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2 yrs ago
Current trying to get through work on no sleep or coffee was a terrible mistake.
4 yrs ago
I gotta be honest, after the bs of real life it's good to be back on this site.
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4 yrs ago
i've got a busy morning, but when I get home I'll respond to the message.
4 yrs ago
I apologize for dropping off the face of the earth for a few months. A lot of personal issues came up. Trying to get back into the swing of things.
4 yrs ago
To my RP partners: I had a cognitive evaluation today and it kicked my ass. I'll get my replies out tomorrow. Today I just need sleep.



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@Altered Tundra my city, my city <3
@OfWindAndRain you should see the other case my roommate and i have.

Highly interested in this. I don't know if youd prefer a PM or not, but I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring. I've been a bit ghost on this site for a few months after some personal problems, which I would be willing to discuss if the need arises. This was the first RP that caught my eye in the last 4 months that made me want to come out of the shadows.
@SinfulSkills Okay so what happen with my reply is I answered you when I was on a bad mental day. Brain completely fried so I read your post with a wrong interpretation and when I went back to it the next day I realized he wasn't shy because he felt uncomfortable it was literally because he didn't know. My brain totally rejected that part while I read it. I was going to go back and edit it but I wasn't sure if you had already read what I wrote and trying to respond to that so I figured it would be better to wait it out so see what you said before changing the post.

But I have fixed it and if it's still not the kind of interaction preferred let me know. I'm sorry. I promise to only reply when my brain is at it's peak function so I can read everything correctly.
@SinfulSkills I'll edit my post when I get home from work. I was going to do it the other day, but I wasn't sure if you read it yet and I didn't want to ruin any reply you were coming up with.
Jun shrugged a bit. She only ever had friends in classes not ones she hung out with outside of school or even at lunch really. She wasn't sure where her need to be this close to Kenton came from, but she was positive friends were this affection.

"Friends comfort each other. Make them feel protected. They share their deepest secrets and I assume they provide affection too," she said quietly before her stomach started to growl. She blushed a bit and let out a laugh. "Are you hungry for real food? We can order take out...I have a few bucks on my that my dad hasn't gotten his hands on yet. Nothing beats takeout, movies, and friends. Maybe later we can play a game or something if you're not tired of me yet."

She opened his hand so she could trace the creases in his. She had a little bit of an obsession with palm reading so she found the lines on a persons hand interesting. "You should let me try and read your future one day if you're into that kind of stuff. On my last birthday my mom got me some tarot cards and a beginners guide to palm reading. I'm a big believe in the fates, you know?" she said finally letting her fingers rest with his.
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