Zek Skitterback warlock-engineer of clan Skryre

Universe: warhammer fantasy


Skill set/Abilities:

Skitterback has access to clan Skryre technology. Fueled by a substance known as warpstone. The rock appearance of a brightly emerald green crystal, a product of the solidification of pure Chaos energy. Highly dangerous only the skaven have built up a sort of immunity to the rock. Clan skryre had harness to warpstone to power there weapons and devices. These creation are naturally unstable.

Being a warlock-engieer he can call upon the lore of ruin to cast by magic with warpstone gauntlet being used to augment spells. But just like skeven technology its unstable and dangerous to cast as well. Skitterback known several spells:

From the birthing pits of skavenblight Skitterback was born into the world. Vicious even at a young age he murder several of his own sibling to better nurse from his mother. After reaching maturity he joined the ranks of the clan rats of clan Skryre fighting in the underdark against the clans enemies. He was recruited as on of the many "lab assistance" to one of the warlock-engineer. Surviving the deadly testing Skitterback was able to plan the death of one of the warlock-engineer apprentice maneuvering himself into position do be chosen as the replacement apprentice. Now with a power-base at his disposal he began his rise to power. Assassinating rivals he soon maneuver himself into the next to the main warlock-engineer. Said skaven died due a tragic accident of being poisoned, shot, stab, and set on fire for good measure. After such a tragic end Skitterback eagerly took up the mantel of the warlock-engineer. Once his power was solidified he began to make-sure that his rivals met grisly ends.

Other information:
Skitterback carries many of his clan weapons. Like a warpstone-infused halbert and a warpstone pistol a simple flintlock pistol that fires a warpstone black-powered mixture. He carries several Poisoned-Wind Globe glass spheres that contains a deadly warpstone gas. He protects himself with a mix or arcane and normal armor to protect himself. He wears a respirator to keep out toxic fumes.
Cinix City, Sewer workshop

When the shadows left the warlock-engineer set back to his work. Ranting all the while. "Dumb-stupid hood-thing must have been scheming with my rivals." the paranoid rambling of Skitterback as he worked. As the shadows return with their ill-gotten the skaven simply demand more material. "Still need more-more! Find me more-more!" the ratman screeched at the shadows flailing his arms. Diving into the pile of scrap he began to pull out different pieces at got to work trying to recreated Clan Fester his skittergate. As he tried to rebuild the skaven gateway he restarted his paranoid ramblings as he worked. His ramblings echoed down the sewer
Cinix City, Sewer workshop

The skaven backed away from the new arrive to his workshop. Leveling his halberd at the new arrival, "what are you-you!?" The skaven screech jabbing his halberd towards the shadows. After a few minuets he calmed down and began to closely inspect the new arrivals. "Make your self-self useful get me materials!" he ordered with some jester while going back to work.
Cinix City, Sewer

The arrival of the hooded figure manage to snap the skaven out of his paranoid ramblings. Skitterback glared at the figure as he spoke carefully taking in its words. So he in a city of man-things and in there business district. Plans begain to form in the warlock-engineer head. So once the figure left Skitterback scamper down the tunnels to find a large chamber. Coming across one such chamber the skaven began his work setting up a new workshop as the place came together he began to plan out his scheme. But Skitterback know for one thing he gonna need a lot of warpstone and slaves to complete for his plan to work.
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