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Current I apologize to every RP I have left behind these past two weeks- I was finishing up school and graduated. I'm so sorry!!
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Avoiding responsibilities- anyone feel like brainstorming?
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Updated the Supernatural Adventure RP with my character sheet for reference, if anyone is interested but not sure to commit :)
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If you like the TV show Supernatural, check out my recent post!!…
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Guccicorn- that song is an absolute BANGER!!


Let's get down to business (to defeat the Huns…).

I have been active since 2010 on one main site with one or two on the side. Since that site has fizzled out, I am looking for a new place to be creative.

I am currently 26, grad student, a bit busy at the moment since I am student teaching full time. My schedule tends to look like this:

Mondays and Wednesdays: I should be on after 4:00 EST.
Tuesdays and Fridays: On and off all day.
Thursdays: Off between 1:00 and 6:00, sometimes it stretches to 8:00 EST.
Saturday & Sunday: whenever I can find time between lesson plans and cleaning!

I am a native English speaker and try to at least write 1 paragraph if I’m in a serious rush, but I aim for 2-4. I’m a girl that likes detail! My main topics are as listed below:

-Romance (Love me some romance!)
-Fandoms (Supernatural, OUAT, MCU, Harry Potter {I’m a Hufflepuff!}, Maximum Ride… I’ll think of some more!)
-Small Groups
-Time Travel
-School (College/Uni themes)
-Mature themes (We can hash out details in our DM’s)
-Historical (Time Period must be stated)
-Medieval Era
-Casual OR Advanced (Please note that I am in grad school so that will take precedent. I may not be able to post daily!)
-Always 20+

I always strive to be creative but accurate, and I love to plan out details behind the scenes to then be brought to light in the thread.
DM me and let's set up something fun!

Artemis Arts

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TBH I vanished for about two months. So I don't hold any negative anything towards you. I'd love to revive this if you're down! @Wolvena
SSA Sam Stannis

Criminal Profiler

The station was buzzing when she and Chris arrived, and were being led to an area reserved for them to set up and begin going over details in private- away from the prying eyes of both the public and the officers. She barely noticed the woman behind them until she began to speak, her tone frazzled and her gestures larger than Sam had expected. Something was off, seriously off not just someone was pissed about a parking ticket. She had a look in her eye like something had happened to her, or someone close to her. A look Sam had seen many, many times before.

She paused in her steps, listening to the conversation that was beginning to transpire a few feet to her left, giving the officer leading them to their homebase a finger to hold on a moment. She turned her head slightly, to listen in better and has to take a deep breath to resist losing it after just a minute or two. The audacity he had to speak to a potential victim in that matter. Accusing her of lying? He could have believed her right off the bat- instead of telling her that she was just paranoid. No wonder they had a serial killer here, they were all idiots.

She was going to step back onto their path to the back room when the young woman, blonde, petite, striking blue eyes, raised her voice in an accusatory manner back at the uninterested officer and that caught her attention more than anything. "Chris..." she softly said and jerked her chin towards the verbal altercation, trying to bring Chris' attention to the matter. "How the hell did half of these people qualify to be here?" she rolled her eyes and sighed, shaking her head at the thought before mentally waving the thought process away and going back to the task at hand.

Potential victim. Less than empathetic officer. Losing faith in getting help. Clues that may be lost of she leaves. STOP. HER. NOW.

Opening her mouth to address the woman, she began to yell once more at the officer and then turn on her heel to storm off. Sam ran past the officer, shoving him gently with her shoulder and grabbing the blonde's arm gently. "Ma'am. My name is SSA Samantha Stannis, I'm with the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit. May I speak with you please?" she asked, pulling her issued ID out of her inner jacket pocket and displaying the official seal for the frazzled individual. "I believe that I may be able to assist you." She nodded, pocketing the precious piece of identification back inside of her suit jacket and turning her head over her shoulder. "Chris, go review the files. You-" she began, pointing a finger at he officer that dismissed the woman before her. "Find an empty interview room for me to sit and chat with this concerned resident. A resident of your town might I remind you. Anyone that comes into the station should find a officer willing to listen. Not dismiss them. Especially now." Her tone was icy, harsh, left little room for him to vocalize any kind of rebuttal as she waved him off to find them an empty room.

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<Snipped quote by Artemis Arts>
Artemis Arts #'s
Case 1 = 5
Situation: Mild concussion from blunt force trauma caused by unsub
Case 2 = 77
Situation: You find yourself in hand-to-hand combat with an athletic student
Case 3 = 62
Situation: Nothing significant
Case 4 = 48
Situation: Surprise, surprise! We have another contestant for being kidnapped by the local human traffickers in plot 4!

Comments, concerns, questions. Please message me. I find it amusing that both of the girls ended up rolling into the kidnapped bracket, not gonna lie. I was hoping Darin or Ray would get kidnapped too.

Oh goodie- Sam gets kidnapped lol. I can't wait to play out the concussion and kidnapping (said no one ever lmao). But really I am interested to see how all of this goes down.
My turn my turn!

1. 5
2. 77
3. 62
4. 48
SSA Sam Stannis

Criminal Profiler

Rarely did she get a look like that from Lucian, and she realized that she had definitely overstepped a line with her comment and closed her lips into a 'oh I messed up' kind of line and looked out of the jet window, deciding on keeping as much to herself as possible for a few minutes to just allow the poor man some space. He had to deal with all of them on an almost daily basis and she knew they were all a bit to handle- large personalities, different opinions, and sometimes unhelpful advice. They all had parts of themselves to work on and she was fully aware.

Placing her hands in her lap, she allowed her mind to focus on the task at hand rather than apologizing or making herself look bad in the moment. The case.

The killer.

The unsub was evolving an a strange rate and that was unsettling for Sam as her mind began it's typical journey of working through the unsub and their motive behind their actions. Less on the why they were doing this- and a little more on what led them to this moment, and what could influence a future incident. Women in the area were probably on high alert- especially blonde and petite which would mean a spree of women dyeing their hair darker colors. That would be a good place to ask around and find potential victims- who came in frantically needing a color change? Who came in suddenly changing their style and buying clothing a size or two larger than usual to hide their frame?

He was targeting petite women- someone small enough to overtake. But if was using force that would mean he was lacking in strength. That was something important to remember when building the profile- he needed an outside source to subdue and restrain his victims since he couldn't physically do it himself.

"Sir," she started, turning her attention to her superior, her tone eluding that she was thinking of work again and not something off topic. She was back in the game as they neared their destination. "There's no way he's someone muscular. He's using a physical restraint which means he's either unsure of his own strength- to doesn't have it to begin with. I'm not saying he's physically inept- but he's in some form lacking in that department." she theorized, glancing around at the team to see what they had to say on her theory.

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Captain Marvel

"No one's a mutant... And no one is a freak- Logan." she chastised a little, giving a pointed look to the familiar face as Wolverine stepped on board and crossed her arms casually, leaning back. "You can call me Carol by now, no? At least Danvers then." she offered, shaking her head with a small smile on her lips as she addressed the two young ones seated beside her.

"And you are an incredibly cynical person. It's both refreshing, and repetitive. You would be surprised at the amount of times I've encountered a being who was less than thrilled to be just a little bit special. You have a gift kid, use it." She explained and leaned forward, speaking in an even tone, doing her best to not at all sound condescending or like she was giving advice, just simply having a conversation. They were both so new to this lifestyle, and they had yet to see anything that would keep them up at night- and she felt bad inside for the day when that would happen. It would change their view on so much so fast... Tommy would probably have that 'I told you so' attitude about it all, she could just tell.

"And if you 'ma'am' me one more time, you're stuck with him for the entire mission. And no one wants that." she teased loud enough for Logan to hear her as she smirked in his direction before becoming serious for a moment. "If you find her, you should talk to her. I didn't get that chance when I got my powers but she's out there. I hear whispers ever so often but no real location so good luck on that part of your journey kid."

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Hi guys. I apologize for falling drastically behind. I lost my grandma this week and it's been a bit crazy with Easter on top of that. I promise I'll be on again once everything quiets down a little at my parents' house and I'm back at my apartment.
Captain Marvel

"I guess I'll fly with all of you this time, just to fully get briefed." she sighed and nodded her head, looking around at the group in the room before her eyes set on Jim, the corner of her mouth turning up slightly. "Are you ready for this. Cap really has his hands full if it's Hydra." she shrugged and looked towards the door where everyone was beginning to make an exit towards the Quinjet.

Adjusting her familiar leather jacket, Carol walked towards the door and eventually entered the jet, taking a seat near the back and crossing her legs casually, not wanting to seem too interested in the mission at hand. But come on- Hydra? Something finally interesting happening on Earth that she was called in to help with? How could she deny the call? She overheard a conversation by two of the younger in their rag tag group of heroes and arched a brow, and amused smile displayed on her lips.

"Did I really just hear you say this was better than juvie?" she inquired, tilting her head towards them slightly. "How many missions have you actually been on?" she asked them, curious about these two kids that Cap called in to help. If he saw something in them, then that made sense why he called them in. He must've needed every hand on deck that he could manage...

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I’ll have a post up hopefully sometime tomorrow. Sorry for my absence lots of work to do!
SSA Sam Stannis

Criminal Profiler

Uh oh.... Sam struck a bit of a nerve with that one. She didn't mean to but just Chris' evolving body language and tone were enough to make anyone see that she had stepped a little too far. "Chris.... I apologize. I didn't mean to overstep anything. I get a little gung ho about giving new recruits advice, and you are more than free to shut me down if I begin to ever get on my soap box." She apologized quietly, not wanting to make a big show about it. She felt bad that she had overstepped that line, and wanted to rectify her mistake as well as she could manage before really getting this case underway.

With an apologetic smile, Sam turned away from Chris to face the rest of the team, thinking about Ray and Darin. She almost had wanted Ray for this trip- despite his endless energy and fast cadence to his speech- he was a good kid. A kid nonetheless to Sam's eyes but a good one. She breathlessly chuckled to herself thinking about their first meeting when he gave everyone their own personal compliment and she shook her head at the memory, thinking to herself that the kid sure knew how to make an entrance.

"So how bad are we going to troll Darin for this?" she asked the team with a light chuckle. It wasn't like him to miss much, he was also young but a decent part of the team. Sam enjoyed having him along on cases, he provided a fresh perspective sometimes. Like she was sure Chris would as she got used to being out in the field with them. "Or will be he let off the hook since it was Memorial Day weekend?" She arched a brow at Lucian, wanting to hear his perspective in his lack of team this flight. If she was here with a family, then he could've been here as well. Hell Chris came after drinking and she was on time.
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