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I might have what you are looking for :)

Ooo, tell me more. :D
Woo! IC post!

I'll aim to have something up tomorrow or Wednesday.

@AviceGlad to have your interest! W'll always be open - a fresh supply of new blood keeps things interesting. Make a CS and submit it whenever ^.^

Wonderful, I'm almost done with my CS, but I'll probably wrap it up tomorrow morning.
Most of a Cipher CS done, hopefully it makes some sense. :3

@RyuShura How are Ciphers found or detected (e.g., are people given a genetic test or is it simply based on observation)?
Writing up a Cipher seems both strange and fun, so as of now that's my choice. :3
As an ardent fan of the web serial currently, and formerly, known as Worm, I would like to inquire if there perhaps might be room in this particular story for another character?

My current thoughts are centered on a vigilante that could probably be pushed to more legal ventures (PRT) or the-end-justifies-the-means type of violent caping that inevitably ends in tears, depending on what happens IC of course.
Unsanctioned diving sounds like a wonderful way to get involved in a terribly fun adventure.

You have my interest!
Dear Stranger,

I am delighted to make your soon to be acquaintance and for the purposes of this lovely place you may call me Avice!

Having traveled the great vast and increasingly infinite net, I have stopped at this very station, hoping to find some RPs that strike my fancy.

I exclusively favor group RPs, mostly science fiction and fantasy, and would probably kill for a good cyberpunk or urban fantasy story to throw a fancy characters at.

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