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High Voltage

Once Jack left High voltage retrieved the card that was dropped by him. Taking a quick look at writing on the card before he pocketed it. Quickly turn around to the vault he jogged into it "Double time it!" He shouted to the criminals as they hurriedly packed the money and gold into trolleys and duffel bags. Swiftly moving their stolen wealth into the banks underground garage. Loading the stolen loot onto a armor car. Once they had loaded the loot they quickly left the bank behind as they to there hideout. At the warehouse the robbers started to count the money and gold they stole. High voltage in the meanwhile donned a disguised to head to the address on the card. After a while of wondering and avoiding the chaos on the streets he soon arrived at the apartment. Locating the door the merc quickly knocked on it waiting for a response.
"Get on the fucking ground!" the masked man wearing a horse mask yelled at the terrified bank customers. Around the horse mask five more masked goons were herding the people into the corners of the bank away from the lobby. "Get those people out of sight," Horse masked ordered as he went over to the vault door. Taking out a walkie-talkie he radioed to the other member of the group. "First floor secured, moving on the vault how are things going on your end?"

"Security system is down along with the guards. Going to wipe the system before heading to the vault." High voltage said before he cut his cut his communication. Focused back onto the systems the electric merc charge his power and fired it into the main system frying it. Leaving the security room, he walked through the hallway passed the down armed security team as he walked to the lift. The mercenary though to the course of events that led him to be in the bank.

A week ago, he received a call from horse masked with a proposition about robbing a bank in epic city. The robber explains to him that in Epic City there is a series of banks that a several CEO's from various corporation using the bank as a tax shelter. Inside the vault there is millions in cash and gold just waiting to be stolen. He offered a cut of the loot in the bank as well as a hundred thousand dollars upfront for the job. Accepting the job, he arrived at epic city a week before the heist went down. Spending that week in an abandon warehouse going over the notes and plans of the heist. Once high voltage was prepared the heist plan was put into action. Armed with a signal jammer he infiltrated the security center posing as a janitor fried the system and the guards. Meanwhile the rest of the robber’s storm into the lobby of the bank and start to break the vault open. Arriving at the lobby High voltage strode by the terrified hostages to the vault.

"Get that drill set up," the horse masked man said to the chicken masked thief. "Im making sure the drill doesn't break on us," as he finished setting up the drill. The robbers activated the drill as high voltage arrived. "What is the status on the vault?" the mercenary asks eyeing the drill. "It will only take a few minutes for drill to open the vault." the chicken masked thief responded. He leans back on a nearby pillar to wait for the drill to finished its works while the rest of the robbers watch for anyone intervening.
@Old Amsterdam
Alright I did some editing to the sheet.
1. he doesn't have the title of high. High Votalge is just his name he got it off a high voltage danger sign.
2. I drop his electromagnetic abilities.
What is the status of my CS?
Here is my CS.
I thought of join this rp as a villain any room still?
Urbi Ferro-
Imperial palace; Triumvirate chamber

Within the old wall of the Imperial palace three northmen gather around an old pine table with a map of the northern counties. Around them were the various trophies and tributes from many different campaigns throughout Ferreumin history. Like many other days, the members of the Triumvirate were arguing with each other.

"All that I ask for is several thousand men and I can bring those tribals to heel." Manus Cappadox Varro demanded slamming his gauntleted fist down onto the table glaring at his fellow member of the triumvirate. "And waste valuable resource chasing through those caves and mountains. There are more pressing matters for us to deal with." the watchman quickly responded stroking his beard.

"Then do tell where do you say is more important."

"The civil war in the Ouroborasia still drags on we can send aid to them."

"That enough! There is no point arguing about starting a new war when we are still battling Evernyx and the bloodied. Messor cut both off. He gestures to the map on the table "Focus on the matters at hand. I will soon be traveling to the union to generate support for a campaign against the bloodie. Meanwhile Verro I want you to oversee increasing the raids at Evernyx to keep pressure on them." the Monte Dominus order his eyes not even leaving the table. "I will see to it" with a bow Manus Varro left the chamber.


The forest near Osca Village

Legate Artamo Crassus thought the chain of events that lead him up to be sailing through the air. Several hours ago, he and his men were sent into a nearby forest to clear out a group of dryad harassing the lumber jacks of the nearby. Simple assignment go out into the woods find the dryads kill or drive them off go back to the village to drink. But it seem that the dryads were protecting a sacred grove and proceeded to summoned a large wood golem. The wooden constructed wasted no time in charging into the Ferreumin warriors scattering them.

"Gorgines, Trachalio burn that thing. Everyone else distract it!" Crassus order his command as he charge at the golem. As Crassus and his warriors attacked he notices the dryads began to climb the trees. Seconds later the northmen were being peppered by bolt of magic being hurdle by the dryads. The Legate quickly ducked behind a nearby tree to avoid a barrage bolts being fire. Checking a look out of his cover he witnesses Trachalio getting cut down by a volley of bolts as he tried to light one of the warbands firebomb to throw at the golem. 'Dammit all,' he thought dashing out of cover. Dodging several of the bolts he was half way to the firebombs he felt something impacted his side sending him into the air.

Imptacting hard onto the forest floor Crassus groan as he got back onto his knees to see the golem charging towards him. With only feet, away from him a large fiery explosion washed over the construct. This distracted the golem long enough for the legate to doge out of the way of the flame golem as it collapses as the fire ate away its body. Seeing the death of the construct the remaining dryads fled from the Ferreumin warriors. "Report." Crassus order as he got to his feet.

"Trachalio, Abelus, and Georgius are dead. The rest of us are took some hit but nothing a little rest can't cure," Optio Romanus said as the rest of the warband set to destroy the grove. "Prep the dead for transport. We will leave once this place burns." Romanus simple gave a salute and left to carry out the order.

Osca Village- Several hours later

Arriving back into the village there was a flurry of activity. With the fallen northmen being hand over to the local priest for a proper burial, the legate himself informing the mayor that the forest has been cleared of dryads, and then had to local tavern to drink away the day.

"It looks like you are holding up well Artamo," the Legate turn to see the familiar face of Consul Sylla. "Don't get up Crassus I not here for a social visit I got an assignment for you." the consul said taking the seat opposite of the legate. "And what does this assignment entails?" Crassus asked taking another swig of Ferreumin vodka. "The Manus has requested any warband willing to head to union to be raiders." the consul informed him. "It beats patrolling the forest for some dam Dryads. Sign me up." Crassus grin. "When do we leave?" He asked as he finished his drink. "Soon, once you and your men rest up meet Castra Martis from there we head to the union. I will see you their Legate." With that the Consul left the young legate alone at the table. 'The Manus himself is overseeing this. Whatever it is it will far more interesting than fighting Dryads,' Crassus thought to himself downing another mug of alcohol.
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