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Location: Cenarius's Glade

"Don't worry about that daemons are tricky asshole." he said walking back to the log. "Best of luck to ya." the orc said to druid as he left the glade. Gronar return to relaxing waiting for who ever it was gonna come by. He didn't wait long in till a dryad appear with a basket. He retrieved the basket and began to eat its contents.

It was the first full meal he had since he came to this time. He ignore what the dryad said as he guzzled the entire jug of fermented juice ignoring what the dryad said about the alcohol. Once he was done he turn his attention back to the daughter of Cenarius. "That the remnant of an old curse. Its nothing important, Grom saw to that." The warrior explain to the Dryad settling back after his meal.


Location: Cenarius's Glade

The rest of the felhounds being finished off by demi-god and druid's magic. Gronar took advantage of the quite to wipe the daemon blood of his sword. The two soon notice the missing human as well. Cenarius announce he was gonna hunt the other daemons still lurking in the forest and leaving the orc and night elf alone in the glade. "Were you think he keeps his boozes?" The warsong orc asked to himself taking a seat on a nearby log. He ignored Malfurion small panic attack as he relaxed on the from the recent battle.

"If ya going back to that place try and get my sword back. Also were is booze at I haven't had anything to drink in a long while." He said to Malfurion. Gronar quickly sprung into action as the felhound laced onto the leg of the druid. Drawing up his sword he hacked at both the daemon and the tendril.
[The southern lands of the Volsinii Empire]
[Centurion Sidonius, 5th Maniple, 12th Celeia legion]

For the men of the 5th Maniple it thankfully stopped raining a few hours early as the legionaries enter the outskirts of the town in the early morning light. Along with a paved road that made it easier for the convoy to reach their detestation. It was midday when the unit finally enter the town. Mud caked and exhausted as his unit dragged them into to the camp. As Sidonius was about the enter the command tent a familiar voice call his attention.

"You look like shit Sidonius," the Centurion turn to seethe grinning face of the orc Centurion. Leaning on one of the sign posts was the Centurion Durgash commander of the 12th assault Maniple.

“Blame it on those Virmar be damned knife-ears and that fucking mud.” Sidonius groaned to his fellow Centurion. Durgrash stood up and sauntering over to Sidonius.

“I have my marching orders I am taking my men west. To clear a supposed stronghold over there. Try to stay alive Sidonius.” With that the orc left Sidonius alone in front of the Legion Legate tent.


The centurion Sidonius ducked as he enters the tent and came face to face with the Legion Legate Decius Aper. And aged man of about 65-year veteran of the imperial civil wars. Was sitting behind his field desk reading reports not even looked up at Sidonius.

“Why was your convoy delayed by three days Sidonius?” the Legate asked.

“My convoy was waylaid by severe rain and elven rebel raids.” Sidonius explain to the Legion Legate. Aper took his eyes off the report and fixed on the centurion. Examining Sidonius for any signs of to doubt in the younger officer body langue.

“Very well centurion. I have a new directive from high command. Once your men have rested and showered you will lead them into town and moves all elves into detention camps. They forfeit anything over thirty marks.” the legate explains to Sidonius.

“Once the elven population is moved to the camps. You well repeated the process over the next several towns. If they refuse they are to be treated as rebels. Dismiss.” Sidonius fire off a salute and left the Legion Legate tent to find the shower.

Once the men of the 5th Maniple was rest and recovered from their journey to Yelnas move into town. From there the legionaries went street to street elves that were found were forcible evicted from there properties. With only the cloths that they were able to quickly pack before they were shoved out the door by imperial legionaries. Everything else was confiscated by the imperial army. The evicted elves are sent on the road towards the small city of Colasa several miles to the north to be shipped out to the detention camps.


For the people of the royalists faction within United Kingdoms there pleas were heard by the Volsinii empire. Emperor Messor was eager to maintain the status quo of the world sent them weaponry and ammo. At the same time Messor was organizing a group of volunteers to go aid the royalists faction in the fighting.


Location: Cenarius's Glade

Gronar was impress with how the sword cut through the felhound. The orc thought the blade would splinter at the impact of the felhound. The two parts of the daemon fell harmlessly beside the orc he went on the hunt for more daemons. Gronar need to baptized the sword in daemon blood. He spotted another felhound making a lunge for him from the trees. He quickly sidestepped the lunging daemon. He quickly turning to faced the felhound he brought his sword down upon the daemon. The blade easily cleaved through the felhound neck. Cleaving its head from the rest of its body.

Stepping away from the daemons corpse he scan the glade. Cenarius and Malfurion were fighting with some other last remaining felhounds. Scanning the glade for any more daemons but soon relisted something. "Were did that human go?" he asked out loud to the other two in the Glade with him. Gronar continued to look around to see if he could spot the human.


Location: Cenarius's Glade

Gronar may not have the greatest trust in magic. But seeing the greatsword being formed from a branch did make for one brief moment consider his stance on magic. It faded quickly as the demi-god imbued the weapon with a magical enchantment. Picking up his new wooden sword the orc gave the weapon a few practice swings. Feeling the weight distribution to be use of it. Now the only thing left to do its to test it on a target. Gronar took a quick glance at the human but shoved the idea as he doubt that Malfruion and Cenarius would approve. So for now he will wait.

The arrival of the felhounds gave Gronar a golden opportunity to test out his new sword. Before he charge the daemon he felt something pang off his helmet causing it to ring in his ear as the felhound charge him. He swung his bladed into the path of the felhounds lung. Aming to use it momentum to aid in cutting the daemon.


Location: Cenarius's Glade

Gronar took a brief moment to examine the glade as he enter along side the druid. As the elf called out to his teacher the orc turn and finally aware of who his teacher is. The orc gaze upon Cenarius things were starting to click in the orcs head. One Cenarius should be dead slain by Grom with the Warsong during battle in Ashvale. And that Malfurion with the other elves has no idea of who he was. Then also showing no knowledge of the legion. The orc came to one horrifying revelation.

"I am in the past." The orc whispered to himself. The sight of the Human brought him back to reality. Glaring at the while the student and master spoke about the felhounds. He tuned back into the conversion when Cenarius order Malfurion to grab a branch to make him a weapon. "So how do we create a greatsword from a branch?" He asked Malfurion.


Location: Forests around Suramar(Forest Path)

Gronar followed behind the druid form were the felhound were deeper into the forest. The warrior watch Malfurion deep in though as they speed through the forest. It confused him why Malfurion even asked about the legion. 'I mean not know the specific daemons types is understandable. But how he haven't heard of the legion itself. Something an't right.' he thought to himself before another realization hit him. Gornar forgot his sword.

'Dammit, I will have to go back for it later. If I return without it my parents will kill me. First chance I get I am going back to for it.' he thought running a hand through his hair. They soon arrive at the largest tree he has ever seen that tower over the glade. He listen to what the elf said about the tree. With a small hesitation the orc rested his hand on the tree. After a minute he removed his hand and turn back to the druid. "Now what?" he asked.


Location: Forests around Suramar(Forest Path)

A solid hit that he landed on the felhound from his drop kick gave an opening to the nightsaber to kill the daemon. Gronar kept an eye on the fehounds corpse just in case it was not dead. Satisfied that it would remain dead he turn his attention back to Malfurion to see how he was fairing. He saw Malfurion shred apart the other felhounds with leaves. The orc stood aside as Malfurion went to heal the wounded nightsaber. Malfurion informed him that they were close to the glade they were traveling and followed after the druid.

"Half right. Felhounds aren't from here. According to what the shamans told me they are the vanguard of the Burning Legion. We had to deal with them in the last expansion. He said following after Malfurion. He realized that if he had to tell the elf what a felhound is he would have to tell him what the Burning Legion is. "The Legion in the words of my old shaman teacher. A band of demonic asshole that travel the stars invading planets. For what ever asshole daemon reason."


Location: Suramar(plaza)

There was one thing he was certain of was that prefer wolves over the nightsaber. Either way Gronar was glad to out of that cage and back into the open air. The nightsaber he was riding helped him navigate the forest as they pealed off the path. The orc couldn't help but grin as the sounds of horns echoed through the forest.

Several hours later Gronar realized the saddle was meant for elves not orcs. He was going to ask how much longer when Malfurion answer his question. But both nightsabers stopped and something seems to disturbed there mounts. Gronar didn't have the time to ask when he was attacked by the felhound. Executing a perfect recovery from being knocked off the nightsaber Gronar squared off with the felhound. 'Why is there a felhound was here? Is there a warlock nearby?' He thought examining the pair of daemons.

"Its call a felhound. Its a daemon just kill it." Gronar informed Malfurion as he charge the daemon. Has he closed the distance Gronar quickly formulated a plan. As he got close to the daemon he launched himself at the Felhound to deliver a drop kick to it.
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